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I'm glad to hear everything looked fine Vyky.  What a scare.


I am actually glad to hear when people have spotting and everything turns out ok.  Obviously besides the fact that is is scarry for someone.  It gives PAL members more hope that spotting really can happen and everything be fine.  Does that make sence?  Its one thing to read statistics of what percentage of spotting turns out normal, its another to read actual stories of things turning out okay.


I'm feeling really good.  Really feeling pregnant.  It is nice.  I can't wait till my belly gets bigger.  Someone at my DP's work might give us a doppler, hopefully that works out.  It would be nice for him to hear the heartbeat too since he wasn't able to take the time off of work to go to my appointment with me.

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Hi PAL ladies...


Is there a time when we can start to feel less anxious about a m/c?  I know that 12 weeks is a general rule of thumb, but I found out about my last loss right around this time (~10 weeks).  I continue to feel lots of pregnancy symptoms, no bleeding/cramping and a horrible, intense fatigue/insomnia that won't go away.  I guess this is all good news :-)  Just wondering if/when you all started to feel more at ease with the pregnancy?  Outside of medical providers/midwives and one co-worker, I have not told any family and friends about my pregnancy.  Am trying to wait for the 12 week NTS.  Once I have more reassurance that things are going well, I will then start to tell folks. 

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Hugs Baltimoremomtobe!  I wish there was a magic number, where you could just stop worrying and everything would turn out.  I've been trying to interrupt my worrying by imagining a supercute happy baby whenever I start getting freaked.  We're at 12 weeks and hoping really hard that this is our sticky little baby! 

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I agree, I don't think there IS a magic number. It's supposed to be when you hear the heartbeat... but if you've ever known a mom with a late-term loss... technically, you don't have to worry about miscarriage anymore after 20 weeks, but loss... that doesn't really go away :(

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Good news today! I had my 12 week appointment and we heard the heartbeat, nice and strong at 150 bpm.  We also talked about my exposure to Fifth's and my blood work looks like I have immunity from a previous exposure. So, almost to the end of the first trimester, Fifth's is no longer a concern, and a nice strong heartbeat. I am officially excited about this baby.  I am putting the fear of the first trimester behind me, although like you guys said you are never really "safe."  I will always see this pregnancy differently than my first, but I am trying to make that a positive feeling of appreciation rather than a negative feeling of dread.

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I've had pain all week that's left me worried about losing the baby. Some BH and cervical pressure, too. It seems to have passed, but it woke me up at one point and I had to check the baby's heart in the middle of the night. Thankfully, it was strong and so I didn't have to call for an emergency appointment or anything. I love having that doppler.


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Bump Hope everyone is doing good.



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Heard Baby's HB yesterday for the first time as well.  160 BPM, loud and clear. 


Bloodwork all came back great except I'm not immune to rubella. I was a fully vaxed/on schedule kid and even had a booster as an adult and my titre came back at 11. Needs to be 15+ to be considered immune. My mw says the danger of complications from contracting rubella are over, so it's nbd now.

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Hooray, Vyky! It's so nice to hear baby's hb!


Yeah, things like that just make me not even a little sorry we don't vaccinate. I'm totally immune to rubella from my shots, though. Just stay away from anyone recently vaccinated with it (especially diapers) and you should be fine :) I think it's very rare for anyone to actually contract a case of it anymore.

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Checking in....computer time is far and few between so I've been reading some but posting rarely. Think of you all often though! All is well here, belly growing and I'm still in disbelief. Anyone else? Still checking with the doppler once a week or so, and baby's sounding good, even starting to get some definite movement! So why do I still find it hard to believe that there's a live baby in there who will actually be born? Ah, PAL.....My appetite is still pretty sucky too and I haven't gained but a pound or two. But all in all trying not to stress and enjoying this pregnancy more now. Our big ultrasound in Thursday so getting very excited for that! H&H to you all!

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Originally Posted by apmama07 View Post

 So why do I still find it hard to believe that there's a live baby in there who will actually be born? Ah, PAL.....


I know EXACTLY what you mean.

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Hi All!


Sorry for all of your losses, it is so heartbreaking. Mine is a bit different. My Partner and I lost our 14 month old son just over 2 years ago from a congenital heart defect. We are due November 2nd and so far, this baby's heart looks healthy so we are planning our homebirth!

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Originally Posted by xakana View Post


I know EXACTLY what you mean.

Me too. I had a total holy sh*t moment the other day after my MW appointment. There is a baby. It;s not all in my head. it is alive. And in 6 months it will be born and I will have two children. Two. OMG.

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Hi All,

Bit of a nervous morning for me... Brown spotting when I woke up. Have appt with dr today (already scheduled) and I'm at 15w1d I think. Just haven't felt sure this time around (I know I'm not the only one...) and with feeling crappy for the last 6 weeks or so including bouts of constipation and then diarrhea... Just wish I felt better and felt sure of what was going on. Not having gained more than a pound or so and still wearing my regular clothes makes me worry a bit too...

Assuming everything goes well in today's appt, I'm thinking again about renting a Doppler machine. Anyone else have one? I'm just worried that I'll be checking obsessively and that it won't help with the anxiety at all... Any advice would be appreciated!

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 Karen~ I  would try to not worry about brown spotting, it's old blood. I have a doppler that i bought online and i use it every few days to check the heartbeat. hope your appointment goes well.





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I own a doppler and use it every couple weeks. I worry about too much exposure, so I don't use it more often, but it is super reassuring. This is the one that I have. This is the best deal I could find online. This is the cheapest available (so possibly not very good? I didn't look up reviews). HTH!

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hey mamas! I lurk from my phone plenty, but have gotten out of the habit of sitting at a real live computer, so I haven't contributed at all here lately.


I ended up having a rocky first trimester: loads of bleeding (as in gushing, clots, the whole mess) from 7 through 11+ weeks. an ultrasound revealed that I was pregnant with triplets (!) but two of them didn't make it past 8 weeks. The worry at that point was that losing two would disrupt the viability of the remaining one. But I'm 18 weeks today and little Scrappy still seems to be holding on in there, so I'm starting to breathe a little easier, maybe.


Anybody else feel like the second trimester can really mess with your mind? Suddenly, my lack of nausea and exhaustion are upsetting to me, as uterine growth and fetal movement haven't picked up enough to compensate and diminish doubt.


I have my second midwife appointment tomorrow and I am going mad from anxiousness. It will be such a tremendous relief to hear the heartbeat again (but I've already tried to prepare myself for how to react if I don't. . . isn't that crazy?!). I *think* I'm feeling a little bit of movement, but nothing distinct and sure, which is frustrating.



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Wow, Rhombus, I am so, so sorry for your losses and such a stressful beginning. I'm glad that the third is hanging in there for you!


I'm feeling movements--they're tiny and easy not to recognize if I hadn't done this before and wasn't looking for them! 5 years is a while since your last and after loss, it can be really hard to believe in any of it.


I hope you have a relieving midwife appointment!

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I started having bad dreams about losing the baby. I'm also nervous I haven't felt her yet at 20 weeks and it being my 2nd. I'm scared of my midwife appt. today.

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I was feeling worried re: lack of movement this pregnancy, too. I'm 21 weeks now and *just* started feeling definitive, obvious movement within the last week or so. Have you had your appointment already?



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