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Hi Everyone,

Indigo: I'm glad that everything is looking good for your insem next cycle. You do IUIs, right? How many are you planning to do? Are you planning to trigger? Sorry if you've already answered these questions--I just can't remember.

Library: That's a hilarious dream!

2ez: I hope that Ms. Ovidrel treated you well!

QMama: It's exciting that your insem is coming so soon!

Happycalm: I've never felt implantation. Good luck staying calm!

Krista: It's good to hear from you. I'm glad that you are physically healing. I hope you follow in the footsteps of Wehrli and Beastie (who else?) and get pregnant again the first time you try!

Isa: I'm sorry you're in such a hard place right now. This process can be so challenging. hug.gif

Brite: hug.gif What a challenging situation. I agree with the other folks who say that it sounds like maybe that topic needs to be a conversation that takes place in person, not over text. I'm sorry you're having to deal with that. hug2.gif

Max: I'm so glad that your polyp removal is next week. Hooray!

AmandaMom: How are you doing?

Hi to everyone else!

AFM: No news, which is good news at this point. Our next ultrasound is Saturday, and I'm looking forward to that. fingersx.gif
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Hi guys!  Just wanted to say hi and report that I've asked my South African fertility doll to work her mojo for all of you joy.gif


Library, I have definitely had some wacky TTC/pregnancy dreams but I tend to forget them really quickly (bummer!).  I do remember having the most vivid dream last year that I was pregnant with a little boy and it was so realistic.  I could just feel my belly.  Needless to say, when I woke up and realized it was all a dream I was sad and disappointed.


AFM, I am expecting AF any day now and she's on her way judging by the amount of irritation I felt towards DP today.  I got up and surveyed the kitchen (in which she'd cooked last night) and it was a total mess.  Even when she "cleans up," she doesn't really, i.e. she leaves a bunch of crap on the stovetop and dishes in the sink.  Of course, if I were to say something to her it would make me feel like a b****.  So I just took care of it myself.  *grumble grumble*


Hope everyone is having a good Thursday :)

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Hi Friends~wave.gif


Checking in for a quick second (I was threatened by 2Ez) to say hello! I'm all settled in my new place in lovely FREEZING Oklahoma City. So far so good. I finally got to the box of all my fertility paraphenalia this morning which was sad, but I labeled it and put it in the garage for future use! Ive been keeping up with most of you through Library & Christy, and still of course sending as many good BFP vibes as possible to all! BTW, one definite perk of being up here in the frozen tundra is that I get to attend Library's baby shower. Let me just tell yall that the invitations were the most AMAZING things I've ever seen for a shower. Awesomesauce. I'll be your field reporter that day so you'll all feel like you got invited too!!ROTFLMAO.gif


I miss a lot of things about El Paso (at this very moment, the top being the weather) but I can see a very happy life for myself here, and lots of visits back to see friends, food (oh the food) and of course my sweet fur babies.


Hope all is well here, best of luck friends!



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Thread Starter 

HOLY EYEBALLS - - - it's the Miss Scarlett!!! bouncy.gif (Nothing like a good old fashion threat to make a girl post. Peer pressure at its best!)


Library - dreams, oh, dreams! While I haven't had to pee on a stick in a public restroom, I always seem to dream about quads and people having quads - ALWAYS. From this forum, Scarlett was the first to have them, then Seraf (sorry girl), but a ton of my friends have them and myself of course. I am not sure who the lucky one is going to be, but I sure do pity them. The only other random preggo dream I've had was the time I dreamed I was preggo by DP's ex-gf! WTH? I know, I know, crazy. Thank goodness we're atleast friends, but that's just weird in itself. Glad I woke up from that one. (And I never told DP either. Too weird.)


KellySF - What is it with South Africa and fertility? Ha! You have the doll and a dear friend of mine has beads, which are very cool and stylish. Should I love you to "Waiting For AF" on the status updates? Just let me know. I am right there with ya on dp and her "cleaning" skills. Granted, I am somewhat OCD, but please! It makes me bonkers. Every day cleaning for her is tough. When she decides to CLEAN, then look out. She cleans places I didn't know existed...it's getting her to that point.


