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kdabbler, while I kind of want to hate you, I'm going to take the optimistic approach instead. You reminded me of what being pregnant helped for me - my body temperature! If I didn't get pregnant on the cycle I did, I was going to get my thyroid tested (my midwife is going to order it in my labs on the 18th though) because I was FREEZING every single day. I had started wearing four layers to work, and was still cold while other people said they were burning up in the office. My hair was falling out, skin was dry, etc. Everything seems much better now as I sit here with a bunch of frizzy regrowth hairs and a short sleeved shirt.

Another perk was losing one of the two pounds I gained. I made note of my weight the day I found out I was pregnant. I gained two pounds that week, stayed at that weight for the past 4 weeks, then lost one of the pounds today. I'm hungry, but nothing sounds good. I just need to get my fluids in. Anyone have any tips for what to drink when your stomach hates everything?