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If your first labor was long...

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...how long were subsequent labors?


My labor with DD1 was about 24 hours from the start of regular contractions, or 10 hours if you count it from the time I showed up at the hospital.


I know it's impossible to predict accurately how long the next one will last, but I'm still interested in hearing what other peoples' experiences have been. smile.gif

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I only have one long (dystunctional) labor under my belt, which ended at hour 44 by c/s. However, I am taking heart from my mom and grandma's experiences. My mother's first labor was 24+ hrs. Second one was much more normal length; not precipitous by any means, but much, much quicker. Her 3rd was not as short as #2, but nowhere near as long as #1.

My grandma's 1st birth was 36 hours (she was very traumatized by duration and difficulty of this one). Her second was much shorter. I don't think precipitous, but MUCH shorter than she or any of her attendants expected--just a few hours. She reported actually being scared of this birth b/c it was so fast.... Her 3rd was under twilight sleep in the hospital, so she doesn't know about the length.

My understanding is that for most women #1 is longer, #2 shorter, and #3 is a wildcard. Don't know what happens witth #4 plus.
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First labor- 36 hrs+, vaginal birth but had a PPH due to tired-out uterus.


Second- ~8 hrs from time I admitted I was in labor, 9 cm when I got to birth center. Serious denial that I was in labor bc I was expecting another long one! (Also no PPH 2nd time)


Almost everyone I know had an easier time with the 2nd one.



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My first labor was 21 hours, augmented with pitocin halfway thru. My second labor was 26 hours, all natural. Maybe my first labor would have gone on much longer if not for the pitocin and 26 hours is a short labor for me cold.gif.
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First labor (posterior, birth center birth turned hospital transfer)--34 hours
Second labor (anterior, homebirth)--6 hours

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First 24 hours and subsequent

3h 45m

3h 45m

3h 45m


2h 15m


under 4h

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I sure hope my second labor is faster. I had a 72 hour labor- 60 at home then transferred to the hospital for exhaustion.
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Interesting to see how much variation there can be from birth to birth! This gives me hope that my second one won't be such a marathon.

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It is good to see that they (might) get shorter.


Now the question is why....

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First labor - 56 hours (posterior and chin up), ended in a cesarean

Second labor - 8 hours start to finish 

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1st -  18 hrs

2nd - 7 hrs

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1st - 21 hours (posterior and asynclitic - ended with high forceps extraction - so likely would have gone on quite a bit longer otherwise)

2nd - 45 minutes!

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First 38 hours with a long early labor from 0-4cm followed by normal active labor, very fast pushing stage and nearly instant 3rd stage. Second was 28 hours and similar pattern. I figure it's because the uterus and cervix have practice at it that it goes a little quicker in subsequent births.

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Originally Posted by AutumnAir View Post

1st - 21 hours (posterior and asynclitic - ended with high forceps extraction - so likely would have gone on quite a bit longer otherwise)

2nd - 45 minutes!



I was thinking my second labor might be a bit shorter, maybe 12 hours instead of 24, but judging by the responses here I should be prepared for anything!

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 A little late to respond, but for posterity:


#1 - 36 hours

#2 - 1 1/2 hours (accidentally a home birth)

#3 - 5 hours

#4 . . . we'll see!



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#1: 20 hours (FSBC water birth)

#2: 5 hours (home, land birth)

#3: we'll see!  I hear it's a wild card!

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1st: 17 hours (midwife attended unmedicated hospital birth)

2nd: 7 hours (home birth)

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ds1 - 27 hours, vaginal birth


ds2 - 24 hours 50 minutes, vaginal birth

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My first labor was 36 hours, four hours of pushing. This was in a hospital. My second was less than 2 hours from waking up thinking I had eaten something that didn't agree with me to holding my baby. My third was longer, but I have a hard time deciding how long it was sometimes. I was having puttery contractions all day, but I didn't think I was in labor (and carried on my normal activities) until about 8 or 9pm and he was born a little after midnight. My fourth was very short, contractions off and on all day but that had been going on for weeks. From the time the midwife arrived (and I asked her to check me so I could convince my husband that I was not in labor, but I was at 9cm so that kind of backfired) to holding baby was about an hour. My fifth was longer, but my dh was deployed so there was a lot of emotional stuff going on and there were a lot of people in my house. It was about 5 hours from when I called my neighbor to come watch the kids to holding baby, the first couple of hours were pretty relaxed and the next few hours were pushing. I think if my dh had been home it would have been much faster. All in all- #1- 36 hours #2- <2 hours #3- 4ish hours #4- 1 hour #5- 5ish hours


FWIW, my first was a hospital birth and my others were home births. And my longest labors were my smallest babies. First was posterior and asynclitic, third was posterior and was born with his fist with his eye.

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