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I'm thinking of those of you who are feeling frustrated and/or dealing with depression, as well as those in labor!


We just got back from dropping off a bunch of de-cluttered donations at Goodwill and picking up the birth tub.  I hope we end up using it, so that it's money well spent.  We'll try setting it up at some point this week (then break it down again so our cat can't puncture it!).  It felt good to cross that off my to-do list  Tomorrow I think I'll head to the laundromat with all our 0-3 month and NB clothes to wash them.  And I got information on a woman who may be able to come and clean our apartment so that it can be extra-clean when I go into labor.


My midwife also emailed me last night to say that my GBS test came back negative (yay)! And I got a nursing tank and 2 bras in the mail (I didn't spend much, in case my size changes when my mature milk comes in).   Then, if I can make it to the grocery store for a bunch of "labor and post-partum" supplies, I'll feel pretty much all set to go into labor -- once my midwife is back in town, that is!  ;)


I'm trying to decide if I should stop working before I go into labor, or just work until the very end.  My first 5 days of maternity leave aren't paid (I can use vacation, but I'm not going to), but I'm still hesitant to lose time that I could be spending with a new baby later.  But I'm definitely getting tired of going in to work, even if I technically have enough energy to get my job done.

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Sounds like a pretty good day, Neuro. What kind of tub did you settle on again?


As for work, maybe taking an extra day a week, like Friday or Monday might help fill the need for relaxation without depleting too much pp time. You will want it then too.


AFM- I'm really grumpy today. greensad.gif

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Just a quick note to say to those of you still waiting to meet your babies that the maternity ward here is ALWAYS full.  There are 14 rooms, and there is always a wait for a recovery room.  It was full Thursday morning when I had my c/s, and then 11 people checked out while I checked in.  The only other check-ins since have been scheduled or emergencies.  Isn't that weird?  the nurses keep saying they can't believe how quiet it is on the recovery ward!  It's got to be the moon or something!  there are like 3 other moms here, 2 with NICU babies.  Very strange.

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Lots of activity this week! Every time I log on I make DH guess how many new babies there will be. He always says 4.


We had a delay on our birth tub arrival a few weeks ago, but we've gotten the good tub now, set it up, gotten the house ready, cleaned, talked through a LOT of birth stuff, and I'm feeling more and more ready for this baby to come! I still have a few loose ends at work to finish up, but I think I'd rather be focused at work than sitting around with nothing to do just waiting for baby.


I decided to get checked at our appt this week. 39w3d and I was 1-2cm and 80% effaced. We go back on Tuesday (40w) and I hope to see some progress! I have been having lots of pressure and some BH, but nothing startling. I've been loosing bits of mucus plug, too.


Lyss- I think the full moon this week will get a bunch of us. Hopefully you won't still be at the hospital to see the surge of new mamas!


Neuro- Our cat has been banned from the bedroom now that the tub is up. Don't they know what is said about curious cats??? I am in the same boat as far as work goes. I am trying to hold out as long as I can, because it might not seem like a big deal now, but I know that at the end of my leave each and every one of those last days at home are going to be precious (and probably painful, too).


Marissa- Once you efface, won't that help him emerge? No more cervix to get through at that point.


Forest- Will be thinking of you while you're gone. Can't wait to see another beautiful baby upon your return.


KaPow- Somebody told my grandma that we're doing a homebirth this week and she's been harassing my mom about it. Mom is avoiding her calls. I am glad its not me dealing with it and find it quite humorous.


Katroshka- Waiting patiently for your return with a birth story and new baby photos! Good luck mama!

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Sounds like a pretty good day, Neuro. What kind of tub did you settle on again?


As for work, maybe taking an extra day a week, like Friday or Monday might help fill the need for relaxation without depleting too much pp time. You will want it then too.


AFM- I'm really grumpy today. greensad.gif



We rented an Aqua Doula.  It was $200, which seems pricey to me, but I couldn't find it cheaper in NYC.


