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Escher- thanks for the kind words. I guess now that we were finally able to pick a different donor and bank things should get a little easier. SO told me that the swim team arrive around 12:30 pm. Insem should be around mid week if all goes well. I hope all is well with you and your little bean.

clap.gifCongratulations on the BFP

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Esher yeay for heart beats !!!
Afm waiting for swim team
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Originally Posted by happycalm View Post

I've lost track of who is furthest along in the 2ww.  Nothing to report here.  I'm 8dpo today.  No signs other than occasional odd feelings in the abdomen that could be my imagination or things that are always there, but I only feel them when I'm ttc because I'm hyper-aware.  I have not felt anything remotely similar to the implantation pains I felt during ttc#1 and 2.  In the past, it has been a very sharp, very clear pain on day 7 or 8.  I can't help but "look" for it this time but I'm not worried if it doesn't happen.  Just curious.


Feeling generally mellow and hoping to stay that way.  Planning to test on Thursday or Friday (12 or 13dpo).


Edited to add:  Ummm, I just felt some sharp twinges on the left side.   Not unlike what I have felt in previous 2wws.  A little less painful than the last time but still there.  So, I'll be on the lookout for twinges in my "girls", followed by those crazy blue veins I got last time I got a BFP (that became a chemical pregnancy).  Let the fun begin!  But not the craziness.  I'm still mellow, I promise.  :)

Twinges are good :) F/X for you!



Originally Posted by escher12 View Post

AFM: The ultrasound on Saturday went well, and we were able to see and hear the heartbeat (hooray!). I'm hoping this baby sticks around! fingersx.gif

Yay! Best thing ever! smile.gif



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AMom—I’m sorry about all of the financial stuff, and the stress during your break. Maybe a more natural cycle would be the way to go—you can always go back to the high-tech stuff later if you need to, but it would be nice to just do it at home and see what happens for a change…

Indigo—So excited about your neicephew!

Krista—I hope your weekend was good—I was thinking about you!

CNMK—So nice to have a calm dr! It’s so easy to get stressed out, being told you can go have a beer is great!

Qmama and 2EZ— FX!! Any symptoms yet? smile.gif

Seraf—I forget, are you and Sara going to use the same donor for this round? I get mean as a reaction to pretty much any change in my life (it’s a bad habit) but I’d never heard of pregnancy making someone mean. Guess I should warn DP now so she can prepare for the inevitable…

Library—SPRING BREAK!! WHOO HOO!!! Go have a jello shot…um..some jello! Yeah! wink1.gif

Mami—I’m sorry to hear about your family news. Sending you lots of love! Hopefully soon you’ll have some good news!! Also, your pup is soooo cute! I’m going to copy her accessories for my friend’s dog…

Gelly- that story is nuts! What kind of pharmacy sends you home with half of your prescription?! I mean, what if you had a life-threatening situation and they didn’t give you enough medicine or any way to administer it! CVS for sure!

Nosreves—I’m sorry about the BFN—those are the kinds of dreams I get, too. Always depressing when they precede reality like that. I’m also sorry to hear about the pre-cancer. Hopefully it was just the one thing and won’t cause you any more problems in the future!

Max-I’m sending good vibes in advance for your removal! Hopefully this has been the problem and next month this time we’ll be congratulating you!

Gelly—Jeesh! That doesn’t sound fun! I just read that they go from almond to grapefruit size, which I can imagine in my head but can’t even begin to think how that must feel. Good luck tomorrow!

HappyCalm—Everything is sounding good!

Escher—yay! Glad everything is going well!

AFM—Mrs PP and I went to the Roller Derby with our DPs on Saturday night, which was a hoot! I’ve also been working on some conceptual (ha! get it?) art about TTC, which makes me feel very new agey and kind of like my mom (who is in to that sort of thing) but I actually really like how it’s coming along. Other than that I am just waiting for spring to finally, finally get here.
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cnmk - Congrats on finding an RE that you love! I think it makes all the difference. You're getting so close now. Here's hoping you have beginner's luck!! shamrocksmile.gif

Crystal - Sorry about your flaky donor, but I'm sure one of those swimmers made it just in time. thumb.gif

qmama - Fingers crossed tight for you! fingersx.gif I hope your TWW goes by quickly.