AFM - The Ovidrel went well last night as far as the shot. Afterward, I was trying to put the cap back on the needle, missed, and stuck myself in the finger - hard! Today, I am walking around with a sore middle finger. Oh, I am bloated and as big as a house still, but ready for my IUI tomorrow. I'll leave Memphis bright and early and make my drive to Nashville. I have to be there at 10am to sign for and verify the swimmers, then my actual insem is at 11:30. It takes them 1.5 hours to thaw, check and count. Last time, baby daddy had a count of 37.5 million, so I am hoping for the same tomorrow.



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Originally Posted by Graceie View Post

Parenting storys of the hour. Ds ripped off his diaper this morning through it off the bed climbed onto my back and pooped on my back this all happened in a matter of seconds those of you working on number one this is what you have to look forward to and lots of good stuff but lots of poop lots and lots.

LOL Good times, huh? winky.gif



Originally Posted by SwtRainbowBrite View Post


VENT: So today while DP was at work she sent me a text saying "Can I ask you a Question?" I knew it couldn't be good from the start since she had to ask me before asking. I responded yes and she proceeds to tell me that since we met with the Midwife she has been doing a lot of thinking, and she wanted to ask but wasn't sure how to ask: What if she didn't want me to try anymore and that she should take it from here? Meaning she carry the baby since it's not working with me. I know she means well, I know deep down she is only trying to avoid the pain I feel every month but I feel like she slapped me in the face and punched me in the gut all at the same time. I already feel so defected, so broken. I know it's irrational but women are made to make babies and I can't seem to make or keep one and it's so discouraging. Her question makes me feel like those feelings I hold deep inside are true. I don't know what to do, I don't know what to say to her? she doesn't do well with these kinds of things so no one jump on her case about texting I'm not upset about that. Advice? Suggestions? Kind words? Anything?

This definitely sounds like a conversation to have face to face rather than texting...I hope you are both able to talk it out. I bet she did mean well and the surprise and medium of the message probably just threw you off. Maybe after the surprise has worn off you can both come up with a ttc plan that works for both of you!


Originally Posted by prettyisa View Post

AFM—to continue in my self-pitying vein, it’s been a really hard day. One of my friends posted all of the pictures of her 2nd daughter’s birth (Charlotte Annelise, for those of you name-gathering) on facebook and while I was going to look at them and throw myself a little pity party I realized that an old co-worker has a gorgeous 7 month-old that I’d missed somehow and that a current coworker has just announced her pregnancy. I didn’t even know she had a boyfriend. It just feels like the whole freaking world is pregnant and that the only ones of us who aren’t are here on this board. Which is ridiculous but I can’t help it. And I want to blame DP for making me wait, even though I know it was the right decision financially, but she's been having such a tough time at work that I can't even do that without feeling like a jerk. bawling.gif

hug2.gifIt's hard being around new babies or pregnant mamas while ttc but I always took comfort in it for some strange reason. I love being around new babies and I always imagine that being around pregnant women has to have some positive fertility effect on me winky.gif



Originally Posted by kgulbransen View Post

Hi guys: Just popping in to keep up and try to feel connected so I don't drown in my own despair. My brain is still a foggy mess but my body is finally starting to ease a little out of the miscarriage. I'm trying to hold on to the hope that many women get pregnant soon after the miscarriage because their body is in some state that makes it so. And praying I'm not on the bad side of a statistic again and I'm not one of those people it doesn't happen for...



Good to hear from you!


