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Aww, I'm sorry you didn't get the scholarship, Gaye.


DH is out this morning, and I wanted to get my long run in before heading downtown to the museum, so attempted to do 9 on the hamster wheel in my house.  There was too much kid wrangling, and my tendonitis has flared up from Abby jumping on my leg the other day, so only managed 4 (and that was a struggle).  I may try again tomorrow, but I kind of have the same situation with DH being gone, so is will be TM and probably the same situation.  Ergh.  I haven't had a good long run in a while, and that makes me nervous.  My mid week runs have been pretty decent, but those are only in the 4-5 mile range.  Maybe I'll try to carve out enough time for a long run during the week instead.    The weekends have been pretty crazy lately.

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Originally Posted by bec View Post

Great run, Mel!  A 2.5 hour time limit for a half marathon, though?  That is asking for some high expectations! 


They give the option of starting an hour earlier for walkers and slower than 2 1/2 runners, bu my ego wants to start with the running group, even though I'll be one of the slowest.

Good luck tomorrow, Nic!!

Sorry about the scholarship Gaye.

Nic, I have weekend issues with long runs, too. My latest strategy has been to do it on weekday mornings after the kids go to school/daycare, and somehow fit the work that I miss into evenings after bedtime or naptime on the weekends. It feels like a shell game where I'm shuffling around my various times and responsibilities...

RR- Had a pretty good hike this morning, with some trail flooding that had us carrying kids and the stroller over logs and streams. I managed the entire uphill pushing the stroller, and called it my workout for the day when I reached the top.

NRR- My youngest has been waking up between 4:30 and 5 all week, and will hang out in bed but not really fall back asleep. I'm exhausted !
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Hey, mamas.


Gaye, sorry about the scholarship. And glad you're firmly committed to your education.


Mel, I think you should do the race with the 2hr30min or less runners. smile.gif


Bec, I hope you get the good long run in!


Pre-RR: hoping to do a quick run after dh returns from the grocery store and before I need to get ready to accompany him to a fundraiser tonight. It's brisk and windy but sunny out which is excellent running conditions for me. I might rather be doing something else than wearing a dress and heels to a dinner tonight, but it's likely to include drinks, so.


My new tattoo (which, pictures coming) is kind of hurty and I haven't been running since I got it but I really need to go - so I think I'll just take it kind of easy. I was so sure I'd never get another one after it was done, but I think I'm over that now. lol.gif


Gave a talk at a women's retreat and it went really well - I enjoy adult learners (as opposed to my traditional-age students) so much in terms of their willingness to talk and participate. I think a mixed-age classroom would be a really interesting and stimulating teaching environment.


Ok, I should now go clean so I'm not embarassed when the babysitter arrives.

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I really hate the weather people sometimes. It was supposed to be warm (60ish) and sunny today, so I figured it was a good day to brush the cobwebs off the bike and hitch up the trailer and go for a ride. Um, yeah. Overcast. Temperature not too bad. SUPER windy. irked.gif Because that's just what I needed when I haven't been on my bike in 6 months, a nasty little headwind to turn the Chariot from an anchor into a sail. orngtongue.gif 17ish miles done, nonetheless. It felt good to be out on the bike, but man do my legs hurt now!

DS has been alternatingly wonderful/horrible today. I gotta say, I love it when my almost-5-year-old has a meltdown at the dinner table and insists that I feed him. rolleyes.gif I'm trying to remember how sweet it was to snuggle with him this morning, instead!

BTW, I hate springing forward. Love DST, hate losing an hour of sleep!!!!
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Another vote for disappointed with the weather. It wasn't too windy in my stretch of the woods, but we planned a zoo trip today for J's birthday and it was a lot chiller than I'd expected. I also biked to the library with R in the trailer this morning and it was still in the high 40s when we left.

Also, I bow.gif to tjsmama for all the miles she puts in towing a trailer. Mine was a short ride but I was really feeling R's weight (35 lbs?) up the hills. I'm going to need to do some serious leg strengthening for this summer.

Update on biking this summer: R doesn't feel comfortable on a trail-a-bike, so I'm hoping to borrow a double bike trailer from my sister. That conversation I had with myself six years ago when deciding on a bike trailer? "I'm just going to get a single trailer because by the time we have a second kid, R will be too big for the trailer and I don't want to pull around a lot of extra weight." Yeah...so much for that. I'm seriously shocked that I'm going to be biking with my 6yo in a trailer though. At least she's tiny.

Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer and I'm really looking forward to running.

