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Welcome, Cananny!


Graceie, sorry to hear you have the flu :( I hope you are feeling better soon!

happycalm, sorry about the bfn but it definitely doesn't sound like you are out yet! How long is your lp usually?

MaxK - Hurray for a successful polyp removal! Take care and heal well. It sounds like you are able to try again right away!?


Seraf - Good luck with Sara's insem and congrats on getting veiny and flaky thumb.gif


2ezforyou - when are you testing? Exciting!

Welcome, goldmoon. I'm sorry you're having a tough time hug2.gif How many times have you tried since February? Ttc is such a crazy rollercoaster....

Afm: CD16 today and the opks seem to be getting darker. A tiny bit of ewcm this morning so hopefully I will actually be able to tell if I O this cycle. And hopefully I O earlier than last cycle! Since getting my cycles back I have really had what I think might be O pain both cycles. It will be interesting to see if it happens again this time. I used to think that I could feel O but this felt very different and was quite dramatic. I also noticed my nipples getting VERY sore before O - nursing DD is painful for a couple of days and I wonder if my supply dips during that time as well. I'm getting nervous about being able to time things when we actually start to insem!

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Hugs Kym and WELCOME

I got a almost positive opk so I let the swimers in maybe tomorrow or Monday
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Kymberli: doing a shout out because we all know what it means to be depressed and feeling so hopeless about this TTC journey, especially when it seems everyone swirling around us is pregnant at the drop of the hat and everyone has a baby except us. Just little bits of words of wisdom (don't know that they help but I've picked them up along the way and they help). I know I will be a mom, I just don't know how I'm going to be one. It's hard to be open to the path being different than I envisioned but I'm open to the fact that it will result in a baby. When I see someone that has a child or is pregnant, I just tell myself that they haven't taken MY baby card. It's not like they're handing out only a certain amount of baby cards and somehow I missed the line and now they've taken *my* place. There IS enough to go around.


Distract yourself here a little (plus you might get some advice that will make you feel hopeful) and tell us more about your history and what's going on. How have you guys been trying and what have you learned about yourself in the process (where is your fertility assessment?)


Glados: Welcome! Yes, I can understand you getting ahead of yourself and thinking you could be headed towards twins but don't go there yet! One step at a time. Having just gone through finally get pregnant and then a miscarriage at 8 weeks, I can tell you that each piece is a different journey and you can't get too far ahead of yourself. Take it one step at a time and you will know what to do once you get to the next step. Catch my drift? In the meantime, think away on this board, we're here to help!


I want to do more shoutouts but I'm with my family and have to run. It's actually been great. My sister's pregnant belly looks great and my nephew is super fun.


Went to a special luncheon fundraiser today for a nonprofit my grandmother started. She started it when she read about a young man who beat his 8 week old son to death (this was 42 years ago). She knew that child abuse was happening but people wouldn't talk about preventing it. She put a second line in her home, installed and phone and put an ad in a local paper telling parents who wanted to abuse their children to call this number first. And then she waited for the phone to ring and talked parents through their frustration. Today, it's a 75 person, $10 million organization serving over 1,100 families.


I tell you this because the fundraiser today was interviewing authors and one of the authors was "Chicken Soup for the Soul" writer. He told a story about not giving up. He said that his book was rejected by 144 publishers before it finally got published (and we all know how widely successful it is today). He also told the story about the woman who went on a boat ride in the Carribean with her new husband on their honeymoon and they got stranded in the middle of the ocean and no one knew they were. They went for 12 days and on the 12th day, her husband couldn't take it anymore and he jumped off the boat and drowned himself. 14 hours later she was rescued.


It's a dramatic story but it's a story that just when you think you can't go anymore, something shows up around the corner. It's hard to get the strength to go on but trust me, even when you get to that bad place, in this TTC journey you will find a way to move on and move forward.


Hang in there, ladies.


Krista/Lesbodoula :-)



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Krista~ WOW!  What a story! What an amazing woman your grandmother must be. And those are some encouraging tales for sure.  I'm always pleased to hear about people who persist with book submissions and eventually get published~ my own personal dream.  You're pretty encouraging to us all as well.  I'm glad you had a wonderful visit/day    xoxo



Carmen~ Good luck egg-catching, even if you're not using it this time. 



Kym~ Biggest hugs. It's a draining, exhausting frustrating, devastating process, but it's important not to give up.  You've come to the right place.  This is an amazing board full of wise and wonderful women. Welcome xoxox







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Gelly- I have taking Ganarelix to prevent ovulation till the trigger shot. RE says there is no way you can O while taking Ganarelix so not sure what you feeling. I hope it's all ok in the end. The shot I will be taking at about AF time is called Cetrotide and hopefully that is what we need to get all the eggs moving at the same time. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by maxK View Post

Gelly- I have taking Ganarelix to prevent ovulation till the trigger shot. RE says there is no way you can O while taking Ganarelix so not sure what you feeling. I hope it's all ok in the end. The shot I will be taking at about AF time is called Cetrotide and hopefully that is what we need to get all the eggs moving at the same time. Good luck!

