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chlorine free diapers?

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Anyone used or recommend them? I was thinking of getting some for Dd2. With my other children I used cloth, but Dd2 has a different father, and he didnt take too well on the idea of cloth, so we are using disposables, and I am looking for something a little more earth friendly.



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When we visited the States recently we used the Seventh Generation brand (available at Whole Foods) and were satisfied with them.
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That is the brand that I have seen, and thought of buying. Do they leak? I have used some disposable brands and they just leak out the side! Some are actually great (the more fitted ones) but others are just useless...

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No, for us they never leaked - even overnight! But DS isn't a real heavy wetter or anything.
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Seventh Generation *for us* was one of the only disposable dipes that didn't leak.
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I like Earth's Best better than Seventh Generation.
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I also like Earth's Best. They run quite big though, so factor that in. If she's at the top or bottom of the weight range that might make a difference for you.

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We used 7th Generation for DS. They are equal in performance to something like pampers, have no annoying licensed junk, and are cheapest from Amazon Subscribe and Save.  Earth's Best would be the same.  We always used Huggies overnights. Chlorine free is a pretty low standard for being earth friendly....


Other options would be Nature Babycare (compostable) or Gdiapers hybrid (compostable, flushable).  Diaper choice aside, the biggest way you can reduce your environmental footprint with disposables is to make sure you put poop in the toilet, but given that you have used cloth before that is probably part of your routine.


Diapers.com has a new brand called "Attitude" which is also compostable.

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If you join Amazon Mom, you can get Seventh Generation diapers for 30% off plus free 2-day shipping with a subscription (meaning they send them to you regularly on whatever time schedule you decide, e.g. 2 cases every month or whatever). Amazon Mom gives 30% off of all diapers and wipes on subscription.

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The seventh generation brand is the only one we use now (when we use disposables).  We haven't had a leak with them yet!

We've also tried Earth's Best, but they leaked..so we gave them away. 


I get them from Amazon.com like Cecilia's mom mentioned.  Occasionally you will find coupons in random parents magazines that you can apply towards the purchase.  I recently just used all of the above discounts mentioned with a $10 off coupon....so cheap!!

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We also use 7th Generation (It is the only disposable that doesn't irritate DD2's skin).  We do cloth during the day and 7th Gen at night and we are good with no leaks (all night, lots of nursing and a FULL diaper in the morning).  


With DD1, I loved earth's best, but they have something that irritates DD2's skin.  

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Nature Baby Care!

It's not only chlorine free as its materials are biodegradable.

We love it. Never had any leaks or rash. But then again, we only started with them at around 7 months. We did cloth until then (working/studying mom and no daycare, can't keep up with household duties and I grieve giving up cloth) and apart from Nature Baby care we only used 7th Gen. Both are great but I prefer the first for it's sustainability.

DS has actually been in 7th Gen for the last month or so after a sale at a local store. It's going great.
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Thank you ladies, for all your input! I am so thankful that I learned about amazon mom and also about the other more earth friendly diapers :) such great help. With Cloth I used the same brand each time with my older two, with no issues - with disposables I am finding it more of a trial and error situation. (which sometimes makes for unhappy babies who wake up with soaked clothes!)  

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Originally Posted by JudiAU View Post

Diaper choice aside, the biggest way you can reduce your environmental footprint with disposables is to make sure you put poop in the toilet

Really, why? I've never heard that before.
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This lady said it way better than I could :]


Even with Disposable Diapers, Poop in the Potty


Recently a friend of mine told me that whether you’re using cloth or disposable diapers for your baby, you’re supposed to flush the fecal matter down the toilet so that it can go through the sewer system and be treated. Apparently babies and small children excrete many viruses in their feces including Hepatitis A, rotavirus, shigella, salmonellosis, amebiasis, live polio virus (from vaccines), and typhoid among others. In order to keep these viruses from contaminating underground water supplies, poop should not be dumped into a diaper pail and thrown out with the trash.

This sounded crazy to me. How could I not know? I started asking people if they knew about throwing poop from diapers into the potty. I was either greeted with a “Yeah, of course” type answer or total incredulity. I decided I needed to look it up for myself, which I did with some modicum of success. Then my web-savvy, forum-using friend helped me out. Between us, here’s the info we found that explains this most clearly.


In 1975, the World Health Organization called for an end of urine and fecal matter in solid waste. I looked for this on the WHO website, but found it in an article in Mothering.

The American Public Health Association made a policy statement in 1989.


From Pampers’ Website (though I can’t actually find the instructions on the Pampers bag itself): “As the Pampers bag recommends, you’ll want to dump bowel movements in the toilet. Then just roll the diaper into its backsheet, using the tape or fasteners to keep it closed, and dispose of it in the trash.” Here’s the tricky part though, they’ve completely hidden this information. You have to go to their product description, click on a type of diaper, then click the helpful hints tab and scroll down to “Waste Removal.”

So, we’re throwing poop in the potty (if you can call the dumping of that sticky mess throwing). Our next need is to buy disposable wipes so we can throw them in there too. 



From mamatrue.com HTH!!



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Just a tip, if you're looking to flush the wipes after you've wiped waste into the toilet, you need to buy flushable wipes not regular baby wipes. This is because regular wipes are not made to break down in water pipes and can clog up the toilet. If they don't clog up the toilet, they can clog up the pipes to your house. I don't think there are any natural versions of these kind of wipes but you can find them in the toilet paper section of the grocery store. I think we use Cottonelle brand.

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Costco.com sells the Nature Babycare diapers. Not sure how the price compares, but Costco is usually less expensive.

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Any chance you get get SO to reconsider?  Newer cloth diapers  are so easy to use.  We have a toilet sprayer and clean up is a breeze.


As another poster said, chlorine free is not really making a big difference from a green point of view.


That being said, when we use disposables, we use Earth's First.  I found 7th Generation dipes leak.  But I use 7th Generation wipes.

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If you have Kroger grocery stores in your area, their store brand, Comforts for Baby, has a chlorine free version called "A Touch of Nature".  They run about half the price of Seventh Generation diapers, and in my opinion, they're better. 

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Originally Posted by thefreckledmama View Post

If you have Kroger grocery stores in your area, their store brand, Comforts for Baby, has a chlorine free version called "A Touch of Nature".  They run about half the price of Seventh Generation diapers, and in my opinion, they're better. 

Thanks! I didn't know that!  I will look next time. :)

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