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Hi Everyone,


My name is Megan, and I am an accelerated nursing student. I am conducting an independent study examining the relationship between a woman’s labor and delivery experience and the feelings and emotions she experiences during the labor and delivery process and in postpartum period. I just got approved by the school's institutional review board, so now, I am able to reach out and start contacting people.

I am looking for women who have given birth in the last 10 years and who would like to discuss their birth experiences and how they felt after their child was born. It would require answering a couple questions in narrative form (if you feel like writing it out would be better) or doing a face to face interview. Whatever it more comfortable/more convenient for you.


If you are interested/willing to help me out, email me at, and I will send you more info, including the questions and a consent form. I look forward to hearing from you. Please note that all of your information will remain confidential.

Have a great weekend,