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Chat Thread Feb 28-March6

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HOLY COW~ We're in March!

I have a pretty busy week. Tomorrow I am touring a new hospital's labor/delivery area and meeting with the specialist for my Hereditary Angioedema. We're just making sire everything that can be known is known. Then Wednesday is work and baby class. Thursday is work and a huge basement clean out. Friday is work and then an unplanned evening.

This weekend we're taking our ED  to some of the local tourist sites and crossing a few item off of our "We have to take you here" list.


Hope you all have great weeks!

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31 weeks tomorrow...I always find when I hit 30 weeks things start speeding by and it seems to be happening again this time.  Today I had another midwife appointment and booked the next one for March 15.  Holy moly - around a month after that and my parents will be arriving to spend a month (likely not with us, they are renting short-term)!!  One more 2-weeks-apart appointment around end of March, and then I'll go to weekly appointments.  So time is going to FLY from here on in (well, until the last week that the baby is in utero, I expect :P).  Yay!!


Babe is still head down and seems to be in a great position.  I grew 4 cm in 2.5 weeks (well, almost 3 weeks, really) which maybe explains my mother in law's bug-eyed first look at me when she came to visit yesterday.  LOL! 

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energy.gif So... We're moving to Australia!!!! He got the offer!!!! Paper work still needs to be signed but OMG!!!! EEEEEEEEKKKKK!!!energy.gif
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Originally Posted by elonwy View Post

energy.gif So... We're moving to Australia!!!! He got the offer!!!! Paper work still needs to be signed but OMG!!!! EEEEEEEEKKKKK!!!energy.gif



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so i might be a BIT biased whistling.gif but i am fairly sure this is the cutest thing i have ever seen!! if you can't tell what it is, it's my cute little baby's open mouth and her nose and chin...omg. so cute. i just about melted right then and there.




and this one is kind of looking down her forehead, you should be able to make out her eyes, nose, and lips :)





and HOORAY she is head down (please oh please stay in that position, baby!) and is most definitely a girl, and is 2.9 lbs, and has 2 inch long feet! i am just about 28 weeks so that's pretty interesting i thought, especially for those of you who aren't having ultrasounds and want to know the size of your baby's around now!! she was super active and stuck her tongue out at us quite a bit too :P

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Ryleeee that is seriously adorable. Squeee's of cute from this corner smile.gif

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awww, look at that little sweetie!  I am getting so excited to meet mine - 9 weeks to go (I hope not longer! :P)


Congratulations, Elonwy!  What an adventure for you guys and your new addition! :)

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wow 9 weeks! that is insane. i just realized in 8 weeks i'll be 36 weeks which is full term. wtf!!!
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Originally Posted by ryleeee View Post

wow 9 weeks! that is insane. i just realized in 8 weeks i'll be 36 weeks which is full term. wtf!!!

Last I knew 37 weeks was considered full term, and 40 weeks 'due'  has that changed??

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Super cute pics, ryleeee. And I echo the wtf - I'm 31w 2d yikes2.gif It's inevitable that some of us will start having babies next month - wowzers!


Congrats on Australia, Elonwy!



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SallyNicole- good look with the tour of the L&D at the hospital


bluepetals- that's great that you grew so much.  I am nervous about my appt on Monday.  With my prior 2 pregnancies I have always slowed a bit at the end and measure about 2 cms behind.  This is a different practice and me being 40, I don't want them to start pushing the scare tactics of restricted growth.


elonwy- Congrats on Australia!  I am so jealous.  I've always wanted to go to New Zealand and Australia backpacking.  Some day I will.


rylee- love the pics of your little one.


AFM- it was a busy weekend of trying to get the house and kids back in their groove after our trip to CA.  DD2 was sick and I brought her to the pedi just to rule out strep as she had a fever for 4 days with very little other symptoms- except a neck ache and stomach ache.  The rapid test came back negative but I received a call today that the culture sent to the lab was positive so now she's on abx. My hips are feeling a lot better after a very intense chiro adjustment yesterday.  Other than that I am just feeling like I need to get going on preparing for the new baby.  The baby will stay in our room for quite some time and the gender will probably determine the future room arrangement. I really need to get the newborn clothes, mini co-sleeper and cloth diapers out of the attic.  I need to buy some more newborn dipes and will slowly upgrade the rest of my stash depending on our budget and me going back to work- I am more than okay with prefolds and a snappi but I've used pocket dipes with DH and our sitters.  I found a car seat I like and have to go through with buying it.  I feel kind of stuck in mud, I think I am just not ready for the baby to be here in two months time.

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isn't 36 weeks technically full term? 

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I've always read that 37 was full term (except twins, 36 is considered full term for them, I think)...i.e. midwifery standards here (Nova Scotia) state that home birth is counterindicated prior to 37 weeks, I imagine that's consistent across the country (where midwifery is regulated, anyway).

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Elonwy - wow how exciting!!!


Rylee cute pics


karen I know how you feel about stuck in the mud...


I'm working from home for real for the first time today - we rearranged the "office" and it's much better now, the baby's room is ready to go.  There are still lots of things on the registry that I think we need (especially the breast pump) but we kind of had the realization that if he came now, we'd just have to stop at the store and get some wipes and we could make do.


I'm still wanting to get a used arms reach co-sleeper for next to my bed though.  That's kind of top of the list.


I had a busy Monday now DH is out of town and I've been in my pjs for like 30 hours now... I took a nap yesterday from 4-6 then slept from 11-8 with some pee breaks.  Wow.  It feels freaking great. I don't feel bad catching up on sleep like this - I know I'll need it.  Tomorrow is my b-day - big 32.  I asked DH to surprise me in some way this weekend and he says he has something planned.  Yeah!  Tomorrow I have to work but Friday I'm off from work and teaching yoga and am going to get a massage and a pedicure.



