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Great run, Mel!  A 2.5 hour time limit for a half marathon, though?  That is asking for some high expectations! 


I didn't run today, but I did get a hour long cardio and core class that had a lot of upper body weight work in it.  It was a lot of fun.

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Hi Dingos!


Nothing particularly positive or helpful to add, except that we all made it through another day...and RR, I dragged my mom to the Y with me and paid a day pass with her because I was snowed in/trapped at home. I managed to squeeze in about 35min of cardio and some weight machines, squats and bicycle crunches before hitting the whirlpool for a little while. I had to get back to meet an electrician and a guy taking a sample of the (likely) asbestos.


I feel better after looking it up online and realizing there are 100s of people who clean the stuff up in the state.


Tomorrow, dh will be home. I don't know whether he will be giving me the time off to hit the Y, or if I will just have to make the most of all the moving of stuff around the yard and in the house. Sale Saturday! I need to haul out the small appliances...

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melw~Exactly. There was a Saturday group for med-surg I, and they asked for volunteers and got far more than they could accomodate, so why they couldn't do that here, I don't know. Congrats on your new distance PR!

I was quite cranky this morning, and even warned my preceptor about it, but we had a good (crazy busy) day of clinical, which drastically improved my mood. I had two patients, one of whom was the most adorable little 3 month old with a trach and the other was the neediest 12 year old EVER. I felt guilty about not getting to spend much time with the 3 month old, because I was in the 12 year old's room constantly. I am not even joking...the unit secretary counted up how many times she used her call light today (the computer program keeps a record). Since around noon yesterday, she had called NINETY SIX times. 9. 6. 96. dizzy.gif Seriously, we would be in her room, do everything we needed, ask if she needed anything before we left, and two minutes later, she would be calling again. Yikes. Nice kid, but holy high maintenance!!!

And now I have my butt planted on the couch, stuffing my face with cheetos. bag.gif Sad, but true. I burned at least SOME of them off answering all those calls, right? redface.gif
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JayGee--it's great to hear that your leg is improving so much.

tjsmama--Ugh! I wouldn't have guessed they scheduled clinicals on Sundays either.

bec--happy birthday to Katie!

Mel--you won't be last. Yay for a great run!

Thanks for the kindergarten advice. He bothers everyone so it's not really a bullying issue and I'm 99.9% sure that the teacher and principal have met with his parents and so something may be in the works. However, i also know that getting testing and proper accommodations can take a while, so my goal at this point is to help R deal with the situation because I don't think much will change before the year is out. Sometimes I'm not sure whether she's more bothered by the fact that he sometimes bothers her or by the fact that he's always in trouble. "I wish he would just behave" is a common statement these days.

The good news--which she already knows--is that there's no way he'll be in her class next year because she's in the G&T center classroom and he won't be. (I'm not suggesting anything about behavior and intelligence. I just happen to know that only one or two other kids tested into that classroom and he wasn't one of them.)

OTOH, today she was in my bed crying because supposedly she was worried about breaking an arm or leg. A little boy in her class (the one who will be with her in the G&T classroom next year) came to school a couple of weeks ago with a broken arm. The really awful part was that he'd broken it at daycare (fell/jumped down from the monkey bars, landed on ice and hit his elbow). They didn't realize it was broken, had him ice it, and then dropped him off at school. I noticed he was crying in line and holding his arm funny so I asked if he was ok but he didn't want to talk to me. There was a sub that day so he told her his arm hurt and I'm guessing she gave him a cold pack or something. The really horrible part is that I volunteered later and he was still holding his arm. I thought that was really weird (even the most dramatic 5yo isn't usually that extreme about a minor injury) and so I wondered if he had broken it and asked if he could bend it. He said he could, but he'd have to write with his left hand. And then he told me how he could write with both hands so I dropped the subject, thinking anyone who was up to bragging probably just had bruised it pretty badly. The next morning his arm was in a sling and his mom said he'd broken it in two places!

