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Yay lifeguard! We told our facebook world after our ultrasound too thumb.gif

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Oh no. This is dangerous. (edit to add that all 3 of those words are different links) I love love love Dr. Seuss. The nursery will be Dr. Seuss themed (no matter what the gender is). I've had stuff in my amazon cart for the Dr. Seuss nursery since, well, before we even started trying to get pregnant. LOL! I will not be able to resist. Now, the question is, how much of this stuff can I buy before dh cuts me off? LOL!

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Originally Posted by PseudoDiva View Post


This afternoon I was sure I was going to puke.  I just get so tired of eating all the freaking time!  Nothing sounded good, everything made me want to gag.  I adore food and I hate how picky I get when I'm pregnant.  I took a B6 tablet and I started to feel better right away.  I'll have to try it again and see if it was really the B6 or if it was something else.  Anyone have recommendations for how much B6 to take to counteract nausea?  

Hi PseudoDiva- I personally am a huge believer of B6 counteracting nausea.  I'm taking 1000 mg (I just bought a regular bottle at CVS and take one a day).  I'm also taking prenatals, so getting a bit more, but I've not had ANY morning sickness yet.  I've seen some research linking them, and also, in my opinion, if it works, it works- even if it is the placebo effect!  Also, I'm a huge fan of the B-vitamins in general during pregnancy.  You know how they talk about "pregnancy brain?"  That is a classic sign of B-vitamin deficiency. 


Also, funny a few of you mentioned the husband/sides of the bed issue.  I can't complain that my husband wants to cuddle with me and snuggle all night long, but he was clearly on MY side of the bed, his head was practically on my pillow!  As annoying as it is, I love the feeling of his arms around me when I sleep though!




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Amy May,


The supplement I have has only 2mg of B6 in it.  I took it again this morning around 5, and when I woke up at 7 I didn't feel sick.  (It faded quickly though.)  I'm going to have to try it!

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Almost in week 8 and I thought I was maybe out of the woods ... but nope!  The nausea as finally hit, along with a seeming never-ending dull headache. Spent the day in bed yesterday feeling like my brain was trying to escape my forehead. Much better today and I have replenished my stash of lavender oil to combat any future head pain.


The exhaustion is still with me loud and proud and I can easily sleep 12 hrs on end and still need a nap the next afternoon. Went skiing for the first time since my BFP this past weekend and after a bit of paranoia during my first few runs I found my groove and ripped the mountain good! It was wonderful to be out again with the cold air dancing across my face


Acne is starting to get a bit better, smaller breakouts and red blotchy patches are starting to fade. Pants are tight around the middle. Major muffin top starting up :( I'm not sure how much I have gained but I am willing to wager at least 3 -5 lbs, and on my shorty 5 foot frame it might as well be 10-15.  needless to stay, I am starting to think I will be a moose by 30 weeks and am a tad fearful of what will happen AFTER the LO is here. I have no confidence in my ability to shed the weight. I have been waging a lifelong battle of the bulge and this is just messing with my head.


No cravings yet, other than a strong desire for potatoes (mashed, boiled, french fried, chips), but I am hanging in there and trying to keep on track with my regular healthy eating style. 

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I had the same thought when talking to my mom the other day. It is amazing to now be at this stage of life and to have my Mom, my best friend there to help and guide me :) 

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luxlove.gif My mother is so awesome. We were chatting in email about maternity clothes and she just sent me some photos of her 1970s maternity clothes: a sundress sewed from a bedsheet, a big peasant blouse, and some double-knit polyester. She looks go great! Plus, it's just hitting me that this pregnancy is going to allow me to connect with her in a way I never have before. mecry.gif (pregnant lady overly emotional tears)


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Steph - lookie.  winky.gif

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I'm an only child and I've always been super close with my mom, but she's going through all kinds of midlife crisis issues and never answers her phone, etc. We only live 150 miles apart, but we were at the point where we were only talking every three weeks or so. The SECOND she found out she was finally going to be a gramma, that all changed. She texts me her daily name suggestions now, goes shopping for the baby, etc. It's really great to reconnect with her again.

The best part was finding out more about her labor with me. I knew I was a C-section baby (I was face up and not budging after 17 hours) and I knew she didn't breastfeed, so I thought she was going to try to talk me out of a more natural approach. I couldn't have been more wrong. Turns out, she had 17 hours of drug free labor that she said she just did her breathing through and was fine. She would have had me naturally if she could. Hearing that my own mom had such a manageable labor was so reassuring and encouraging. I had thought all babies on my side of the family were huge C-section worthy monsters (all seem to be 8-11lbs). I love having her to talk to during all of this.
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Originally Posted by StephandOwen View Post


We are starting out all over again so we need EVERYTHING. After I had my ds I got rid of all his baby stuff because I knew it would be a loooong time, if ever, before I had another baby (I left ds's bio-dad when ds was less than 2 months old and I was not interested in dating or anything for years after that). So, yeah. Everything is needed and I'm having a lot of fun looking. LOL! Things are a lot different than even when my ds was a baby!


