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happy- the idea of us being insem buddies is kind of funny but it works. The fact that we ended up getting + opk's at the same time was kind of a sign so we just went with it. We're excited and ready for the outcome what ever it may be. KMFX for you and a BFP fingersx.gif

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Hey all, I hate dissappearing for days, it's so hard to catch up!


Crystal, my temp goes up like that when I sleep under lots of covers and the weather is warmer.


Krista, losses are terribly common.  Once you've had one, if you're open about it everyone else will tell you about theirs.  I really liked the 1 in 4 number I used to hear more than the 1 in 2 number I've been hearling lately.


Sara, your paperwork must have been different than mine, mine was 2 lines and the doc filled in my name and signed it.  That was it. 


Mami, good luck to you both!


Max, good luck on the polyp removal!!


Library, yay for paint on the walls!  Is your kid going to be all normal and sleep in a crib and stuff?  Ari, for her third birthday, asked for a "crate."  I asked what she meant and she said, "you know, those cages that people put babies in."  I found her one second hand and it has since been dissassembled to form a drying rack and soon to be a baby gate.


2ez, no increase in veins for me.  My boobies are bigger, heavier, fuller feeling and the areolas are darker, but I think that's because my body likes to make milk (took a year to dry up after Ari weaned).


Isa, pregnancy makes me mean, generally emotional, but very mean.  Like, we just watched Harry Potter and the scene where they were running from dementors made me cry.  Deer crossing signs make me cry, yeesh.  Mean, tho.  Body slammed a dog once.  My meanness made me not want to carry again, because I didn't want my kids to have to remember me as a vile, evil wench.  My mom was so mean that when her friends would tease us that "after the 3rd, they never go back" it made me cry.


The other reason I haven't posted much is nothing is going on with me.  Like nothing.  I hear the embryo is the size of a lentil.  Osh asked this morning when he crawled in bed, "How big is your baby this week?"  They tease Sara that they'll tell her parents that she is gearing up to inseminate.  What else?  I emailed the bank today to report the pregnancy.  Well, they emailed me because they got Sara's paperwork and were really confused.  My mom, sis, bro and the girls from my old work all know.  My dad and new work, not so much.  I don't know anything.  We're going for some yummy Chinese buffet tonight for crab legs, coconut shrimp and all thing delicious.


ETA: We just ordered.  The bank was cool, they let Sara keep the old prices, they were letting all the people who ordered in '10 keep the old price for 6 months, but they said she could keep it, too.  So that was nice.  She got Mr. March.

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Library - I'm glad your doggy wasn't harmed in the paint thinner-fiasco! Thank you for your kind words.

gelly - Thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed this is it! fingersx.gif

Krista - It sounds like your body is doing exactly what it needs to. thumb.gif I'm sure you won't need any assistance, and you'll be back to TTC in no time.

Carmen - I am also unable to catch my surge with FMU. I usually get the positive OPK between 11am and noon, which is extra stressful because my RE wants me to call before 11am to schedule IUI's for the next day. eyesroll.gif

Mami - What a cute dog! It just looks like a pile of fur in that picture. How exciting you're both trying this cycle. I'm sure the double smiley faces were a good omen.

Smiling - Hooray for AF! joy.gif It's going to be so exciting when you and seraf are both preggers!

2ez - I think your symptoms sound promising! fingersx.gif When are you testing?

Happy - Hoping you have good news in the next day or two. fingersx.gif

max - I'm hoping your polyp removal was a success! It's soooo good to see you with a positive and hopeful attitude again. I can't wait to hear the news of your BFP very soon.

Crystal - High temps are a good sign! thumb.gif

Vegan - Sending many hugs your way. hug2.gif BFN's are so very hard. If in fact AF is on her way, I'm sure it's because your babe is just waiting until you are settled at your new place before being conceived. We are here for you.

Isa - I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Miscarriages are so much more common than people think, but of course that doesn't make it any easier. I'm glad (and kinda jealous) you got to see MrsPP and have a little fun.

Baby dust dust.gif to everyone in the 2WW!

