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I get to do good old fashioned house work.  With all the snow melting and the rain we've had our basement is flooded.  Yesterday hubby and I sucked water up out of the basement with a wet vac and then filled up 5 gallon buckets and carried them upstairs and outside to dump.  Repeat that about 200 times.  It's a full body workout along with cardio.  Some days it's carrying multiple wheel barrows full of wood to the basement to stack for our wood furnace or shoveling snow, other days it's spending an hour on hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor, either way, it's always a home grown workout.  :)  I'm in better shape since moving to the country and ditching the gym membership than I was going to the gym on a regular basis.  

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I walk or do the elliptical 5x per week for about 40-45 minutes each time.  I did a similar routine in the past pregnancies and felt good up until birth...it all slowed down in the last month of course :)  Also lost weight pretty quick after baby keeping the same routine starting a few weeks after birth combined with breast feeding.  Happy exercising everyone! I believe that any amount you can manage is helpful.

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i'm jumping in her to revive (hopefully) this thread. i'm not a big exerciser, but this time around i feel so frumpy.  i have a belly already, but i feel like it's all flab and no baby-even though i know that's not entirely true :)

tomorrow, i'm off to the library to borrow a few exercise dvd's-cardio, pilates, etc.   i just don't know when to do them.  when do all of you exercise?  i sleep as late as i possibly can (7am) then shower and get dd ready for school.  then 2 days a week ds has school and we're out the door soon after dd.  i don't want to do it in the evening, so i guess mid-morning is the best time?  i am just still so tired, the thought of waking earlier is a turnoff.  maybe once i get going i won't be so exhausted.  isn't that the whole point, lol?

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I have some exercise dvds but I can't do any of them because of the pubic symphisis pain :( I was doing the elliptical or walking and lifting weights and it became too painful...the only thing I can do now is swimming. I like to go in the mornings though and I keep having things come up so I really need to get on that :(

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Originally Posted by dfunk98 View Post
  i just don't know when to do them.  when do all of you exercise? 

UGH, this is my main problem.  I would really like to go to prenatal yoga classes but in my area they are all either during the day or weeknights.  I work full time and I fear what would happen if I went to a yoga class at 6:30pm after work - get home at 8 and try and eat dinner?  I am so bloated and heartburny in the evenings, I would never sleep!  I have a yoga DVD but even squeezing that in after work usually results in me having so much heartburn and being so tired that I can barely feed myself after.


So, I decided to try to focus on getting out for a walk after work with the dog because if I start feeling poorly, I can always turn around and go home.   Yoga will have to be relegated to the weekends, unfortunately.


I WISH I could work out in the middle of the afternoon - I generally get fidgity a couple hours after lunch - but it's just not acceptable in my office to go for anything more than a quick walk.







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I've been dancing for the year and a half or so and just kept it up when I got pregnant. I'm doing tap, jazz, ballet and lyrical. I do 2 classes a night, so it's 2 nights during the week. My midwife told me that I can keep doing it as long as it feels good - and boy does it feel good! I have modified some pieces of it - I'm not doing big jumps, and skipping the crunches during warm-up. Some of the stretches I can't do anymore either.


 My dance studio is great and offers many adult classes so my classes are filled with other moms or women of varying ages, and we all have a blast. I am really happy to have the "me" time during the week. I will have to modify some of my costumes for our recital in June to make room for my growing belly but that's ok with me. I don't think I'd be able to do it too far into the 3rd trimester though, so I'll be looking for some prenatal yoga or swimming classes at the local community centre.

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I have stairs. And I'm forced to walk up & down them carrying my toddler or 3 yr old several times a day. That's about it. LOL
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I've belly danced for years (since college actually, so longer than I care to admit) and I generally dance through my pregnancies (it's great for labor too!).  If you've never belly danced, it's a lot of fun and there are some specifically pre-natal dance dvds out there that are pretty good... it makes a nice change from the pre-natal yoga dvds that seem to be everywhere.  Though I enjoy those too!  :)  I also use the Walk at Home dvds, I just drop the intensity as needed so that I don't feel out of breath, and I use some of the Maternal Fitness/Lose the Mummy Tummy exercises since I do have a diastasis and try to keep it as small as possible during pregnancy.


As for when... that's the tricky bit!  LOL  My kiddos are 6yo, 3yo, 1.5yo and they all want my attention, all the time.  And after they're in bed I'm either wiped out or trying to spend time with dh.


The Walk at Home segments are each about 18 minutes long.  I've found that I can usually set the kiddos up with something (like starfall or a youtube play list of the wiggles on the computer) that will hold them that long.  We have Wai Lana yoga dvds and Yoga for Kids dvds and we can all do the routine together... it's not exactly pre-natal, but it's ok and since I try to have the kids do some yoga every day anyway and it's a two birds/one stone thing!  For belly dance, I'm not taking classes right now so I don't have an "official" schedule, but I actually do my regular warm up routine in the shower each night.  It probably takes 15 minutes and I know it's a bit of a waste of water, but it's kind of "just for me time" and the hot water feels soooooo good on sore muscles being stretched by the dance moves.  Oh, and then the Tupler Technique exercises (for the diastasis) I do while laying on the bed getting the kiddos to sleep or while driving the car (they're kind of like kegels since you can do them nearly everywhere).


It's not perfect, but it means I get about a half hour of "dedicated" exercise each day along with the "random" exercise that comes from chasing kiddos.

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I like to go in the mornings because then I can take a nap in the afternoon!


I have a membership to the local Y and it's fifty $ per month, which I consider a great deal because they have free child care for up to 2 hours every day while you're working out, plus they have tons of free classes for adults like spinning/dance/yoga/water aerobics.

Oh and I was in the military for five years so I got used to doing it in the mornings. Sometimes I would after work but nowadays I get hungry at like  4:30 since I'm pregnant and we are eating dinner earlier LOL!

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