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Waldorf Names

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I am pregnant and about to have a child. I was thinking about enrolling her (hopefully) in a Waldorf school. I was thinking of names, and so far, the best is Rainbow. Any ideas. 

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Rainbow is a lovely name but name your child whatever you want!  I'm certain Waldorf schools won't judge you on names!  My DD is Phoebe Renee which means the bright one reborn.  I miscarried twice before I had her so it was appropriate.  Phoebe was my grandma and Renee is my middle name.  It also sets up a tradition of a greek first name and french middle name like me.  Congrats on your baby!


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Well, Theres actually a few things i'm concerned about. Will the other kids laugh at the name rainbow? I just think the name is so sweet. 

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No, they won't laugh. Their are people named after months, seasons, fruit, flowers, etc...

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My kids have unusual first names and more ordinary middle names.  I like unusual names, but I realize that's not everyone's cup of tea.  I figure if they grow up and don't like their first names, they can always go by their middle names.

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I actually have a friend named Rainbow so that's why I like it!  :)  If it worries you a great deal try giving her a more normal first name with Rainbow as the middle and then just call her by her middle or vice versa like lach suggested.


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I think she might be made fun of but some kids will find any reason to make fun of another child's name no matter what it is, especially true for noun-names (like apple) and names that are times or places (like summer or bronx) but then again it would be a conversation starter and might help her make friends because her name doesn't blend in.


I think a more common middle name or make an unusual name the middle name would work well. If she grows up and wants a business or professional job it might be tough to be taken seriously with the name rainbow and a common first name could give her something else to go by. For example, if her name was Jane Doe it could be Jane Rainbow Doe and as an adult could choose to go by Jane Doe or Jane R. Doe or use rainbow as a nickname. Or it could be Rainbow Jane Doe so she could go by R. Jane Doe or R. J. Doe.


It would just stay away from two very uncommon names. What if she wanted to become a lawyer or a stock broker? Rainbow Moonbeam Doe probably wouldn't have much credit in a courtroom but R. Jane Doe would. She could even say rainbow was her nickname if she didn't want to get into it. 

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I have to say, it seems to me that a Waldorf school is one place that 'Rainbow' will be far from the most unusual name. ;)

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Well, I'm not sure why a Waldorf school has anything to do with what you name your baby girl. I guess alternative parents tend to choose alternative names for their kiddos but I see a whole gamut of them at school. I do like Rain or Rayne for a first name but not Rainbow as much. I definitely like Rainbow for a middle name. Maybe you can name her Rainbow and called her Rain

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Rainbow is very nice, or maybe you can find rainbow in a different language?  I also like River, Sky, and Haze.

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How about "Veselka"? That's "rainbow" in Ukrainian and I think it's simply gorgeous!!! Might sound weird to Manhattanites.

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i love the name rainbow. growing up there was a girl names Rainbow-Dawn which i think was AWESOME. I'm a pretty big fan of more uncommon names. 


kids make fun of jennifers' just as often as rainbows so don't let that stop you from naming your baby girl what you want to!

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