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dude, i don't even care, I'm wearing a bikini.

Me too....that's what I did the other 2 times, found a cheap bikini in one size up-mainly to accomadate my chest. Now I have a bikini that fits the bigger boobs, so hopefully that will work.


If not, I have a tankini that my SIL gaev me, but I've never tried it on so not sure it fits at all. I'm definitely going to need a bathing suit, probably in 2 months time around here.


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well, last summer I had big boobs, then in the end of summer/fall I lost some weight and went down a cup.  Then I got pregnant, and my boobs are back to their last-summer size so i might not even have to get a new one if this is as much as they grow

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I was able to find a maternity suit at a maternity outlet store in San Marcos, TX a few weeks ago for about half the list price. My pre-preg size is small but I had to go up to a medium to accommodate the boobs. I think it was Motherhood brand.

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So...swimming lessons start in two weeks.  I got brave and tried on the tankini+maternity swim skirt.  Tankini looks fine.  Plenty of give to survive through the end of April.  Swim bottom...cuts me across the middle and looks super attractive, but I will survive.  It's not like I'm going to be trying to pick up guys at my son's swimming lessons while 7 months pregnant!!  ;)   But for those going the regular tankini route...seems like it's going to work.  :)  And I was happy to see how long the top is.  It ought to cover for a long time! 

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I just found http://www.fitmaternity.com/index.html  and it looks like a gold mine.  Pretty expensive but a couple of the suits they swear you can use all through pregnancy/postpartum.  I'm looking for a suit I can swim laps in and had just about given up so I'm willing to give this a try.

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In follow-up to my original post, JCPenney has finally listed maternity swimsuits for sale.  I have found them to be very good quality and fit.




Originally Posted by melinstar View Post

I found some really nice ones on jcpenney.com during my summer pregnancy in 2008.  But, I just went to the site, and there's not one listed on the regular maternity section--strange, since regular swimwear is already out.  Bummer.  But, there are still a few in the maternity clearance section.


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Originally Posted by tourist. View Post


I just got the most fabulous capris from ON.  They are soooo soft and comfy...I liked them so much I went back to buy a second pair.  Unfortunately, pregnancy brain rules, and I bought exactly the same color I already had.  I didn't notice until after I'd already washed the second pair.  Oops.  I agree though, it's really hit or miss, but I find it's that way everywhere.


That *exact* same thing happened to me with the twisted strap (on a dress I got from Banana Republic).  I just fixed this past weekend (even though I bought the dress in September) it, literally took me 5 minutes to unstitch and resew.  I was surprised at how easy it was because the strap was sooo messed up.



I tried several different styles and sizes from ON. None of them fit well. The store here doesn't carry much but I did go and try things on at the store before ordering. I'm not a fan of ON in general, though. I find their clothes to be very poorly made. Same with Target. I've bought a few things (not maternity) from Target that did not hold up. Also, like ON, the fabrics are very thin (=cheap?). I tried to suck it up, though, because it's maternity that I won't wear for long. If something had fit, I would have kept it. I did get some really comfy velour pants from Motherhood. They are very soft and stretchy and comfie and only $9. I'd get a couple more in different colors if I could.

As for the bathing suit strap, I don't sew. I thought of taking it to a tailor to have fixed. It might not cost any more than shipping for an exchange. However, then it's the principle of the thing. They need to know when they are sending defective products. I've got time to exchange it one more time.

I wish there were more stores in my area that carry maternity. Sometimes I can find things at Ross but I have to have the time the search through the racks. That's hard to come by with 2 LOs and a dh who's not home much.

I saw those pants at Motherhood and really wanted to get them.  I have some non-maternity ones that should fit the whole time though, so I didn't indulge, although at that price it was hard to say no.


And for some reason I missed that it was a bathing suit strap ... yea, no way I'd attempt to fix that.  I'm not a sewer either, my dress was pretty simple and silk so easy to fix the one 1/2 width of stitches.  Nothing more frustrating that having to return clothes for defects.  So annyoing.


I agree with you, Ross can totally be good for maternity if you have the patience to search their racks..and like you, with LO's in tow, I've found that to be next to impossible.

Originally Posted by Narleegates View Post

dude, i don't even care, I'm wearing a bikini.

ROTFLMAO.gifI love it!  Me too.  I borrowed a tankini from my friend, but have a bikini that I'm going to use as well. 


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