I'm in the same boat, Steph.  My DS is 6, I had him at 21, and I knew it would be a long time before I had another, too.  Now I'm freaking out that I'm pretty much starting over- I don't have ANYTHING left over- and now I need two of it all!  And I totally agree about everything being so different, I finally let myself check out BabiesRUs online and I was amazed all over again!


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I'm feeling a bit sad for my DS lately. I wonder if some part of him will remember this time right now with just the 3 of us. I love him soooo much I keep thinking 'is it possible to love another the same.....?'. I don't want him to think that we don't love him as much as the baby. How do you ladies of more than one child deal with this?? Before I had my son I had no idea that I could even love someone this much....now apparently I am going to love another just as much? Is it possible?? lol.


I already know I'm going to do things a bit differently this time around:


-We aren't telling family right away but quite a few friends know.

-I'm not worrying about trivial things (no offense to anyone!!!) like what colour hangers to buy lol.

-I'm focusing a lot more on myself and my emotions this time.

-We are not going to have anyone over for at least a week after the baby is born. There is no way I'm dealing with people (aka MIL) taking my baby out of my arms or any of that.

-I'm totally taking hypnobirthing this time!

-I'm going to be a lot more protective of my space this time too. I do not need anyone's negative, crappy emotions or suggestions at all around me. And that's that!

-I do not want to tell anyone when I go into labour, they can all find out after the baby is born. I'm extremely sensitive to subtle energy and I do not like the feeling of being 'waited on'. It really hindered my performance last time and I wont do that again. I know that might sound strange to most people but I know what works for me and what doesn't.

-I think I might encapsulate my placenta this time. I still have my placenta from the last birth but it's too old to do anything with now except plant under a tree when we get our own place lol.

-try to be prepared for anything, and know that ultimately I am not 100% in control of the birth.


that's all I can think of for now but it's a good list. :D


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I like that list, Silvana.


I'm not having my family in the room with me when I deliver this time. I, too, hate feeling waited on. I'm also thinking of encaspulating my placenta this time. I'm wondering if I can find soemone near me to do it for me. It's not something DH would like to do ourselves.

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Another question about vitamin B6: I went out and bought some tablets, but I could only find 100mg tablets.  The Trader Joe's supplement I had been taking before had 200% RDA of B12 and even more of folic acid, but only 2mg (100% RDA) of B6.  What should I do?  Should I take the 100mg tablets or is that too much?

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PseudoDiva, you're absolutely fine with 100 mg.  That is what I'm taking (I think I said 1000 before, possibly), but I'm just taking 1 pill.  I'm also taking 800 extra mg of folic acid, as well as extra vitamin D (go new england lack of sunshine) and fish oil.  As a pregnant woman, unless you're downing a bottle a day, you're not going to take too much- you'll just have very expensive urine (meaning your body eliminates the excess B-vitamins, including folic acid, that it can't absorb). 


Totally not trying to namedrop, but my reference for this is a book, Fertility, Cycles & Nutrition, by Marilyn Shannon (who is my Aunt).  I'm very lucky to have such a good resource in our family, and she's the one who shared with me about the importance of the B-family during pregnancy. 

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Nicolian: loving those longies and bitty diapers! I've been itching to buy longies but am trying to wait till I know gender. I don't know how successful I'll be in this!


I love that list too Silvana. I need to get started on my own!


Some things I know I'll do (some different, some the same)

*stay really active throughout the pregnancy... I had a winter baby last time which made it hard to get walking in although I did yoga throughout the pregnancy which was awesome and I'll continue to do now

*Hypnobirthing! Loved it but need my doula to understand it better

*We will stay home for much longer during labor

*I'll get in the tub as soon as I get to the hospital and not get out till I'm ready to push if I don't get too hot (they don't let you deliver in the tub at this hospital)

*Be mentally prepared for another 40 hour labor but hope to God I don't have another 40 hour labor!

*Do my best to prepare DD for the changes ahead but be ready for some transition time

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These lists are inspiring!

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Originally Posted by nicolian View Post

I haven't bought much 'regular' baby stuff. I don't need much of that with a 3.5 yo and a 2 yo. I have bought mostly diaper stuff. We do need a crib, changing table(/dresser?) and another convertible car seat though. :) Of course - the expensive stuff! lol


So, far some things I have gotten for the belly bean are.. Tiny prefitteds (wub!), colorful fitteds, AIO's, adorable fitted.. and a bunch of other sensible, tiny, white fitteds. Plus a bunch of other random stuff I don't have pics of. This and this are the longies I bought in the past two days. Sheepish.gif Don't tell my husband. lol

Heyyyyy, maybe you posted this before, but where'd you get the tiny prefitteds in the first link?  They look so practical!


