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Help me help my daughter, please?

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It's with a saddened frustrated heart that I realize my daughter's neurotic behavior has returned. Please, help me! In my heart, I feel this is something that can be treated naturally, but I need some ideas.

Here's the scoop: for the past three winters my daughter(8) has been having episodes of progressively angrier, irrational, and anxious behavior. It starts in Jan-Feb. Two years ago it ended in April and last year the last episode was in July. During the rest of the year she is Mostly a delight. Last year, I attributed the behavior to the addition of her new sister, after being an only for a long time. She was diagnosed as gluten intolerant, and the naturopath suspected low serotonin levels. She has eaten gluten free since last April. 5htp gave her anxiety, so we discontinued after a week.

I give her cod liver oil in the winter, although the past couple years it's been spotty. She probably gets it three times a week. Plus she does a fair amount of butter and grass fed beef. I've been giving her carlsons vitamin d drops the last couple of years. Normally about 2-3000 ius, and up to 10000 if she is getting sick.

She has always fought sleep, and her sleep during these months is often disrupted due to the intense emotions before bed I think, but during the rest o f the year her sleep is decent.

She can sometime feel "it" building-the tantrum and rage. It usually erupts if I try to set limits, although it can also come from friend drama or sister messing with her stuff. I've read The Explosive Child, which definitely fits during these months.

I've considered getting her evaluated for sensory processing, but wouldnt that affect her year round? I've read the Highly Sensitive Child, which also fits.

I'm getting her Vitamin d tested hopefully today. Any other blood tests I should do?

Any recommendations? I'm running out of steam.
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Hi, I just wanted to reply.  My daughter has a seasonal thing too, she gets quite manic and difficult during the spring and summer months which leads me to believe it's actually fatigue.  She doesn't get enough sleep during the extended daylight hours. 


Could your DD have SAD?  Where do you live?  Are the winters very cold and dark?  Although you say she has episodes infrequently during the spring and summer, so...


Anyway, have you considered UV therapy? 

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Oh shucks! hug.gif Mama. Hugs to your baby girl too. My first thought was going to be if she had a gluten or other food allergy but I see you have worked on that.

Awesome suggestion for UV therapy pp. 

Sorry I don't have any more suggestions. Hang in there mama. 

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