Originally Posted by indigoscot View Post

fx to all those getting ready to test/insem/start a new cycle! :) 


afu, dp had peak on the monitor this morning although she feels she ovulated yesterday.  she also saw her acupuncture dr yesterday who says her pulse is good.  :)  anyways, we are right on track for cd1 being march 25th (that's my prediction).  i forgot to mention that our re also tested dp's amh and it came back at 2.2 which is "normal".  so we wait patiently for af to arrive (can we be moved there please?).  in the meantime, we have our trip to get ready for.  our doggie is already signed up for boarding, i need to order some pounds and euros (we have a short layover in amsterdam) and a travel plug.  dp and i have decided to buy an ipad2!!  of course she wants to rush out and get it tomorrow...lol!  i'm also researching an ultra wide lens for our canon 50d.


my sil is measuring 38 weeks at 35 weeks and babe still hasn't turned.  if things stay the same by her next appt, the midwife wants to schedule a section.  :(  please send baby turning vibes across the pond (or across the north sea in the case of nos). 




The midwife won't consider a breech birth? Sending baby spinning vibes! And good to hear everything is moving along smoothly with you and DP!


AFM: CD 7 for me. AF is finished and I'm ready to start poas in a week or so! I didn't get the fertility monitor yet (buying it from a friend) so I'll just use internet cheapies for this cycle to see if I can see the surge. I'll use the monitor next cycle. It looks like we'll likely wait this cycle and next before trying. I want to make sure I'm O'ing and I also want to wait for my Day 3 FSH results next cycle. KD is on board with that schedule so we're good to go in May or June.


I started taking chinese herbs this cycle and I'm afraid that they have caused DD some gas/gastro issues  greensad.gif My acupuncturist said they would be fine while nursing and she specializes in fertilty and women's health so I trust her but it really seems like they may be too strong or something. I've sent her an email and I stopped taking them as of today so will see what happens. Poor thing was clearly in physical distress for most of last night - DP and I were up with her in the tub at about 3am to try and soothe her.

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Hey my March ladies!


Just checking in...


Rainbow-I can only add my little bit to the wonderful support you've been getting here. This process is hard on both partners. I can only tell you how many "discussions" that DP and I have had. She's 40 and has recently had a hysterectomy. It's difficult because she sees my pain and doesn't know how to help. It sounds like your DP is really just trying to take the pain and discomfort from you....maybe not the best mode of communication but she tried. If I've learned anything in this whole thing it's patience. And I don't start the 2ww until tomorrow!!


Krista- I'm new to the forum but I am glad you're back! I've had 2 miscarriages and the hardest part was to accept that there was nothing I could have done differently and to get back to it. Congratulations for having the courage!!! 


As for me, DP woke me up at MIDNIGHT last night (actually this morning) to hit me (hopefully for the last time) with the Ovidrel. I barely remember it! We were sleep-sticking - ha ha! I have my IUI tomorrow at 12:15 (I'm right behind ya 2ez). I'm so nervous because the doc told me yesterday that I have a low AMH (.5) for my age (33---34 in April). I tuned out after that news so DP had to take over. We don't have the money for IVF and IVF was that last thing I heard the doc say. I'm nervous and sad. DP drove me to Target today to look at baby stuff in an effort to get me excited again. I really just don't want to do this all over. My heart pounds just thinking about it. These shots have done crazy things to my body and personality. It probably didn't help that I was out sick for the past 2 days with Tonsillitis and am now on a ZPAC making me even more nervous because I hate medicine ESPECIALLY if it could hurt my chances. It really was just bad timing. I tried the natural remedies but with a 101 temp and a throat that was swelling to the point of not being able to eat, I had to tap out. mecry.gif


Well, IUI tomorrow at noon, acupuncture at 5p and again on Saturday. 


Let's do this ladies!!! THIS IS OUR TIME!!! goodvibes.gif

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Library- I definitely had a dream where I stole someone's baby in the supermarket and took off running...


AFM- sick with a nasty cold and can't take any good drugs because of the 2ww. sad.

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Freaking out right now. CD11, just POAS and got a happy face. WTF? This was not supposed to happen this early. I just had to scarf down dinner to leave on an errand and now I can't tell whether I'm having ovulation pains or if I just ate too fast. So I called my doc and will get in tomorrow at 9 for my IUI. I'm so scared that I'm too late already. I would have POAS earlier in the day, but I was so busy at work. And then there's the fact that I Never Surge This Early! Please don't let me O tonight. Please don't let me O before my IUI...
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qmama--don't worry!  I feel "pains" and twinges before, during and after ovulation.  You might have felt the final plumping up of your eggs.  It doesn't mean you missed your O.  9am tomorrow will probably be just perfect.  Good luck!

