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Just thought I'd jump in with a quick update.  Yesterday was my ultrasound, and it was not good.  There was no heartbeat, and growth had stopped last week.  I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to offer me words of comfort and wish everyone a healthy and happy pregnancy.

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So sorry pickleopolous hug.gif

Today is my first appointment. I'm 9w1d. I'm going to have to rush her because I need to pick up 2 of my children from preschool. I'm hoping to hear a heartbeat, but it is early and I have a little extra padding. I wonder if I drink a lot of water to push up my uterus if it will help with the heartbeat...hmmm
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Originally Posted by Pickleopolous View Post

Just thought I'd jump in with a quick update.  Yesterday was my ultrasound, and it was not good.  There was no heartbeat, and growth had stopped last week.  I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to offer me words of comfort and wish everyone a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Im so sorry for your loss. I am going through the same thing right now and know how hard it is. Be gentle with yourself hug2.gif


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Hugs to Marnica and Pickleopolus.  I'm so sorry for both of your losses.  I wish we knew how to stop that from happening at all, and twice in a row is so much harder.  One of my best friends told me that her mom had two losses before she had a successful pregnancy, and she ended up with two kids, so there's still lots of hope past the pain and grief.


I wanted to post just in case it can help someone else feel reassured.  I had pink-tinged spotting on Friday, just one dot, then brown-tinged spotting getting darker and darker brown and more prolific over the weekend.  I was trying very hard not to worry - no cramping except for the usual uterus-expanding cramps, and no red, but still, I was getting worried.  My first ultrasound was on Monday, and everything looked perfect!  One little baby, kicking its little feet, heartbeat 160.  He said he didn't see any reason for spotting, and the kinds they can see with u/s are all the scary ones, so it should be fine.  My second doctor's appointment was yesterday, and she couldn't feel my fundus, but said that was not surprising, and said that spotting was normal in pregnancy, as long as there's no cramping.


So even if you start spotting, don't let yourself panic.  As hard as that may be.  It can still be okay.  I'm finally starting to feel like I'm really going to actually have a baby!  I know it's not a sure thing, but I feel much better about it now than I did a week ago.


Hugs to you all.  I think Tank and I are about the furthest ahead in this PAL thread, so I thought it might be helpful to hear positive stories from both of us.

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Just posting to say I am so sorry Marnica and Pickleopolus. You will both be in my prayers.


I am still here and still reading but I am so sick and so exhausted all the time that I can’t really find the motivation to post much.

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 pickleopolous~ hug.gif So sorry for your loss.


Hykue~ Glad you bleeding/spotting was nothing. 



finally found baby's heartbeat on the doppler tonight at 9wks5days it got up to 179.

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Pickleopolous - So sorry for your loss. Be gentle with yourself. hug2.gif


Kami - Yay for an easier to hear heartbeat!! So do you think what you were hearing before wasn't the baby then? I have had the doppler pick up something or other in the 120 range sporadically when I'm searching around for baby....It pops up that little heart and a number but it's not when I hear the baby solidly. Does that make sense? Is that what was happening before? At any rate I'm so so happy for you that you heard a good strong heartbeat for sure!!


All is well here, I'm actually starting to feel a lot better this week all of a sudden (which, if I didn't have the doppler, would have me freaking out!) and feel more pregnant, though it still really doesn't feel real like past pregnancies have. I guess I'm still guarded....But I am finding myself making plans in my head more and talking more freely with DD about the baby and when (s)he comes....Yesterday was the anniversary of my first loss, and it passed peacefully and uneventfully. It is of course much easier getting through anniversaries when you're pregnant again.


I'm still having a ton of trouble with most of the non-PAL pregnancy threads, and wondering if I forever will or it's just a first tri thing....A lot of it just feels so....naive or trivial sometimes....Does that make any sense? Anyone else?

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Megan~  Yeah i think so, but the other noise it sometimes went as high as 135 which seemed kinda weird but didn't sound just like the obvious baby heart beat last night that got up to 179, but it was fast also just not in the same way as the for sure heartbeat.

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OK I am confused.  My LMP was 2/14.  I have found a few due date calculators that say I am 9 weeks 3 days and more that say 8 weeks 3 days.  What is it?  Any help?

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I counted on my calendar and you are 8w3d. I like this pregnancy calculator, it has not steered me wrong! thumb.gif

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To: Marnica and Pickleopolus, I am so, so sorry! *hugs* I had two losses myself before my sticky third pregnancy after my first DD that led to my second DD.