AFM, as you all know we aren't trying this month, but I wanted to track my cycle for practice. If we're going to be shipping swimmers overnight, I'd like more heads up than just a positive OPK. I decided to start yesterday, CD13, because I've never O'ed before CD16. Of course my OPK was positive and my cervix more fertile than usual. I think it means I'm ovulating today, but I'll know for sure from my temp tomorrow. I got so freaked out that my OPK was positive so much earlier than usual that I took an HPT. It was negative. I was a little disappointed, but mostly relieved. I have not been a good girl since my last big letdown. drink.gif

I watched this documentary last night called "Pregnant in America". It totally freaked me out about epidurals, hospital births, and c-sections. If you're on the fence about having a natural birth or don't think you're strong enough for it, watch that documentary.

DP and I like to stream TV shows to our PS3 sometimes, and we came across "FlashForward". We're really enjoying it and were surprised to find it has a hot lesbian character. There is even kissing! You should have heard Sue and I cheer when that happened. lol.gif

I heard from the RE's office today, and my surgery is scheduled for April 6. I didn't think it would be so soon, though I'm not complaining. Now I'm just scared.
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Max - Good luck with the surgery. Positive thoughts.


Sara (& Seraf) - Yippee for ordering Mr March. I would so love to be your neighbors when both of you are preggos to watch you grow together!


Isa - That's terrible news about your bestie. I am so sorry. Such a tough time.


Library - How's the painting? I bet the room looks good. Post a pict.


AmandaMom - Today is 6dpo. I'll likely test early next week sometime. I am sooooo impatient though.


*** If anyone needs moved on the status updates from page 1, please let me know. I try to read through everyone daily to make sure you're placed, but sometimes I miss one here and there.


AFM - I've felt terrible all day. I drank cranberry juice first thing this morning and wanted to barf everywhere. Damn progesterone. I felt sickly for about 3 hours afterward. Then, I started having cramps about 2 hours ago on my right side. Nothing major just mild cramps. Im guessing all those follies are reducing themselves back down to nothing. I usually don't have cramps till about 10dpo, but with so many this cycle, they must need the extra time to go back. My RE told me this would likely happen. I just wasn't expecting it this early.



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2ez, I hadn't been to the front page in an while.  I like the broccoli!


Lise, Did you decide to go with Mr March?  huh huh?  didja didja?

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Thanks ladies! My temp has been up today since after 2pm and still is. Gosh I wish I had been tracking my temp for while. Oh well, I'll be testing soon.

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Krista~  I don't think anyone here would say you're bringing us down or burdening us if you share whatever you're thinking and feeling.  I don't think your reality is anything anyone contemplates, and your wise perspective would be useful. I'm sorry you have to go through it, but I'm glad you feel like you're learning from it. And yes, this WILL end with you and a baby, so there is that.


HappyCalm~  You're lucky! You get to decorate but not have achy muscles and paint in your hair! ;)




Mami~ How are you both feeling? Symptoms yet?



Seraf~ I'm sorry but I'm laughing at how Deer Crossing signs make you cry, but then you body slammed a dog. Hope you and the lentil are well.



AMom~ I'm glad the dog wasn't hurt and extra glad we didn't have to rush him to the 24 hour ER vet at 11 pm!  Now one of our kitties is kind of listless, so I'm keeping an eye on him. He's still eating and drinking and using the box, but he seems to sleep more than usual (for a cat, I know!!!)  All the cats are tired of being shut out of the action room and sit outside and yowl. Thanks guys!!  



2ez~ Maybe they're extra early implantation cramps from when your blastocyte zoomed down your tube?  It could totally happen.




AFM~ Off to paint some more.  Second coat on the walls today, and the first coat on the woodwork. Tomorrow I get to hem the curtains! All should be in place Sunday and I'll post pix for sure xoxoxo  Luck and love to all!!!

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All, I had a lovely post with TONS of personals last night and when I hit "Submit" the website locked up and my post was lostmecry.gif

So, since I am at work and don't have the time to go through it all again, I'll just give you a quick update:


I am at 7dpo, feeling as normal as nomal can be, other than sore nips (I hear that's what clomid can do during luteal phase).  I get to leave work a little early today for acupuncture which I'm totally looking forward to. Other than that, I'm going to try my best to wait until 13dpo to test.


TWWers--kmfx for good things happening!

Recent bfn's--grouphug.gif


Seraf--Grow little lentil, grow!


mami--super-cute.  I love that you O'd and inseminated together!