I've only been working about 4 hours a day on Tuesdays and Thursdays lately (Edited to clarify: and full days on MWF, for a total of about 30 hours per week).  No one seems to mind.  ;) 


Sorry you're feeling grumpy!


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The aquadoula is self heated, right. That will be really nice for you!


I had my first labor dream last night. It was so real feeling. Baby was doing crazy crazy things, it was like the movie Alien, like it was trying to emerge through my abdomen. But once it was settled into my pelvis properly, it was born super fast (so fast dh missed it!) and it was a boy who looked a lot like dd1. Wow right?!

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Funny, Banana!  I haven't had any labor dreams in a long time. I always have them in the middle of my pregnancy--I'm in labor and then I think "it's too early!!  Why am I in labor??"  My cold has gotten better and I've felt better and had more energy the past couple of days.  I've also had a better attitude and been more happy.  It makes me think that maybe the baby is coming soon.  I really wouldn't mind. :)  A friend of mine visited on Saturday and she vacuumed our apartment for us.  I thought, okay, now the apartment is vacuumed, I can have the baby.  Ha!  So we'll see.  I'm so excited to see all these babies coming!!






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I think waiting for labor to start is like watching a pot of water... it is so darn frustruating. I remember when I was preggo with DD once I went past my due date I honestly thought I may be preggo forever. Which was crazy I know,  but I was definately stir crazy. So I am sending peaceful thoughts and good labor vibes to all of you who are ready to meet your new LO's


I love hearing about the home births and the water births, it sounds so great. I loved laboring in my big tub before I had DS#1.


Things around my house are in a word: insane.  My new LO is sick. He caught the crud my older 2 kiddies have. They have this wet cough, hack, runny nose stuff. He is only 12 days old!! and about 5 days ago I caught their upper respiratory infection (hacking cough, nasty yellow discharge, slight fever) from my other two children..

I noticed a few days ago that Asher was sneezing.. well now it has turned into a runny nose - that is mostly clear but sometimes light yellow.
Any advice on how to keep his airways open? Here is what I am doing so far: I have propped his co-sleeper up a little so it is at an incline, I am doing saline drops before I use the bulb to suck his nose out ( I do this right before we nurse). I also have a cool mist humidifier running near the co-sleeper.

I took him into immediate care last night because he spit up an entire feed - I think it was his gag reflex because he had a wet cough after eating. His O2 levels were good. And the Dr. said his infection is NOT in his lungs, just his upper airways. whew. He also is not running a fever.  I am just so stressed. He is so tiny... any advice? I am so worried about him, he is so very tiny! and I know his airway passages have to be even smaller.


I honestly don't know what I could have done to prevent him from getting sick, maybe I should have holed up downstairs in the guest room.. but I cannot go up and down the stairs due to my section.. sigh.


Maybe it is postpartum hormones but I feel like I have way too much on my plate today.. :(

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Originally Posted by Virginia884 View Post


Marissa- Once you efface, won't that help him emerge? No more cervix to get through at that point.



it's really hard to describe what's going on exactly. but basically, he's a +2or+3 but completely in front of my vagina. so to get out, either my vagina will have to bend in half or his head has to move up. no matter the effacement and dilation, he can't move through the front wall of my vagina. 


my mom thinks that I've gone to a later gestation this time because I've been eating more protein. I was vegetarian through my first pregnancy and started eating meat this pregnancy because I was having a hard time getting enough protein. 


my duedate is tomorrow. 

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audmommy-so scary having a sick newborn. 

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dd2 got a cold much like the one you describe in the first month, from dd1. sounds like you are doing about all you can! dd2 recovered very quickly, if it gives you some comfort, but it is weird to see a baby so tiny with a cold!

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Audmommy: I hope Asher gets better quickly! That must be very stressful.

