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Cesarean Birth/Recovery Support Thread 9 (april 04)

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This thread is for mothers who are either planning a cesarean birth or recovering from a cesarean birth. This is a support only thread-please refrain from debate and judgment.
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On The Fence CB Birthplan

Cesarean birth plan

As this is a planned Cesarean birth we are looking forward to a positive birth experience. We want to participate in this birth to the fullest. We have listed our preferences below, these decisions have been made after research, consultation, and thought. Therefore your help in attaining these goals is very much appreciated.

We would appreciate preoperative blood work and tests to be done on an out patient basis, and hospital admission on the day of the birth.

My sister, *******, is to stay with me the entire time, even for procedures and administration of anesthesia.

I would like an epidural for pain relief with Duramorph. < this I changed to the PCAPump, which left the epidural cath in my back where pain medication was directly put into the spinal column, it was like having a walking epidural and I could dose myself before moving around or nursing)

I would like the catheter put in after anesthesia is administered.

We do not wish to have medical students present during our cesarean. < I did have a student nurse and would gladly take another one, they pampered me!)

My arms are not to be strapped down unless general anesthesia becomes necessary during an emergency.

We would like the option of viewing the birth either by lowering the screen or positioning a mirror.

Kim would like a verbal description of the birth as is occurs. Kim welcomes conversation during the process. (while some people want quiet, I didnt. That scared me last time. I want some conversation)

We would like to take photos as we did of our first child. (we did not do video, but you can add this. my pictures are graphic)

Kim would like to see the baby immediately after birth if at all possible. She would also like to be given the baby or have it held near her in the OR. (my frist csection I did not get to see my baby)

No mind altering drugs are to be administered without Kim’s expressed permission. I am aware that some hospitals routinely sedate the mom for the repair portion of the surgery. It is important to Kim not to feel drugged or be unable to remember the events of the birth. We wish that no pre-op or post-op drugs be administered that cause drowsiness or sedation.

We would like our baby to be with us in recovery. Kim wishes to breastfeed immediately. Please do not give our baby bottles of formula or water and no pacifiers. ( I had Jack with me 15min after he was born, I actually was sitting in bed on the phone)

Kim does not want to be deprived of liquids or food after her cesarean.

Please remove Kim’s IV and catheter as soon as it is no longer medically necessary. She wishes to get up and move after the birth of our baby as soon as possible.
Kim would like to be promptly discharged as soon as she is well enough.
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hi there! hope everyone is well. just bumping this up to the top of the page.
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Hospital cb rate

Did you know your hospitals CB rate before going to it? Was it something that concerned you, or were you thinking more in terms of the doctor you use?

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Subscribing to the thread-

Am now six months post c/b-am happy to say that I feel I'm completely "back"- that's a good thing.

Would also like to note on an emotional level I also feel very good. Things that may have been unresolved w/cb #1 have been resolved through cb #2. I'm happy to feel clear.

Especially nice to feel clear when dh and I are talking about #3.

So I'm here thinking about #3, a VBA2C and another planned C.
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<So I'm here thinking about #3, a VBA2C and another planned C. >

I forget ladylee, but what lead you to the first two csections.
Did you choose/plan the second one? And if so, why are you now considering a VBA2C?

I am thinking about no.4 (one of my children is adopted) I am thinking either this fall or next, more likely Fall of 2005. I have thought that if I had baby 4 in the right positioning, head presenting against the cervix, that I would attempt a trial of labor at least but then I have begun reading that the risks are greater if you go into labor, do not succeed and do go on to a csection.
My last C/B was so great that I would hate to go into another "unplanned" one -- especially if I was worn out from laboring or if I ended up there due to complications. That frightens me more than a VBAC, especially since I had a relatively easy recovery from the last csection.
If I can plan the next child ( heee heee we know how that goes) then my youngest would be over 4. Plenty of healing time, plenty of time for me to emotionally prepare for another pregnancy, and my children be old enough to be cared for more easily while I Was in the hospital. One of my reasons for planing last time was because I was able to arrange child care for my daughter,5 and my then 17m old son.

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checking in!
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Hi Everyone,

I am almost 7 weeks pp and post-op after my 2nd c/s. I did try to VBAC, but had to have another c/s after pushing for three hours. Trying to push out my big baby was terribly painful and impacted, and it damaged my bladder and uterus. As a result I lost a large amount of blood during surgery which dropped my healthy hemeglobin levels down to 90. But we are all in good shape now, healthy and almost healed up. I feel good about having tried to VBAC (because I now KNOW that it wasn't possible!), but had I known how it was going to go I would have opted for a ERCS. Oh, for a crystal ball!

