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Best Cloth Diaper for newborns?

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I just found out I'm pregnant with #2, and I am currently CDing my 1yr old.  I'm using Happy Heinys Organic One Size, and I really like them for my older baby, but they would be too bulky for a newborn.  So I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for CDs for newborns?  I prefer a natural fiber next to my childs skin, preferably hemp, and no polyester fleece!  Thanks!

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I have really liked Kissaluvs 0 fitteds for my babies.  They do make an organic cotton/hemp version, but it does run bigger than the regular cotton version.

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My favourite for a newborn were the Mother-Ease Sandys fitteds, although they're cotton, not hemp. Kissaluvs were great too - anything that kind of style worked exceptionally well.

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It's not fancy, cute, or fun ... but I started with flats, and am now exclusively using flats.


We got 3 dozen Green Mountain Diaper birdseye flats to use during the newborn stage, with Thirsties XS covers, and Imse Vimse Wool covers.  They are soooooo easy, and you don't wake up one day suddenly needing all new diapers. 


As he got bigger I got all excited about fancier diapers.  I got several kinds, and after several months I have gotten rid of everything but our flats.


Now (9 months old, 20 pounds or so), we pad fold a flat diaper in a Flip, G Diaper, or Imse Vimse Medium cover. 


The GMD site suggests you'll need to upsize your flats when your baby gets bigger, but when you pad fold this isn't necessarily so.  It's the perfect size for Medium and Large G Diaper covers, and can be "winged" to cover all of a Flip cover.

In other words .... the flats could also work for your older child. 


I actually don't love G Diaper covers, yet we use them all the time because it makes for the fastest diaper change.  Flip covers are for nighttime, wool for hot days or being in the car seat for a long time.


GMD's hemp doublers are great too, and inexpensive for hemp.  They wash better than the other hemp I have tried, too.

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Size 0 Kissaluvs worked well for me. I had issues finding a cover that would not irritate the cord stump. I use Thirsties but waited until cord fell off after seeing it rub the wrong way. I love prefolds with a snappi, Flats are cool wash great dry quick and make great burp rags too, but I do love my Mother Ease One Size and air flow covers the most for long term. I also have 4 BG organic AIO. They take forever to dry and fit funny right now plus 25 bucks for one dipe kills me. 

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I liked the Bumgenious newborn size all-in-ones. They are kind of pricey, but fit so good on a newborn's little booty. They don't seem as bulky as prefolds & covers either.

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We are digging the GoGreen Pocket Diaper's Champ! Can go from NB to Potty, has many different snap configurations to fit ALL sizes and the quality is outstanding. Prices are even more amazing, a fraction of what other companies charge. I think they're on sale now. gogreenpocketdiapers.com

I think they are microsuede inside though...

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I just folded my newborn stash of organic Kissa 0s, which are hemp blend. I really love the flap soaker design and want the superior containment so we can do wool more easily. My toddler is in Baby Kicks One size organic hemp blend fitteds, so I know I love fitteds and wool. We did plain prefolds with him and that worked well.

I second the recommendation to look into flats, there are several hemp blend flats (and a few hemp blend prefolds) out there. Remember newborn diapering is more about containment than absorbency. You are right to look at newborn diapers as one size diapers really don't fit until they hit 10lb or get some thigh chunk going on.

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