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Wow....this thread is really popping.


Just a quick update...I'll have to try to get to personals this weekend. BFN for me this month...I'm spotting as we speak and I am expecting AF tomorrow. So, I'll call the RE and get my baseline u/s and blood work done for my April cycle. As far as I know we will still be using the injectables...and one office IUI, but on the side I think that we are going to do two at home ICI's using KD fresh sperm. Hopefully this cycle both sperm and eggs will meet.


Oh...we also got a new puppie...Bruzier...I'll post a pic later....after I figure out how.

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Crystal I had spotting all through with ds hope it something non threatening
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indigo: my mom is going to be pissed, dad too. But I know that at least once they are holding their grand babies in their arms, they will get over it. It may be a rough nine months with them but its all worth it. also, what are bacon butties?! I LOVE bacon, so yummy it is! 

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sara, it's a bacon sandwich but on a bread roll (which you cannot get over here) and the bacon is unsmoked back bacon (you can't get that over here either except at the highland games festival they have here each fall).  dp LOVES them.  the bacon is fried too.



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Sara - I wish I could "like" your status as we do on facebook. My mom is probably going to be pissed too! She will be fine after awhile, but she still isn't comfy with the whole "my daughter is a homo" when it comes to her friends, neighbors, and coworkers. She will say to family that DS is her 'grandson', but to everyone else, he's "the son of a friend" of mine. I try not to get too mad because I don't ever want her to feel uncomfortable or embarassed by me, but now I am anxious to see how she will react. And, sadly, I am kinda scared. My dad, on the otherhand, will shout from rooftops that I am preggo...and he could care less if I am a homo or not. (I secretly kinda think he is too! Ha!) biglaugh.gif


Indigo - All this talk about food...preggo is off to eat! Thanks. thumbsup.gif


AFM - Off for a fourth beta tomorrow. I hope this one is over 500! FX. Will post tomorrow.


Baby dust and love to all.

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Well i have been run off my feet with work so I haven't had much time to jump on the net and post something... Started getting AF pains today.. my mate said that it could still be happening but I think that it's definitely AF coming on.. will let you all know..

it's starting to get a bit cooler here in Melbourne... i think we saw the last day of summer yesterday with a beautiful 27degrees (Celsius). I'm not looking forward to winter at all.. Love the summer when you can get out and about..although it doesn't snow here it's too cold for my liking.. hahah


my sister in law and brother came over tonight to let me know that they're 6weeks pregnant.. is it horrible to say that i had a pang of jealousy?? it worked so easy for my 3brothers to get their wives pregnant on the first go... frustrating to say the least..


DP is a bit down and out that the first go probably didn't work. I guess you set yourself up for it to work and start to dream what the next 9mths and beyond are going to be like and then the let down.... only to start again the next month.

i'm so glad i'm on this crazy rollercoaster though and so happy my DP is right there with me.

Hope everything is good wherever you are in the world.. it's goodnight from australia...

xo and babydust 2 u all.


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Gelly~ Big hugs.  So sorry about your disappointment, but I'm glad you're moving forward with a positive plan.  Sounds like you're going to really go for a maximum insem next time. That should do the trick!  And I CAN'T WAIT to see puppy pix!!!


Indigo~ You're torturing me!!!  The steak with pepper sauce sounds magical, but I wouldn't say no to a bacon buttie right about now!  What's the pub called? You'll have to post a pic of the front of it. Oooh, you're going to have such fun!!!



2bmum~ Biggest of hugs to you.  It's more than understandable for you to be a bit jealous right now, indeed it'd be odd if you weren't. I had to go to my cousin's baby shower the day we got YET ANOTHER bfn and it was pure torture.  But the next cycle we got our positive, so just don't let your disappointment deprive you of hope. It's impossible not to wish and plan while you're in the wait, and then it's such a let down, but you'll get there for sure oxoxoxoxxo  Meantime, enjoy your lovely countryside!  If I'm asking too much, ignore me, but which part of Australia do you live in? You've got some of the best place names in all of World Geography.  I have to say that nothing makes me laugh more than thinking about crossing the Great Sandy Desert only to arrive at Lake Disappointment.  You sure know what those first travelers were thinking, eh?



