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My butt hurts!

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I'm 20 weeks pregnant and I've developed a fun new symptom. I work at a desk job so it involves a lot of sitting. After sitting in my chair at work for a while, I notice that my butt is sore. Like if you fall on ice and land on your butt sore. What is this? Is it my coccyx? I brought a pillow in to work with me today to sit on in my chair but it's not helping. I'm thinking maybe an exercise ball as a chair will help? Or do I need to find a chiropractor?

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I have the same problem!!  I asked my midwife about it last week and she said office chairs are the worst for pregnant women.  She suggested I get a yoga ball to sit on or on of those kneeling chairs (I don't know how to describe it sorry...).  She also suggested getting up and strecthing and walking around every 30 minutes or so.  I haven't really done any of these things so I don't know how well they work Sheepish.gif


Just know someone else feels your pain!

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My husband bought me a coccyx cushion and it worked wonders.

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Yep it's your tailbone. greensad.gif I have the same problem. It got really bad during my first pregnancy, and now it's just starting up again with this one (my second.) I'm also 20 weeks.

*Definitely* get a yoga ball for work!!! I can't recommend it enough! Avoid sitting for long periods of time (get up and walk when you can) but when you're sitting sit on a yoga ball. It'll feel SO much better than a chair.

Certain yoga stretches can help too. Lots of cat/cow and child pose.

Just remember, if all else fails, it'll stop hurting for sure after you have the baby, and that's only a few more months!
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might also be sciatica. a couple weeks ago my butt was so achy...like i had sprained it. SIL said sciatica although i've had herniated disks in the past and it didn't feel as bad. sure enough, i did get some shooting pain down the legs to confirm it. 

if it is the case, i would second guess going to a chiro. at least when i had it with disk issues, chiropractic is one of the worst things you can do (but that might just be because of the bulging disk and not related to other causes of sciatica)

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Mine, too, girl! Mine is sciatic nerve pain, though, not my coccyx. It started as an achy pain in the middle of my left butt cheek. It's the worst after I've been sitting up in bed for a while. It gets so bad that I can't even roll over. When I stand and try to walk, it shoots down my leg and I can't support my weight. I cannot stand or walk. In the last 2 weeks I've had it on both sides. Walking and doing yoga to stretch my lower back and glutes helps but even with that I still get the pain sometimes.
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Me too.


My coworkers have brought me pillows and stuff, but nothing helps except not sitting. I try to stand up and stretch every hour but it gets difficult. Especially getting up when my butt hurts so badly! It makes me dread going to work.

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I'd definitely start seeing a chiro--they can help with so many things, but especially this sort of ache. ITA that sitting on a yoga ball will help too

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Me too and I had it with my last pregnancy as well.  Started around 18 wks both times.  I just started seeing my chiropractor again to adjust it.  Basically the baby belly pushes it out of alignment.  It was worse with my last pregnancy b/c I was working FT (sitting mostly).  This time I get around more chasing my 3 yo so it isn't as bad.  Try to get up at your work often during the day to stretch, walk around, bend over, etc. 

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I posted this in a new thread but I'll ask here, too, since I only got one answer. For those of you who see a chiro, what are your adjustments like? Are they the same as when you aren't pg or are things done differently?

I'm wondering because I saw a new chiro yesterday. I haven't been to one since June or July of 2009. I was pregnant then, too, about 8 weeks. I got an adjustment and found out a few weeks later that my baby had died at around 8 weeks. So, even though I am assured by everyone that chiropractic is safe during pg, I can't help but wonder if it contributed to my miscarriage somehow. My adjustment on Friday was essentially the same as the adjustments I've had when I was pg and that made me nervous. I'm afraid to have it done again. There aren't any chiros in my area who specialize in prenatal. Most are accident injury chasers.
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My adjustments are different.  For one there is a big hole in the table for my belly to lay in. ;)  She did some pushing like normal (on middle back) but did different things on the "butt" area.  Of course when I'm not pregnant I have different chiro needs, but she did tell me that she uses a tool (too hard to explain) on her pregnant clients.

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