MaxK~ Thanks for the info. I have no idea what I was feeling either...irked.gif. Hopefully everything will work out the way it is supposed to. How are you feeling today? Still needing the pain meds?


Kym~ Welcome.gifThis is a great place to be...with wonderfuly caring women. I hope your stay is short and sweet.


AFM~ 4dpo and not feeling much of anything...my lower back is hurting, and I have a twinge every now and then, but I don't think that any of these mean a thing. I'm on my second day of prometrium...it's not to bad...yet. I don't go in for my beta until 13dpo, March 28th. I'll probably poas on 11-12dpo. DW's birthday is on March 27th so I would love to have some good news to share with her.


We went car shopping today...I think we are going to get a GMC Acadia...it is used 2008, but it is loaded. With both a moon/sun roof, dvd player, leather heated seats, remote start, 3rd row seating...etc. I am so loving this car.


Happy weekend to everyone!



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Thank you for all the warm welcome.. We did a second insem this morning 18 hrs after the 1st one. .. 




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Welcome Kymberli--You have definitely found the right place. I'm sorry you had a such hard day. But please know, you are not alone. In my short time here, I found found an amazing community of supportive, knowledgeable women who really know how to hold one another up while ttc. I wish you a warm welcome and a short stay on this board (next stop, Queer and Pregnant!)


Cannany and Glados--Welcome to you as well!


Gelly--The car seems perfect to hold a growing family!


Krista--As always, thank you for the wonderful insight that you gave Kymberli. It was good for me to hear your insights, inspiring stories and learn some new coping mechanisms.  It sounds like you're having a good time with family too!


AFM--8dpo.  Nothing much to report other than still sore nips.  AF came for my DW today, and I know this is going to sound incredibly silly, but I always get a little paranoid when she gets AF while I'm ttc.  Especially during my luteal phase.  I know it's probably fine, but I have this secret fear that her hormones are going to tinker with mine.  There, I said it.  Totally unscientific and unfounded, but it's just one of those things.  Good thing she's sleeping in the guest bed tonight since she's had a cold and doesn't want to disturb me with her coughing...

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Qmamma i think a certen amount of paranoa comes with the ttc prosess a







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smile.gif  on the OPK waiting untill 9 then pageing the midwife weeeee three viles this cycle one today tommorw am and tommrow eve

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qmama. in all the years dp and i have been together i can count on one hand the number of times we have cycled together.  her af has never affected mine, not once.  :)  fwiw, on my bfp cycle she started about 4 days into my tww.  on her bfp cycle we did actually start almost at the same time - within a day.  yes, i am anal and have a spreadsheet.  comes with working in information technology.  ;)


if we actually get to try next week (next week!!!! omg!), i should start my af a week after her.


afu, it's glorious weather here.  :)  we went to a birthday party yesterday for ds1's classmates.  today we have been playing outsie in the yard.  i will just get used to all this lovely spring weather and then we'll arrive to cold, wind and rain in scotland.  brrr.  dp is ~10dpo and should have af thursday or friday.



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Aunt Flow arrived this morning. My wife and I are both very sad. Thanks for all the supportive words yesterday.


Carmen358 – Thanks! This try was either #5 or #6 the calendar I had kept track of everything on accidentally was thrown away when we moved in December. The try before this one was in August and we took a break from August until this last cycle.


Graceie – Thanks for the hugs and the welcome. Good luck!


Krista – Thank you for your kind words. I’ll post more information on our journey when I’m feeling better physically.


LibraryLady – Thank you!


Gellybeangrl – Thank you!


Qmama42 – Thank you! Women’s cycles can sync up and affect one another so I can understand your paranoia.


Thanks for the warm welcome, it means so much to me to have so much support so quickly.



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Kimberli- I am so sorry AF arrived. All the build up and hope we put into TTC is such a roller coaster ride. I hope you and your wife are doing something special and sweet for each other to soften the pain of disappointment. hug.gif
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Kymberli- I am so sorry to hear AF arrived. The whole process of TTC is such an emotional roller coaster, we put so much hope into every cycle we try. I hope you and your wife can do something sweet and special for each other during this time of pain and disappointment.

AFM- I am still having very light bleeding from the polyp removal and little pangs of a cramp every now and then but not enough to take pain meds. Looking forward to my first shot in about a week! (I never thought I would say those words.)
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Hi ladies, wondering if I can jump in here with a few questions.  I am single and have one DS already who is about to turn 4 and will be starting to TTC next cycle with a known donor.  Does anyone have any idea how long fresh semen is good for?  I know it needs to be kept at body temp until used, but how for how long?  My donor lives an hour and a half away and I am planning to go pick up the sample to use.  I can't seem to find any good info online about the logistics of using a known donor.  I really want to make this work, and after reading a few posts on this thread about using a known donor, I was hoping I could maybe find some help here. 