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When we moved from MD to CO, we had to downsize quite a bit, going from more than 1200sq ft to less than 900.  Since I thought I wouldn't be having another baby for a few more years, and I thought we'd probably be able to afford to buy new things once we were ready to have a baby, I got rid of all my baby stuff.  The only exceptions being my co-sleeper and the pack 'n play (which we use in place of a crib, once they outgrow the co-sleeper), and my few carriers.  So, I have to start all over, too.  Only, this time, since I know I really don't use a whole lot of gear AND we have such limited space, I'm really going to be conservative with what I get.


1) Car seat. 

2) Breastfeeding support pillow.

3) Baby clothes, in moderation.

4) Small handful of burp cloths and receiving blankets.

5) New diaper bag.  My current one is beyond beat up and I'm starting to hate it.


No bottles.  No pump.  Maybe no pacifiers.  No blankets (have plenty, even if they're not baby-ish).  No swing, no bouncer, no high chair.  I'll probably get a booster seat for putting on a chair for meal times, but not till we need it.  No baby bath (I found that I preferred using the sink or getting into the bath with the baby myself).  No furniture (baby will share our room and my dresser, and we'll change diapers on the floor like always).   No toys- we have a couple "baby" toys still, plenty of board books, and the other kids will be plenty entertainment for the rest of the time, I'm sure.  And heaven knows baby will prefer to try and find every chokeable toy in our house instead of play with his/her own toys.




Silviana, you absolutely WILL love the new baby as much as your current child.  It's amazing how more kids just means more love!  You don't have to share the love capacity you already have - it just grows!




Cute diaper pics are making me so envious.  I won't be able to CD for at least a while, I think.  We have no in-apartment laundry, and the coin-op community laundry is just too cost prohibitive AND inconvenient.  Definitely can't afford to use a diaper cleaning service, either.  But, hopefully our living situation will improve before long, and I'll be able to switch over.




My regular jeans are starting to get tight.  And I overheard my kids talking about naming the new baby Scooby Doo if it's a boy.  LOL.


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Hi all!  I love the lists

I haven't bought anything for the baby yet, I'm still terrified that something will happen, although I do have some that was bought for this baby while we were ttc.  I'm itching to get knitting though.  We don't need anything, we're pretty conservative with what we bought last time and I don't think I want anything else.  Its funny, when I'm not pg I love to shop and look at baby clothes/gear but now that's the last thing I want to do.  With dd we had 3 preemie sleepers and 3 newborn and that was it!


On a different note, my mommy is coming to help me!!  I phoned her yesterday because I just can't do it, my house is falling apart, and poor dd is not getting the mommy attention she's used to.  I'm just so exhausted all the time and I need to do our taxes which means digging through a ton of boxes to find all the paper work (we moved twice and I don't know where half the stuff is).  


Is anyone feeling like they are really showing?  I've seem some of the bellies on the belly thread, but I honestly feeling like everyone is going to start asking me soon.  I'm not comfortable until I see the u/s or hear the heartbeat.  Any tips for hiding the belly?

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vanmomma - good for you for going skiing! I did so many things I never would have thought were "allowed" during my pregnancy with ds & don't regret any of it. I am totally with you on the sleep thing - unfortunately ds is not feeling the same vibe!


The weight thing is such a ridiculous concern for me as well. I am actually down in weight since the start of this pregnancy (no concern there I have lots of extra padding) & am really hoping to either keep the weight gain to zero or at least less than 10lbs. My doctor is ok with this plan & I know it is easier for me to keep the weight off in the first place than to lose it afterward & with all the weight I'm still carrying there is no need to gain.


LOVE the lists. Things are SO different for us this time (we're actually in the same country as our family!) that everything will be different. For better or worse I guess. But the big things I know I will do differently:

-have protein shakes &/or energy drinks with straws on hand during labour. I could not possibly have eaten while in labour but suffered severely with lack of energy at the end & something I could have sipped would have really helped in that regard (the straws absolutely necessary as I spent almost the whole labour on hands & knees).

-I am going to wait until I feel the urge to push this time. I never felt the urge with ds (until the placenta) & pushing was horrendously painful. It never occurred to me to wait but I know I would have been quite content to breathe through those contractions.

-My Mom will hopefully be there as well as dh - to give him a break as much as anything.


I know there are more but that's a good start.

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Originally Posted by yellowdart View Post

Heyyyyy, maybe you posted this before, but where'd you get the tiny prefitteds in the first link?  They look so practical!


I bought those used. but they are Tinkle Traps.



Originally Posted by Leiahs View Post


Silviana, you absolutely WILL love the new baby as much as your current child.  It's amazing how more kids just means more love!  You don't have to share the love capacity you already have - it just grows!

Yes, this. Absolutely!


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