Indigo - I have a really good feeling about you and DP trying in March too. dust.gif

seraf - Hooray for feeling mean! joy.gif

Smiling - AF, c'mon already!!

mami - I'm sorry you've been going through a hard time. Sending many hugs your way. hug.gif

Gelly - What an ordeal with the pharmacy!!! After pumping your body full of fertility drugs, the last thing you need is a hassle! Thank goodness this try is going to work, and you won't need to switch your prescription to CVS. wink1.gif

nos - Sorry AF showed up. hug2.gif Hey, maybe you could try having a prophetic pregnancy dream about me? redface.gif

2ez - Yay for the bestest IUI ever! fingersx.giffingersx.giffingersx.gif

happycalm - Ooooh, twinges sound very promising!

Isa - Your new art venture sounds extremely interesting. I'd love to see pics.

Library - When is the shower? I'm sooooo jealous of Miss Scarlett being able to attend. I wanna come!!

AFM, Most of you know my HSG in December (I think it was December) was inconclusive. The dye did not go through my left tube at all, and after it went through my right tube, it pooled in one area. I guess it's supposed to spread out. Anyway, the doc wanted to try a few medicated cycles before doing laparascopic surgery. We've tried two clomid cycles so far, and then I recently had a dream that my RE did the surgery. My tubes were blocked, but he was able to open them. In the dream I got so flaming mad we didn't do the surgery before. I screamed at him, accusing him of just wanting to squeeze more money out of us. I was extremely upset in the dream, but it's pretty funny to me now. The good news is, I got the go-ahead from the VA for the surgery. Supposedly they will pay for it all. I told my RE, and now I'm just hoping to get in there to do it soon.
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Mami~ I'm so sorry you've been having family troubles. I hope your future is smoother, and involves your little one to be. Big hugs. xox



2ez~ WOOHOOO for a good insem!!!   And yay for a bajillion swimmers!  I'm keeping everything crossed for you and just KNOW this is the cycle for you!


NosReves~ Though I am a big Orwell fan (Down and Out in Paris and London: the best!!)  Aspidistra's only the baby's 'belly name'.  It originated in making fun of my pretentious cousin and her husband who named their baby Iphigenia, and now is just the name we're calling her 'til she comes out.  We've a few choices for her 'real name' but are going to wait to meet her to make the final decision. 


HappyCalm~ The shower was great, thank you for asking. My co-workers are so generous and kind. We got a LOT of bath toys and little outfits and a diaper bag and a bouncer seat. Just an embarrassing haul, really. I'll be writing thank you notes all break!!  Yay for you and your twinges~ really a good sign.  Everything crossed for you.


Max~ Won't be much longer for you now.  Did you ever get your prize book?


Escher~ Still so happy for you!!!



AMom~ I'm sorry you have to have surgery, but I'm happy that it will result in lots of babies for you x  The Alice shower is the 26th. I'm sorry you can't all get in your transporters and come have cake with us.



Isa~ Roller Derby~ hottt!!!! I've always wanted to go, glad you had a lot of fun.  I'll have that jello now. Rock on!!



AFM~ Spring break is going very well. Lots of sleeping and getting projects done.  We had a minor catastrophe Saturday night when the dog knocked over the paint thinner and got it on his paws, but we've cleaned him up and managed to get the smell out of various places. Now we've got the nail holes patched in the nursery and two bookshelves painted.  It'll have primer tomorrow and the first coat of green by Wednesday. Yay!!!  I love all the chances for  napping too. Mmmmm.....



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Prettyisa- Thanks for the compassion and kind words. Yes, Bella is adorable and if it were up to me she would get away with murder. SO seems to think she should follow rules and act like a dog(as she swaddles her like a newborn) but I do not see how that is possible being that she is the baby! A BFP would definitely be great news but we are realistic about the whole situation. We prepare for the worst and pray for the best.


AmandaMom- All the support really goes a long way especially from you guys on this board, thank you! We will be thinking of you as you go through the surgery process and hope everything works out for the best. KMFX fingersx.gif


Library- I am hoping that the present doesn't get any rougher. We have been patiently waiting for your baby shower pics but with all that is going on our patience is very thin. ROTFLMAO.gifYou are almost at the end of your pregnancy and we can not wait to see little Aspidistra. We have a fresh pineapple downstairs on the counter and the swimmers in the tank at the foot of the bed. Waiting on that all so famous nod.gif


goodvibes.gif         dust.gif

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I picked up the fertility monitor today - for those of you that use one, do you always start poas on cd1? It says to use 10 sticks per cycle but I usually don't O until at least cd17 so that won't work for me will it? Yes, I'm too lazy to read the instructions....


