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I am 20 weeks with triplets! I didn't know there were so many other MoMs here. I worried so much at the start about losing one of the babies. At our first u/s at 7 wks they told us there were twins. We were so happy and not really worried. Well worried sick about losing one. Then two weeks later the u/s tech sat us down and said there are three babies. I nearly flipped out I was terrified. Now that I've had some time to get used to it, I think it will be great. I was pretty overwhelmed with the prospect of trying to gain so much weight at the start, but its getting easier now. I think I've gained about 20lbs so far maybe a little more. The things I just can't let go are the idea of a c-section which seems almost unavoidable, the NICU and being separated from my babies until I can get out of bed. I just want to have another great vaginal birth and nurse my babies right away. So many things that are out of my control.

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triplets!  That really would blow my mind but what a blessing.  I felt really limited right after we found out too.  I know it must be even worse with Triplets but I felt like a lot of options were taken away and that there were so many unkowns to deal with. 


Way to go on the weight gain.  You keep that up and they may not have to end up in the NICU for very long!  Will your OB let you go into labor on your own?

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Congrats twin mamas and triplet mama! SO happy for all of you. And don't give up on your desire to birth vaginally -- check out this video montage for inspiration:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7E-wULAaD50


I thought it was beautiful and empowering! (And I only wish I were having twins!)

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Yes, don't give up for a vaginal birth.  My girlfriend just gave birth to identical twin boys--separate sacs.

They told her that if she didn't go into labor by last Monday that they would induce her because the babies were "running out of room."  Fortunately she went into spontaneous labor on Sunday.  She labored for a bit at home then decided to head into the hospital (1hr drive).  They decided to keep her over night but it turned out she didn't have a favorable cervix so they told her to go home and come back on Wed if things didn't progress.

Went in on Wed for an induction.  They started her on cytotec then a low, slow dose of Pitocin.  She delivered her first son the next evening at 5 pm (weighed 5+lbs).  Baby #2 was delivered just over 5 hours labor (pos presentation weighing 7+lbs).

That is quite an accomplishment for a twin hospital birth if I've ever heard one.  I'm so proud of our friend.  She was able to advocate for herself in really wanting a vaginal birth if all was ok and babies weren't in distress.

It appears the docs really listened to her.


Mom, dad and babes are doing well at home.

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DO NOT GIVE UP on a vaginal birth!  I made it to 37 weeks ... baby A was breech so they did the c-section.  I remember slowly accepting that I would have a c-section and now I wish I would have stood on my head and done every possible thing to get baby A to flip.   My twins weighed 6lbs and 5lbs 14 ounces.  I remember looking at their tiny heads and thinking that I could have delivered that head even if it was breech ... so the doctors entire theory about the head might get stuck if it's breech was so bogus!


Now I'm fighting for a vbac (planning a home birth and getting shadow care from an unkowing ob).  The OB told me that the hospital does not allow water birth vbac and that they would prefer to do internal monitoring on my uterus ... all which make me look forward to my home birth even more!  I just think of the momma that isn't willing to fight so hard for a vbac or who unknowingly agreed to a c-section the first time.


So ladies, learn your yoga poses, take care of yourselves, keep those babies cooking for as long as possible! YOU CAN DO IT!

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