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Yes, take showers with someone with you and don't get up from the toilet too fast. I passed out at home in the middle of a shower! I also got faint after having my first bowel movement.

The things we discuss here at Mothering. LOL
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Meet up!

Hi all, I've just started a meetup group for cesarean support for those who have had one. It's so we can discuss in person how this has affected our lives. Go to www.meetup.com and do a topic search for cesarean. I hope the link works! Thanks!
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My $0.02:

Pain Meds - I had my c-section under general anaesthesia because it was an emergency, and I was on IV-administered morphine for the next day or so, with one of those nifty little buttons that you can push to get the morphine when you want it. After I was done with the morphine, they authorized me to get 2 Percocet and 600 mg of Motrin every 6 hours. After the first dose of that, I started requesting that they only give me one Percocet pill, because I'm a fairly small girl and on two Perkies I was stoned out of my gourd, completely unable to function. When I was discharged I just didn't fill my Percocet prescription and got by on Motrin for the next week or so.

Hospital Stay - My c-section was performed just before midnight on a Wednesday and I was discharged that Sunday. My son had to stay in the NICU until the following Friday, so I delayed my discharge as long as possible and then rode down to the hospital every day to spend as many hours as possible with him.

And about the showers: having assistance on the first shower is a godsend. My mother actually helped me take my first shower after the surgery and I don't think I could have managed it without her aid.
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I too was given percocet (with 800 mg ibuprofin) but had to request they lower the dosage as it made me too loopy. I took it for the first week or so then depended on plain old tylenol after that.
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Hi All!
Count me in on the support thread, please! I had my son via c section on April 5th. We started out as a homebirth, 36 hours later went to hospital since my contractions had slowed to 1 an hour or so and I was on no sleep, at 49 hours and 3 1/2 hours of pushing my son turned transverse and well...here I am!

As for the pain meds, I was given the equivalent of 3 Advil with the option of getting Percoset if I wanted. I ended up not needing it. I did fill a prescription for it to take home but I started taking it and realized I really didn't need it. Yes, they made me a bit high! I am bfeeding so it kind of freaked me out to take anything that got me stoned!

Man, they dischared me and my boy early! My son was born at 10:25pm on Monday and I was home by 2pm Wednesday! It's been just over 2 weeks and for the past week I don't feel like I even had anything done. My incision site is a tiny bit tender but not really. I feel fortunate to be recovering well. I was worried about being laid up for a while.

When did your Dr.s say you could drive? I can't remember what mine said and I'm ready to go!

Oh and what about sex? I don't think they said anything about that one.

Glad this thread is here!
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My OB said 2 weeks to drive, and 6 weeks for sex. (couldn't think which smilie to put here)
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I read your birth story on another thread and you inspire me! I think you have such a positive outlook on life and really are in tune with your body!

I was driving 1 week post op with my last csection, 2 week first. My first csection I was having sex at 4 weeks post op, this last one I could have done the same if I could have found time! :LOL
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Originally posted by jess7396
My OB said 2 weeks to drive, and 6 weeks for sex. (couldn't think which smilie to put here)

I'm already on full "pelvic rest" and have been since late March and am not due to be delivered until the end of May and then...and then.... I won't get any until JULY?!?
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I bet my dh wishes YOU were his wife right now, AnaNicole...I can't imagine wanting to have sex in only 4 more weeks. He's already planning an "event"...and I just want to tell him I can't concentrate on anything but my sweet baby. He can get lost for the time being. :LOL
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Hey gals....

I'm in PAIN!! Everytime I bump my tummy I want to scream!! I'm starting to get feeling back in the areas above my incision and it is sore! Not to mention the itching but I can't scratch cause the feeling is still not all the way back!

OK...I'm done whining

Other than that I'm doing great!!
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I have heard that some for some women, a sex drive kicks in later in life, and certainly later than men. Well, it's true for me. I remember telling my first husband that I could happily go the rest of my life with no sex....

Course, being remarried helps in that department anyway, and when the hormonal crash happens who knows how I'll feel. But it does seem like a long, long time to go without. Oy.
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Sex after C/B

Let's talk sex....

This is like a we do not talk about it kind of conversation.

Did any of you feel like sex was different post op?

Do any of you feel that by having a csection, you may have preserved your vagina for sex?

Was sex painful that first time post op?

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I want to say that in some ways I feel like that my csections have preserved my sex life in the vagina department. I think one of my concerns about a vaginal birth was that I was concerned about it ruining my sex life. I have I high sex drive and I like to keep things in shape down there. For some reason thinking of putting a 7-9lb baby through there was not appealing to me when I thought about my sex life.
I heard many women, my mom being one of them, tell me that sex was not the same after they had babies. For the most part, I can say that post csection my sex life has been the same, Also when I was pregnant with Jack I actually read an article about men who after watching their wives give birth have an aversion to having sex with their wives. I talked to my husband about that and he said that he had a difficult time about my breasts being the babies, so no telling about the other parts had he seen a person come out of there.
I will say the first time post op with my daughter I did experience tenderness and soreness (during and after) in the ab area. Of course we took things really slow. I didnt have this problem at all after my son.
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It was painful but not from the c/b...it was from bfing. I was sooo dry! I'm usually Queen Lubey but not while bfing the first few months!

