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Library have you seen the pet co sleepers arms reach sells ?
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Library- I'll try but its hard to keep a chin up at times like these! :/ If I dont start by Thursday I will surely take another test. I just hate keeping my hopes up just for another let down. I wanted to wait until the last day to take a test but my dp has been hounding me to test for days. The first words out of her mouth when she woke up was "did you take a test?"



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hi everyone! Just hanging back reading about everyone... not much to report here! We ordered my swimmers (like Sara said) and I'm jumping up and down with excitement! I cannot wait for next weekend so I can start trying! 


A good friend of mine posted this on her facebook page. It made me smile lots and I hope you girls enjoy!

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hay where did it go ? Sara ?   that was funny by that definition all of Seattle is a gayberhood  : ) they left out gaybys = gay babies babies of the gay our babies

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Krista - You're almost there! hug.gif

Qmama - I'm so sorry AF reared her ugly face. af.gif I've had two cycles with LP's 3 days shorter than my usual 13 days, though I think I miscalculated ovulation the last time. TTC really plays a mind game with you. I hope everything checks out okay at the RE's. grouphug.gif

Isa - I'm only tracking ovulation this cycle to get to know my body better and be more prepared for the next time we try, but you'd think after a year of TTC I'd have it down by now, right?! I'm all for you tossing out that thermometer for lent. Why stress when you don't have to? thumb.gif I don't spend much time in the baby/maternity section in the department store, and thankfully I don't see many pregnant women in my small town. I do seem to see babies everywhere I go, though, and Sue and I often joke about stealing one of them. mischievous.gif

Crystal - We started off our TTC process with an RE. We tried for three unsuccessful IUI cycles before he recommended an HSG. We decided to do one more cycle before getting the HSG. BFN, of course. Then I got my HSG, and it was inconclusive. One tube appeared blocked, and there may have been scar tissue or something causing the fluid to pool around my left ovary instead of spreading out in my abdomen. The RE recommended laparoscopic surgery to go in and see what the heck is going on, but he changed his mind and wanted to try a few clomid-medicated cycles. We did two clomid cycles before I decided I just want to schedule the surgery. If my tubes are blocked, I want him to clear them out (or move on to IVF if that's not possible). If they're clear, knowing that will give me peace of mind. I completely understand how you feel about wasted time and energy if something has possibly been wrong the whole time. Keep in mind, it takes on average 4-6 tries and often even more. Maybe try another cycle before going the medical route, unless your insurance will pay for everything. We've spent over $9000 already. Sue and I joke that our RE is able to put in a new pool this summer thanks to us. smile.gif

Library - I know it's easy to think your workplace will fall apart without you (and they probably will, at least a little!), but you deserve to let it go and take time for your family. Someone will pick up the slack.
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they did leave that out! good point gracie! anything else they left out?! we should write to the author and maybe she can do a part two!


also, I made the link blue, so everyone can see it! 

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quickie update:


short cycles suck, bfns suck, any surgery is scary (and the only one i had was for impacted wisdom teeth).  :(  hugs to everyone who needs one tonight. 


testing - dp and i had a whole bunch of testing done prior to ttc.  bloodwork, u/s, hsg etc...  we wanted to make sure everything was a-ok before dropping a sh*t-ton of money on dr-assisted iui and sperm.  we both did have some (minor) issues that were pretty easily resolved.  2 tries isn't a whole lot if you were to look at the stats but it does get incredibly frustrating very quickly.  hang in there and do follow up if you feel endo might be causing problems.


afu - OMG!  we have an ipad 2.  (!!)  couldn't get one launch day, sold out immediately.  monday last week we heard best buy was reserving for a $100 down payment (actually a $100 gift card) so we did that thinking it would be weeks...but the call came this afternoon and once they boys were in bed i went and picked it up.  the store geek squad guy said they had no idea a shipment was coming.  i had no idea i would be that far up the list.  sorry that was my geek-out for the day.  :D  going to set it up tomorrow.  wheeee!



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Max-I hope you are well on the mend. 


Library--Closer all the time! Can't believe she's going to be here in a few weeks.


Onemommy--Congrats on the first home!  That is so exciting.  I know you'll miss being with dd, but she'll be so proud to have her big girl room!


Graceie--I hope this round of insems does the trick! Kmfx and babydust to you!


Isa--I know what you mean--it can be so hard to see pregnant women when you're struggling.  Hugs to you.


Amom--Will be thinking about you as you approach the surgery.


AFM--I went to the RE today and we are definitely going to figure out the short cycle issue.  I'm having bloodwork done on Wednesday to check my hormone levels and a clomid challenge this cycle.  Then u/s and trigger before O.    Anyway, I feel much better and will hopefully have some answers soon.  Thanks everyone for the collective WTF for me.  It made me feel a lot less crazy!