Krista--hang in there and trust that your body is doing what it needs to prepare itself for another pregnancy.


And for those who are on a break--I wish you lots of good vibes as you get to a place that allows you to start ttc again!




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Hi Everyone,

Max: How did the polyp removal go? I hope it was smooth and successful and as easy as possible! fingersx.gif

AmandaMom: I'm excited that they were able to schedule your surgery for so soon. I'm sorry you're feeling nervous about it. It's interesting that you ovulated earlier than usual this month. Bodies are funny.

QMama: You're halfway through the wait! I hope you get very good news in less than a week now! fingersx.gif

2ez: I'm sorry that the progesterone is giving you a hard time, but I hope that you're really just feeling early pregnancy symptoms! fingersx.gif The veins on my chest are visible (and they usually are not), but I'm not experiencing anything overly dramatic. I know some people have crazy pregnancy veins!

Happycalm: I'm sorry about your bfn yesterday. hug.gif Any better news today? fingersx.gif

Krista: Good luck with the visit to your pregnant sister. That sounds very hard. I hope your nephew is distracting! Good luck taking good care of yourself! hug.gif

Isa: Miscarriages are so sad. I'm sorry your friend is having to go through that.

Go_Vegan: I'm sorry about your bfns. hug.gif I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that you're going to get better news very soon! fingersx.gif

Mami: What an exciting turn of events! I hope this tww passes quickly for you, and that you have some exciting news at the end! fingersx.gif

Hi to everyone else! wave.gif

AFM: I am SO glad it is the weekend. This week has been too busy, and I'm tired. sleepytime.gif
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New here , My partner kass and I are TTC this will be our 3rd home insemenation with a Fresh Known Donor. We are using instead cups this month in hopes that will help!  About us. I am 34 she is 27.. she will be the one carrying as I have PCOS and can not conceive. We live in Sf Bay area. We are both nannies and love kids.. we have everything but the baby in the oven!

we are looking for support, advice and friendship with other queer parents.


We are in O right now, and just insem!! as of this morning

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Welcome can !

I'm sitting here with the flu waiting for the tank o sperm cm is looking close I should pee on an opk soon even though it's a little early don't want to miss it !
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Nanny--Welcome!  Hope one of those swimmers finds true love in your partner's egg!


Graceie--So sorry you have the flu!  Hope you feel better soon.


Krista--I am glad you are brave enough to share your experience with us.  I like this forum because it is low drama and high integrity.  I hope that means you feel safe and welcome bring all of your self here.


Library--that is the best way to paint (vicariously, that is), I say!


Q--Whether you hold out to 13 or not, I wish you much mellowness and sanity during your 2ww.


AFM--13 dpo.  Another negative this morning.  At least I think it was negative.  If it wasn't, it's the biggest squinter there ever was.  I squinted enough that I think I made a line show up!  I was bummed last night when I was feeling not pregnant at all. And then last night I swear I felt "things" happening on the left side of my abdomen.  My boobs are barely sore.  I can take that as a good thing as they are always sore with PMS or not so great in that they were crazy sore during my chemical pregnancy.  Those crazy blue lines that cropped up last time are still around.  In the right light they seem more prominent and like there are more of them.  But it's a little like the hpt--I might be squinting too hard.


I'm not giving up hope yet.  But it's hard.  I thought all that mellowness would surely be rewarded!  ;)


Anyway, will keep you in the loop as things change or not.  AF isn't due until Tuesday.



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cananny- welcome to the forum and baby dust for your insem! dust.gif

Keeping fingers crossed that your BFP comes :fx


and LIbrary- good to see ya'll around! wave.gif

- sending you virtual hugs for the weekend, hug.gif

- will you be able to try next cycle?

- Polyp removal went well, I was sore right when I woke up but they gave me meds in the hospital and I slept it off. I just have a slight sore throat now from the tube and slight cramps once in a while. I had a + LH surge today which was important because my first medication for next cycle is a shot in 10 days. It's supposed to get all the eggs going at the same time, RE thought that was the problem last time because they were all different sizes.
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Welcome.gifCananny....Hopefully your stay is short and sweet. Baby dust to you.



AmandaMom~ Thanks! Glad that your surgery is scheduled. You'll be back among us ttc in no time at all.



