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your earliest signs?

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hi there


I wondered what your earliest pregnancy signs were?I am patiently waiting to test.


my signs so far:


* lower back ache especially in a morning

* feeling pregnant

* I feel heavier

* heavy boobs,bra fits differently,can feel filling sensations at the sides.

* brown/pink spotting

* pregnancy smell

* had wierd twitchy flutter just under my belly button couple nights ago

* irritable sometimes


thanks in advance :)

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Hi!  So excited to be here.  My only sign so far is complete exhaustion.  And I had a feeling.  My husband and I were talking about trying to get pregnant soon, later in the spring, and got a little loose with the birth control in February.  Before AF was even really late (I'm regular, but not that regular), I just got this *feeling* that my PMS wasn't PMS at all and that I should take a test. 

I'm wishing that somehow I could make the time between now and my first appointment at the end of March fly by!  And, I'm a nervous first timer!

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Hi!  The telltale earliest sign for me with both DD and this pregnancy (and I apologize for this being gross) was that I had a few blood spots in my snot when I blew my nose.  This was well before I tested positive, like 7 dpo maybe?  


The other feelings are so iffy, if I weren't pregnant I would probably just not even notice them but because I am, I notice them.  Extra tiredness, slightly sore breasts, hungry for more protein than usual, feeling slightly more winded than usual when exercising, etc.  Oh and a little pushing/pulling in my lower abdomen too.



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With DD, I was almost around 6.5 weeks along before I found out. I tested because I started feeling some nausea and my breasts felt full and sore. Now, I'm somewhere around 4 weeks along and I'm not feeling too many symptoms. Just today I feel like the exhaustion is starting to set in. I had actually been dealing with some insomnia issues the last few months, and I noticed the last couple of weeks it's been a whole lot easier for me to fall asleep at night. Today, though, I can barely keep my eyes open and I got plenty of sleep last night! Also, now my breasts are feeling a little sore. Again, just started today. I mostly notice it when DD is squirming around in my arms. Other than that, no real symptoms. I didn't get any symptoms until the week I tested with DD so I may have another couple of weeks. My first midwife appointment is on the 15th and I can't wait!


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My first sign was that my boobs were killing me... and still are. They are so sore and tingly. It's almost that milk let-down feeling. I've been a little bit hungrier and sleepier, but not too much. I'm also getting tired quickly when doing physical activity. And my pants are waaay tight around my tummy, probably from bloating and my uterus growing quickly. This is my third, so everything stretches easily. ;)

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Hello. I just tested positive (10 times) yesterday. LOL My period isn't due until Saturday.


ACNE. Like, worse then I've ever had... On my face and chest.

I felt sick to my stomach every single time I ate, but I never threw up.

Boob pain.


I had the lightning bolt pains in my uterus. It feels like it's "under construction" down there. There's always something happening. Be it pressure, twinges, aches, cramps, whatever.

My bowels, when they decide to come out (Constipated), are loose.


Tested faint positive at 10DPO. Got a "PREGNANT" at 11DPO.

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My earliest signs were exhaustion, bloating and weirdly placed acne.  I tested before I was even due for AF because I just knew something was up.

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The week before I tested I took naps during the afternoon 3 times (so not like me).

I would feel this intense hunger type thing that I had last preg.

I had very slight naseau a few times.

A few lower back aches but I thought it was just my posture.

I felt the fluttery feelings after I tested.


A week later or more, I am definitely more physically tired and I'm not sleeping as much at night.

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HAhahaa I like that, it DOES feel like its "under construction" in there. I feel a lot mostly in the evenings. I did have a brief wave of nausea but I think it was due to the b vitamins in the prenatals i took on an empty stomach. I once took a prenatal when we were "going to eat in about 15 minutes" and i was very much NOT pregnant, and I nearly puked all over the car. Lesson learned.. prenatals with a meal! A very good symptom is that I actually feel tired when i should be going to bed. I usually tend toward being a nightowl and its a terrible habit, I'm so wired at night and happy to be kid free I don't wanna sleep! So sleepiness at bedtime is an excellent bedtime enforcer. Thank you, embryo, for assisting in my natural melatonin production :) 

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last night i was awake,i had really heavy cramping in my lower back and legs.

i seem to get the nausea feeling in a morning.



the cramping was like i could start af right away,which is not possible as this is way

too early..:)


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ugh. i don't even feel pregnant!!!  last time i was immediately sick, but this time...nothing


and i am just eat up with worry until i can see that heartbeat; i'm having a hard time this time around with worry and stress. my ob has gone out of business, and if i stay in my town, i have to have another csection, or if i go 45 minutes away to another hospital and dr i can try for a vbac.


sometimes i regret charting my cycle and knowing exactly when i'm pregnant...it makes for a looong pregnancy.

