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Hello MDC!


Been a while.  Kiddo is now newly 6, mid-way through Kindy.  And still very Spirited.  He's at Montessori school with a mixed age class.  Sadly, many people leave before the final Kindy year, so he has very few 'peers' at his class level and hasn't connected with the younger group especially.  He gets along, but has no desire to 'play' with them.  I've tried to keep things up with kids who have left the school, but they are so 'out of sight out of mind' at that age- plus we don't live nearby anyone else.  Of course, any playgroups we had have long since run out as the kids get 'busy' in school and our neighbors are the kind to just wave and move on.  We do parks&rec classes here and there when the mood strikes us, and I try to get him to the park when the weather is right with mixed results.


I just can't shake the feeling that he's missing something by not having a few solid friends and a play-community. School has changed life a lot for sure, and I want to get things back on track.  Trouble is everyone is in the same boat, with so little time to play.  We start Elementary school in Sept- yet another big change, and I don't want him to again feel like he loses everything in the transition or that he's starting all over.


So basically, I'm looking for friends!  As said above, kiddo is Spirited.  He's rather picky and gravitates towards those who share his interests (mostly things like trains and other forms of transportation). If I could get something regular set up and he got used to it, I think he could branch out and be flexible... we just need to get started. I'm happy to invite people over (I'm in NE, near NoPo) on a regular schedule (it is easier to be planned out) or meetup at coffee shops or whatever.  I want to keep it easy and simple, yet have a loose 'group' of people that is comfortable.


I don't know why things are so hard at this age- I remember feeling like I had time after school as a kid to play and I did play with the neighbors or set something up with kids from school. I feel like I've tried so many times to get back into what was lost when we entered pre-school and haven't been able made it work.  Doesn't help that the kid is moody and that makes planning anything even harder.  It's quite circular and the end result is feeling like we've lost our chance.


So, hoping to get some community going- but I'm not exactly a good organizer of that kind of thing.  If you are interested, you can PM me!  Jill