Update on me (and an apology on falling behind): I had my first midwife appointment on Wed and it was SO different from an OB appointment! It has made me even more excited to be using the birth center than ever before. And... we have a heartbeat! I have never had anyone not hurt me a little with the doppler wand, but the midwife's apprentice was AWESOME with it. Being overweight and only 10 weeks, I didn't think we'd hear anything, but she found the heart after a few moments of echoing organs... 150bpm. And the baby didn't try to escape, which was pretty unusual for my babies, lol. But I've never had a doppler so early in pregnancy! And she felt the fundus I was sure wasn't there and had started freaking out about. Everything was great (except that I'm apparently spilling protein in my urine... lovely, but not incredibly unusual for me). So, I really have a little baby growing in there and everything seems to be fine! I'm sure you guys know what a relief that is!

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Marnica and Pickleopolous - hug2.gifI am soo sorry for both of your losses.  I can only imagine the tremendous pain you are both going through.  Take time to grieve and definitely seek out resources both here on the internet and in your community.  I will be sending you positive energy for the days and weeks that come. 

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To the strong ladies who have had losses, I am so sorry.  Please don't give up hope.  My sis-in-law had 2 m/c before a healthy baby and then had one more m/c before 2 more healthy babies.  She lives a very happy and normal mommy life now.


As for me, I previously was worried about not being very sick but this pregnancy has just been weird.  The last week and a half I have been on and off vomitting for a few days, then Ill have a normal day and then back to being sick. I also feel like the nausea has not been as constant as with DD but when it hits it comes more dramatically, like running to the bathroom when I felt fine a minute earlier. So it has been very touch go which is different for me. I am 9w5d and I am surprised but I feel like I have started to feel worse in the last few days rather than better. Not complaining, just observing.  Trying not to focus on too many physical symptoms though.  Like a friend said "focus on the Godly, not the worldly."


Other big news is that I had another u/s last Friday when I was 9w1d and had a FHR of 167 and baby was still measuring to the date for an 11/17 due date.  Since that appointment, I think I have started to really accept this pregnancy.  I still have slight caution but I feel like I will be ready to get into this pregnancy soon.  So looking forward to that!



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Anyone have experience with Fifth's disease? There's an outbreak at my son's preschool and I'm trying not to worry too much. I'm just bummed because I was just starting to feel excited and confident about this baby after our prior loss. I'm going to get the blood test tomorrow that will hopefully tell me I'm already immune. But even if I'm not the miscarriage rate is only 5% in infected moms. Obviously not ideal but not as bad as I thought. Not much I can do about it anyway, since the first cases were last week and the kids were probably contagious a couple of weeks before that.

I'm sorry to hear about the losses. I wish everyone else sticky babies with strong heartbeats.
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Had my first prenatal appointment, the midwife was great, nice older lady ie grey hair. She did a ultrasound  baby measured in at 11wks1day giving a edd of 11/9/11  we wont change my edd to that though. but so far every ultrasound i've had this baby measures ahead.  http://a4.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/208094_1951748203629_1540377621_32149316_6768424_n.jpg

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YAY! Kami that's a great pic! joy.gif


thencamehenry I don't know anything about Fifths directly, sorry. Have you gotten any more word from your doc? I'm hoping for reassuring news for you!


Glad there's so much good news around here still and everyone seems to be doing well. I am too, just getting tired finally of being sick and tired! eyesroll.gif I've been either first tri or miscarrying for over a year now, it feels like! But still, not complaining about any of it and so so thankful to be pregnant, in shock that I'm hitting second tri this weekend. Just amazed I've actually made it here, and baby still has a nice strong HB.

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 Megan ~ Glad your still doing good.  I noticed the drs office is going by lmp edd of 11/7 which is why they aren't changing it since today baby's edd came in at 11/9, funny since my edd based on O day was 11/12.  It would be pretty bittersweet if baby was born on 11/9 since that is the day we lost November Hope.



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Still here. We had to bring my 3y old DS to the hospital for a 2 night stay for dehydration from gastroenteritis this past weekend. He has one kidney so they needed to see his leels go back to normal and him drinking enough on his own. DD2 has it as well, but she is not vomitting and seems to be drinking enough. She's a cardiac patient, so they're keeping tabs on her too. I only had a small bought of it, thank goodness and DD1 is out of the state on vacation with my mom.

Good news is we went to hear the heartbeat on Tuesday at 9w4d and we did hear it for a short time! joy.gif I'm surprised she was able to find it as my uterus is still far down in my pelvis and I'm overweight. I guess I have a skilled midwife wink1.gif
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Wanted to share we got to see our baby at 9 weeks 2 days via ultrasound.  Yea for a heartbeat!

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Went in today with some brown spotting.


Baby looks fine, heart beating- no obvious reason for the bleed, hormones looked great

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