MaxK~ YEAH for your polyp removal! I'm glad that everything went well and that you are healing well. What type of shot are you taking to get all of your follies to start developing at the same time?


Mami~ That is really great about you and your DP being insem buddies...much baby dust to both of you...dust.gif



Library~ yeah for a productive spring break...hope to see pics of the nursery soon!



Krista/Lesbodula~ So glad to have you back. I agree with Library...we value what you have to say.



Seraf~ Just saying hi to ya and the lentil. Glad that you aren't feeling too sick and that you are feeling less mean. smile.gif



HappyCalm~ Hopefully your eyes were not playing tricks on you...let us know.



AFM~ Well I'm on 4dpo...well that's what FF says...but if that is the case then I had my IUI the day after I would have ovualted. I'm a bit freaked out about it all, but since I was on the injectibles I know that FF may be way off. So, to make myself feel better I am going with today being 3dpo. I don't feel any differently...I did have a little creamy cm this morning. I notices it when I started the prometrium. I'm glad that it is the weekend...I need some rest.


Q.O.T.D~ Has anyon else taken ganerelix acetate (works like Lupron), it helps you not Ovulate until you take the trigger. I was on that for 3 days while still taking the follistim to plump up and mature my 4 follies that were growing. On Sunday, the day before I was to take my Ovidrel shot my back and sides were killing me. It was so hard to get to sleep that night because of the pain and discomfort. When I awoke on Monday morning the pain and discomfort had lessened significantly and I hadn't even taken the Ovidrel shot. I'm a little worried that I "O"ed Sunday night and that the Tuesday insem was to late. Has anyone heard of "O"ing while on injectables to NOT "O"?




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Seraf- Hopefully one day we can join with you in the happiness of a BFP. You might want to be a little careful with the vile tendencies around the children because if you ever wanted to ttc again they may not be supportive. Especially with the mental image of mommy body slamming a dog.     biglaugh.gif


AmandaMom- She has a weird way of sleeping and at times can take up my whole queen sized bed. She looks cute in that pic but when she's wet my daughter says she looks like a rat.nod.gif

The double smiley face was definitely a sign of something we just took the most literal action for the circumstance and double insemmed. DP keeps saying she wants twins.twins.gif


Library- we feel fine. As far as symptoms I feel a slight twitch on and off on my right ovary and a little hotter than usual. Than again it could be my imagination. DP had a rough day after the insem she said she felt very uncomfortable. Since than she says she feels a a little weird on the left side and she also feels her body heat is a little stronger than normal. We're trying not to psyche ourselves out though so we are finding excuses for every feeling we have. It's going to be a long tww. How is the nursery coming along? Did you pick a color yet?  headscratch.gif


QMama- we were delighted that we o'd together and decided to take the opportunity to ttc together. Super-cute? Sheepish.gif 


Escher- It is very exciting for us and we both want to care for the other.ROTFLMAO.gif  Just trying to take it day by day. The kids make it hard for us to sit down and really soak it all in. The tww already seems like it is taking forever. We can not test until sometime at the end of next week and in this process that's an eternity.splat.gif


Can-Welcome.gif You just found a site with the most caring and supportive ladies ever. I hope in spite of the bad news of not being able to conceive that you and your DP find happiness at the end of the rainbow.


Max- Glad to hear that the surgery went well and that you'll soon be back in the game. Can't wait for you 2 to get that BFP!


hola.gif to anyone we missed!


goodvibes.gifand dust.gifto all!


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Good morning and happy Saturday.


Max. glad you got that out of the way.  Good good on the smilie face.


CaNanny, welcome, hope your stay is short and sweet. 


Mami, I body slammed the dog almost 9 years ago.  Osha was conceived but doesn't remember it, so I think we're good.  There was 1 kid in attendance, but he was thrilled because the dog was being a jerk.  I told the story a couple of months ago.


2ez, I'm starting to get veiny now.


AFM, Sara is getting all geared up.  Sperm was ordered.  Supplies were counted.  We have one heck of a time pinning down her O, so we have 4 vials coming.  We will be doing a quadrouple insem 24 hours apart unless it becomes clear that some are unneeded and they will be sent back to wait for us.  Not much going on with me.  I feel myself getting flakier by the minute.