On DST: we decided to do it a day early and changed all our clocks on Friday night. It's been beautiful! I felt like I slept in today (it was only 5.5 hours but there was a strange psychological boost from seeing the clock read 9 instead of 8), the kids were in bed early and felt sleepy and all without the usual pain involved on Sunday when we have to be out the door for church. I'm loving it!
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real~DS is right around 40 pounds...I figure that with the weight of the trailer and all the assorted junk in it, I'm pulling/pushing at least 70-75 pounds! I'm kind of in the opposite boat as you...I bought the double, figuring that I would have a second kid to add to it before DS outgrew it. Not so much, but at least he has extra room, so I don't feel like I'm smashing him in there. orngtongue.gif I have noticed lately, though, that he's starting to sit kind of sideways on the bench seat to give himself some extra leg room. I have a feeling he may outgrow it height-wise before I want him to. He may be getting a big boy bike for his birthday, whether he wants one or not. orngbiggrin.gif

I just finished my online final, and I am really curious as to how one gets partial points on a straight-up multiple choice test. Although now that I think about it, it was a 50 question test, and somehow I got 37.6/40? Strange. Very, very strange...oh well, regardless, it's a good grade, so I'm a-ok with it. That gives me a little lee-way to suck it up on my seven page paper (that I haven't started yet).
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Gaye - Figuring out a topic is always the hardest part for me too. Same goes for my creative writing. Sorry about the scholarship, but great attitude!

OK, sorry about the lack of personals, but I swear it's due to my pregnancy brain. Yes, that's right...


I am going to be positive about this. There's a lot to be said about the power of the mind. This is really going to change a lot of things, but I have to be positive.

I ran for 35 minutes this morning and gave up because I need to tell DH and I just couldn't FOCUS on running.
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Wow MM!!  Congratulations!  Keep on running though winky.gif.


Gaye and tjsmama ~ I bow to BOTH of you for hauling your children in the chariot.  I've tried, but DD1 is way too heavy (55 lbs.) and DD2 complains the whole time of boredom, no matter what I bring for her.  Puts a real cramp in my cycling.


I acutally like springing forward because I usually wake up WAY too early and now I feel like I can reset my body to wake up at a better time.  And maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to stay awake past 9:00pm. 


Speaking of biking, as of yesterday I am the proud Mama of three children on two wheeled bikes!  DD2 has been scootering a lot, and riding her balance bike really well, so we borrowed the neighbor's 16" bike and she took off!  We still need to work on turning, but it's very exciting.  Now to get her a bike of her own, since she was running over to our neighbors all afternoon yesterday to "borrow Ethan's bike".  DD1 is getting her first bike with gears for her birthday in two weeks too.  I know what we'll be doing this summer!


Church this morning, then swim practice with the tri club.

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I love hearing about the biking!  I am hoping to get mine off the trainer and outside in the next couple of weeks.  The trails need to dry out a little bit and it needs to warm up a bit first, though!  I have 2 kids on 2 wheels, and hope to get Abby there this summer.  She has a razor scooter, that she's really good on.  And, somehow I pressed the like button on Real's post.  Not that I didn't like it, but I like everyone's posts!


MM - Congratulations!!!!! Definitely keep up the running!

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Congratulations MM!!  Did you just find out?  I'm at 10 weeks, so just wanting to compare where we are at week wise. winky.gif


Jo ~ How was your sale?


Gaye ~ hug2.gif about scholarship


Nic ~ Whoohoo on your race!! joy.gif


I've been feeling pretty good... finally coming out of the sleepy stupor.  I *will* do yoga today and I am looking forward to getting outside this week when it warms up. biggrinbounce.gif  I'm drinking some pumpkin spice coffee right now after we had friends over for an old school N64 party playing James Bond 007, eating lots of food, and staying up super late because of the spring forward - grumble grumble.


Thanks to all who shared what you were giving up for Lent.  I hope it's a growing experience for you and that it is going well so far.

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bec - I got lost a bit - which daughter got pierced?  I have promised Caroline she can have hers done for the her 8th birthday and have been thinking about how to go about it.  My dh took dd1 when she was 10, so I haven't been involved before. 


MM - Wow!  Congratulations!  I went to med school with 1 child already in tow, and had 2 more while there.  It might be easier to have them all here, first.


tjsmama - 40 points, 50 questions, each question 0.8 points, you must have missed 3, I'm thinking. 


On biking, my little dd is still not comfortable on a bike without training wheels.  She actually finally managed to ride late fall - but it was apparently scary, or something, because she rode the 2 blocks home after she finally got up on 2 wheels with me running after her, turned successfully into our driveway, and ran into the house and cried for a while and wouldn't try again.  I'm hoping this spring she'll be more fearless.