I also got some internet cheapie opks so I'm going to start poas with those this Friday. FUN FUN FUN! I haven't poas for far too long lol


Off to acupuncture tomorrow...mmmm....I adore acupuncture.

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Graceie, Qmama, AmandaMom, Library-Flaky donors really are the worst! He wrote to me saying that he had the flu. My dp has the theory that he only comes around when he really wants/needs the money which could very well be possible. I think it is just a hastle for him since he has to sneak around to do it. As of now I am not working so if we need to next month, it will be much less of a hastle. Still keeping my fingers crossed that we wont need to do that though.


Miami- Yes this board has definitely helped me not feel alone! Last cycle I taked to my best friend a lot but its just not something she can identify with. Especially since she was like "if i was pregnant i would get an abortion" gossssssh, NOT what I wanted to hear.



There sure are a lot of us 2ww!!! Here's to hoping the time passes quickly!

I'm at 4dpo, gonna wait til i miss my period to test on the 24th. fingersx.gif

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amandamom -sucky about the surgery but i guess if it cleans everything out and makes those tubes work at 100% it will be worth it.  do keep us posted as that progresses!  more hugs to you! :)


i have fx for everyone in the tww.  :)  i can't wait to hear of more bfps.


mami - hugs to you.  i hope everything starts to settle down and you see a bfp really soon.  :)


carmen - the cbem isn't complicated at all.  we've been using it off and on since 2006.  anyways, if this is a brand new one you are ready to rock and roll (used ones need to be reset).  the first cycle it doesn't know you at all.  therefore it will begin asking for pee sticks on cd6.  so that first cycle really is the one that gobbles up the pee sticks.  cd6 is because the "average" woman ovulates on cd14 (whatever, there is no flippin' average woman).  basically when your af starts you program the monitor for cd1.  however, note that the time you set this is really important - that will be the window when you need to feed it the pee stick for the rest of your cycle.  so for example...af starts at 2pm.  you need to set the monitor to cd1 the next morning.  the testing window is now set to run for 3 hours before and 3 hours after that time.  so...you set the monitor at 630am.  now you can pee on your stick from 330am til 930am and the monitor will still accept it.  i hope that made sense.  if af starts early in the morning, then that day would be cd1.  every morning press the button on the side of the monitor to see if it wants a stick.  it will flash red and then display a pee stick image on the screen if it does.  insert the stick once you've peed on it - it will make a nice click sound if you got it right and the pee stick image will start flashing.  if it's not in right it won't start flashing. 


after 5 mins it will show an image with an arrow indicating the pee stick should be removed.  then it will display your fertility.  one bar means low fertility.  the stick will have a dark estrogen line (line on the right) and a low lh line (line on the left).  2 bars means high fertility.  the stick will have a lightening estrogen line and the lh line may be getting darker.  3 bars plus an egg image means peak fertility.  the stick should have a light estrogen line and a dark lh line.  once you get your first peak there is no need to pee on any more sticks.  it is automatically programmed to give one more day of peak and then one day of high.  note that once you get high fertility it will stay on high until it detects peak.


once it begins to understand your cycle, it won't ask for the first pee stick so early - for my dp it doesn't ask for one until cd9.


i hope all that helped! :)



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Insem done...Yeah! Now to go home and lay down for a few hrs...I gotta be @ work @ 2 pm. Please move me to ...braving the tww.
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Crystal- that is not what you need to hear. You really need to be able to stay positive about the whole situation. Let go of all the bad vibes. We hope you get that BFP this month. KMFX fingersx.gif


Indigo- thanks for the hugs. Thankfully things have settled down a bit and we are really anxious to finally get that BFP.


Gelly- We hope this is the one for you. Good luck on that BFP. fingersx.gif


Sending baby vibes goodvibes.gif and fairy dust dust.gif to all my fellow ladies in the tww!


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Hi guys: still processing over here. Got my test results from Friday and I'm at 178 on the HCG. Never thought I'd be so happy to be trending downward! I went from 9500 to 5000 to 178 in the span of 10 days which means my body is doing its thing. Hopefully it won't take long to get to 0. Donors are waiting in the wings and we're even searching for a third just to be sure. Have my ultrasound tomorrow to get the clear on the old uterus to make sure I don't have any tissue lingering around, presenting any potential for infection. Hate to become experienced on one more thing...but here I am ready to dispense information should anyone need it. I pray not. This has been the most emotionally challenging part of TTC so far.



