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I can't find the original post. Can anyone remember when it was?! Ugh.

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MM: Congrats! I hope that it's an obviously sticky and happy pregnancy. joy.gif


Nic: what a great job! I'm so proud of you!


Plady, nice save with the chicken! Hope she forgets quickly.


RR: a really nice 5.3 yesterday, a kind of sluggish 6 today. I can feel my left knee kind of twinging (not the knee I've had all sorts of IT band trouble with) so I'm going to resume strengthening exercises and focus more on that side of my body. If it's not one thing, it's another ...

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Oh my  goodness, I am so behind. Jenlove, CONGRATS! And also MM! SO happy for you both...  We're planning on starting to TTC this month, so we'll see how that goes!


Nic, that is simply amazing! I said it on DM but your progress is phenomenal. Simply phenomenal!


Just a quick thanks for all of your feedback on a 20 month around the clock nurser. We're hoping to TTC but DS is like a newborn!


a 12 mile run today with DS and DH. An awful run, which culminated in a squabble at 10 miles, tears at 10.5, and water throwing (over DH) at 11. That's how I roll... I squirt water when very frustrated. Poor DH.



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Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post

I can't find the original post. Can anyone remember when it was?! Ugh.

For the first time ever, MDC search trumps google search:



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Well I guess it's a discrepancy. The post says both 2:04 and 9 minute miles. D'oh. 9 minute miles makes it 1:57, not 2:04. So for the moment I guess we're at an impasse. Since now I feel somewhat capable that that's an actually attainable goal for me and since we can't afford to go right now anyway, I guess I'll have to let this one pass.


Sigh. Bummer.


Still...the fact that I can even dream about a 1:57...that's pretty cool. And really I think I might be able to do it someday. Maybe even this year. Now there's a good goal.

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And certainly not for the first time, Geo impresses with her ability to find and deliver information. Nick, you deserve that trip anyway, so there.


Gaye, hugs about the scholarship. Know how proud of you we DIngos are.


I am wonked out on muscle relaxants right now, so my apologies in advance. My back went kablooey yesterday and I held it together through the sale, and then hit the Y for whirlpool and sauna only, and woke up in misery. My sister took me to urgent care, and I came out with rx vit I, soma and an antidepressant script to manage the anxiety that's causing the pain. I am at the point where I startle when someone walks in the room, I'm waking at 2AM and not getting back to sleep, etc. And all this with really active stress-management--positive thinking and affirmations, daily yoga and constant yoga breathing, daily exercise, strong family and friend support. So I am taking the script and using the meds until I leave (they are strictly controlled in UAE and would cause me more trouble than help, so I will get off the stuff before we go).


So anyway, soma's really good but makes me mistake-prone, so I will just take it until I can put on my own socks again.


Oh, the sale. It went pretty well. Made a few hundred bucks and got an offer for the tractor that we might just go ahead and take next week, if the other buyer balks at the price. So, that's good. Also got the buyout offer (did I mention this?) and it seems worth taking. A few stupid title issues (but that's what title insurance is for, right?) to clear up and more repairs and estimates before it all goes down, but it looks like we'll walk away with a small nest egg for our someday-independent project.


JenLove, if you and J and V can come down this week, I have canning jars, water bath canner and a few books for you.


Goats left today. I couldn't help with the loading; I plan to visit them before we fly. Dd cried. I suppose I will when I'm not zoinked on soma anymore.

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Jo, hug2.gif  this is such a stressful time for you. Praying for things to go smoothly and easily and for your complete and speedy recovery, with God's help.


And you're right, I totally deserve that trip. Maybe I'll take it on my own, just for a week or so. I've never done that before but I might be able to be persuaded...


Geo, you definitely are the research queen. I did like 10 searches and couldn't find it.


Tomorrow we go back to work/school after a week off. I'm bummed. And I forgot I have to write a lecture on the Depression, which is depressing, so off I go...


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MDC advanced search for "Israel" under your user name and constrained to this forum.  "Just" three pages of results.  :lol


Google wigged out, unable to come up with a single result for your user name + "half marathon" + Israel.  Wimp.


