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Let's Revel in the Joys of Caffiene-Free Existence!!!

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I've been off coffee, yerbe mate, and caffiene in all forms for 2 weeks and I feel sooooo great!!! Bad headaches for two days, but then a huge payoff in terms of how I feel in my body and mind!

Caffiene every morning was making me have emotional ups and downs, anxiety, dehydration, and an extra load of physical fatigue because I couldn't nap.

For the first time in a couple years I'm finding out what my natural energy rhythms are. And you know what? I have plenty of energy to do everything I need to do without ourside stimulants! I feel sleepy for 15 mins or so in the morning, but if I just have some water and giggles with dd my energy is moving in no time...

I feel calm, mellow, pure...I love it!

It did serve me for a while, for those zombie months of having a newborn, but now that dd sleeps so much better I can totally, joyfully embrace a less jolting, less jawgrind reality!

Any mamas with me on this? Let's support each other in decafland by sharing our experiences!
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I agree!!! I was a terrible caffeine addict for way too long. Then a couple months ago I ended up in the ER due to dehydration- not entirally caused by caffein.. also from lack of water, exercise, frequent nursing, etc... but it inspired me to quit! after the first 3 days I had tons of energy!! I do have occassional green tea, but no more double espressos and lattes.
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I'm not entirely caffeine free, but I've gone from drinking 3 cups of strong coffee every day to one cup of not too strong tea. Last summer I got sick and couldn't drink coffee. The withdrawl symptoms blended in with the symptoms of my illness and I found myself unaddicted to coffee without any effort on my part. I think tea is less addicting than coffee. If I miss my daily cup of tea, I feel OK. If I missed my coffee, I was unbearable to be around.
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I've been off caffeine for about 6 years now. I was extremely addicted - would get terrible headaches and the shakes if I didn't get a fix in time. A no-caffeine existence is a whole new world ! I am so much happier with my herbal tea and water diet - I feel healthier, more energetic, and very empowered not to have some chemical ruling my system! The withdrawal is so worth it!
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Wow, you are all so strong. I try to stop, and I just always come back to it. Coffee is so yummy....until I drink it and then my gut feels terrible all day. Horrible cramping sometimes. So I stop, and then a week or two later I think, "Oh, green tea won't hurt." and it doesn't, and then I think "Well, I could have some ceylon or chai, just this once..." and then "Well, one cup of coffee, and then I won't have any for a while...." and before I know it it's horrible cramping again. Why am I so dumb? I don't know. I do feel so good when I'm not drinking it, my eyesight gets better even. sigh. Here I go trying again......
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Hera I know where you are coming from - I'm good for a while and then the odd coffe while i'm at friends and then a cappucino (I'm dairy free mostly!) while out and bang there I have another migraine! I was down to drinking realy coffee only one cup on Saturday and sundays and then inevitably had a raging migraine on Mondays - I finally took the hint and the migraines are gone except when i lapse. The rest of the time I drink a brand called Bamboo - it has chicory, acorns and oats in it; I also like pure chicory. Trying to get dh to cut down but he does find it hard!?
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My name is Dot.mom. I am a caffiene-a-holic. I have been without caffiene for over 2 years, since I got pregnant. i had been on and off a few times before that, but always fell off the wagon-just one drink would do it. At my worst, I drank over 8 cups of really strong coffee per day. All my thoughts were wrapped up in when adn where my next cup was coming from. Without caffiene, I am happier, have more energy and can devote my time to more appropriate persuits
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Oh yeah, a few years ago i had a few panic attacks (actually thought I was having a heart attack or something, after a morning of no food and too much coffee), and the health clinic at my college wanted to prescribe Paxil this anti-anxiety drug, but i just stopped drinking coffee and started watching my blood sugar a little more and never had another one! It's baaaad crud, at least to my system!
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ack. i would die without coffee, though my hat is off to you! i LOVE coffee, and i try to keep it to one-two cups per day. my three kids inhibit my habit, i never seem to get the chance to enjoy a full cup:LOL
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I used to be a coffee addict until I had my tonsils removed several years ago. I couldn't drink the hot coffee because of the surgery. The pain of the headaches from withdrawal was much worse than the pain from the surgery. I decided then that the addiction wasn't worth it, and I needed to quit. So while I was recovering from the tonsillectomy I also broke the caffeine habit. I couldn't even sit up at times because of the headache!!! Not having caffeine regulated my blood sugar and I have a lot more energy. Now when I do drink something with caffeine in it I really don't like the way it makes me feel. Never again will I be a regular caffeine drinker...
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Hey for all those who love coffee but cant drink it anymore....Roma is grrrreat!!

Its a coffee alternative beverage made of barley, chicory, beet and sometimes added dried fruits or whatever. It comes as a powder that you mix with boiling water and I add french vanilla soy cream and some sucanet! I love it.

OK at first you'll think...hey this doesnt taste like coffee! But then if you cant drink the real stuff anymore than its better than nothing.

I really love the taste of this hot drink in the morning. Its real rich in flavor and with the added cream, its so gooood!!

Thats just me though, try it for yourself

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Really spicy herb teas like Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice and Vanilla Hazelnut also do the trip with soymilk and honey...straight chicory's good too...
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I've recenty given up my half cup of coffee a day, since we'll start ttc next month. I love the taste though, so still drink decaf sometimes. Now I'm drinking a cup of green tea a day--much lower in caffeine than coffee, and in some studies it doubles the chance of conceiving--not sure if this also applies to decaf green tea.
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My big addiction is milky, sweet tea. The english type. Being English I almost feel obliged to drink it. I am trying to cut down but it is so tough. I have all these lovely tea mugs as well that were not made to have decaf tea/coffee drunk out of them.
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Well, I haven't had any caffeine at all since I first read this thread! Definately had the 2-day headache, but now I feel great. The temptation is HUGE but I am resisting.....we'll see how long I go this time.
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