I will add that trying for a VBAC was an anxiety-laden choice for me. I worried about it a lot, probably because I am knowldgable about labour and delivery (i've worked in this area for years) and I knew that I'd have very little control over anything: who I'd get as doc on call, what her/his philosophy would be, which nurse I'd get, when I'd go into labour, how child care would work out for my elder child, etc, etc, etc. Scheduling a c/s was at least a way to have a bit of control, if you KWIM.
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I was feeling so good last week but now am feeling slightly sore again. (I think I've been trying to do too much-and btw I never did start exercising as I decided to hold off until 6 weeks to be sure after all)

Anyways is it normal to have a burning feeling under your incision (on the inside) that's what I've been feeling alot of latley and figured it was just the muscles healing...what do you all think? is this common or should I be concerned?

when does it get easier to bend over btw? I find just picking stuff up off the floor the WORST but feel like a dope asking DH to always come get something I dropped:
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Welcome sandrajoon-thanks for sharing your story. I'm so glad you and your baby are well!

Hi rainbowmoon-I had similar sensations under the incision at that stage. I think things got much easier after 2.5-3 months for me-you're not that far away, I bet. With each of my cesareans it was really good to reach that point-it definitely helped lift my spirits as well! You're very smart to continue getting DH to help-and I'm with you also re: exercise-no rush with that either!
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Just checking in to say hello.

I'm feeling pretty good mentally this week but my external incision/scar has been itching like mad. And ds keeps kicking me there at night, so I'm a little tender, too. But otherwise, things are generally good here!

As for OTF's question ... I had little provider choice due to ins. issues, so I got stuck going to a hosp. w/ a high c/b rate, but mainly due to the fact that they also handle A LOT of high risk pgs (high multiples, pre-e, etc.) and have a fantastic NICU. That said, now that I have different ins., I'll be going to a hosp. w/a lower c/b rate next time, although since I live in NJ (which has the 2nd highest c/b rate in the US), a lower c/b rate isn't saying much.

BTW ... I think I found a VBAC attending midwife for next time. I know of about 5 people who used her and loved her ("a great birth partner"), and she is supposedly very pro-VBAC! Woo-hoo!
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Wonderful c/s birth plan--thanks so much for posting it!

I went in to L&D Friday night for monitoring as I was having crampy contx. that turned out to be nothing but I was so scared. I'm on a limited activity requirement now which has been nice--I tend to overdo it--but it's also frustrating. I can't wait to see the OB on the 13th--seems so far off--because I really really want to know how he intends on managing this. I know so much, now, about vasa previa (enough to be really really frightened) but not a whole lot on how my case will be handled. I did read something tonight that said women with vasa previa are usually hospitalized at some point in their pregnancy and the majority do tend to have some bleeding, most often between week 30 and 35.

I am entering my 29th week. :

I just wish I knew what was in store for me. And I do but I don't, too. I remember relishing the bh contx. the last three times because I knew that meant things were "moving." but this time they scare me--getting things moving could be dangerous.
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I'm new over to these boards (I'm mostly at the P&B JAB boards), and I am sitting here crying at the idea of a C/S support thread. What a wonderful thing to read.

I had my unplanned (because really, it wasn't yet an emergency, and I certainly saw it coming) c/s 40 hours after my water broke in December. I'm still not altogether right. I'm weepy, and my incision itches when I have salty foods or before AF... My appetite still hasn't returned, and I love food. I eat, but it's mostly because my hubby makes dinner, not because I think of it.

Does that all sound normal for 15 weeks ppd?

Also, thanks above for sharing your VBAC story that led to a c/s... We're planning to try for #2 this summer, and I'm feeling sort of unhappily resolved to a scheduled c... Your story helps me feel a little better about it.
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Welcome, FisherB! What date was your c-birth? Mine was 12/24, sounds like yours was very close to that...I also like to hang out at the P&B JAB boards.
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Hi Fisherb, Welcome to the board!

It does sound like you might be going through some post partum depression - the no appetite and weepy things are flags. Do you have someone you can talk to about your feelings and experience? Like a helpful community health nurse, midwife, doctor, support group? Of course we are here, too, but an IRL person can be pretty helpful.

And can you tell me what the P&B JAB boards are? Sounds like the peanut butter and jam board!

