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My son is a mover. We ec'd full time from birth to about 3-4 months (when he started fighting the cradle hold over the toilet), with almost no misses. At 4.5 months he was crawling. Now at 9 months, he's almost walking. Sitting still is NOT something he does well. Needless to say, this led to a lot of diapers, and very few catches. He poops a lot (small amounts, sometimes upwards of 6-7 times a day, or more), and his poor little bum has developed one painful looking blister (it's healing now, but he would scream at every diaper change).

Anyway, I want to start over and maybe go diaper free. Has anyone stopped and started again? What should I be doing, or what can I expect?

EC'ing my son is NOTHING like my daughter (who never ever pee'd on cue, and would sit for half an hour or more).