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Thanks, indigo! That is super helpful information! I'm going to start using it next cycle and then we were hoping to try the next cycle so I guess it won't have much time to "get to know me" but it will still work right? It is used so I guess I have to reset it.


I was usually unable to catch my surge in the morning with fmu or anything before noon actually....but that was with internet cheapies...I'm wondering if this will be different...? I guess I just have to try. Hopefully we'll catch the egg the first time and none of this will matter...wishful thinking!!


hug2.gif Krista.....it sounds like your body is totally taking care of itself and doing everything it needs to...good stuff!


Woo hoo, Gelly! Go, Swimmers. Go! (I just read Go, Dog. Go! last night orngtongue.gif)

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Finally got that shine.gif at about 5:40 pm. Looks like our first insem this cycle will be early in the morning. I hope we picked some strong swimmers!


Krista- glad to hear your body is doing what it needs to get better. We hope you're able to get back in the game soon.


goodvibes.gif Baby vibes to all!

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Hey ladies~ 


Mami~  The shower's on the 26th and I promise to post a heap o' pix after that. I'm very excited to see what my creative friends come up with. Hope your life's all uphill from here.


Carmen~ I've never had acupuncture. What do you personally get from it?  Do you feel immediate relief, or is it more of an ongoing thing?


Crystal~ Be careful with a sketchy donor. It should be all good for you, and I'd hate for someone else's issues to interfere. Yay for 4 dpo!! Symptoms yet? ;)



Indigo~ How much longer 'til you're on your way? I'm jealous of your trip!!!



Krista~ I too am so sorry that you have to gain this experience, but you really will be the wisest. I'm glad your body's doing what it's supposed to do so you can be on your way again soon xoxox



Gelly~ EVERYTHING CROSSED for you!!!!!  You're brave indeed. Keep us posted on your symptoms.


AFM~  Still hard at work on the room. DP did a lot of sanding and wall-washing today. Tomorrow it's primer and ceiling paint and then Thursday I think we finally get to put some green on the walls. AT LAST!!!!  I wish my hands didn't hurt so much and I could be more useful, but I'll do all I can.   Still loving spring break!!

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AF finally showed her face today (she is oh so welcome this month in my book) and she's making up for lost time. 


We're ordering our swim team thursday bouncy.gif I do believe and I think we're going to have them delivered around my day 14/15 just in case I o early (which has yet to happen before day 18 but still). Its gonna be a long month...


ISA: We aren't using the same donor (too much money mostly, and he has only IUI right now, which my doc said no no to me on that one). So im using this months donor of the month. Sara says i have a crush in him, which i wont deny. His baby picture is adorable, and the funniest thing is, he is my little sisters age! It cracks me up! 


Hi everyone! Hope you lovely ladies are all doing well!

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carmen if you google resetting the cbem i think you should find it....unless i have it stored on the computer here.  let me see....


here it is:


. With the monitor off, place a clean, unused test stick with cap on in the
monitor. Make sure you hear the snap. (an expired stick will work for this part!)

2. Press and hold the ³M² button on the right side of the monitor.

3. Turn the monitor on.

4. You will get the ³Remove Your Test Stick² sign. Keep pressing the ³M²
button. In about 20 seconds you will see a screen full of symbols, i.e., a
telephone, a brush, the remove the stick, the insert the stick, you get the
picture the screen will be full.

5. Remove the Test Stick and release your finger from the ³M² button

6. Your screen should display an ³M² in the lower right corner and to ­ - in
the top right corner. Your monitor has been reset and all the info has been
wiped from it¹s memory.


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SmilingSara~ Yah for AF! Glad that she finally arrived and that you will be inseming soon!


Library~ Thanks. I'm trying to stay calm and just let everthing happen as it is supposed to. I feel as if I have been fighting, fighting, fighting for the last 3-4 months...now that we are getting everything that we have been asking and praying for I just have to relax and release. Be calm.... om.gif  ...be calm!


Much baby dust for all the women in the tww!

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library- haha, my only symptom is i make my self so nervous/anxious i think i have morning sickness! haha, then i remind myself that pretty much cant be possible! When are you due?




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