Banana: I love labor dreams! I had some with DD, but I'm tootired to remember any this time around.

Neuro: that's great news about the GBS. I'm so excited to be - this time. I've still been taking garlic every 3 days though. Doesn't decluttering feel good?

Marissa: Have ou tried any of the spinning babies techniques? Could those possibly help?


There have been so many babies thie last few days!! It'll be our turn soon. I go to the Chiro tomorrow, although I think he is already working himself into a better position. I have some pretty intense BH the last couple of days. I even wondered if they could lead to something but I'm not feeling it yet. I think I'll go closer to my due date. I bought new running shoes this weekend and they are so comfortable. I wish I had had them early in the pregnancy. DD skipped her nap and should be going to bed soon. I think I'll go soon after. I want to vacuum again first. I definitely need the house really clean these last few days. DD has come back to me the last few days and is being so affectionate towards me. I love it joy.gif. She has been really attached to DH for many months now and had limited love for me. It's a nice and very sweet change. She's gotten so big lately. I think she talked non-stop for 3 hours tonight. It was pretty funny and wore DH out. Now I feel weepy...

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Audmommy, that is so scary and I'm so sorry!  DD is 4 days old, and I definitely have caught the kids' crud.  I have a congested cough, and I cannot even tell you what that feels like with my c-section incision.  It's horrible.  I just pray DD doesn't get it, at least for a week or so.  Poor thing.


You're doing exactly what we did with ours when they were sick, although we also put our kids in a Papasan in the pack n play to be at a better incline.  The snot does increase spit up.  It induces a lot of crying, but we always sucked out noses before nursing.


I looked at that snot sucker thing nasofrito?  I didn't buy it but maybe I will.


Marissamom, I hope you can get him into a better position.  It's so frustrating not being able to make them move.


Neuromancer, you're a star for working at all.  I'm sure you're making everyone nervous.  When I was pg with my first, the other young attorney at my office brought towels in his car in case my water broke and he had to drive me to the hospital so I would ruin his leather seats.  ;)

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Lyss- I am so sorry. I know that must be really awful! Have you ever heard of tessalon perles? they are cough med that is a local anesthetic, so it doesn't make you all loopy. I don't know if it is compatible with bf, but i would think that it is more compatible than a traditional suppressant. They really work too. they are a scrip. I will see if I can find someone with a copy of Hale's and let you know what he says about it. 

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due-date is today. having some contractions, but since today has consisted of sex, nipple stimulation, and nursing DD, I'm not calling anything yet. 

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i'm hoping some of you mamas get things going and have your babies

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I've hit my due date today as well...

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Today's my due date too, and I'm surprised to still be pregnant! But, now that I am, I feel like I've been able to shift my expectations and emotions and let this baby come when he/she is ready. My midwife called and changed my appt from Thursday to today, so maybe that'll move things along. I'm loving reading all the birth stories and baby names!

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I am now officially past my first due-date (I also have the 22nd because of ultrasound). I'm really surprised to still be pregnant, and hope that I don't end up going too much farther. 


This afternoon I have a Midwife appointment, then tonight I get to find out if my sister is having a boy or a girl. 

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I haven't been on much lately, and now that I am I'm going to whine:  My due date was last Tuesday.....waaaaaaaah!!  I'm so excited/impatient to meet this new little baby, and I know babies come when they're ready, but being post-date makes me anxious that I'm on track for a similar birth as my daughter's (water broke 9days past due, no contractions without pitocin, 42 hours to deliver).  I'm trying to not be neurotic or obsess about it, but its hard.  To add to that anxiety, an acquaintance of mine emailed inquiring about the baby status and when I responded not yet, she suggested that I was sending the baby negative vibes and thus delaying my own labor.  Nice.  


I am so happy for all the other mamas who have met their little ones.  Looking at the pics made me teary...they're so beautiful (especially the sibling pics)!  Deep breaths....I know baby won't be attending college in utero! 

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