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My first I had no clue and didn't even test until I was 7 weeks along.


My second I tested right at 14 days but only because I didn't get my period as I should have that day and they were like clockwork.


My third I had a feeling and tested several days too early. I even had a neg blood test when I was seeing faint home urine tests but no symptoms.


My fourth I had a dream. I had a dream that involved pregnancy tests and when I woke up I realized they were all positive so I dug one out, took it, and went back to bed then woke up a little while later to find it blazing positive. It had sat out so long that I took another and the same result. I also had bleeding gums when I brushed my teeth before this for about a week but didn't connect the two.


My fifth I wanted pickles. I bought several jars of pickles at the store out of the blue one day and ate them all within a few days. Then my toothbrush was pink. Then I tested. I was only 9dpo when I got the positive test and it was a couple days after the pickle thing and the day my gums started bleeding.

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I'm even more exhausted than before I took the test and now I swear I am having baby poop come out of my bowels.  It's really gross.  But something I guess I'm going to have to get used to!

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did anyone get the boobs filling at the sides sensation?

I get that every day later in the day



been very irritable today too.



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I had implantation cramps 5 dpo and got a faint BFP 7 dpo. From 8 dpo on I have had off & on cramping, some so strong it feels like period cramps, although I usually never cramp until after AF actually arrives. I've been really tired, last night I went to bed at 8, meant to take a nap but never got up until this morning, whoops. Yawning all day today, it just won't go away. Yesterday I was pretty irritable and very sensitive, tears coming way too easily. Sounds like normal PMS type things, but I usually don't get PMS so that's different for me too. I've also had off & on lower back cramps.

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i was charting my basal body temp so i saw that i'd ovulated the day that i'd had unprotected sex... so i knew to test early. :) got a positive today at 12 days past ovulation...


  • sense of smell sharper 7 dpo
  • lack of patience with the kids 9 dpo (moodiness you could call it)
  • falling asleep early 7 dpo
  • breaking out 9 dpo
  • told my husband i wanted hot wings when we were in the middle of sex last night. ;) i should have known i was pregnant right then. ;)


there are other signs but i'd have to look for the list i made a few days ago when i was feeling paranoid. :) i had a negative test at 9 dpo, 10 dpo, didn't test on 11 dpo, and then today my husband sad i should take one at 12 dpo. :) happy accident, catching that egg! :)

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thanks for your replies :)

feeling very strange today,like moody.

the lower back cramp,I only usually get that with af,but I have had it every day,

especially in a morning and late at night.

this morning I felt very sick and I have a headache,I don't usually get headaches.

boobs still feel tingly and prickly,those are the biggest signs for me,as i get nothing like that with af.

feeling quite sad and weepy,which again isnt like me too.though the waiting is a hard one :)


thanks so much for your feedback ,enjoy your pregnancies,hope I officially join you soon x

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I am 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant and my symptoms so far include:

More bloat

more acne

sensitive breasts

slight nausea starting today


I can smell EVERYTHING


What made me have a feeling I was pregnant before AF was due was my breasts being all tingly. They werent sore like they usually are before AF.

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I"ve  had a bloated feeling and menstral like cramps which my ob keeps telling me is normal! This is our first and I had no idea to expect them. I thought I was just getting my period. I've also been very tired (from oral progesterone) and not feeling like doing much. We will see what this week brings! 

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tired, moody, really hungry.


 With my loss, we had went to a infertility dr and done bloodwork and the day dh was suppost to go to the lab to do a SA, he ended up going to the wrong lab lol.


This baby we again went to the specialist, i was going to go the clomid challange test when i got af so thinking ahead right after the appointment on 2/21 i went and paid the co pay and got the script for clomid. After doing that Dh goes that would be pretty funny if we are pregnant again already.   I tested + on 10dpo and got a Pregnant digital on 11dpo.

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