So now I know to actually see if a kid can bend their arm rather than take "yes" for an answer. And listen to my mommy instincts when I think something is not right. I feel so badly for not asking the sub if he'd seen the school nurse, or insisting that he get checked out by her. R has been instructed that if she ever feels sick or hurt she needs to ask about going to the nurse's office so they can call me, but I think the whole situation freaked her out nevertheless.

RR: 2x1600s today, while pushing J in the jogger. The plan called for the intervals @8:17, which was a stretch no matter what. I managed 8:16 for the first one (part of which involved a downhill stretch), but only 8:29 for the second one. Four miles total, done.
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Geo - you can continue to get new hives for 3-4 days after the trigger is removed (a med, for example).  But, if you are only getting them after running in the cold and then showering, they may well be cold induced and not an allergy at all.  I used to get that when I was younger, and cold is a common trigger for hives. 


Real - I wouldn't beat yourself up about the little guy with the broken arm - it can be tricky to tell.  For the record, though, being able to bend it doesn't tell you much.  Neither does being able to stand on a sore ankle - it could still be fractured. My practice partner's little girl broke her arm a couple years ago and he alos had her ice it and take some ibuprofen.  Then, the next day he brought her to see me, and I didn't think it was a fracture, but thought we'd get an xray just in case - and it was broken!  So, 2 pretty competent docs can even miss it sometimes. 


1jooj - thinking about you lots as you organize your move.  We put our house on the market, and the very next day the skylight in our kitchen started leaking and it was raining in my kitchen.  So, we got someone out to repair it - and they discovered we have extensive hail damage on the roof.  We can't even remember it hailing!  So, now the insurance adjustor is coming out, and then we have to get the roof repaired.  It's always something.


JayGee - I'm so glad your leg is feeling better!


bec - I enjoy hearing about your workouts, especially the tri class stuff!


Nick - I'm glad you're feeling better and hope gluten is the answer.  Hopefully you'll come up with some good pre-long run fueling options


NRR - My SS continues to rock!  Got some yummy soap stuff in the mail.  My Justin all of sudden has quit turning in homework and has been in all kinds of hot water at school.  I had a conference with a couple teachers, and he has no answer as to why he stopped turning stuff in but he's actually failing English.  (that would be honors English that he's in.)   Meanwhile, he just presented his science fair paper at the regional science fair and was Best in Category and advanced his paper to state.  Yesterday, he came home all worried because he apparently either accidently or deliberately (I'm not clear on this point - he insists accidently) told the academic team coach he had a just above passing grade (he says he thought he did) in English and was therefore allowed to compete in a meet earlier this week, when he should have been ineligible.  Now, the English teacher was really upset that he was allowed to play and has written an office referral, so he's in trouble pretty far up the discipline pathway and he says the English teacher wants him to be suspended.  This is my kid who never gets into trouble and is always a good student.  And even the really ticked English teacher says he's never had a problem before and he had an A at the midterm (there is now 1 week left in the quarter.)  I think he is just having 8th-grade-itis, plus knows we are moving and figured he didn't need to be bothered with stuff he didn't feel like doing, but it's having a lot of consequences he didn't intend.


RR - I'm up early to run.  It's the only thing helping me hold on to my sanity these days!


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DrJen ~ sounds like a run is definitely in order.  I was just talking with a friend last night about her DS who is 13 and suddenly tanking in school too.  I wonder if it's an age related thing?  No excuse, of course, but 12-14 is a pretty tumultous time for kids.  Suspension seems like a bit harsh though.


Real ~ I was a lot like your DD at that age.  No only did I expect perfect behavior from myself, but I also got really uncomfortable with other kids' bad behaviors.  I used to dread substitute teachers because it meant 2-3 kids in our class would misbehave badly and it made me SO anxious.  Not sure exactly what to do about it, other than let her know that she is in control  of her own behavior and others make their own choices.