AFM~ Had a lazy day yesterday and am going to be more productive today.  Before my nap, that is...



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Indigo—She only mentioned the one, but I didn’t think to ask about the others—I know there were some, but have no idea what sizes. Bacon is the thing I miss absolutely most about the UK. Good, solid, bacon. The stuff here is good, but not the same, and I really miss it!

Crystal—sorry to hear about the spotting—hopefully it’ll stop soon so you can look forward to your appointment in a few weeks!

Gelly—I’m sorry it’s a BFN. I think sneaking in a couple KD insems is probably an awesome idea. Congrats on the new furbaby! Pics, please!

2EZ and Sara—Ugh to uncool parents. Wow, I just sounded like a whiny teen! But still, I hope that your babies bring them all around and they stop doing dumb things (especially yours, EZ, that really sucks).

Want2Be—Don’t feel bad—it’s hard not to be jealous, especially when it’s so easy for them and you’re putting in so much effort. Hopefully you’ll be preggo soon, too, and then it won’t be so hard!
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Gelly, I'm so sorry to hear of your BFN. Onward, right?!

Want 2 be, I hope you're wrong about AF coming and you get a wonderful surprise!

Library, your leave is sounding better and better by the day! Hooray for rest, relaxation, and preparation.

Smiling, insemming soon?!!?

Fingers crossed for anyone in the TWW. Keep strong, don't test yet Grace!

AFU, we heard from the insurance company yesterday. They sent DW a big ol packet of info on genetic testing and what each test covers and entails and such - it was 47 pages long! And it turns out the test DW needs wasn't even in the packet. Then she spoke with an actual person who told her the DNA test for Anti thrombin III deficiency is still considered experimental, thus they don't know if they'll cover it until we have the test and results back. Only then will they decide if they will pay for it. Ugh.

On top of it all, we just decided that we have to sell our horse, and that was a really difficult decision for me. I know it's the right thing to do, but that doesn't always make it easier, you know? Anyway, it's been a disappointing couple of days.
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Library- I looked up my medication and it is Cetrotide, your funny comment about cide got me thinking I probably didn't type it correctly.

PrettyIsa- Glad to hear your tubes are clear and you are ready to go. That must feel like such a relief!

Crystal- I have heard that spotting is very common in the beginning so I would try not to worry about it too much. hug.gif

We acquired two puppies throughout out TTC time, please post pix when you have them! dog2.gif

I'll keep fingers crossed that it's not AF. fingersx.gif

At some point later tomorrow I will post a link here to our new April thread.

AFM- A bit of a cold has settled in from the excitement and stress of having my dad in town. I went to acupuncture and got some special 'cold go away' herbs. I want to knock it out as soon as I can. I have a crock pot full of soup and AF is just about to start. I'm ready to go full steam ahead into this IVF cycle.
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library, i will message you on facebook the name of the pub - i work in IT and am justifibly paranoid about internet sharing.  i miss bacon butties too and alas since i'm vegetarian now i can't even enjoy one.  oh well, dp will enjoy plenty for me.  :)


gelly, sorry about the bfn.  fx for a more successful try this time.  :)


afu, dp had a chiro appt and an acupuncture appt today.  her acupuncture dr said her belly energy is really good.  :)  day 3 on clomid and only those hot flashes to mention symptom-wise. 



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 GELLY puppy !!!!!!!!!!!!!


desert horses are great Friends I hope you find a good home for her and thanks for the encouragement


mmmmmmm bacon sandwich


AFM 9dpo nothing to report some cramping yesterday and today

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Want2be--I totally know how you feel re: your SIL.  My sister got pregnant so easily last year and watching her through her pregnancy was really hard for me.  Now that my niece is here I feel nothing but happiness for them, but wow...it can feel like torture watching the rest of the world get pregnant so easily.  Hang in there!


Prettyisa--Along with acupuncture, I'm doing the Blossom blend of fertility herbs that's broken down by phase.  I figure it can't hurt :)


Gelly--Great plan to do more than one insem per cycle (and cool that you get to use fresh sperm for 2 of them)!  This is the first cycle where we'll be doing multiple insems and I just think your chances have to be better by throwing more sperm at the egg.  FX for you!


