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Probiotic for 15-month-old with rare FPIES condition

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Hi All,


My 15-month-old has a rare non-IgE mediated allergy to protein in foods called FPIES (food protein induced enterocolitis syndrome).  She also has IgE allergies to dairy, soy, nuts and eggs (so far).  In addition to her allergies, she was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis when she was just 8-months-old.  It was suggested that we start on a probiotic and we found Kirkman's, which seems to be free of all her triggers (particularly rice).  Is there a specific probiotic from this company anyone would recommend for a toddler?  Thanks...  

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My DS has FPIES too (I am thinking it is not nearly as rare as they say!) What are her FPIES triggers? We are also Top 8 allergic and use Custom Probiotics and have see a total turn around in my DS on them! If you send them a list of your allergens/triggers, they can tell you what would work best and be sure they are safe. They sent me a free sample as well so we could test before we purchased to be sure!

There is a FPIES area at Kids with Food Allergies too you may want to check out! Lots of FPIES Moms and Dads.
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RA is almost always gluten intolerance, see this article at Enterolab and their testing is top notch:



Also RA is correlated with hypothyroidism type 2 with normal blood tests as described on my thread about that.


I just read this very interesting article the other day.  While it doesn't pertain to FPIES in particular, I thought the concept of "not being able to produce antibodies" due to TH1 dominance extremely interesting given the explosion in non-IgE allergies we've been seeing. 



in Th1-dominant conditions, the Th2 system is suppressed. The Th2 system is the part of the immune system responsible for producing antibodies. When the Th2 system is severely depressed, the body’s ability to produce antibodies is impaired.


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