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Good Evening Everyone,

Just wanted to stop in quickly to say thank you for all of your words of support and encouragement. I do want to make one correction because I saw it written a couple of times. I have had 3 miscarriages in total aside from the pregnancy with Angel DD which makes 4 pregnancies in total and we have been trying since September, but we recently switched to a KD because we heard the fresh is better than frozen. I don't want my comment to make it seem that I am not appreciative of all of your support I just want to make sure that those precious babies don't get swept under the rug because I know they are out there somewhere watching over myself and DP and hopefully playing with each other and driving the other Angels nuts with their shenanigans LOL!


As far as the conversation DP and I are still discussing it. Yes I agree that texting wasn't the best way to go about things, but you kinda have to know how things operate between us to fully understand how weird we are with things like this. And it has been discovered that DP is starting to have motherly urges and has been considering carrying which is where the conversation came from on top of her just wanting to take all the pain I feel away.


We have decided to look into a RE for further testing just to make sure there is nothing that hindering our TTC efforts since our Pre-Conception check-up including bloodwork was normal last year before we started TTC again.


I hope everyone has a GREAT evening, and once again thank you for all the love and support I appreciate more than you know! You guys know more things about me than most people in my closest of circles in my life and that means a lot to me!


Baby Dust to all that need it! dust.gif

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Thanks for all the positive thoughts ladies!! We've done 2 insems and doing the last one tomorow morning, leaving work to do it lol and i have to go back afterwards. I really wanna do everything right this time. The O test i took today the line was almost as dark as the test line does that mean its positive? Either way I figure I will O soon. Oh this is gonna be a long 2 weeks! My partner and I haven't told anyone we are trying this month, we told our close family and friends last month but when it turned out I wasn't pregnant it made things a lot harder on us, mostly me. I was quite the wreck. But we've done a lot more for our chances this month so I'm staying positive, hopefully like everyone's pregnancy tests will be!!!!

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RainbowBrite~ Thank you for the clarification. I know I didn't mean to be disrespectful of what you've been through, I just didn't realize. And yes, that might make a difference  with regards to making your conception decisions. Still, I think you're right in trying to have as many tests as possible, and to have important conversations like this in person. It still sounds like your DP is wonderful and wonderfully supportive and I'm sure you'll have some shennanigans in your own house sooner than you think!


Scarlett~  Hi!!! Can't wait to see you at the shower (if not sooner!  Get it? SOONER!!)


2ez~ While you're getting fondued in Nashville, please stop by the Pancake Pantry and have some sweet potato pancakes for me. Thanks!!!


Kelly~ I'm sorry your baby dream was so upsetting. I had plenty of those as well, it's not fun.


Carmen~ Good luck catching that egg! And in soothing your babygirl's tummy. I can see why the herbs would be so traumatic.



Qmama~ I'm sure you'll be okay with your insem tomorrow. Catching the egg is SO stressful though. Be good to yourself and we'll keep everything crossed!!!



Irish~ Haven't met you before. WELCOME and good luck!!!


Crystal~ EVERYTHING CROSSED for you!  It will be hard to keep it all to yourself, but it can also be nice when you don't have to tell anyone anything negative OR you get to surprise them with exciting positives. Best of luck!



AFM~ 6 hours til Spring Break!!!!!

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Sw hugs you'll find what works for you hang in there

Library whoo break !!!!

Figures crosses for all the iuis happeng

Afm. Bought more sperm the guy on the phone said I picked a good one his numbers where great
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Good luck EZ!  I am not inyour time zone, but you're probably driving in now!  So funny that it takes them an hour and a half to get the swimmers ready, I'm always rushing to get them inside as soon as they're warm.