Jooj ~ hope the asbestos thing is an easy fix.  Two moves ago, the inspector found all kinds of fire code violations we had to fix and DH and I both wondered why none of those things had been found when we bought the house 4 years earlier...


Spin class this morning ~ YAY!


It's a sad day here today ~ Airman Cuddeback, who was the Air Force bus driver killed by the Kosovar in Frankfurt last week, is being laid to rest here tomorrow.  Today is a huge procession from the base to the funeral home.  The streets are all lined with flags.  And the anti-gay protesters who inexplicably go to military funerals will be here.  Makes us all sick to think of them defiling the memory and sacrifice of a young airman who gave his life for his country.



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Jen, speaking as a teacher of 8th graders...I would say your diagnosis (8th grade-itis) is probably pretty accurate. Even my star students are just...tired ... and don't want to do what they don't want to do. Luckily I have a lot of flexibility with curriculum and have started assigning a lot of independent study projects (for which they are certainly responsible, but it gives them more latitude in doing something they find 'interesting' while still learning something).


Good luck with the house sale, etc. Moving is stressful but this is going to be a great change for you!


JayGee, hugs. Sorry for everyone's loss.


Real, I understand your concern and guilt. One of my students fell on the monkey bars last week and the nurse sent him back to class with an ice pack. Turns out he broke his wrist. Sigh. And he's old enough to advocate for himself.


hugs to everyone. Beautiful day here, but no running probably for me today. We are going to synagogue to help pack up Purim food packages, then going to the party store to buy what we need for ours to give out, then the library...then maybe the park. We'll see. I may write a little today on the yahoogroup about what's up, if I can find the words.


Happy Friday Dingoes!

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Hey Nic.  Can you give me a super-brief tutorial on the Purim celebration?  I know the story of Esther, but don't know about the actual Jewish celebration.  My kids LOVE the new Maccabeats video, but want to know what's going on at the party!!!

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Sure, JayGee!

Purim (which translates to 'lots' -- as in dice) is a holiday of incredible  joy and celebration. joy.gif


The condensed story (taken from the Book of Esther) can be found here.  The events took place in the late 4th century BCE and the king (known in Hebrew as Ahashverosh) is considered to be the Persian king Xerxes whose capital was Susa (Shushan, in Hebrew).


Anyway, Purim celebrates the physical deliverance of the Jews from annihilation (the Chanukah story, which takes place about 150 years later in history, celebrates our spiritual deliverance) from an evil person (Haman) intent on genocide.


The miracles of Purim are 'hidden' miracles. That is, they all seemed to come about through the machinations of humans but we realize of course that G-d's guiding hand was really in charge. Not only were the miracles hidden, but truth 'turned on its head.' The day that was chosen for annihilation instead became a day of rejoicing; the one that was going to commit genocide was instead killed; the Jews were saved and were victorious instead of annihlated; the queen who seemed powerless and destined for death instead became the king's most trusted confidante; the man (Mordechai) who had been reviled and persecuted became the king's advisor in the place of the one who had been trusted and then was sent to his death (Haman).


So Purim is all about hidden meanings, and  the idea of 'v'nahafoch hu' (which means 'and He turned it upside down' -- you can hear it in the song).


We have a few different things we do on Purim. The kids dress up in costumes (hidden meanings -- the idea that people wear masks, and that the reality of a person is what is inside); we hear the story (Book of Esther)  read in synagogue twice - one the night before, and one on the morning of the holiday. During the reading, when the cantor sings Haman's name, we drown it out with noisemakers and stamping of feet. We give gifts of food to people (that was what the Greeks -- the joke was that they were from the Chanukah video -- were doing at the door; they were bringing gifts of food -- mishloach manot -- and wishing the hosts a 'freilichen Purim' -- Yiddish for happy Purim); and we have a celebratory meal. It is also a tradition for men to drink 'so that they don't know the difference between Mordechai and Haman' although this is not supposed to mean getting trashed -- just enough to bring out a person's 'hidden' identity.


