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My DD and I play verbal word games on the walk to school each morning. Sometimes we play the gratitude game where we each name 3-5 things we are grateful for at that moment in time. Connecting with nature is very spiritual for me...probably the most influential in my life long-term. I walk my DD to and from school for many reasons and the simplest is I enjoy it. So many people try to talk me out of walking her in various weather conditions, which I find interesting. I *enjoy* the various weather conditions! Walking in the rain is magical. Walking in the heat is a reminder to be grateful for our unair-conditioned home, which manages to stay cool and shelter us. I love to hike and camp, too. My favorite activity of all time is walking barefoot on the beach right at the surf's edge. All five senses come alive and I feel so vibrant and free and grounded all at the same time. Connected. It's exhilarating! love.gif



 goodvibes.gif    Beautifully written Sunny!