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An article I know pretty much all of us can appreciate :)


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Hoping all of you NC ladies made it out of last night without any problems! We got lucky, several of my friends not so much :(

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Our power was out for about 12 hrs, but that's it.  Our rental was within a quarter mile of the path of the tornado, but didn't sustain any damage.  I hope your friends are at least physically ok.  hug2.gif

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Most of them are, one has an 18 month old that isn't and she's not 100% either. :(

One was kind enough to call me as soon as it was over (even before calling her family in Texas, because they didn't know it was happening and I did) to tell me she and her boys were okay, though their home and van were not. They live in the Montclair area off Piney Green :(

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We were out of town this weekend and weren't watching the news or checking the internet. I heard there were severe storms but not the extent of it until we were about 20 minutes from home. We were driving through town on the way home yesterday and started seeing huge pieces of sheet metal wrapped around trees and trees laying on houses, then Lowe's was totally leveled to the left and cars are strewn around and the roof is missing off the shopping area to the right. Where we live is literally sandwiched between where two of the tornadoes hit. It's really traumatic for everybody, I have no idea how more people weren't severely injured or killed.

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Oh my goodness mamas, that is so scary. I'm glad you're all okay.  MP I hope your friend and her LO are okay and that there are resources in place to help them out.  How awful. 

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Haven't had much activity here, how is everybody?


We have some positive things in the works right now. DH is in the final interviewing stages for a consulting job with IBM. You wouldn't think IBM would have much need for veterans but they have a newly acquired consulting and analytics firm in DC that's involved in defense. How we heard about the job is completely random, I was on city-data asking about cost of living for that area since he was interviewing for a different job at the time and somebody ended up PMing me and suggested he forward his resume to a manager. The original person I spoke to ended up being a consultant for the company and since then he's had two phone interviews and spoke to a recruiter about benefits yesterday. If they're able to expedite things he should have a firm job offer at the end of the week.


I'm looking forward to moving on with the next step in our lives. He'll still do the weekend warrior gig with the National Guard but he'll have the opportunity to work from home occasionally and won't spent 15 hours a day at work like he does now. I'm just over 30 weeks and my pregnancy has been pleasant, I'm hoping this baby will make their debut toward the end of June.

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We are geting ready to move back to Louisiana... I am SO stressed about the move (cross country drive with 3 kids 3 and under anyone?) and about unpacking in general but also super excited to be back in our own place.  Dh won't be home for another 4-6 months but I am really hoping it will go by fast..


I am also waiting to see if I get my period or if we are going to have an oops RnR baby...

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I'm a little past due, still waiting for baby girl to show up. We've had a bunch of family here, so I've been busy with that and work.

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we've been getting settled in here at Robins, still living in an extended stay motel.  but we're in the middle of buying a house, so hopefully we'll be out of here by the end of the month.  I had Brena on the 22nd.  we had a completely natural hospital birth, it was pretty wonderful, and so is she!  she weighed 8lb10oz and was 20.5in long, and my labor was about 8 hours long.  


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Wow! Everyone is keeping busy.  Just being pg is a full time job in my opinion.


Claire, congrats on B's birth.  Did you post your birth story?  And congrats on buying a house too!  I'm sure it will be a relief to get settled in to your new house.


Sarah, peaceful labor vibes for you.  Is your DD excited about being a big sister? 


Rachel, I have no idea how to survive that car trip.  I'm doing a cross-country drive next month with just DD (26 mos.), and I'm not sure how I'll survive it with just her.  DH suggested an iPad with movies on it...not sure how that will work with her RFing though.  Someone else suggested children's books on tape...I've never seen those but if they exist, that might be a good option.  Would an RnR oops be a good thing?  I'm pretty carefully charting to avoid right now because of a big test I have coming up next February, but I can't help but be excited by the idea of an oops each month while I wait for AF.


Katie, good to hear that your pg is treating you well.  Any news on the job for DH?  Fingers crossed that it works out for him!  Would you be moving before or after the baby arrives?



Not much new here.  Movers are coming May 23rd.  Our house here is rented out and we have rented a house in the Yorktown area already.  It's a huge relief knowing where we'll be living.  Of course there are all of the other unknowns--what in the world am I going to do as a SAHM?!  How am I going to curb our spending so that we can afford for me to SAH for a while?  But all of those things will work themselves out I guess....

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Well.. we did have an RnR oops :) we were hoping for one more once he got home so just a little early!!  I am a little stressed what with moving and the fact that we need to find a bigger, safer vehicle for 4 kids under 4 (ack!!) but yeah... cautiously excited!!

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jumpers.gif Congrats!  I think bigger families are wonderful. jumpers.gif

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Thanks for the reminder that I need to make sure to grab some protection before hubby comes home so we don't have an oops... We aren't even going to discuss the possibility of a 4th until Maes 1st birthday.

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Thanks guys :) I am still very.. conflicted?  I don't know, I am happy we are having a baby but the timing is less than ideal.  I am really stressed right now so hopefully once things settle down I will be a bit more excited about it.

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