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anovulatory cycle and charting

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So, I've had a really stressful few weeks and feel pretty certain that my body is going to give up on ovulating this month.  I am right at the point that I should be ovulating.  I have got ferning and I've got EWCM (just less than usual).  The opk was starting to show an LH surge, with the first faint line starting to show up, but then it went back to nothing instead of becoming clearly positive like it usually would.  My temp was really high yesterday, so I thought perhaps I ovulated and just had a really quick brief LH surge and missed it with the testing.  But then today the temp was way down again.  So who knows what is going on...


There isn't any hope of TTC right now anyway with all of the illnesses, life and work stress going on.  But I am still curious.  Would you get a completely positive LH test during an anovulatory cycle?  How about the ferning?  That is showing estrogen, right?  So maybe I'd have the estrogen surge but not LH in an anovulatory cycle? 


I guess I'll just keep pos to see what happens.  Maybe it will just be a delayed ovulation and I'll still get a chance to try conceiving this cycle.  I'm just wondering if anyone knows the science of how all this works. 


I've charted through missed cycles before, but only with temps and CF.  I've only recently added the extra tests to predict ovulation.  So I'm curious to know how it all fits together.

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I just want to suggest switching to digital OPKs if you're not using them already.  I finally did that this cycle (my 13th month ttc) and was shocked at the difference between the digital and ICs.  This is what my first positive digital OPK looked like on CD14.  I did not get a positive IC until CD16 which was the day AFTER I ovulated.




As for the temp, you may have had a fall-back rise.  Do you have any other symptoms that you may have ovulated?  Creamy CM?  Tender breasts?

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That is interesting.  I've been using a combination of the saliva fern test and the LH test strips.  My ovulation is pretty easy to track and usually right on time, so I haven't worried too much about the testing.  It is mostly just something to do to get more info. 


It does look like perhaps I have (or will) O this cycle.  I really thought it might not happen with the stress.  But the day after my original post, I got a very strong + LH test.  It has stayed positive for three days, but the ferning is gone.  And my temps have only jumped a little, not up to where they usually go after O.  


So, I don't know if there is still hope or not.  I usually O on the second day of a +LH test.  And I don't usually have three days of positives.  But we did DTD tonight so, I guess there is a chance that we might still have a slim shot this cycle?


I just don't know how to interpret having a +LH but negative fern test.  shrug.gif


Guess I just wait to see what my temps do in order to really understand what is going on.

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I'm a newbie at everything ttc since we started last month. I just came off of 10+ years bcp in February, so I bought an ovulation kit (same as pictured in MommyMatsumoto's reply). I got the smiley face on CD17 which sounds late but I counted the first placebo bcp as CD1 and the last one I took was on CD4 so I don't really know when my cycle started.


My chart has been ALL over the place - I started charting at CD4 (today is CD9) and since I can't figure out the link, I copied my chart, I take my temperature around the same time every morning - either the thermometer is by my bed or in the bathroom. I know I've been sick which might explain the spike on CD4-CD5-CD6 (fighting a sinus cold all week) but the rise and the symptoms I've been getting (cramp in right side when I woke up, increasing cm) makes me think it's egg-drop time.


MamaRuga - maybe your cycle is running 'late' this month? I started using my ov kit on CD5 and then daily starting on CD7 because I get the funny feeling that it will either sneak in early or I'll be waiting until week 3. Stress is a killer, especially when you're sick. I hope things work out for you.


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