Crystal, I feel you on not telling people every month.  I told in the beginning because I have a big mouth and I get occasional questions about, when am I trying again and when will I find out.  I always appreciated the concern, but I like that not so many people were asking at any one time. 


Brite, I was thinking this was your first try this go-round.  I really think several tries are in order tho, before things are not working.  


I cut off all my hair.



And Sara went through all our "next baby clothes."



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seraf- like the hair cut!

Brite- I understand how you feel, DP has made some comments that lead me to believe she doesn't trust in my body anymore. We saw a therapist to discuss our feelings and now DP says to me everyday "I know you can do it". That feels good to hear. In your situation, the two of you may consider coming up with a plan, especially if she wants to try someday too. You may try at the same time (twins!), or decide to take turns, or maybe you would rather she wait until you say it's her turn. I'm sure hours of conversation are coming your way. Good luck!

ez- You are not supposed to cap the needles after use! Just put it directly in the biohazard box. Sorry you were poked but hopefully it won't happen again. greensad.gif

IrishBabies- dust.gif
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MissScarlett- Hi!wave.gif

Krista- I'm glad you are back here, let me know if you need more that just a virtual hug. We are close. hug2.gif

Good to hear no news is good news! sticky.gif
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Krista—I think that getting pregnant this time means that you’ll be able to do it again, and soon. I’m glad you’re feeling better physically—emotionally is harder, but I hope that it comes sooner than you expect.

Happy—how goes the 2ww? When are you planning to test?

Library—so far I only ever get period dreams, on the day it’s supposed to come. I don’t like them, but on the other hand, it does soften the blow when AF shows up a couple hours later. Hopefully this means that when I get a pregnancy dream it’ll mean something, right? Is it poor form to start a guessing pool on what day you’ll have little Aspidistra?

Seraf—Do you plan on finding out if it’s a boy or girl beforehand, or do you wait until they arrive? I love the haircut!

Indigo—I’m so excited for your nuptials! When is the big day?

Kelly—thanks for the mojo—I’ll be storing mine up for May. Also, as a bad kitchen-cleaner, I apologize for all of us. It’s harder than it looks for some reason…

Hi Scarlett! Thanks for checking in! I can’t wait for your field report—I hear it’s going to be FABULOUS!

2ez—ouch! Your poor finger! Does that mean it might get preggo, too? How did your insem go? FX! (even the ones with trigger shots..)

Carmen—I think if she were here it would be different, but all I see is happy-families pics on facebook. I’m feeling better about it today, though. I hope your poor DD acclimates quickly—it might just have been the sudden addition that got her in a state.

Irish—how did your insem go? I hope it works! IVF is so crazy expensive—it just doesn’t seem fair. Everything crossed for you!

Vegan—that’s the worst, isn’t it? But it’ll all be worth it soon!

Qmama—You should be fine—the smiley is supposed to show up before you ovulate, not WHILE you ovulate—9 is probably right on time.

Crystal—good luck! Next time (in, what, 2 years or so?) you might try the smiley face OPKs—they’re more clear than the test lines for exactly when you O. FX!! I’ve been telling people slowly—I didn’t at first but then couldn’t explain why I was miserable and had nothing interesting to talk about—either I was sad about a BFN or only thinking about babies. No one has been bugging us about it, but I feel like I can talk to people if I need to, so it’s turned out well.

Brite—I’m sorry that you’re even having to have these conversations—hopefully your babies are up there finding the perfect little one to come and take their place down here. Good luck talking through it—I’m sure you’ll come to a good solution. Also, DP and I try to have all of our arguments through email for some reason. It gives us more space to think things through, so I totally understand your texting thing.

AFM—feeling better. It’s sunny today, and work is good and I am so looking forward to a weekend. I think that post-vacation stress is probably what was getting to me before. Going to finish the new baby’s quilt this weekend and send it off with good wishes and then put any jealousy out of my mind as best I can.
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I just wanted to let you all know I've been laying low but keeping up with everyone. I'll do a few personals, but there's no way I can get to everyone. Just know I'm thinking of you!