NRR - Yesterday was my soon-to-be-DIL's bridal shower brunch.  My first official event as the MIL!  It was fun.  We (my dds and I) were late, unfortunately.  I had a client in labor, and I was trying hard to stay for her birth.  In my whole career, although I've been out of town and had my partner end up delivering for me, I've never had to go off and leave a client already in labor.   This lady came at 1 am, with her water broken, not really in labor yet.  6th baby, last one was a true shoulder dystocia that I've still not entirely recovered from!  She and her partner and her 3 sons were there, since they had no babysitter (her oldest child died in a car accident several years ago, and her #4 is in the middle of custody dispute with a different dad.)  She was active by early morning, but shortly before I needed to leave to drive the 2 1/2 hours to the shower, she was still 4cms, so I called my partner and signed out, and introduced him to her.  She ended up delivering 25 mins after I walked out of the hospital :(  So, I missed a birth, left a client in labor - but still was late to the shower since I deliberated so long on whether to leave or not.  My partner said this birth went really well - two pushes, no shoulder issues, mom birthed side-lying at her request (not something my partner is really used to, but he tries very hard to be accomodating to my clients!) 

Ds2 went to the regional science fair project session yesterday, and dh went with him and also served as a judge himself.  Ds qualified for state again, and received a special award as well.  No other word on the English teacher situation yet.  He seems to be trying hard to catch up the few things he has left to do for the quarter before it ends this week, and seems remorseful about the whole situation.

Today, I'm hoping to put some serious sewing time in.  I need to get working on DD1's prom dress.  Prom is unfortunately the same day as the state science fair, so I'm not sure how we're working all of that, yet.  This having multiple children thing is really challenging at times!  (I didn't even mention that we had to rush back from the shower because dd1's high school band had their biggest fund raiser of the year last night, and her jazz band was playing in which she's the pianist.)

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Hi Dingos!




If dh antes up on his end of the deal....


I AM GOING TO ISRAEL!!!!!!  joy.gif


For those who don't know what I am talking about, my dh -- a very athletic triathlete for whom 7:30 miles are no sweat, and who doesn't have a heckuva lot of confidence in my running ability (or didn't) -- bet me that I couldn't break 2:04 in a half marathon, and if I did, he would take me to Israel (where I used to live, have been many times, but have not been back to for about 12 years).


Chip time in this morning's half marathon -- 2:03:50!!!!!!


I had a really great race. Actually I thought I was going to break 2 hours and was running with the 2 hour pace group, and passed them. (So that pace leader is going to hear from a lot of people!). At one point around mile 9 I had a major stomach cramp and had to slow down considerably for about a half mile, and then I also squirted Gu on myself eyesroll.gif (what else is new) and had to slow down to deal with that. Other than that I held steady at 8:45-9 minute miles THE WHOLE TIME!!!!!!!


Whod'a thunk it?! Seriously. And there was a major bridge in the middle (think causeway bridge -- huge hill going up twice, but made great time coming down each way).


I don't think I had much of anything left at the end -- maybe a couple miles in the middle I could have picked it up a little, but in general I did the very best I could I think.


I have to say, the weight loss I've had since January (mainly due to dietary discomfort and then changes) has made a difference in my speed. I definitely feel it when I'm running. I have a few more pounds to lose before I hit my pre-babies weight and I'm still losing, but since it's careful and I'm eating healthfully I think it's ok. I love, love, love how much more efficient my body feels when I move (and how I look in clothes doesn't hurt my confidence either, after all these years).


So, I think that a sub 2-hr. half marathon goal is within reach this year. Whaddaya think? thumb.gif



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WWWOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO, Nic!!!  And, in your DH's face!!!! 


Jen - I so understand about the kids going in opposite directions at the same time!  It was Katie that got her ears pierced.  It was her 10th birthday, and she was so excited.  We finished off the birthday festivities by taking two very close girlfriends with us and going down to the Field Museum for the day, then to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner.  We had some service issues at dinner, and the waitress actually refused to do the happy birthday thing they do (I asked several times).  DH complained to the management, and when the Maitre de (big black guy with dreadlocks looking like Bob Marley, and so much cooler than I have ever dreamt of being while still being very personable) asked me how things were, I told him that my daughter was disappointed because the waitress refused to do anything for her birthday.  He asked her name, and told Katie to follow him, brought her up these little stairs to bellow out happy birthday to the entire restaurant.  Katie looked stunned and then beyond thrilled!  I got several declarations of this being the best birthday ever. 


I may be going to the gym today, or I may be taking a rest day, or I may be running outside, or I may be walking outside.  I just don't know yet.  It all depends on how things come together.  Will report back later!

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WOOHOO, nic! joy.gifclap.gif I have to admit that my first thought on seeing your FB post was...She's going to Israel! joy.giforngbiggrin.gif Awesome, awesome job!

