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Looking for doulas in Western NY

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Hi Everyone.  I am new to this community and need some help.  I am 32 weeks and am starting to get very nervous about labor and delivery.  I want to attempt a low intervention VBAC but not happy with my doctor.  It seems like he doesn't want to talk about it.  Every time I bring it up he says that he supports my decision but it is not recommended and there are a lot of risks although he will agree to "allow" me to try.  I've done my research and I know about the risks.  I have been looking for a new doctor but can't find one that will take me this late.  Also, my husband says he will support me but I don't think he will be a good advocate for me when the time comes, he's more of a "whatever you say doc" kind of guy.  I don't want to have to fight by myself when I am in labor.  I have no family around that can help and I don't know what a labor is like without interventions, I know I don't want my water broken, internal monitoring or episiotome (sp?).  What other routine interventions should I be aware of?  I would love to have a doula, but I can't afford much and really don't know where to look.  Any suggestions?   I have ordered Natural Childbirth the Bradley way but I'm still pretty scared, I feel like I am going to have to go through this alone. 

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It sounds like a doula is the perfect thing for you! I'm sorry you're not able to find a new provider. I'm surprised no one will take you. What if you had just moved to the area?


Try searching dona.org and cappa.net. Also, I googled "doula western NY" and saw a number of things come up that looked promising. Many doulas will offer reduced fees, and often new or doulas in training will offer their services for low or no fee.


good luck :)

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Not really much to add to what Allison said as far as finding a doula.  I know that doulas who are going for certification are required to attend a certain number of births in order to get the certification and those are the ones who will attend your birth for free. 

As far as getting a low intervention birth- stay home! Not for the actual birth but as long as you are comfortable with before going to the hospital.  The shorter amount of time you are there the less interventions they have time to do.  If your doc said he would let you try to VBAC your best bet is to go to the hospital in active labor.  Also- take a tour of the hospitals L&D- They will usually allow you to do this when you pre-register.  See if you can ask a nurse or nurse manager some questions.  Let them know you are planning to vbac and see what the reaction is.ask her if they do a lot of vbacs.  some places do and some don't.  If they do them on a pretty regular basis then you should be good. But if they don't you should know what you'll be up against when you go in. 


Good luck.  I hope you find a doula and that everything works out well!

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I definitely want to stay at home as long as possible, the hospital is only 15 minutes away and doc already told me I'd have continuous monitoring via telemetry.  I'm hoping I can talk my way out of that too.  I'll have to call some of the doulas listed and see if they can point me in the direction of a doula in training.  Thank you ladies.

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Monitoring via telemetry is far better than being in bed strapped to the machine! Still a nuisance, but much better.



If you find a doula with a lot of experience, who is really familiar with the hospital you'll be going to, see if she's open to answering questions about birthing there, esp VBACing. Even if you aren't going to hire her, she might be willing to share some info, such as nurses to avoid, techniques and tactics to use that have helped previous clients of hers be successful at VBACing. Whatever doula you do hire will likely have some ideas too, but if she's newer, she might not have the practical experience of what actually works.

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Where in Western NY? I'm in the Rochester area, and I have been given a couple recommendations, one of whom I know personally through prenatal yoga and LOVE her as a person. Feel free to PM me if you want names. smile.gif
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You can post in the "Finding Your Tribe" section of MDC. Good luck finding a doula!
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