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Moved over from the Feb due date club :-(

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I was due a week ago, decided to join the March club instead since it looks doubtful I will go into labor before the

end of the month and everyone over there already had their babies! 

I am so discouraged and defeated. My nerves are getting to me because if she does not come soon here Dr

will start talking c-section, ect (VBAC so cant really be induced) I do NOT want another c-section!

I have false labor off and on for the last couple weeks, at times can be quite painful and regular but never

turns into the real thing. Keeps me up all night. 1.5 cm dilated every visit. NST every visit. Cant walk without severe pelvic/groin pain. Its getting old. I am so ready to get this show on the road. Tried everything for trying to get labor started except castor oil, I'd rather be pregnant then have the runs!



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Welcome, Stephanie!  I can so relate.  I've gone right up to 42 weeks with several of mine.  I'm expecting twins this time and already feeling anxious to get things rolling and I'm only 37 weeks (38 tomorrow).  That's not a particularly good state of mind.  Even so, castor oil is nasty.  Hang in there!  You'll be meeting your baby soon! 

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DDCC I'm so sorry mama! I had DS on my due date. Even though I didn't go over dd had been at 37wks exactly and I started dilating and having prodromal by 36 wks with him so I certainly didn't expect to go as long as I did. So many mamas in my ddc that time that were due after me even kept having their babies before he came. It was very bad on my nerves. I'm sooo sorry and hope things pick up for you soon.

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Welcome! goodvibes.gifsending you some labor vibes

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Aw, Mama, that's so frustrating.  You're staying strong.  I was so miserable with my first after days on end of Braxton Hicks all night and no sleep and no progress that at my 40w appointment, I demanded a baby or I wasn't going home.


He induced me even though I had a low Bishop score, I did well at first and then when the pit really got going, I couldn't handle the contractions anymore, so I got an epidural which ended labor right after my water broke, the baby had tachycardia, and I had a c-section.  And then with DS, he wouldn't do VBACs, so I had a second c-section.  :( 


Stay strong and have faith.  I'm so sorry you're suffering.  I'm going to have a chance for VBA2C this time if I can manage to go into labor by 40.5 weeks, so the pressure's on.  It's so frustrating that you can't control it.  I hope your baby decides to come out soon!  Like, today.  And that it's an easy and perfect birth.

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Oh, poor mama.  Hang in there!  I took castor oil after 4 days of a slow amniotic leak, and honestly, it did the trick and wasn't that bad.  I mean, it wasn't lovely to drink, but I chugged it in OJ and it was a momentary discomfort anyway.  The, ahh, digestive disturbances weren't that bad for me--certainly not worse than another day or more of feeling like this (sounds like we have a lot in common, condition-wise), and definitely not worse than a C-Section!  Have you tried blue and black cohosh?  I tried that before the castor oil, and it did make the contractions pick up, though it didn't push me over the edge into labor.  I DO think the castor oil may have contributed to a really intense labor and I'm certainly not jumping to do it again, but still, you have to make your own cost-benefit analysis, you know?


Wishing you lots of luck and trust in the process.  A week late isn't really late at all, it's only the system that's the problem, not your body!


Oh, and you're in good company in this club for obnoxious prodromal labor, believe me.  We sympathize!

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Well, we are happy to have you over here!


And just FYI, Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth says that you CAN have prostaglandin gel and pitocin to induce labor in a VBAC.  She says, "While it is best to avoid these, know that prostaglandin gel to ripen the cervix for induction, oxytocin to induce or strengthen labor, and epidural anesthesia can be used in VBAC labors."  Maybe you can ask your doctor about it?


Have you been using evening primrose oil vaginally?  You could also try starting that. 


Anyway, not to give you a bunch of unwanted advice.  I hope you go into labor soon!!!

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hola.gif Welcome. Watch, hopefully joining the March DDC is just the thing you needed, and you'll have your baby tonight or tomorrow while it's still February! winky.gif


Lyss, 40.5 only?! Give a girl a chance for pity's sake!

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Welcome mama. Wishing you labor vibes.
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Welcome to March!  I'm also trying for a VBAC this time, so send you many good luck vibes.

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welcome to March. I did castor OIl with ym second.. no adverse effects at all tsp in a bottle of oj and it was actually a really easy labour for me.



Hopefully your baby come soon.... lol you maybe in the right due date club... a number of us have been having prodomal labour around here. Heck I'm sorta surprised that it looks like this baby is going to make it into March

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Hi and welcome!  I drank  a whole thing of castor oil with my first to try to avoid a pit induction.  And yes, sure gave me the runs...but it's not that bad, if you are feeling desperate I think it's worth a shot.  However, it did not induce labor for me.  I was only 35w 6d w/PROM however.


I hear you btw on that pelvic pain thing...what does that mean anyway? Is it the relaxing taking effect?

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Welcome! Your LO will be here soon, even though every day seems like forever! I know the feeling -- I've gone to 42 weeks with my previous pregnancies. But they do eventually come, and it always feels like the perfect timing after the fact!

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