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yamo help, please!

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Anyone here have a yamo?


I'm a petite mom, trying to wear my average-sixed 10mo (long torso) on my baack or front, and I can't get it adjusted comfortably.

Any help greatly appreciated!


And if you have recommendations of other carriers to try, particularly if they have a high back for baby but adjust small for a short mom, that would be great, too!

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I am almost 5'2" (that sounds taller than 5'1 and 1/2", right?) and the most adjustable so far is my Babyhawk Oh Snap.  It has some finicky adjustments a lot of other carriers don't, but that's what makes it fit so well once adjusted. It has a nice high back as well that reins in my leaner.  It  also fits my preschool-sized lo well. 


I haven't tried a yamo, so I can't be much help with that. :/

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Thanks - you are just a little taller than me, but not so much! Worth looking at the Oh Snap. What lower age limit do you think it is good for?

Do you think it's good for back carries as well as front carries?

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It really seems to shine for a back carry- I don't really do many front carries anymore, but you can cross the straps so it should be comfortable for that.  As for age, it's really designed to be a great fit for older babies- my guys would have fit at about 8/10 months, but not before. 



Now they are huge monster toddlers (one is preschool sized) and they fit well, the headrest supports comfortably for the younger one, and my older little guy could snuggle down to nap if he wanted, but generally likes to be arms out. 

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Thanks - that's really helpful!

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