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36 weeks today :).  1cm, soft and babe is pretty low now.  So low that family was practically taking bets about how soon I will go!  I have never been more than 4 days either way from my EDD, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if this one is earlier.


Sorry to all the mamas who aren't feeling well or have sick kiddos -- no fun at all!  We just got over 2 of the 3 kids puking -- one was pneumonia induced, my poor 3.5 yo!  I am feeling very lucky that all I have atm is a cold!


For those looking, I found some cute take me home outfits at Carter's and babyGap, they were cute but not punch-you-in-the-face busy.  I also knit him a kimono sweater and if I have time to get longies done too, that will probably be his coming home outfit.

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Hmmm....I like the girl babyGap options, but the boys just didn't click with me.  Must think about it.


34 week appointment went well today.  Heart rate in the 140's.  Measuring only a week ahead. 

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all of a sudden I am feeling so much better.  Guess maybe that UTI from last week was making me feel ickier than I thought. my mw called today and said the results came back from when we sent my urine and it was a pretty nasty UTI so the abx were the right choice.    I was SO done last week but this week- not so bad. i have more energy and am feeling like I could make it 5 more weeks.  even though I'd rather not. 


is this nesting energy finally hitting me???  YIPPPEEE!!!  I"ve been waiting so long for it!! 



Nadia- I love some of the babygap clothes.  thinking I might make a run there.


oh...and I pull in the driveway from work tonight as DH is calling me asking "where are the steristrips?" uh-oh.  apparently- dd2 fell and hit her head.  gaping cut.  not too bad but definitely deep and would leave a pretty bad scar if we didn't get it fixed and it looked like steristrips might not cut it.  so off we went to afterhours pediatrics.  and they glued humpty dumpty back together.  she is such a tough cookie though.  although bigger sister was mucho jealous of little sis getting all the attention.  its not going to be pretty with a baby getting all of the attention for a while!

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Looks like I might have a baby at the end of next week. My BP is still up and I'm having other symptoms so the dr said he was thinking about giving me until the end of next week. At this point I think I agree. My pre-e experience with my 3yo was awful. I don't want to go through that again.

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I am soo far behind in this thread as well. *sigh*

Stayseeliz- I hope your BP hangs in there and that you are able to have a peaceful delivery without the drama of pre-e.  You've made it such a long way while battling BP issues!


I'm tired and this baby has definitely "dropped" a bit.  I feel like he will shoot out every time I sneeze (which is quite frequent right now; the pine pollen in our area is out of control!)  Is anyone else feeling anti-social? I am usual one to jump at every lunch/playdate opportunity, but lately I want to just hang out at the house (VERY unlike me!).  I am forcing myself to go to DD and I's regularly scheduled library time and playdates during the week...

We have our home visit with our MW next Monday, and I am excited about that! I just need to get this house clean!!!

I hope everyone is doing well; it won't be long before birth stories start popping up all over the place!

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Stacey, it must be nice to have an eta on your baby!  You've done a great job battling all the bp issues and averting pre-e, I bet it will be a load off to be done.


StarCat, glad you are feeling better!  Sounds like your dd was a real trooper getting glued back together, hope she is good as new!


Allical, my babe has dropped too -- I measured the same 33 weeks that I measured 2 weeks ago (I'm 36w now) and my family all noticed he was lower when I saw them on Sunday.  As long as he is head down and anterior, he can get as low as he wants -- the lower he gets, the less I have to worry about him flipping to a bad position!



More nesting here -- have clothes, diapers, carseat cover, swing cover, and bouncy seat cover all washed and ready.  I also got a new camera since our other one sucks and takes forever to take the picture, it will be nice to have that when baby is here!

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Nevermind, didn't realize there was a new chat thread. Will post there.

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