Got the spring break trip planned - hitting every museum in Cinci this coming weekend, then down to Mammoth Cave.  DD is positively thrilled that I found her someplace to observe cuttlefish for a class project.  My kids aren't normal.

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JayGee--that's so cool to have all three riding on their own. I mentioned taking R's training wheels off, but she's not having it.

bec--I like your posts too. lol.gif


JenLove--glad to hear things are improving there and that you're feeling good.

DrJen--yay for all the good stuff the weekend brought to you and your kids.

Nick! You rock! That's soooo awesome! clap.gifjoy.gif Sorry your DH is being an unmentionable, but I totally think a 9-min pace1/2 is in your reach.

Plady--glad you were able to save the chicken.

Jo--hope you're feeling better soon. How miserable, in the middle of everything else.

RR: 10 miles, done. I'd had this thought that it would be awesome to bike a few miles so I could get closer to a trail that I wanted to try out but DH was working on a project and by the time he was done it was 3. Then I discovered my Garmin battery was dead (it's apparently not charging properly with my computer, even though it says "battery charge complete" when I unhook it) so I plugged it in and puttered around a bit until it said it was about half charged. At that point I gave up biking and just took off. Twenty minutes in it gave me a low battery warning, but it stayed on until I was done, thankfully.

NRR: I'm hoping to just make it through the week this week. I'm going to a concert with a friend on Friday night, we have book group at our house Saturday night, we want to go to the Denver March Powwow sometime this weekend, and in theory we probably should host a family birthday party for J on Sunday. I think we're going to push it back a week, because really, there's enough going on. My mother disapproves. eyesroll.gif We would have had it this weekend, except that my sister had a friend coming in from Chicago. And even if that hadn't been the case I'm not sure it would have happened. My BIL's boss was killed in a car accident Tuesday morning (a car clipped him on the interstate off-ramp and send him crashing into the retaining wall). He was also the owner of the business, so there were some serious decisions that needed to be made by his widow. BIL, meanwhile, was trying to help his widow, contact many of their mutual colleagues to let them know about the funeral arrangements, and trying to figure out what, if anything, pressing needed to be taken care of at the business.

And in the "even more bad news" front: the budget cuts for our school district are going to be more steep than expected. This means: they're closing our neighborhood school, and my daughter's kindergarten teacher won't be at her school next year. And did I mention that the city couldn't afford to keep operating the pool that was open summers in our neighborhood? They couldn't afford the very-badly needed repairs to the locker rooms either (as in the foundation was shifting and the roof was leaking badly) so last week they tore down the building and removed the pool. I guess they are planning to put up a park pavilion and a few other bits of playground equipment, but considering the park is just south of the soon-to-be-closed school, it feels like we're being abandoned. All this pales in comparison to what's happening in Japan, of course. And all together: Wisconsin, Japan, fires in Boulder, school budget cuts, city budget cuts, library budget cuts, deaths...egads.
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Congrats on a great race, Nic. Sorry your DH is being sticky about the bet, but amazing to think that it's within reach!

MM- Congratulations and wishing you a sticky pregnancy. How did you tell your DH? How did he take the news?

Real- Sorry about the crazy week and all of the bad news greensad.gif

NRR- My sister's MIL has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is having surgery on Tuesday. BIL and my 14 month old niece flew into town here today (the MIL lives here, sister and BIL live in Alberta) and are here for a week. My niece is recently weaned and has been away from my sister overnight once before. My sister has to work and couldn't come, and she works a late shift and they don't have childcare to cover. I'm going to help out and take my niece on Tuesday during the surgery. I'm stressed for my sister- she still carries q lot of stress and grief from our mum's death from cancer, and now her MIL is sick AND she has a week alone and away from her baby greensad.gif Not to mention the stress for BIL and my neice, but I get to help them in a bit more pragmatic way. I wish I could do more for my sister.
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Well, Nic, hit that 1:57 and show your DH exactly what you're made of!  Do you have another 1/2 on your schedule yet?  I KNOW you can do it!