Seraf & Smiling - I'm so happy for you both! joy.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifjumpers.gif

Grace - That poop story was incredibly disgusting! I can't wait! biglaugh.gif

indigo - I closed my eyes and took a moment to think of your SIL and her baby turning. Hopefully that helps!

Isa - I'm glad you're feeling better today. I can totally relate to your sadness about having to wait. I hope your break goes by quickly!

Krista - Sending many hugs and healing thoughts your way. hug2.gif

escher - Thank you for thinking of me. hearts.gif

2ez - I'm also pretty OCD about cleaning... but thankfully DW is too. Sending you many conception vibes!

dust.gif and hug.gif to everyone else.

QOTD - I read the dream question and a few responses right before bed last night, so of course I had a crazy dream. I dreamed I was ovulating and needed to find sperm ASAP. Sue wanted to take this cycle off, but I didn't want to wait (actually true), so I was going to sleep with one of my gay guy friends. Thankfully I woke up before that happened! Ew! orngbiggrin.gif

AFM, just trying to enjoy the break from TTC and working on figuring out our next steps. We've talked about overnighting sperm from our close friend in Phoenix, but we've also discussed talking to Sue's brother, who lives nearby. We may simply go back to using frozen again, but after spending $1600 on my period this last cycle, we'd like to find a cheaper way to get knocked up. With all the tests and swimmers and shipping and doctor bills, we've already spent nearly $9000 and have nothing to show for it. We budgeted $15,000 - $20,000 ahead of time, but it's still a shock when we look at the financial statements. After doing the clomid and two ultrasounds and a trigger and an IUI at the RE's last cycle, Sue just wants to try something more natural. I just want to get effin' pregnant already.
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hugs amandamom!!  many hugs.  we budgeted for this too and had many unexpected procedures pop up that were not covered by insurance for dp.  it does suck.  i hope you find a way that works out and doesn't cost $$$$$$.  oh and remember to keep notes on all of it!  you can deduct it!  dp did last year and got a nice amount back.  :)


afu, pee stick still showed high estrogen (good) and lh surge is definitely gone (good).  i talked to dp's ovaries and told them we needed a nice strong ovulation next cycle too.  lol.  she thinks i'm silly.  dp has another acupuncture appt tomorrow and will set up some massages just as soon as she remembers to call our massage therapist. 


ez, happy insem day!  i hope everything went well.  :)


prettyisa - april 11 is the big day!  wooo!


my sil thought she was in labour 2 nights ago but it turned out to be nothing.  we are pretty excited to be meeting a new niece or nephew.  even ds1 is somewhat excited and thinks auntie w is having a boy.




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Rainbow -- coming out of lurkdom here to mention a few things: First, DW had four losses, also, before we conceived DD. I send you so many hugs because I know how painful that is. We saw an RE after the fourth loss and he actually recommended IVF coupled with a process called PGD, where they check the genetics of the embryos for a few of the chromosomal abnormalities most commonly associated with early pregnancy loss. Without that, we would have continued our path of loss upon loss. Getting pregnant was not the issue, it was just the high percentage of abnormal embryos. I don't mean to suggest that there's anything horrible or wrong about YOU, but I think that sometimes that RE perspective can be so helpful and I encourage you to think outside the box. It was strange for us to think about IVF since there was no problem getting pregnant, but when he explained it, it became crystal clear that that would be the key to us STAYING pregnant. And it was and worked in one try.


Also, I know you posted a while ago about shipping fresh sperm. We did that and conceived (then m/c) and had our swimmers checked under microscopes, etc. The shipping worked VERY well for us, the count was still quite high after shipping across the country overnight and then heading in the next afternoon (about 24 hours after donation) to our doc. I've heard of folks who keep a small bit around for up to 96 hours and the swimmers are still moving. You can check in a microscope. I clearly don't think the now old KD that you were using is the answer (!), but if you find someone else, fresh shipping can work quite well, though it is not necessarily tons cheaper than frozen (you do, however, get much more!).


Good luck!


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