And congrats, MM! joy.gif

We headed out for a meet-up with some people from the beginner triathlete forum this morning. Only three people showed up, and we were all different paces, so it was a little bit of a dud as far as that goes. I just so happened to run into my friend Kathleen from track, though, and she hung out to run with me for a couple of loops of the park, so that was awesome! She's much faster than me, but ran the Napa marathon last weekend, so was taking it nice and easy today. And then when she peeled off to head home (she lives a block away from the park), I decided to slow it down to run a loop with one of the BTers, and it was nice to get to know her a tiny bit. My legs were TIRED after yesterday's bike ride. I ended up only doing 5.5ish when I had intended to do at least 7, but oh well. And now, I think it may be naptime...
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So, I ended up at the gym with my friend.  We did about 90 minutes of strength and cardio.  It was good.  Really good!

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RR ~ a nice, relaxing 6 mile run orngbiggrin.gif.  And I'm really happy to say that this is my longest run since injuring my leg in May 2009.  It got a little tight around the 5 mile point, but feels just fine now.  But I really, really need a new pair of running shoes.  My back always tells me when it's time and yep, it's time!

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MM - Congratulations!  That's exciting!  I'm sure I would have bailed on a run too in order to spread the news.


Nic - Good job!  I hope your dh follows through.


DrJen - !  You're just so busy!  It sounds like your ds might have been scared straight?  I think sometimes with kids who aren't used to getting into trouble a little goes a long way.


Gaye - Sorry you didn't get the $$ but glad it's not essential.


JayGee - It's so great to read your running reports!  Welcome back!


Bec - I'm trying to channel your gym going mojo.  You just always seem to be on top of things and getting to classes and I'm inspired.


JenLove - Hope your fatigue is going for good.  Those days were only charming the first time around.


Jo - How was your sale?


So today I saw a fox streaking off with a hen in his mouth so I went flying out in my pjs screaming and cursing and he actually dropped her and she came running back to the flock looking ruffled but intact!  I'd assumed that foxes snapped necks immediately so that was wonderful surprise.  He skulked back into view shortly after so I had dh shoot at him and it looked like he got the message that the bullets were all about him.  Hopefully he has a long memory too.


RR: Not much, I made it to two strength classes this week which both kicked my butt.  On Thursday I also hopped into the pool and did a super slow 750 yards before I got tired of the dragging feeling.  Now I'm on my way to a dance class.  It's not intense exercise but it feels good to move.



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Thanks everyone for the congrats.

jenlove - I'm assuming I'm 4 weeks having just missed my period, but we only dtd once this past month (I know, pathetic) and I believe it was CD9 or CD11...must have been CD11. I'm concerned I might be further though since my last period was ultra light although I did bleed my normal 5 days. The bleeding though was maybe enough to soak one pad, maybe, over the entire 5 days. I did test the day before my last period too and it was negative.

doctorjen - it's really nice to hear that you had children throughout medical school and are successful. Now I know it can be done! joy.gif

nic - awesome! Awesome time and awesome that you get to go to Israel!

So, tomorrow is the day to sign up for the Beach to Beacon (10k). My dad gave me the entry fee for my birthday so I've got to do it. I'm just a little bummed that this will be the second time I've ran it pregnant. At least I can crush my previous time! I'll be 25 weeks when I race.

Also, I'm really nervous about this pg. Last one ended in a m/c, last August. I started that one the same way, after losing a bunch of weight. This time though, I am having a lot of symptoms already where I didn't last time so I'm trying not to get myself down.
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MM, congrats on the pregnancy and sending you good vibes that it should stick and be well.


Now...why am I not surprised to report that dh is attempting to weasel out of this promise? nono02.gif  He says he never would have promised at such a weird time (2:04) and thinks he promised that for under 9 minute miles the whole race (which would come out to about 1:58.


Now we all know that definitely was not the promise. I distinctly remember writing about it here right after he made it. Does anyone else? I can't find it in the archives.


I am disappointed in him. Not nice. Bummer. (Not that we have the money to do this right now anyway; it would have to wait at least 6 months or so. But still, it would be on the horizon).


Still, I know...and you all know...that I did it. So he can ...well, whatever. Never mind.

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Originally Posted by Realrellim View Post

On DST: we decided to do it a day early and changed all our clocks on Friday night. It's been beautiful! I felt like I slept in today (it was only 5.5 hours but there was a strange psychological boost from seeing the clock read 9 instead of 8), the kids were in bed early and felt sleepy and all without the usual pain involved on Sunday when we have to be out the door for church. I'm loving it!

Oh, my, I've gotten some brilliant parenting tips from my years on MDC.  This is among the top.  You're brilliant!


Nic, awesome half time.  I was wondering waaaaay back when you said it what the magic of a 2:04 marathon was.  I figured it was some sort of pace target:  under 9:30 min/mile.  I hope you guys resolve this with MDC serving as evidence if necessary. ;)

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