BTW I posted above about my VBAC try - if you want to chat feel free to PM me

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hey, I just discovered this thread.

I don't really feel the need for "support" since my C-birth was nothing but a positive experience for me, but I admit to feeling a bit tickled to find a place where I can talk about it openly. Not that anybody has ever made me feel bad about it here, but I just feel sometimes that I shouldn't be so happy about my scheduled C/S, kwim?

Anyways, I didn't research the C/S rates of my hospital b/c I knew all along I was having a scheduled C/S. My OB actually tried to convince me to try for a vaginal birth first, and that actually made me feel really good about using her. I would probably have wondered if she had just gone along with it without trying to convince me otherwise, lol.

So, I chose my hospital accordingly. I made sure that they had good policies in place for C-section mamas. They set up a mirror for me to see the birth, something that was so important to me, but then when I was in the operating room it didn't seem such a big deal, lol. As soon as she was out, DH cut her cord, and she was swaddled, they handed her to DH and he held her next to my face while they sewed me up. We were taken together to the recovery room where I was with her for 2 hours and encouraged to BF (not that I needed prodding, lol). She stayed in my room the whole time, and slept in my bed with me, too. I recovered really quickly and was walking around that evening.

With this one I have thought about waiting to go into labour first, but I have decided not to bother. I'm very sure about my conception dates for one thing, and also I think it just brings too many complications into the picture - what if I go fast? I would not want a hurried or emergency C/S! Scheduling sounds so awful, I know, but there are so many wonderful perks to it - like being able to arrange childcare for my toddler, etc. 'Course, there's always a possibility I'd go into labour before my scheduled date, but that's okay with me. I so respect women who attempt a VBAC - I simply don't want to venture into the unknown when my first birth was such a wonderful experience. Call me chicken but it's the truth!

So there, that's my story!
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It's about time you got over here. I have seen you mention your c-birth elsewhere on the board, and always appreciate your matter-of-fact way of talking about it- good for you!

Even though your first experience was great- I suggest sticking around here to help others feel good/positive about theirs too .


I agree that it sounds like you *may* have some PPD happening there, do you have a husband/partner who could help you assess how you are doing? I know my dh is often better at knowing when I am in need of help than I am.
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Glad you joined us Piglet.

I think its great you are scheduling your csection. I personally believe, based on the amount of research I've done that if you are going to have a csection then you should schedule it. There are far less complications. Plus, I think why not??? especially if you know your dates.
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Originally posted by Piglet68
hey, I just discovered this thread.

I don't really feel the need for "support" since my C-birth was nothing but a positive experience for me, but I admit to feeling a bit tickled to find a place where I can talk about it openly. Not that anybody has ever made me feel bad about it here, but I just feel sometimes that I shouldn't be so happy about my scheduled C/S, kwim?
I don't feel that I need "support" either I am very very very happy with the outcome of my last c/b. I like this thread because I can ask questions pertaining to c/b related things without getting a load of other info that I either already know or don't care about Like this question below

What do I do with this skin flap???

Ok, first off I hate how it just hangs there. It looks so gross. I know I would probably move down a pant size if it weren't there. My butt is way baggy in my jeans but my skin flap takes up a lot of room!

Secondly, it stinks! Not that it is infected but from the skin rubbing. It gets hot and sticky. Is there anything I can put on it to make it not so gross??

Third, will it ever go away?? I'm planning a tummy tuck once we are for sure done with kids. I'mnot getting it because of the skin flap but because of the extra skin that has no elasticity in it because I stretched so far with my first pregnancy.

Fourth....it just annoys me!!!
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Just found out I will not be having a ncb after all, due to a number of factors. ZERO effaced or dialated, not even soft, baby's heartrate showing some stress, continued hyperemesis throughout pregnancy making it difficult to conceive of going any longer, baby seems to be malpositioned a bit, and...15 days overdue! LOL can you tell I feel the need to justify why we are having a c-section tomorrow?

I'm glad to find this thread, because I'm feeling really really down about it...and betrayed by my body which is supposed to know "what to do". I've had absolutely no sign of anything impending, but this so bums me out...I could really use your prayers/thoughts for tomorrow. 12:30 PST.

Thank you!


P.S. Bradley teacher/doula was kinda rough on me when I told her...seems she thinks I should go for the 2 day induction or wait it out another week or so. I really hope I won't encounter this for the rest of my life, because I already feel like I've "given up" on a ncb.
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