Real ~ we got around the training wheel issue by never having them!  Instead, we took the cranks and pedals off DD2's bike and let her use it as a balance bike.  She can cruise on that thing, especially downhill.  I'm so sorry for the losses and difficulties you're enduring right now.  Sometimes the world is so heartbreakingly cruel hug2.gif.


Jo ~ ugh on the back, but Yay on the successful sale and the possible buyout on the farm!  You're moving right along.  Hope you're feeling better soon though.


zub ~ am I bad because I laughed at the image of you squirting your DH with water during the run?!  Sorry your DS is still giving you a hard time about sleep.  Next time may you be blessed with a super-snoozer.


Geo ~ I bow.gif to your searching skills!


It's snowing outside.  I'm not down with that at all.  Short run and then a spin class this morning while DD2 is at preschool, followed by an afternoon of chores. 


NRR ~ DD1 is actually sleeping in her bed in her bedroom!  All three kids have been sleeping in the master bedroom on our floor, well, forever.  We bought DD1 a new bed though, and assembled it yesterday.  Amazingly, she requested to sleep in her new bed last night and has been snoozing away in there.  Sniff.... of course, DS (yes, age 9) is still sacked out on my bedroom floor.  Every once in a while I'll ask him if he's ready to sleep in his own room, and he says, "Not quite yet, Mama." luxlove.gif.

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Geo - You rock.  Nothing less than amazing.  As far a your field trip, my kids would totally dig the cuttlefish too.  My kids wanted the details on mummification at dinner last night. 


Real - That does sound like a very busy week.  Add in the tragedy affecting your family (even if it is emotionally removed from you personally), and the fact that J isn't going care if it is a week apart from the ACTUAL birthday, and I totally understand!  You want it to be a joyous event, not one filled with stress!


Nic - While I have complete faith you can run a 1:57 half marathon, I'm still angry.gif at your DH.  What a shitty thing to do!


Jo - I'm so sorry about your back!  It does seem like things are trucking along, though.  I'm glad you are realizing your limits though and are taking the meds to help get you through this!


Rest day today!  Which will translate to clean the house day!

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Hello Dingos!


Missing you guys.


Congratulations on PRs and pregnancies! And grouphug.gif for all the injuries (Jo? What happened?), illnesses, stress and sadness. I have only skimmed the past couple of pages and I feel terribly out of touch. But if I put off posting any longer, I'll miss March altogether!


Things are rolling along here in my little corner of the world. Work has been very busy, but I see things tapering down now that the reporting season is drawing to an end. Thank goodness. Both for the work, and for it easing up for a while. Still, I have been getting out there running, swimming and biking! Even found a group of ladies training for a local tri on May 22!


So, DrJen, can you sign me up for the Charleston Sprint Triathlon Series on May 22? Am I already up there on the list for April 2nd, Cooper River Bridge Run? I haven't even checked. Looking forward to meeting up with Poppywise for that! thumb.gif


Got to dash - I'm reading to DS's preschool class today. Oh! And after that, I have to drive all the way down to Florida to open up a can of &*%$$ on Nick's DH!  hammer.gif  (love that smiley!)



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Originally Posted by Mel38 View PostGot to dash - I'm reading to DS's preschool class today. Oh! And after that, I have to drive all the way down to Florida to open up a can of &*%$$ on Nick's DH!  hammer.gif  (love that smiley!)





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MM:  A big congratulations!  Wishing you a smooth pregnancy.


Nic, you are an inspiration.  A big irked.gif in your dh's direction, but I have total confidence that you are going to blow the 1:57 out of the water very soon.  



Zub:  I snorted my coffee reading about the water squirting.  Sounds like something I'd imagine doing but never would actually do, as dh doesn't have much of a sense of humor when we are arguing.


FM:  I can't even begin to describe the rains that have been happening here, yet I've been keeping my promise to myself and going anyway.  On Saturday I did 5 on the local trail and literally saw exactly 3 bikers and one guy in a rowboat on the lake.  Not a single other runner.  Amazingly enough, although the volume of the rain woke me up this morning, it seems to have slowed way down. It's a miracle!