Max--good luck and I hope your herbs knock that cold right out! 


Library--glad you're enjoying some time off and getting some rest.  Exciting times are getting close for you!


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dessert - ugh sorry about the horse and the paperwork/insurance nightmare. 


just heard from sil that baby has turned!!  yes, the day before her section and all.  so the new plan is for her to be scanned again tomorrow.  if baby is still head down they will induce (don't want to give the little monkey a chance to move again).  if baby has turned during the night she will get her section as previously planned.  she was induced with their first - she was over 2 weeks late - so knows all about that already.  either way, there will be a baby tomorrow!  so excited!!!!! :)


and on the twinge of jealousy - i did feel that when our 18 year old niece announced she was pregnant again while we were ttc #1.  :(  totally natural.  my sil admitted to me that when i was pregnant with ds1 she was extremely jealous - she had endured 3 m/c and one ectopic (plus loss of a tube).  they actually got their sticky bfp right around the time that ds1 was born.  i told her i had no hard feelings - poor thing could barely talk to me on the phone during my pregnancy.



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salut gals!

first off: CONGRATS  to EZ and MAMI and CRYSTAL for your BFPs!

i've been busy with teaching and kidney stones for the last couple of weeks, so i haven't had time to post.  sorry if i've missed any questions (the thread has grown almost exponentially since the last time i checked!) 

we've had a bit of a rollercoaster ride this time around with our donor.  we wrote him about 10 days before we thought we were going to O (we're on the same cycle plus or minus a day).  no response.  a few days before we texted him.  again no response.  the day before we were hoping he could come over, DP called and left him a message. still no response.  that night DP was in tears and saying how unfair it all is and how she hates her government (for not allowing us to have any access to sperm/fertility treatments/etc) and how she's ready to give up because she's probably too old anyway.  i kept telling her it would be okay and that we'd either find another donor or just suck it up and pay to go get inseminated in Denmark. 

thankfully, our donor finally called the next day and said he'd come over around 7pm.  at midnight he still wasn't here, but he called a bit later to say he'd been super busy at work and to ask if he could come over the following day at lunch time.  i got my first peak that day, and he finally showed up about 2 hours after he'd originally planned to.  he also came over two days later.   during all of the uncertainty, we started looking for other possible donors on the site where we found him. the thing is, he's a realllly reallly nice guy, and we both like him a lot.  he also owns his own graphic design company and seems to be a workaholic.  he's always come through for us in the end, and he's always incredibly polite and funny.  DP and i have finally decided that we just have to get used to his complete lack of a sense of time and try not to stress about it.  it's a bit easier for me since i'm not very good with time, but for DP it's utter hell.... she's the person who is 20 mins early to work EVERY DAY just so she can have time to prepare and chill out.

so now we're at 3-4 dpo.  my big worry now is that i have had renal colic from kidney stones, and after several days of trying to avoid it, i finally caved and took the pain killers my doc prescribed.  i guess we'll see what happens.  so it's 2ww wait time for us!

sending bisous and good wishes to everyone else!



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ez: I guess we're in the same boat with our folks. We're telling my parents this weekend that sara is pregers. we shall see how it goes... I too wish we could like things on here, there's lots i'd like to like. 


library: I too took a nap today, those kids (that I nanny for) wear me out sometimes, today was one of those days. How was your nap?! What good stuff did yo get done today? 


want2bemum: so sorry it didnt work this time. April is a good month to conceive a baby, it'll happen this time for sure! Its very cute how excited DP is, sorry she was so bummed though. If you'd like to enjoy a second summer, you're welcome to come here and visit, spring is right around the corner, you can smell it in the air (although it did snow/sleet tonight here). 


isa: yes, uncool parents aren't so fun but mine are awesome, they just see me as a kid still, so I'm trying to prove to them I'm not. Here's hoping I can! 


desert: That sucks about insurance. I had an eye doctor tell me that once. They said "We have this cool new machine and if we find something wrong with your eyes with it, insurance will pay for it, but if we don't, they don't pay. Any there is no way to know if there's going to be something wrong found until we do it. Wanna try our machine?". Insurance is nutty. Do you guys know what you're going to do yet?! And, yes, I think we're starting the insems tonight.


