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Reasons that I am not ready for the baby to come yet...

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...other than the fact that I'm not full-term for a few more weeks. With our due dates getting closer, it's hard not to get excited for our babies' grand entrances. I know that with my DS, the last few weeks were the hardest, so I though that it would be helpful for me, and maybe some of you others, to come up with reasons why we want our babes to hold off for awhile, even if it means making plans that we will only be able to do if the babies haven't come by their EDD.


1- We are moving March 12th. I want to not only be moved in, but completely settled and prepared for our homebirth before I go into labor. I want as much time for this as possible.


2- I need to work as long as I can so that we have enough money to get us through two months of maternity leave. The earlier I go into labor, the less time I have to save money.


3- I'm going to plan some really fun party or spa day for my due date, and I would really like to be able to do one last thing like that for myself before I have the baby.

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Here are my reasons:


1) I need to be at least 37 weeks to birth at the birth center


2) My mom is coming up the 26th and I would like her to be here so she can take care of DS while I'm in labor


3) I would actually prefer this baby to come in April, not March because the month of April has more significance for me - my dad's birthday, DH's birthday. 

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1) my sister is coming March 31, and i need her to drive me to the birth center.
2) need to be at least 37 weeks too
3) need more clothes and to up my cloth diaper stash
4) need DP to be home...still away on business
5) not mentally prepared for labor yet.
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1) march madness: dh works in car sales and we really need him to be focused on work all month long so we will have a money cushion for when dd arrives


2) I want to spend these last few weeks decluttering and taking ds out at least once a week for fun outings or dates as i call them since we won't be able to much after the baby arrives and he will be starting K in the fall.


3) our sump pump went out and want to get that fixed before dd so it doesn't get forgotten and we end up with an underground pool, aka water filled basement.


4) I am not mentally prepared yet for the birth, I haven't finished reading what i need to


Honestly I am freaking out and so not ready for dd lol! All the little baby stuff is coming together, and once we have the shower on saturday, I will be making some last minute purchases and all that will be set, but I am not ready. I also need to try to get ds birthday plans in order, he has already decided on a theme, so i need to find a few cheap decorations since I know once dd arrives, I will not be wanting to go scouring for bday items with a newborn. His bday is about 6 weeks after her EDD and the party will be two months from EDD, but I am so not trying to be superwoman or anything and dd, ds and dh will be my main priority and not planning parties...Plus with K starting in august I really need to be looking for things for ds now like winter clearance clothes, since I will be out of commission for at least 6 weeks lol.

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1. DH is away until March 15th (He'll be back when I'm 37w4d)

2. I have a lot of work to finish up at work before I start my LOA

3. I'm still reading into how to get DH to bond with baby, I feel like I'll be hogging the baby a lot from breastfeeding???

That's basically it, I want the baby OUT as soon as my husband gets home!  I'm so anxious to meet him/her!!!!!!!  I'm excited for bonding time and seeing my husband with him/her!

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Can I have a "reasons I AM ready for the baby to come" LOL

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Originally Posted by ILoveMyBabyBird View Post

 I also need to try to get ds birthday plans in order, he has already decided on a theme, so i need to find a few cheap decorations since I know once dd arrives, I will not be wanting to go scouring for bday items with a newborn. His bday is about 6 weeks after her EDD and the party will be two months from EDD, but I am so not trying to be superwoman or anything and dd, ds and dh will be my main priority and not planning parties....

This is totally me. DS bday is 3 weeks after my EDD and I have NO IDEA when to plan the party, what do do, etc. It'll probably be something fairly low key but I feel a little bad for him because DD just had her 3rd bday and we made a really big deal out of it because this is the first year she's really "gotten it". In retrospect that probably wasn't the best thing to do?.. lol. He's only turning 2 so I doubt it'll be a huge deal to him if it's not an awesome party- mostly it's my own guilt I suppose. 


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I'm actually due May 1st, but I do not want this baby to come early. 

1. MIL is going to be in charge of DS while I'm in labor at the birth center. She will not be back in town until April 26th.

2. So many projects I want DH to get done(he assures me they will get done), because I know after babe arrives there will be less, not more time to do them.

3. Not mentally prepared for birth yet. Not ready to become a family of 4 yet, mentally :)

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1. need to be 37 weeks for the birth center. 

2. my 'big' baby shower that my bff is throwing is on 3/26.  This is the shower that is for me, dh and kids.  All of our close friends will be there.    I'll be 38 weeks.  She will be SO mad if I screw up her party by not being able to make it due to having a baby!  (just kidding- she'll be thrilled about the baby but she doesn't want to cancel the party.

3. Don't really want to work but need to work to make money for maternity leave as well.  Actually this could be on the list to have and to not have the baby.  Work is getting hard and a few more weeks would be good.  I don't want to stop until I have the baby.

4. The mess that is our dining room.  We got the bedrooms straughtened out but I can't seem to muster up the energy to go through the mess that is the dining room.  Mostly its stuff that either was in the office or the girls rooms that we either need to get rid of or find a new home for.  It seems like SOOO much work.  My plan has been to work on it a little at a time on my days off.  So far that plan is a big fat fail. 

5. Need to put the baby room together.  this shouldn't be a big deal.  Its cleared out and ready to go.  But the pieces to the crib are somewhere in the dining room mess. 