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Max - So glad to hear your surgery went well. Yippee for meds! Congras on the success.


Seraf - Veins!!!! :)


Sara - 4 insems! Look out eggies. Here come the swimmers!


Krista - You've been on my mind. I hope you're doing ok. Feel free to use us all to get your emotions out. If you'd want to PM, I'd volunteer to "listen" there too! You'll be back on the insem train soon, and you'll get that healthy BFP soon!


AFM - I've been wearing a sports bra for the last 3 days, and what a difference that's made. I feel like a new woman. The ta-ta's are still s-o-r-e though. Today is 8dpo. This 2ww is crawling beyond belief! Blah! Have a great weekend everyone!

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Good morning ladies~ Possibly the last day of painting going on around here, which is good. Poor DP has a claw hand from brush wielding, but it all looks so wonderful. Photos soon, but we want it all to be ready. 


Mami~ Here's hoping you have twins!  It must be so extra exciting to both be waiting.  And yes, the nursery is pale spring green, the color of new leaves. VERY nice.  I was worried 'til we got it on the walls, but I love it. 


Qmama~ Stupid website! It's eaten more than one of my posts, for sure.  I'm glad you're feeling well.  7dpo can be kinda nowhere. Seems to take forever!


Cananny~ Welcome!  I hope you get your wishes soon and can hang out with us on Q&P too!


Gelly~ I"m sorry FF is giving you grief, but if you had injectibles and monitoring etc, I'd put a lot more faith in that than I would the website.   Everything crossed for you xoxoo



Seraf~ Yay veins! And yay yay yay for FOUR vials of swimmers!! That sounds like a recipe for success. I'll bet Sara's freaking out. Won't be much longer now!!


2ez~ I'm sorry you feel so wretched.  Soon you'll be knocked up and then you'll feel EXTRA crap. So fun!!!


AFM~ Better get in there and help The Claw so that we can get this project done!!!

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Welcome Glados! I will also be introducing myself after this post.


I would highly rccommend reading The New Essential Guide to Lesbian Conception, Pregnancy & Birth. I've read a few books on the topic and this is by far my very favorite. The author started Maia Midwifery & Preconception Services - they offer consultations and classes on fertility, conception and birth for queer and single parents.



Originally Posted by Glados View Post

Ok! So I'm brand new (this is my very first post though I've been lurking for awhile now)


I'm not sure if I should make another thread to introduce myself, but these current month threads seem to be the meeting room for everyone so I thought I'd start here, besides I like reading about everyone else too. =) 


I'm 27 and my partner is 35. Although age wise I should be the logical choice for trying to get pregnant, I have a medical condition that would make things a little more complicated for me so, she volunteered to be the one to get pregnant. 


A little history on her, she had twins at the age of 23 while she was in a relationship with a guy. Two years after that she got pregnant again but had a miscarriage, the doctor suspected that pregnancy was possible twins as well. She is a fraternal twin, as are her kids, so its likely that she either hyper ovulates or maybe it was just a coincidence that a twin almost had two sets of twins? 


Why all the background information on the history of twins? Because to be honest, if she does naturally hyper-ovulate, I'm worried about her having twins again. They have a higher chance of miscarriage and I rather not put her through that again, especially at the age of 35 after she already went through this already 10 years ago.


I'm of course being paranoid and getting ahead of myself, we haven't even decided how we are going to try inseminating but I through talking to others first would help. I have several concerns, first being age. Her kids were a result of the first time she had unprotected sex, I doubt we'll get that lucky with artificial insemination 12 years later, although I've heard that its easier for women to get pregnant in their 30s if they already have had children before. No idea if theres any evidence to support that.


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Hello! I am new to this group. I know I posted to the mothering forum last year but don't think I ever made my way here.


I am Goldmoon (32) partnered to S (24). We have been ttc since Feb 2010. I am currently on CD 27 and have been experiencing a lot of cramping and lower back pain today along with a dropped BBT. My partner is at work today and I am home alone and having a very difficult time. I have three younger sisters two of them each have two kids the youngest was born a month ago. Neither of them had to ttc. They took our their IUD's and got pregnant.


As most of you can relate I've been wanting to be a mom for as long as I can remember and am feeling so sad that it hasn't happened again. I fear it never will.


Thanks for listening


very sad and very lonely today

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