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thank you breastmilk!

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To the many advantages of breastfeeding, add the ability to clear up pink eye!


My kids had pink eye setting in last night, no doubt about it.  Of course, this hit on the ONE DAY OF THE YEAR we don't have insurance (my husband started a new job yesterday and is out in California at training...leaving morning sick me home with no insurance and 2 sick kids.  Blah).  So because I knew I couldn't take them in until later today, I squirted breastmilk in their eyes and sent them to bed.  (and no, this was not as easy as it sounds...and no, I didn't not think to express it into a cup and use an eye dropper until this morning...it had been a long day)


Lo and behold, they woke up with bright (mostly) clear eyes this morning. 


Yea for breastmilk! 

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Yay! It works for ear infections too ;)

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I recently figured out that it also works for stuffy noses... just squirt a little up there and blow in his face so inhales it... much better than having to get up for the saline drops at 4am...

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I keep it in the freezer just for that purpose!! It is the best on pink eye.

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