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It is illegal almost everywhere to dispse of poop in a landfill. But almost no one o uses dispsables dies so. Seriously there wouldn't be o many "stink" devices for disposables if people weren't hiding 40 poopy disperse in their nurseries. Seriously, you have a month if poop where your baby sleeps and you think fluffy bottoms are gross?!

Poop seriously contaminates landfills and groundwater supplies. The trash is one thing, butthe viruses and the fecal matter are worse.
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The reminder about poop in the potty that surfaced from this thread is really important.

Just to encourage other moms. I was into practicing EC. But in practice, from the point of view of real ECers we are a failure because as of now we only catch poo and that's all we are after.

But from the environmental point of view, at least we've been able to keep our poops out of the landfill and in the potty, and saving on wipes (no smeared bottom to clean with EC).

So I'm saying, it's very easy. You don't need to be the most dedicated ECer and still catch all of your baby's poos in the potty. Read and try, it's really worth it and fun.

This thread also makes me reconsider cloth. I just try not to think about it bcos I'm so overwhelmed by my duties in school, work and home. But everytime I discuss and think further, all points to cloth again.
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cloth is so easy, and so fun (due to the patterns!) but my SO doesnt like the idea :c( thankfully I was able to cloth with my other two kiddos. But yes, poo in landfills is not good, and most people who use sposies dont know this! they dont even know that it is illegal!

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