Hamantashen (in Hebrew, 'oznei Haman' -- Haman's ears) are special cookies we eat, they are three cornered (after Haman's hat which was allegedly 3 cornered) and contain a sweet filling.


Does that help? There were a few jokes in the video as well. (When the kid spilled the jelly from the Hamantashen in his lap -- like the guy in the Chanukah video did with the jelly donut; when the Greeks came to the door, etc.).


We've only watched the video about 2 dozen times. lol.gif I see something new every time though so I'm sure I'll come up with more.

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Thanks Nic! That sounds like a wonderful celebration!!!!

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Guys,I'm racing a half marathon on Sunday and could use some help in the carbo-loading department since I've gone GF.


I usually try to start two days before (which would be today). I don't mind rice and/or potatoes, but also have been not eating much at all. I'm not very hungry and nothing seems to appeal to me. (although the...stomach upset...seems to be gone mostly, which is great).


I had, since 7 a.m., three rice cakes -- one with peanut butter, and two with butter and a slice of swiss cheese (at hour intervals). This seems to be sitting well.


I need to keep it pretty bland but a decent amount of protein and carbs. I am making chicken soup for dinner for the kids (they like it with matza balls which I can't have) and am planning to use the chicken meat to make some chicken salad and maybe a chicken stir fry with rice.


No tomato sauce (hate it and it doesn't sit well). I know, I'm putting all these rules...


Any ideas?

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Ugh, Jen!  I imagine that you are right about what's going on with your son.  Maybe the unintended consequences will be enough of a kick in the pants for him to pull it back together.  Here's hoping it's just a momentary hiccup.


Real - Sometimes those kinds of injuries are hard to spot!  Says the woman who ran a half marathon and then a 5k, and then kept training for a month on a stress fracture. 


JayGee - Those protesters make me so enraged.  Aside from how ludicrous it is, it makes me absolutely furious when any group tries to use a tragedy to further their political agenda. 


RR: 4.5 miles at the track today!  It was so sunny and bright and getting warm!  There was a PE class out doing a timed mile, and I encouraged a couple of girls to run with me for the last stretch.  It felt good to see them go from walking to finishing strong! 


Abby, last night took a flying leap onto me and landed with her knee right on the spot of my leg that was broken last year, and now it hurts.  I'm thinking and hoping that it just aggravated the tendonitis that I am still fighting with in that leg.  A 5 year old can't likely break a tibia, right?  Anyway, the run mostly felt good.  I was hoping to get timed with the next class that came out, but they took too long.  But, I did a lot of little fartleks that were fun. 

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Nic - Maybe a lot of beans and fruit?  Or hummus?  One of my favorite snacks is roasted chickpeas.  If you roast them for about 20 minutes at 350, and then leave them in the oven after you turn it off until the oven cools, they get really crunchy.  Oh, and what about sweet potatoes?

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Nic ~ I've been mostly gluten-free for a long time and my favorite pre-race carb meal is thai noodles.  I also eat a ton of sweet potatoes and regular potatoes.  I dont' have oatmeal issues, so I often have a bowl of oatmeal with a banana about 2-3 hours before race start.  Or maybe hot quinoa?  Good luck!!!


Phew... that was a heck of a spin class.  The classes I usually take are 45 minutes long and I arrive 10 minutes early to get a good bike and warm up a little.  Today's class was a full 60 minutes, plus my 10 minute warmup.  At about the 45 minute point, my legs were saying, "Aren't we supposed to be done???"  I've been invited to ride outside with a bunch of local triathletes tomorrow afternoon, but I'm a little intimidated because they're all Ironman triathletes and they're planning on at least 2-3 hours of riding in the 18-20 mph range.  I figure I'll head out with them and turn around when I feel like I'm unable to keep up anymore.  Still, I'm a little scared!

