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Clomid question

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Hi gals,


one of these questions again, you heard it before I guess. We are ttc since a couple of month, no charting yet, but than, mmh.

I am not the most patient person and I am finding it hard to wait and see. I am thinking about clomid, but than, I am afraid that something happens, like multiples, premature birth, ill babies. That would be horrible.

My moms keeps telling me that I should be patient, and that I have two lovely babes and that I am basically asking for trouble and going to ruin the life of my kids if I try for another one.


But I want another one, so badly.


How did you decide?

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Ok, so I am a mom who can't be a mom without the help of Clomid. 

So....the kids in your sig. are your bio kids?  I mean you know you can get pg on your own?  Or is this a new DH? 

Assuming all is the same and you have no testing done that confirms that there is a new problem, there is no way I would seek Clomid at this point. 

I have low progesterone and I do sometimes ovulate on my own, but it is not a strong enough O to get pg on my own.  It has never corrected itself after the two kids I've had, so I know that I will pretty much always need help to get pg, and Clomid works for me. 

That said, I have a fairly easy time with Clomid, not that my DH would agree with that statement (I get mighty bitchy), but no significant side effects and I respond well to the lowest dose.  So I def. do not have anything against Clomid.  And I understand the concern of multiples, but it's really not that much higher than your "normal" risk, but I do not understand linking premies or sick babies to Clomid.  Clomid only works on you before you even O, so no reason to assume risk to a baby. 

I know it sucks to try for a while with no luck, trust me...but if you know your body can do it, based on history, then I would say wait.  Depending on your age...up to a year is what most fertility docs want. 

Just my opinion, good luck on your journey. 

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Taking clomid after a couple of months is VERY VERY VERY premature.


Take a few breaths, enjoy it, and if 6 months go by, or a year, THEN go see someone about clomid.


It is likely that you are normally fertile, and a couple of months is NOTHING.

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thanks for the replies!

@penquinmom: I do not link clomid and sick babies, but multiples and prematurity and sick babies, ykwm?


I guess the post was a bit short :) We are trying for like seven month now, but "just" calculated ovulation, no charting or anything, since I have a very stable cycle with AF every 28 days. So I thought that I would work with that. I started charting now, but still  not sure if it will make a difference.


After my ds I developed severe abdominal pain, getting worse and worse and finally had a laparoscopy which showed cysts in my ovar probably due to endometriosis. this is the reason why I am concerned now after having two kids naturally. I did not have (or know of it at least) endometriosis before. I did take medication for the endometriosis, but the first time they did not really find it before the surgery even with mri, so I am not quite sure if it is better now, or not, or what.


that makes me think about clomid and taking the risk of multiples for another child (or more :) ) I just met triplets yesterday, conceived after on cycle of clomid 25 mg.  Made me think :)

I am not taking this lightly....but I am getting older....


Thanks for your help, anyway!

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Trinity, hav you considered trying soy isoflavones?

If not, I would investigate that route first. Soy isos don't require a prescription and they work similar to Clomid, in that they convince your body to produce more estrogen. Check out the TTC on Soy thread in here for more info. Soy isos don't work for everyone, but they are a gentler first step than Clomid and may well do the trick for you.
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In my experience, it's hard to get a doctor to prescribe Clomid before a year of trying (depending on age) unless you've had a problem before.  Plus, Clomid might not even be appropriate - meaning your O and hormones might not be an issue, and you could be O'ing just fine on your own. 


As far as using Clomid - I loved it.  I would get a little moody, but that's it.  I took it two cycles, and it worked!  I always O'ed on my own, but would start spotting around 7dpo (my hormones weren't strong enough to maintain the lining).  The Clomid fixed it and gave me a good, strong O. 


But like LivingSky suggested, there are other non-prescription options.  Might want to check that first.


Good luck!


Edited - Have you thought of having an HSG?  I've heard that endometriosis can sometimes cause blocked fallopian tubes.  Not to worry, though... I have a blocked tube, and still somehow got pregnant even though I O'ed on the blocked side... that egg was just determined!  Go figure. 

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What is HSG? 

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HSG = Hysterosalpingogram (or something like that).  Basically, it's where a series of x-rays are taken of the uterus and fallopian tubes while a dye is injected.  The x-ray can see the dye move through the uterus and fallopian tubes and out.  In my case, the dye did not leave one of my tubes, indicating it was blocked, but it flowed freely out of the other tube.  My doctor's recommendation was to keep trying for three to six more months and if there was still no success, we would have looked at laproscopic surgery to hopefully fix the blockage.  There is some information saying that fertility is increased for the first two to three months after the HSG, because the dye can clean out any debris that may be in there. 


I think that more testing would be warranted before moving to Clomid... there may be something else that could solve any issues you have more efficiently. 


Again, I wish you the best of luck!  Keep us posted on how things go. 

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