I'm struggling with calf/shin stuff.  I noticed that it got far, far better when I stepped off the cement trail and ran on the grass.  Slowed me way down but got me through.  The pain isn't excruciating, but annoying enough that I can't get out of my head and it's all I think about.  Walking doesn't help at all- the shin gets better but the calf gets worse.  Seriously, folks?


Non-FM:  The bathroom revamp saga continues.  I've put a bit up on FB, but in a nutshell, everything that could go wrong, has.  NOTHING in this house is built to any kind of standard, so when we try to replace it, I have visions of dh's head exploding.  The old vanity was built in in such a way that we had to take a sledgehammer to it to find the screws attaching it to the wall.  The sink was installed in such a way that dh had to cut the water lines to get it out.  Under the old vanity, no freakin' subfloor.  The wiring box for the old light fixture was installed crooked since it didn't matter with the old fixture, but it completely matters with the new one.  And last night, after moving in the new vanity, we discovered that the water supply for the sink was so far shifted into the corner that it didn't fit in the cut out of the new one, so we had to take a saw to our brand new vanity to cut holes for the water.  I also discovered that the sink top I bought was the extra fancy 3 hole variety, so the only faucets available to us start at triple the price of the standard variety.  Returned the wrong ones ($60 each) to switch the holes and ended up with $120 versions that I don't like nearly as well.  Sigh.  Will have the sink hooked up today, need to caulk.........and then we start on the other bathroom.  I can only assume the issues will be different, right?



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FYI: SkirtSports is having a sale--50% off selected items:
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Jo- I hope you are feeling better soon!  Good thing you have some options for help, though.  goodvibes.gif


Nic- Great job!  Sorry about your DH.  


MM- Congrats!  :)


Real- redface.gif I've been coveting the super hero skirt and tank for quite some time now.  Hmm... thanks for the link!



Dingos, I am wearing my Dingo shirt and my running tights and I have a run date set for 1:30 (hour and a half from now).  biggrinbounce.gif    I would love having someone to run with, but I will take what I can get.  A friend is watching the girls for me while I run, and that's going to be awesome enough.  

 So, I'm dressed to run and I'm eating an early lunch.  I hope it's a good run! It's been so long.  

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Wow, the news is hard to take.


I'm bedridden, can hardly walk, can't lift or carry anything. Dh is home, thankfully. He bought my MacBook. I got an older version pro (new but not the new upgrade) and ms office software, and might pick up photo editing software before we leave. He's home all week, and I sure hope I can walk by tomorrow. Expecting highs around 50 this week. Back was feeling awesome last night but seems to have shifted again. So I think I'll sleep a couple hours and see what happens.


Run, Dingos!

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Oh no Jo!  That sounds awful.  Hoping and praying that tomorrow brings some relief from the pain.


memiles ~ have you been to a chiropractor who is certified in ART?  Seriously, after 21 months of calf and shin misery, I'm on my way back thanks to ART. 


RR ~ decided against the run today so I did 25 minutes on the elliptical followed by a good, hard spin class.  Question for those who also do spin ~ is your class cosistently attended by some guy who is obviously a road cyclist or triathlete (full cycling kit, shaved legs, etc) who insists on taking class but NOT doing any of the stuff the instructor is doing???  We're standing, he's in his aerobars.  We're climbing in a hard gear, he's spinning out at some ridiculous speed.  We're doing sprints, he's on his own personal hill workout.  What the heck?  The dude in front of me this morning was doing his own thing the entire time and it was really distracting, to be honest.....  And it seems like there is one of these guys at every spin class I attend (different guy, same MO). 

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Oh! And after that, I have to drive all the way down to Florida to open up a can of &*%$$ on Nick's DH!  hammer.gif  (love that smiley!)



Oh my gosh. I just spit my iced tea all over my work laptop in front of 28 7th/8th graders. That is hilarious. Please, come on down. Just thinking about a pack of Dingoes descending on dh to read him the riot act is enough to make the whole aggravation worthwhile. Bwahahaha demon.gif


ETA: Jo, feel better. When that happened to me I had to take a course of Prednisone which sucked but worked well. Heating pad, heating pad, heating pad. Hugs.

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