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oh right, 37 weeks...duh! i just read my homebirth manual too ... sheesh! :P only 84 more days until the due date according to haye's chart. 

still..that's only 9 weeks away. yikes. i'm starting to think about gathering the materials we need for our homebirth. i'm very thankful that the midwives take care of mostly everything!!


in other exciting news, i am very grateful to all my friends and family and to the wonderful world of freecycle...the only thing that we have bought so far for the baby is a sleep sack and her "first outfit" ...actually, it isn't going to be her first outfit, but it's the only outfit we are buying new! i'll post a photo of her first outfit later, my friend gave me some hand me downs and omg they are fabulous. she gave me 4 garbage bags full (holy crow) and i sifted through them and kept 2 bags of favourites! oh, i guess i bought a maya ring sling but it was 5.99 at value village brand new :P


we also got a bumbo free on freecycle, a friend is sending us an infant insert for the ergo, my nana and poppa bought our 200$ carseat *yikes*, we have been given enough clothes to last this kid for a year (and all in the right seasons!), my sister and her husband gave us a crib mattress brand new and their crib which converts into a daybed -aka, a side-carred crib ;) - my sister in law sent us 12 bum genius and 6 fuzzi bunz, and a friend is giving us a bassinet for the living room and another friend gave us an exersaucer and a vibrating chair..i mean really, we are very lucky. VERY LUCKY. we're soooo broke right now, derek is only getting about 13 hours of work a week and we are both students so we are struggling to make ends meet every month. it's nice when people feel called to give and it matches our needs perfectly...so much of our list is gone...actually pretty much all the MUST HAVES we have. i'd like a diaper sprayer but that will come i'm sure before the baby is here. i'm also buying 8 fuzzi bunz off my friend for $40 so i think we'll pretty much have all the diapers we need...what do you guys think? for now anyways? we have tons of liners...the fuzzi bunz are all small and the bum genius should last a few months...hopefully we get a good tax return and i can purchase some charlie banana diapers in medium and large. 


anyways, not trying to brag or anything so sorry if it came across like that, i just feel very blessed today :)


also: i just got this recipe from MDC in my pregnancy newsletter and these look so yummy!!! http://www.mothering.com/recipes/raw-seed-wafers




is anyone else sad that mothering isn't going to publish digitally or in print anymore and just have the website? :(

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ryleeee, that is awesome that you are so well set up!  Yay for helpful friends and family :)  I think 26 dipes sounds like a good stash, you want to be washing them every other day, anyway, so they stay in good shape...you might even be able to stretch 26 to 3 days if you need to.  We have never cloth diapered a newborn but when we started with DS1 at 4 months old, we just had 12 fuzzi bunz and we did fine :)


I want to pick up a couple of little sleepers and an outfit or something so baby has a couple of things that are his/hers alone, and I want to get one of those snot suckers I am seeing great reviews of (such an exciting purchase, LOL!) but other than that we have no plans to buy anything.  We still have lots of equipment from previous kids lying around.  Our bumbo is currently loaned out to someone in another province, I am sort of assuming that my SIL is going to get it back for us (and to us!) before we will be wanting it.  Maybe I should sort of casually ask about it...put that on my list. :P  We discovered last week that there are still a few months of life in our infant bucket, so that settles our car seat plan.  We will use the bucket for a few months and then get a booster for my oldest when he turns 6, and put the baby in his Radian.  Perfection!! :)

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sounds perfect! i am glad it is all falling into place! seems so soon and we'll have little babies..crazy!

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Happy Birthday Me :)

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elonwy - congrats.  how exciting for all of you.  when do you leave?
don't know what "full term" is officially, but i do know that at 35 weeks baby's brain is only 2/3 the weight that it is at 39/40 weeks and that there's just so much happening in those last few weeks.  i'm just saying i prefer baby stay in there as long as possible no matter when it's consider "full term".
was 31 weeks on tuesday.  had a 12-week follow-up ultrasound because at my last one (at 19 weeks) it showed that baby had pyelectasis (one of the kidneys was slightly larger than normal).  turns out everything is fine (the problem has righted itself), but now they're telling me i have a "low lying placenta".  i'm guessing in the next few weeks that will right itself as well.  just don't want anything derailing my vbac plans.
had my 3-hour glucose test last friday (even more miserable than the 1-hour one).  good news is i haven't heard from them, so i'm guessing i passed (no news is good news, right?)  i honestly just can't be bothered to call and ask them.
we had our hospital tour last week.  it was good and not so good.  some of the good things we learned:  1.  there is no separation of mother and baby  2.  dh, baby and mama can all sleep together in the same room  3.  dd can be there for the birth  4.  there are tubs in all the birthing suites (i was told there were only showers).  as for the not so good:  the tour was given by volunteers (i was hoping to actually speak to some staff), so they couldn't answer many of my questions (about monitoring, newborn procedures, available squat bars on the beds, etc.)  trying to figure out who i need to contact to get these answers.  the tour (which was 1 1/2 hours long) seemed more like a sales pitch.  they spent quite a bit of time trying to sell us birth balls and "happiest baby on the block" dvds.  that really cheesed us off.  the most disturbing part, however, was when they told us that once i arrive at the hospital in labor, i will be taken into "observation" ALONE and that it will take an hour or more.  our plan is to stay at home as long as possible, so by the time we arrive at the hospital i imagine i'll really be needing dh.  don't know if there's anyway around this.
can't believe i'm now in the single digits (weeks to go, that is).  we'll probably start having babies next month yikes2.gif  should probably start a "birth announcements" sticky soon.
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Originally Posted by annaconda View Post

Happy Birthday Me :)

joy.gif HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA! joy.gif


you must not have your birthdate on fb (otherwise, i'd know).

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