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Hi running momas! I am dropping back in to ask a question. I like to run kinda high mileage... maybe 20-25 during the week and two long runs on the weekend (a long run and another longish run the day after). So, the question is... if we are TTC should I cut back? I signed up for a 50k so I'm scheduled to run 18 this week for my log run and it keeps going up. Should I continue with the plan or skip it. I almost feel like I could keep runing, but should perhaps max out at a 14 mile long run. Does anyone have any insight? Thanks!

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No insight about mileage, S&S, but wanted to send some good wishes for TTC!!!


So, we just got back from the mall.  My newly turned 10 year old and my newly pierced daughter had a wonderful birthday!  She had such a good time, and the party at the mall was perfect!  It was the lowest stress birthday party I've had!  Tomorrow, I'm bringing the kids and two of her closest friends downtown to the Field Museum and then out to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. 

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S&S, it does seem like alot of running. If you are fertile and eating enough it is what your body is used to so it might be fine. Pulling back also makes sense. In addition to long run limits I might look at recovery times - I am thinking about the double long runs on consecutive days. I can't really say based on experience or knowledge but I wish much fun while ttc and then a healthy comfortable pregnancy when the time comes.

I have 18 miles scheduled for the day but am on the road for an indoor rock climbing expedition with the family. If I am lucky I will get it done tomorrow afternoon which feel slike the opposite of Saturday morning. eyesroll.gif If I get 12 miles done this weekend I will have to be satisfied. I am actually thinking about some tonight and some tomorrow even though that isn't a real long run. My race isn't until June but if this is a harbinger of how training is going to go I'll be running the half.
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Could someone with a Garmin 305 please chime in as to how to get it to do split times (i.e. by mile) without losing either the record of the splits or the total time? I need to know for tomorrow.


Also I'm thinking of buying myself a Timex Ironman watch just for racing for this purpose because the Garmin is so bulky and my current watch doesn't do it. Wasteful? Hmmm...I really would like to be able to remember my mile splits.



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Nic~Go to training, then training options, then auto lap, then select by distance and then you can choose 1 mile for splits. To see the splits during/after a run without downloading, go to history and pull up your current run and select view laps.

I finished up my classes for the first block yesterday. Now just a 7 page paper to write, an online final, an in-class final, a simulation, a day of clinical, and one last round of homework for that day of clinical. rolleyes.gif At least I came up with a topic for my paper during class yesterday. I swear, I waste more time just trying to figure out topics...if someone would just tell me what to write the darn thing on, I could bust it out no problem, but the coming up with a topic kills me.

And now, just trying to figure out what to do for workouts this weekend since the marathon is off the table now and I don't need to run 14 miles. I'm thinking of a bike ride with DS in the Chariot today and then meeting up for a group run (on a paved loop in a park, so I can push DS) tomorrow, maybe 5-7ish miles.

Oh, and I got a rejection letter for the scholarship I applied for a couple of weeks ago. My favorite part? The last sentence: "We encourage you to continue your education." Um, yeah, because losing out on your piddly $1000 scholarship is going to cause me to drop out of school? rolleyes.gif
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Thanks, Gaye! So I don't have to hit a button or anything at every mile? It will do it automatically? That's nifty. I finally got a sweat wristband to wear under it and it makes all the difference between being able to have it on and wanting to chuck it at mile 9 because it's so bulky and annoying.


Guess I won't shell out for the Timex after all! (Yeah, dh never did get me my Garmin...eyesroll.gif  irked.gif ). At this point since I have the 305 (it's my brother's but he wants the new one) and it works, and I've figured out how to wear it, I guess I'll hold on to it until it dies and then revisit the issue. In the meantime dh is on the hook for an iPhone for mother's day/anniversary gift (both in May). mischievous.gif


I don't download/upload anything onto the computer with it since I don't have the cord or software but I don't really need it for that; I just like to keep track of stuff while I'm running (and for races the splits after).


Off to the organic farmstand and the park...have a great day!

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