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We're still going strong!  I think my supply has dropped again because he is eating more solids.  He doesn't mind though.  He's asking a little less but I still offer.  I'm not too sore!

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My boobs hurt.  I don't mind nursing my daughter, but I'm definitely making excuses not to.  Luckily she's 2.5yrs old so when I tell her "Mommy's boobies hurt" she's usually okay with it.  Usually being the key word.  The times she's NOT okay with it are disastrous.  The other day I told her that though and she leaned down, kissed my boob, and said "I make you happy Mommy?  I nurse now?"  Of course I gave that sweet girl some nummies (and grimaced the whole time)!!  I hate that I'm kind of doing mom-led weaning, but thankfully she's not as resistant to it as I thought she would be.  But still... there goes my practice of child-led weaning.  I'm a hypocrite now.  *sighs*

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I'm just about 13 weeks now and DS is still going strong. I have pain on latch (sometimes awful, searing pain, other times mild discomfort) but its mostly okay after 10 seconds. My supply is definitely lowered, but I do still have milk.


He's been nightweaned for several months now, but shows no signs of slowing down during the day. He's had a pretty bad virus for a little over a week now and I was really grateful that he's still nursing.

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I hate that I'm kind of doing mom-led weaning... there goes my practice of child-led weaning. 

Yes, I hear you.  However, I did want to pop in and say I am relieved to have my lo weaned... that was a few weeks ago now.  Gabriel was just shy of 2 years, 2 months when we stopped nursing and I have just been checking back on this thread out of curiosity how it's going for everyone else. 


The unexpected benefit we have had is that Gabriel has been eating a ton of variety of food and putting on weight like you wouldn't believe.  I wish we'd weighed him right before because I swear he's gained 3-5 pounds!  He does ask for snacks at night and food is the first thing he asks for in the mornings, so I know he's missing his snacking (nursing) overnight.  When he's really sleepy he'll still ask me "leche, sleep?" but then can be distracted easily and cuddled and rocked.  We are all sleeping better and through the night, so I am also thankful for that.  My breasts aren't tender and often painful like they were during pregnancy while nursing.  I am not particularly nostalgic like a lot of mamas report being, but I do miss the ease of getting my sweet boy to sleep by just having him nurse.  I hope that this feedback helps other mamas reading this!     


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Kadie is almost 22 months and a complete boob-a-holic. My boobs hurt me on and off, thankfully nothing like while I was nursing our son and pregnant with her. She's not ready to wean, I'm not ready for her to wean so until then we'll just keep going. Our son nursed until I weaned him the day before his third birthday, I was able to tandem nurse them for about a year...I'd love to tandem nurse again! stillheart.gif

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Anyone else out there still nursing?


We're hanging in there. I've set some pretty strict limits.. basically we only nurse first thing in the morning, at nap and at bedtime with rare exception. Sometimes it feels just like any other times, other times it HURTS!


I am still undecided about tandem nursing.

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Uh yeah... reluctantly :(

I was hoping this whole weaning thing would be easier.  Also I'm 16.5 weeks and I was really hoping to have dried up totally by now but it seems like I still have something, though obviously not a lot.


I'm shooting for a schedule of 2x/day right now (home from work and bedtime) but that tends to go to pot on the weekends.  I don't think DD has really caught on that there is a schedule actually, she throws the same tantrum if I tell her 'we can nurse at bedtime' as ever she would if I just said No.


She isn't even technically nightweaned, although she tends to sttn a lot of the time until about 4:30-5 am.  I've been trying to give her a bottle at that point (seems nutty to put a nearly 2 y/o on nighttime bottles but I'm desperate) but that only works sometimes, and then there are other random nights when she starts looking for boob earlier (around 2 am) and it is just so much easier to give her that than to deal with a 2 am tantrum.  It only happens maybe once or twice a week so it seems weird to institute the Jay Gordon plan where you advance things every 3 nights.  The issue doesn't even come up every 3 nights necessarily so... ?


The real problem is that my motivation to wean her is distant (I really do not want to tandem) but in the moment the nursing is always easier than the tantrum.

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I am conflicted at this point. In my heart I don't want to wean and really wanted child-led weaning, but physically I am nearing the end of my rope. I have us mostly limited to first thing in the morning and going to bed at night (with some time limits) and I think I can keep that up for now. I am hoping that will get us through the rest of the pregnancy to tandem nursing or that he will wean from this point on his own. I don't want to nurse right now, but I don't want him to wean. *sigh*

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Still going, but I think he has nearly weaned at this point, he just wants to know that he can still get it if he wants. He asks at bedtime once or twice a week, latches on for about two seconds, and then says he's done. It's been a long, slow, gradual process, and I think it is coming to a very nice close.


I am really happy I didn't have to deal with this when he was younger. hug.gif to the mamas who have much greater demands.

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DD is still loving her namnies. I suspect I will be tandem nursing. Right now we nurse about 4x per day, most days. Bedtime, 1-2 nighttime mini-wakings (would love for those to go away) and upon awakening. And before nap (sometimes after too) if I am home, but I am not always.