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from what I have been told so far is fresh is best used within one hour .. we are using fresh and this cycle did the insems within an hour of our donor depositing for us.. Hope this helps! I am also curious to see if there are any other answers!

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Pumpkin Pie-I'm not sure how long it would be good for but I have heard that sperm can live in the vagina for up to 5 days, I think if you keep it body temp it should be good for hours, but I'm sure the quality goes down. good luck! I think keeping in in ur armpit is best!

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2ez - Mild cramps could be all those follies reducing size, or they could be implantation cramps. I'm going with the latter. Also, weren't you the one asking about veins in your chest? I think that's a great sign! Every 2WW I remember burg saying she had blue veins around 7dpo, and then she got her BFP a few days later. She just gave birth the the cutest baby girl. Of course every 2WW I'm examining my chest for any sign of more visible veins.

Library - I hope your kitty is okay. We have a kitty with hyperthyroidism, and she needs medication every day. My BIL's kitty recently passed, and it was so hard hearing his wife crying on the phone. We get so damn attached to those furry things! Sue insists we're never getting another cat again. I can't imagine life without them!

qmama - fingersx.gif I also worry when Sue gets AF during my 2WW, though we've never synced up. It's just another thing to stress about, right?

escher - It's always good to read your posts. How is pregnancy treating you?

CaNanny - greet.gif Sending you cell-division and implantation vibes! goodvibes.gif

Grace - I hope you're feeling better! I was wondering where you had been. Three insems is sure to do the trick!

happycalm - A "squinter" sounds very promising!

max - I'm so glad your polyp removal went well. I'm sure that was the last step you needed to take before you and DP get that BFP you deserve. Was it laparascopic surgery? That's the kind of surgery I'll be having, and I'm so nervous now.

Gelly - I would ignore what FF says as your O day. I'm sure the meds did exactly what they needed to do, and your timing was perfect. thumb.gif A BFP on your wife's birthday will make the most excellent gift!

Smiling - Hooray for four vials! joy.gif Good luck catching that egg.

Seraf - wave.gif to you and your little lentil.

Kymberli - Hugs to you. hug.gif I'm glad you found us.

carmen - O pain and sore nips make it sound like you'll have no problem with timing. thumb.gif

Lesbodoula - I think I speak for everyone when I say we appreciate your advice, knowledge, and support. hearts.gif

indigo - IT'S ALMOST TIME!!! joy.gif

Pumpkin - I've never used a known donor, but I've read many stories. I've heard of women sticking the container in her armpit or bra to keep it at body temp during the drive home. I read about one woman who would meet her KD at a coffee shop, he'd do his business in the bathroom, then she would insem in the bathroom. I think that would be a little weird. I've also heard of people renting motel rooms to insem near their donors, and I've heard of people inseminating in the car.

AFM, not much going on. Even though we're taking this cycle off, I'm trying to track O anyway. I usually get EWCM and a +OPK the day before O. I've not had any EWCM or a temp spike, so I know I didn't O yet, but I did have three days of +OPK's. Maybe it was just a bad batch of internet cheapies, or maybe my body is just being a little freaky this cycle after the two cycles of clomid. Either way, I'm fairly confident I still haven't ovulated (today is CD17), and I'm fairly relieved we aren't trying this cycle. My surgery on April 6 should be around the time of AF, but I'm not sure we'll be trying next cycle either. I guess it depends on the outcome of the surgery and whether or not we decide if we are going to use our KD who lives in AZ, go back to frozen vials from the bank, or ask Sue's brother. I hate that everything is up in the air, and I'm getting more and more nervous about my surgery. I've never had surgery before, and the idea of anesthesia and incisions is freaking me out. bigeyes.gif
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Max~ Glad you're feeling better and are on the road to perfection. Won't be long now and then you'll be all knocked up. Awesome!!!


Gelly~ Yay for new cars!   4 dpo is such a nowhere place, but soon you'll be able to feel for implantation cramps and that will be much more fun.



Kymberli~ I'm so sorry about your disappointment. It's important not to give up, though. xoxo



 PumpkinPie~  My friend who used a kd would stash the vial between her boobs to keep it warm on the drive home.biggrinbounce.gif  I'm sure you'll lose some, but not all. Best of luck!



AMom~ Big hugs to you! I'm sorry you're so stressed about your surgery, but I'm sure all will be well.  Thanks for asking about our kitty, he's perked up today. Maybe it was just a bug, or maybe he's just lazy (answer: he's lazy!!!)    I'm glad you're doing what needs to be done, though. You'll be knocked up in no time!!



AFM~  SO SAD I have to go back to work in the morning, but it won't be for very much longer.  The nursery's done except for hemming and hanging the curtains, so I'll have photos for everyone very soon. It's lovely, thanks to DP and all her hard work.


Luck and love to all xoxoxo

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library almost ready for leave !!! and the babe !!!


for me one vile in another at 730am tomorrow and another at 530   exactly 12 hours apart ! ! and this tank came with 10 pregnancy test that was nice of them : )

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