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Thanks everyone, I'm seeing my doctor on the 12th ( I will be ttc again around the 7th) so I will talk to her about all this then and hopefully she can help me.


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qmama42, Crystal, happy, 2ez-sorry about your BFN's. Ug! So disappointment to see those results. I would usually have to spend some days sulking before I could pick up and think about next cycles plan. I hope you ladies are taking care of yourselves. 2ez- It may be too soon for you but hugs for jumping the gun.

AFM- Still lightly bleeding but it's all good, no pain. My dad and his wife are coming to visit for a week starting tomorrow. He has been unaccepting in the past and this will be his first time ever visiting me as an adult. It has taken him this long to come around and he makes it sound like he wants to visit now just because we bought a house. shrug.gif Cross your fingers for me that we don't have any blow ups! It will be fun to explain to them that DP wants to be called by male pronouns now. orngtongue.gif
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smiling - That article was funny! I had to share it on facebook.

max - I wish you the best of luck for your visit with your dad. Fingers crossed you have no blowouts, and he's more accepting of DP's transition to male pronouns than you think he'll be. shamrocksmile.gifshamrocksmile.gif

AFM, I woke up kinda grumpy today but ended up having a really good laugh thanks to an old friend on facebook. This is for Indigo or anyone else with an iPhone/iPad. Seriously, I laughed so hard, I had tears streaming down my face. It was exactly what I needed today. orngbiggrin.gif
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Max~ Ugh. Good luck with the parental visit.  At least your body's feeling a bit better, let's hope your mind and emotions are able to maintain the same. Mmmm, more shiraz!!!


Qmama~ Glad you're feeling a bit better and have a plan in place.  Hopefully you'll be on your way soon. And yes! Not much longer for us! We have our giant fab shower this weekend, and after that I'm ready. 


Indigo~ Woohoo for your new toy!  A librarian I know just bought a new ipad2 and had 'Don't Panic' engraved on the back. Awesome. 


Amom~ Thanks for the encouraging words. After the mw visit this morning where she encouraged me to take off and put my feet up, I think I'm going to do just that. It's hard to let go, but I must, for my sake and the sake of my li'l family.


Sara~ Not long now!!!   How is it being partnered to a preggy woman? What are some of her new awesome habits?



AFM~ As I said, midwife this morning said that all is well, but that my swelling feet are telling me it's time to take my break. I just wish they had a substitue lined up for me, as I'm going to be leaving without even having a chance to plan with anyone else.  I'm making a list of things to know, but it's just not going to be the same.  But like I said, after the shower on Saturday I'm happy for Aspidistra to come any time and that should distract me nicely.


Luck and love to all xoxoxo

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Qmama: I would discuss a luteal phase defect with your RE. I'm at 11 days and have been on progesterone suppositories after I O for the past four months or so. Just something to consider. Again, what docs are trying to do is take every potential factor out of the mix to aim for success. The more they identify, the fewer they have to make consideration on when trying to identify why you're not getting pregnant. Four days earlier than normal is more than just your one to two day shift in a cycle that does happen over a year. Perhaps you ovulated earlier than you thought? Having all the information you can about every day in your cycle will help to identify the issue as well.


Crystal: a few questions on things I would make consideration for if I were you. If you have any possibility of endo, you do have some potential things to do to make identification of what's going on. Have you had an HSG to see how your tubes are? Blockage in endo patients is common. I'm not sure where you RE believes endo surgery can cause issues with TTC. Endo in of itself can cause issues with TTC so just identifying that you have it, is yet another piece to the puzzle. What they do with it (burn it off or whatever) is another step in the process. But again, this is just part of the larger whole. The whole picture needs to be taken into consideration. Have you gotten blood tests for all your hormone levels? You could go down the road of focusing on your endo without knowing that you have a hormone issue. How is your FSH level? Have they checked your progesterone after you ovulate to help confirm you've ovulated? Have you ever had an ultrasound on CD3 of your cycle to look at how your follicles are starting to develop? I know it's so much to think about it but this is what it takes to conceive. Humans are the hardest of all species to get pregnant, even when you don't have any identified problems! But it's not impossible. I believe awareness is key. Let us know how it goes!


Library: yes, I was the one where we had to take our dog with us to pick up the sperm and after insemination I laid in the back seat. We put Pixie in the front seat but she didn't much like staying there so she proceeded to come to the back seat and step on my face with her paw to get to where she needed to go. I'm still trying to figure out how I might develop a children's book out of that. LOL.


AFM: I get to meet Max face-to-face today for lunch! Yippee. We'll report back on how cute both of us are in person when we return. Ha, ha.



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Crystal—hopefully you’ll be able to cancel the appointment since you won’t need it, but if you do it’ll be good to get a clean bill of health or to know what you need to change.