max: Woot Woot for a brand new thread! Hope your cold gets its bum kicked and that your IVF start goes swimmingly! Its totally going to happen! 


indigo: mmmm! that sounds AMAZING! Any chance I can send money with you and you guys overnight me an extra hot one?! Sara was sweet enough to go online and find a recipe for the bread so we may try that for dinner one night this week! Best wishes to your family and SIL! 


gracie: cramping could be very good news! Fingers and toes crossed for you girlie! 


kelly: Gearing up to try again soon?! I'm sure this will be your turn!


gelly: how's the new pup!? Way cute name! Can't wait to see pics! 


nosreves: oh my! what a crazy ride indeed. Sorry to hear about the kidney stones (but its good you took the pain meds, because there's no need for you to suffer). Your KD sounds like he's really trying to be there for you guys, but a work aoholoic indeed! I'm sure you guys can come to an understanding about it and things will get worked out soon! Good luck on your TWW, hope it goes quick and smoothly for you lovely ladies!


AFM: OPK is getting darker. Mucus is getting very stretchy! I'm going to the bathroom lots just so I can admire how its going! Sara is due home in about 90 minutes and the first insem happens tonight! I'm bouncing off the walls with excitement! I moved here one year ago today and now its insem day! Couldn't be a better sign! Took the kiddos out for ice cream, we had lots of good fun (and it helped me pass the time nicely!).


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Bacon.. all this talk of Bacon is making me want bacon for dinner!


we are 10 DPO and not showing signs of AF or Pregnancy..  Kass is resisting the urge to test..... Af is due Fri/Sat


Congrats to all the great BFP, the great Beta #'s and horray for leave for you Library!


baby dust to all in the TWW

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Test this am bfn maybe a really really faint line or I'm just driving myself nuts but I may go out and buy another test just to be sure Or call for a blood test af due Sunday sonwe shall see
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graceie - fx!!!  update us soon with another test!  :)


afu, new and weird symptom for dp - her boob is leaking milk!  she stopped nursing ds2 in january, so it hasn't been that long.  my guess is that the clomid is doing it's job correctly - tricking her body into thinking estrogen is low.  that in turn tells the pituitary to release more fsh and lh which of course stimulates the follicles.  and the follicles release estrogen.  the rise in estrogen must be triggering the leaking.  her prolactin level was tested at 12 from monday so we know it's not that hormone being off.  i suppose we should be happy that her estrogen levels are going up!! :)  poor dp has some terrible hot flashes last night....she even made me sweat!  ds2 now has pink eye so dp is home with him today.  i told her to nap when he does so she can get some extra rest.  :)


sil is waiting, waiting for her c-section.  baby turned over night back into transverse.  the fact that baby did not stay head down for long has them a little worried about a cord issue.  fx that's not the case.  the nhs might not cost anything but the downside is you have to wait!!  she just updated a few minutes ago.  it is now a little after 5pm there.  hopefully the poor bairn won't have april fool's day as a birthday!!



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Good morning all~


Indigo~ You are very right to be wary of posting too much on the internets. If you don't even feel like sharing the pub name, I completely understand!  I'm sorry about your SIL's baby~ I hope everything goes smoothly from here on out.  We've been thinking about an April Fool's baby. It wouldn't be the best birthday for sure.


Max~ Glad the docs aren't trying to poison you!  Can't wait for your IVF to start and then to send the dancing veggies your way.



Sara~ Not much longer now!!  I'm sorry you're worn out, but naps are awesome.  I cleaned the living/dining rooms yesterday and did a lot of dishes (and there are already more in the sink. I hate the kitchen for just this reason!) Today I'm finishing these stupid curtains if it takes all day.



CAnanny~ No symptoms are good symptoms, at least that's my experience.  Hold off as long as you can, but we're eager for your test!!



NosReves~ Your donor sounds beyond flaky!  I hope you get what you need this time so you don't have to put up with him again. I don't blame you a bit for shopping around. It's no good to be peaking and waiting for some fool to return your text.  




Isa~ How you doin'?  



AFM~ Not much. Finally able to enjoy being lazy for the last little bit of my lazy life.  The sun's out. Tomorrow we're going to the Medieval Fair. Life is good!

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