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Spotlight of the Week (2-27): Tabrizia!!!

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We're almost there!  With all of our due dates around the corner, and March about to begin, this is our very last spotlight!


So let's make it count!  Please address your questions to Tabrizia!  The roster intro is below, to get things started.



EDD: (feel free to use 1st or 2nd half if you prefer): March 30ish

* Name: (whatever you would like to be called or like us to know) Sarah, but i respond my screen name just as well.

* Age: 32 * Location: DC metro, Maryland side

* How long it took to you to get your BFP: 1 cycle

* What number child is this for you: #3

* Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): DH Dan is 33, we've been married 9 years and together 14 years, DS Desmond is 3, DD Eloise is 16 months, and Ddog K-line is 8

* Baby's gender (hopes or guesses): no clue, I am sort of leaning girl, but no real feelings either way

* Names you like (& are willing to share): I've got nothing, I mean I have a list of 30ish names for each gender, I just have nothing that is sticking out right now, hopefully I'll figure it out sooner rather then later.

* Birth plans/preferences: midwife assisted hospital VBAC2, I do plan on a doula this time, I didn't have one last time and really regretted it, DH has trouble seeing me in pain and trying to comfort him in the middle of labor was NOT helpful to me.

* Blog, website or the like: http://www.milefrommainstream.net/

* Anything else you'd like to share: This was somewhat of a surprise, we weren't actually trying, I just wasn't preventing. I didn't expect anything to happen quite this fast.

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How long have you lived in DC?  What do you think about the area?


I took a peek at your blog.  Are you still feeling sick?


Do you have any favorite hobbies? "Dream hobbies" that you wish you had the time or energy to do?

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We've lived in DC 9 years come the end of May. I really like it here, though I do miss being closer to my parents, I am glad my in-laws are near-by though.  I really like all the cultural and other activities available around here as well, it is nice knowing all the things we can go and do, both with small ones and as adults.


After the most recent round of antibiotics I am feeling a lot better now, which is nice.  Of course now I need to work on cleaning the house and getting ready for the newbie, since the past month has been spent being sick.  We did get newbie's car seat in the car yesterday at least so that is done.


I really enjoy scrap booking, of course I haven't had time to do it since DD was born.  That being said I am hoping to have DH and my hobby room finished by fall so I can start up again.  I also really enjoy travel all over the world, which probably won't happen again for awhile, though we likely will be heading to India in 2014 or so to visit DH's extended family.  I am also a huge reader, and love my new kindle is makes reading multiple books so nice and easy.


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I love your ds's name! And my DH would kill to live in DC (it's a nice place to visit for me...) because of his desire to work in international law. What brought you guys to the area?


I would kill to go to India! What area will will you be visiting? What other places have you traveled to? What was your fav and why?

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We ended up in DC, because DH had a contact for a job through his Dad up here.  It was a friend of his Dad's who had gone to college with him in India actually.  So when he got the job we moved to the area.   He was much happier there then his previous job and it was a nice salary increase, but technically DH can work most anywhere, since he is a computer guy.  We also like being close to my in-laws.  It is nice since DH is an only child, so being near his parents is good for both us and them, since they get to see the Grandchildren often, and can help us out, while we can help them out as needed as well.


When we go back to India, I've been twice already so it will be my third trip, we will likely just be visiting DH's family, so mainly New Delhi and the areas around it.  I would like to go South and East at some point, but at a guess next visit we'll just stick with staying with family again, which means New Delhi and a day trip to the Taj Mahal.


Other places I've been include living for 10 months in Israel on a program, which was a ton of fun.  I did a month in Lyon France as a high schooler as a foreign exchange student, which included a few days in Paris.  I did a week in Italy and 10 days in England and Scotland on my way home from Israel which was a ton of fun too.  I really loved England and France and want to go back again, I would also love to visit Greece and Ireland.  I would also love to visit Egypt and see the pyramids, but not until that region is a bit more stable.   I also really want to visit Japan and China, and Australia and New Zealand.  Yeah I love to travel and have tons of places I want to go.  


Overall though I loved London, so much to do and I loved the number of Broadway shows there as well, I think in the 5 days I was there I caught 7 different shows, it was great.



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I love your DS's name too, it is our top choice if we have a boy!


Do you ever get up to NYC to see the shows?  My FIL works at Phantom of the Opera, but sadly, I've never been (....to any shows on Broadway).


Are you feeling ready for baby #3?

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Yep DH and I enjoy going up to NYC, it is only a 2 1/2 hour train ride into the city.  Unfortunately we haven't been to see a show since New Years Eve 2005 though.  The plan was to go up for a long weekend in August to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, with my Mom watching DS and DD, but newbie put a crimp in those plans.  I have been to a few shows that come through to DC and Baltimore though, the traveling Broadway ones, which are fun too.  I really can't wait to head back to NYC to see some shows though, probably won't happen until 2013 or so though since I don't really want to do overnights till after newbie is 2.  The hotel we stay at when we are in NYC is actually right next door to Phantom, I haven't seen it on Broadway, did see it in Atlanta, though, but it is on my list since it is the longest running Broadway show.


Well I am feeling done with the pregnancy, but I am not sure I am ready to have three small ones yet.  So I am sort of ready for baby 3.  We don't have most of our stuff for him set up, but fortunately even if he came before we did, it is generally easy to set up the things we have for him, just need to get around to it, so in that way I am almost ready for him.  Pregnancy wise I feel so done, even though I likely have 3 to 4 weeks left.  Dealing with a 2 year old, 4 year old and newborn however I am not sure I am ready for at all!

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