Library—they’ve had almost 9 months to find a replacement—and there was always the possibility that you would have had the baby by now, so if they don’t have one there for you to train that’s their bad planning, not yours. You go home and put up your feet and don’t worry about those mean girls again until August!

AMom—I keep joking that we’re paying for daycare for our nonexistent babies since the cost is about the same.

Indigo—Yay for your new toy! I hope you get lots of use out of it.

Max—I hope it goes well with your dad—that can be so stressful! I second the hope that using masculine pronouns for your DP will go over better than expected. I mean, it changes out one set of dilemmas for another, but maybe he’ll be more comfortable with these? Either way, may his visit be short, sweet, and totally devoid of meltdowns.

Krista—Aw…jealous! I bet you just have the best time ever!

AFM—I feel like I should apologize for being such a downer lately. I’m pretty happy, mostly, it just seems to come out late at night for some reason. May isn’t seeming so far away right at the minute and I’m glad to have two RE visits penciled in for next week to check up on my cycle.
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Library: Being partnered to a pregnant woman is great (a lot like a not pregnant would). She's doing so well, so is the little blueberry I expect. New habits? A lot more eating is happening here, sleeping happens a lot (she has been working a lot lately). Um, thats about it really. We're making a lot of clothes, talking about maternity clothes, she's busting out of her bras, and thats really about it. Sara says she's been a lot more flakey lately, but I haven't noticed it really. She seems her normal self to me! 


Amanda: I'm glad you liked it and THANK YOU for the article! I love damn you auto correct! 

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Met Max! It was so much fun to finally put a face and live being with all the posts. We chatted about none other than TTC for an hour half. Thanks for meeting me, Max!


AmandaMom: it's totally natural to be worried about surgery. I've only had one surgery in my life and I remember being very nervous. My first recommendation would be to talk to your RE and the doctor performing the surgery about your concerns. Especially the one related to the gas. That is a fair thing to be discussing and letting them give you more information about the process may help to alleviate your concerns. If you're checking for blocked tubes because of endo, it's important. It can help you to decide whether it's worth jumping to IVF or not. A real help if you're looking to save money and not waste it. We'll be thinking of you on April 7!



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Max hope your dad is ok I'd be happy to trade you for the poler opposite my mother is pfalg chair and they " threatened " to take me to pride in ny when I came out. But in a super really really happy overintusatic we support you life choice creepy way
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Hey all!  I've been following this board for awhile now and I've popped in here and there, but I am going to go ahead and jump in now, even though we won't be TTC for a few months still.  Hopefully that isn't poor form, to be active with so many months of waiting ahead of us!  


My wife and I are going to start trying for our first baby in August; she will be carrying first.  We plan on beginning by doing at-home inseminations with frozen sperm.  


We've been researching banks for a couple months and have made quite a spreadsheet of donors.  I've seen in several places where women have changed donors when they don't get pregnant within a few tries, and that is a little concerning to us because we were hoping to both conceive using the same donor.  Since my turn won't be for a few years, we planned to buy the sperm ahead of time, but what if she gets pregnant with that donor and then I can't?  Is there anyone here who's in this situation? 

I do realize that we may not end up being able to use the same donor for both our children, but it is a hope I have.


By the way, Max, the situation with your dad seems like it could be nerve-wracking at best and disastrous at worst; I hope things go okay.  The wife and I have had some tense situations with my parents, and I don't miss those days!  Keeping you in my thoughts.  


A big HELLO! to everyone here, it's really amazing to experience a group of people like this one.  wave.gif

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Hi Desert! Welcome and by all means, you're welcome to hang out here! I have been reading along and chiming in with my two-cents for at least 5 months now (could even be longer)! 


What banks are you guys looking at?! My partner and I are using Seattle Sperm Bank, and we are beyond thrilled with how nice and friendly and welcoming they are! I give them 5 gold stars! 


Don't fret about not being able to get pregnant with the same donor as that of your partner's, I'm sure you'll be able to! 

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Quickie post..


Can't wait to start counting the BFPs in the next few weeks orngbiggrin.gif Good luck everyone!


Afm: CD19 and I don't think I've O'd yet. I had one day with a small amount of ewcm but I haven't been able to catch my surge with on opk. Mostly because I just don't seem to be able to get to the bathroom around the time when I think I would be able to catch it! I'm thinking about starting to temp again and see how it goes. I also wanted to share a small tidbit of info from my acupuncturist (I don't think I share it here...sorry if I already did)...she suggested that after I O I put a heating pad on my lower back whenever I think of it and that it will help "warm things up" and have a positive effect on luteal phase length. Seems simple enough to try!


Oh, and welcome to anyone new wave.gif

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