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1) My mom informed me today that she's going to be out of state until less than a week before I'm due and we wanted her to be there to watch DS.
2) We ran out of room for freezer meals but still have a ton of meals left to make. A friend has an upright freezer they're giving us, but we haven't been able to arrange to transport it yet. I can't go into labor until that freezer is full!
3) I couldn't get in for my due date massage until 4 days after my due date, and I definitely don't want to miss that!
4) Can't birth at home (with my midwife at least) until 36-37 weeks.
5) Haven't tested the birth pool and related stuff, packed the emergency backup bag, or written emergent birth plans
6) Not done deep cleaning the house yet

We have all of the birth supplies, clothes, diapers, and a car seat (though it's not installed yet) so we'd be more or less ready if baby came in the next few weeks. But I'd rather they take their time like DS did (he was 10 days late even with me knowing the exact date of conception/ovulation).
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1. Can't do a homebirth until 35 weeks (which is kind of nice that she will take babies that soon!)

2. Baby boy needs to figure out that LOA is the way to go.

3. I have 1 - yes, 1, freezer meal. I'm in deep doo doo if he comes early, plus we literally have no room in the freezer bc it is tiny.

4. Haven't even ordered the birth kit yet.

5. Not ready for the long sleepless nights yet - I'm already not sleeping but I remember it being NOTHING compared to after DD was born.

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I'm due May 1st too but definitely am not ready for baby. I still have to get all the baby stuff together and purchase the last of our list. I have to wash/clean/prep all the items too and haven't even started. We need a new camper before the baby comes then I'll have to rearrange the space and make a baby nook. I don't even know where I'm going to birth yet since I don't even know where we'll be. I haven't discussed the birth or birth plan with my doctor. Haven't purchased a home birth kit since I'm still considering birthing at home and at least want to have a few supplies on hand since I intend to stay home as long as possible. I'm not prepared to have another baby yet still haven't wrapped my head around going back into the new born phase. Ugh not ready.

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I'm personally ready so I guess my main reason that I don't want the baby to come yet is I know he/she's not ready. Kinda lame sounding but I've been preparing for this VBAC for almost two years and I'm ready for it.  "Stuff" is ready too (baby clothes, diapers washed, have almost all the homebirth supplies, etc).

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I am ready and not ready at the same time.  Need baby to wait until 37 weeks (which is in 2 weeks), could use the work hours for my one job, have more cleaning/organizing to do, and need baby to not be born on his brother's bday!  That would be really not cool.  We haven't planned a thing for DS's 2nd bday because well, it just hasn't happened.  I've been too busy and he has no clue and well, DS doesn't know what a bday is.  lol

I am ready because well...most things are organized and ready to go and this babe has already dropped.  I am totally feeling like if I just squatted he'd fall out!

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There's a few things I'd like to get done before the baby gets here, but really my only reason for wanting him to wait is the fact that he would be a premie and would need a NICU stay (and my hospital doesn't have a NICU so he'd be at a different hospital from me).  So I need him to wait until at least 36 weeks!  I'm full term March 29 and I'll be ready to go anytime after that.

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We're moving too, on April 1st, and it will probably be into storage and a motel room for an undetermined length of time, while we buy a house.  So she really, really doesn't need to come early.  It's horrible timing, but that's military life. 

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1) I want to be closer to her due date!  (Already had one preemie and would rather not repeat that.)

2) I want a little more time to get DS to accept his daddy over comfort in place of me because I foresee him getting really jealous of me spending so much time with the newborn.

3) I'm still working on that whole packing thing (for a hospital birth.)

4) I haven't finished crocheting her blanket, hat, or booties.

5) So much laundry to get done before she gets here, like washing all of her new diapers.

6) I haven't even thought about freezer meals until I read it in other replies.  Ugg.

7) I still have tons of school work to get done before her arrival so that I don't fall behind.


I feel so unprepared...

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Hmm...  I'm not ready because -


I have to be 37 weeks for the birth center (a little less than two weeks)

I haven't washed anything or installed the car seat

I'd like more time off over the summer vs now when it's cold and my oldest is still in school

The end of this pregnancy kind of snuck up on me!


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Well, I am "full-term" today, but still not ready for the baby to come. We are moved, but not quite settled, especially with stuff for the baby. Also, I don't have the birthing kit because we are not doing my home visit with my midwife until next Wednesday. My last scheduled day at work is March 27th, and I would really like a few days to rest after that before I have this baby. I want to plan one day that's all about my son, doing fun things with him before we introduce the new baby. I would also love to plan a day, or at least an afternoon that I get to treat myself to something before the baby comes. They have this great place in Ogden called the Children's Treehouse museum with all sorts of great hands on learning things and toys. I want to take him there, and also for a picnic outside somewhere. I think I'll aks him if he wants to get together with some friends for this, or just have it be a day for him and Mommy. I'm pretty sure that my afternoon for me will involve a little shopping (by myself,) and a little nap.

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I'm at 38 weeks, but don't want to have this baby before my due date!  In fact, I'm shooting for a few days after my due date.


1. My midwife AND doula will be out of town on my due date (but back 2 days later).  The backups have great reputations, but I'd rather stick with my "A Team."  ;)

2. I have a little more decluttering and cleaning to do in the apartment.

3. I'd rather the weather be a touch warmer, and April seems psychologically more like spring than March.

4. The coworker I share an office with is out until my due date (he's on paternity leave) and it will simplify things at work if he's back before I leave.

5. I don't think I'm quite "there" yet psychologically.  I want a few more days to wrap my head around labor and having a baby in the house.


No big deal if I go early, but I'd rather wait.

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