Sex is the same. It's great!! I actually cant imagine our sex life being better....except having it more than 4 or 5 times a week. I hope we are still this horney in 20 years!!

Preserving my vagina?? I don't know. Some women say sex is better after having children. Would it be on my list of reasons to have a c/b...no Is it a benefit...yes
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I actually have the opposite, I have always been very "tight" for lack of a better word, and on top of that my vagina has a 90 degree turn, due to my pelvis being abnormal- so sex has always been a challenge in getting "comfortable", once I get there though- . Anywho- I really thought having a vaginal birth would at first be very painful sexually (let's face it, if a penis hurts, a baby is really going to do some damage), but figured once I was all healed, I would be stretched, and that maybe my vagina would be straighter: . So, it is one reason I wish I had had a vaginal birth.

I also seem to have more difficulty since having children (pain-wise), but my OBs have said it was more from carrying the babies than from birth. I also have a ton of tenderness with ovulation lower down (like not in the tubes where I used to feel it) since having my babes, and I had thought maybe it was adhesions, but, my current OB says there were no adhesions to speak of, and she and my previous OB are both about why the ovulation pain is there.
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Good topic. Maybe you all can offer some insight. My poor dh is suffering.

This is totally TMI, but here goes (you've been forewarned) ... I'm not sure if its b/c I pushed for 2 hours before my c/b or for other reasons, but I have found sex to be uncomfortable (almost painful) since ds's birth. I'm actually a little concerned about adhesions since its so uncomfortable. DH, bless his heart, has been very patient, but I really, really, really am uncomfortable now. Not to mention the fact that bfing has made things dry (and we use lots of lube), and I keep getting either UTIs or yeast infections which further make things tender. And I'm apparently allergic to all barrier methods and/or spermicides so bc is a huge problem (and AF is back so that's a concern). Basically, my sex life stinks.

Now that you know way more about me than you ever wanted to know, what do I do to make things better, or is it just a matter of time (I'm 5+ mos. pp). Do you think I might have adhesions? How would one go about finding out about that? If so, what do they do about them?
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I feel your pain, I really do

I know that if it is adhesions, they have to surgically remove them, but I thought that was my problem, and it turns out, I don't have any, I am not sure how they can tell if you have them without opening you up .

Sorry you are having such a hard time, God Bless your dh and mine too here's to our fabulous husbands. I did find that after my second was born, I needed a lot more foreplay, and I needed the pressure off to "get the deed done", if I knew I didn't have to, I was more able to be open to the touch, and we worked at it until I was better, it wasn't until just before #3s conception that things got good again, and it was good throughout pregnancy too.

Oh- and a little of that champagne might help too, if you are so inclined, I have never been able to bring myself to even have one glass while nursing(or pregnant), but that is just how I am, I do think it might be of help in the sex area .

Definitely see your Dr. though, I went to 3 different OBs to try to find the reason for the pain, and a solution.
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What are adhesions?

Yeah, my poor dh is patient. It was kind of his choice but we haven't had sex since I started to show my pregnancy. That would be since this past October...I don't want to count the months.

Since my c sec was a surprise, I count preserving my vagina as one of the benefits, along with 8 weeks disability pay instead of 6! It's sick, I know but you've got to find the silver lining!!!

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It took me several months to enjoy sex again - the lube issue and BFing was the culprit I"m sure. It felt like sandpaper in there!

But after about 8 months I was back to normal and I have to say sex doesn't feel any different than it did beforehand.

I don't know about the idea that vaginal births have to change things "down there". I mean, it's all muscle and my feeling is that if you were in shape before the birth, you will get back into shape again. I think it's more about conditioning (and maybe age) than what kind of birth you had.
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It's Our Family wrote
I'm in PAIN!! Everytime I bump my tummy I want to scream!! I'm starting to get feeling back in the areas above my incision and it is sore! Not to mention the itching but I can't scratch cause the feeling is still not all the way back!
Hey gals,

I've been meaning to mention this to everyone, and I don't think I've ever posted about it on this list. I would HIGHLY recommend a form of bodywork called lymphatic drainage for any type of post-surgical healing.

It is a fairly light touch modality that listens to the flow of your lymphatic fluid and helps to make sure it is flowing optimally. Lymphatic vessels get severed (just like the rest of them) anytime there is an incision, and scar tissue or adhesions can create roadblocks to optimal flow of lymphatic tissue. Also, keeping things nice and "juicey" with optimal fluid flow can minimize scarring and adhesions, and optimize healing.

I found it to be very helpful after my uterine surgery - helped tremendously with scar flexibility and it also changed the texture of my scar. While I did not have the "overhang" that some women mention (probably because I wasn't pregnant), I did have a sort of a "road-bump" ridge that ran above my scar. The work completely eliminated that.

A friend recently had a session done and she was blown away by how much changed after 1 session. Her scar went from an angry red to a pale pink, and her overhang totally changed. She was amazed by how much the landscape of her abdomen changed from the treatment.

If you're interested in finding a practitioner in your area PM me and I'll see what I can find out, or go to www.upledger.com and search for a practitioner - preferably one who's had 3 levels of lymphatic training - even better if they're certified.

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