She does complain, "namnie all gone" but doesn't seem to want to stop nursing. She also cries for water or "pink bottle" (her sippy cup) in the night sometimes, which is sad. I don't give her milk in bed, but do let her drink from my water cup if she seems really thirsty.


She is drinking a lot more cows milk and other liquids, which is good, b/c I am pretty sure I am not producing much.


Its not hurting nearly as much as it was a few weeks ago. I am about 16w (?)

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I am 16wks for days and it hurts soooooo bad! It feels like she is nursing with rocks or sandpaper or something in her mouth. She is pretty good when she sees my face asking if it is too owie. If it is i tell her it needs to be short. We are at about 3 times a day m-th when I am working and a lot more than that ( i haven't counted) when I am not working.

I have been nursing for almost 9 yrs strait so I know that this is the worst part. As I get closer to the 3rd tri it hurts less. I love tandem nursing for many reasons but I really really love the bond that the older child develops with the baby bcs of it. It is totally worth it to me.

Those of you that are on the fence about tandem or are definately considering tandem should read "adventures in tandem nursing". I haven't read it in a while but it was really helpful when I embarked on it for the first time.

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Kadie turned 23 months on Mother's Day. We're still nursing! I've been feeling more nipple/breast pain since hitting the second trimester but just work through it. I did the same thing with our son and though it hurt at the time it was well worth it! Plus, neither of us are truly ready to wean though I do sometimes limit her "snack" nursing sessions in time if she doesn't pop off my herself in that period of time.

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Gabriel  weaned about 2 months ago . . .he is almost 18 months now. Surprisingly, he doesn't even dive for the boob when it's available now. I really thought he would. After thinking about it, I think I may tandem nurse if he wants to (he will be about 22 months when this one is born), but with limits; I don't want him to nurse every time the new baby does.


Generally I don't miss it, but sometimes . . .it is such an easy comfort measure, and he was sick this last week with very little appetite, and I wish I could have nursed him through it. My nipples are still very tender, and I can't imagine what nursing would feel like now; it is worse than early in pregnancy.


I wish all of you mamas that are still nursing the best of luck with whichever you decide to do. What helped me was remembering that nursing is a 2 way relationship; we both need to be happy about it, and willing to continue. honestly once my milk was drying up, Gabe lost interest pretty quickly. He would rather cuddle and suck his thumb, I am grateful for small mercies :)

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dd is almost 21 mos...it hurts, but not as much as it did with her big brother last pg! It felt like someone took a meat tenderizing mallet and smashed my nipples on a granit countertop!!!!!

I was looking forward to tandem nursing last time, but I could not keep nursing him with no idea that the pain might actually stop. Funny thing is I might end up tandem nursing this time when I don't really want to :(

ds was about 32 mos when we stopped...he still finds comfort in my boobs...he turned 4 in Jan-he was throwing up from a stomach bug last night and as soon as he was done he stuck his handsin my shirt and promptly fell asleep.

I told him that the milk was gone and that the new baby would bring him some more :)

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We're still nursing ... and it hurts like heck when dd latches on.  I had thought she'd weaned a couple of months ago, but no.  She's actually nursing more now than she has been in a loooooong time.  Does anyone know when our 'new' milk starts to come in, typically?


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We're still nursing ... and it hurts like heck when dd latches on.  I had thought she'd weaned a couple of months ago, but no.  She's actually nursing more now than she has been in a loooooong time.


Same here! I thought he was about to be done when suddenly he picked it back up..I can't express a drop but he swears there is milkshrug.gif It is starting to hurt when he latches on and I am worried about how he will be when the baby comes since he is such a jealous personality. I can't even fathom how I would "force" him to wean..nor do I really want to do that so I guess I will just figure it out as we go like I always do.

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We are still nursing but I don't have any milk left. She mostly doesn't care though! We are down to just a few times per day. Mostly bedtime, naptime, and waking up from both. Sometimes another time thrown in there. I too am torn with weaning or keeping at it. Part of me thinks weaning might be great but it breaks my heart to think of cutting her off before she is ready. DH is (gently thank goodness) advocating for weaning her. We'll see. I think if we can limit it to a few times a day and stick with that then we will keep at it. I sure would like to know when colostrum will start coming in because this dry nursing business is just plain uncomfortable!

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Matthew weaned about a month ago and I have to be honest and say that I'm happy.  I was not enjoying it in the end. 

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Still going here. I've been letting her nurse when she wants to for the most parts, but sometimes I'm just too tired or my nipples are too sensitive. Day before yesterday was the 1st time she nursed in 4 days though, so I think the end is coming up pretty soon. I'm happy, yet sad at the same time. I get a break before new baby gets here, but my 2.5yo baby is about to wean. Bittersweet for sure.

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I'm still nursing, but wow is it painful when he latches on. I still have milk, but probably not as much since he seems to be asking for more water lately. I'm not planning on weaning, but I might night wean soon b/c I'm feeling really touched-out and uncomfortable when he nurses at night and it's making it hard to get enough sleep. 

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