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Belly band useful or not at this stage?

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I'm 24 wks along and carrying pretty small based on the observations of others. Pre-pregnancy I wore primarily skirts; they still fit, but my pants do not at all any more. I bought one pair of maternity pants but I'm starting to think I'd like to wear more pants. I know those belly bands that make your pants stay up are really designed for earlier in pregnancy. Is there any point in buying one at this stage--will it still help me fit into my pre-pregnancy pants, or am I beyond that stage and need to suck it up and wear something else?

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I'm still using mine at 41w, 2d and it's doing its job as well as it always has.  I have no maternity bottoms, just tops.

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Maternity pants are SOOO comfy. You will not regret buying another pair or two. As for the belly band, I love mine. It covers up the top of the maternity pants when shirts start getting too short, and it keeps the midriff warm. 

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I don't think the belly bands are just for early at all!  I love mine and wear them all the time.  I had issues with pants staying up all through pregnancy and I have never regretting buying it.  I have to use it for my maternity pants too... but that might be more my body or something.

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I agree with buying maternity pants, at a certain point I just couldn't tolerate anything squishing my belly.  If you're trying to stay on a budget try craigslist/Kijiji, I often see maternity clothes up for sale, some even in whole lots.  I don't think the belly band is just for early pregnancy either, actually I got the most use out of mine so far when my belly was getting round and some of my regular shirts (that still fit) were getting too short.  I plan to use it once the baby's here too to cover my tummy when I lift up my top to nurse.  I think they're very versatile, and I got mine at Target so it wasn't as expensive as the "brand name" ones.  You could also make your own if you're crafty, I've heard of mamas doing that.

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I only wore the belly band for a few weeks early in my pregnancy. I didn't like it because it always rode up in the back and exposed my butt. At 21w I can't even imagine wearing it now, I think it would be way to tight. I would suggest trying it on in the store before you buy it, just to make sure that's its comfortable.

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I didn't buy mine until 30ish weeks ($2 on clearance at Target, woot!), and have used it almost daily since. I am 40 weeks 6 days now. I have a very long torso, so I couldn't find any shirts long enough to cover my belly without gaping several inches. This solved the problem nicely. I also like them for postpartum.
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i love my belly bands and i have worn them early to end of all my pregnancies.  they are great for holding up the maternity pants early on and allowing me to wear my regular jean almost the entire way through the pregnancy (unbuttoned and unzipped with a longer shirt of course, maternity jeans are just so horrible!)  also, since all my pregnancies have been through the winter, i love the extra layer to help keep my back warm!

at 24 weeks you can still get plenty of use out of one if you like them!

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