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Jo reminded me:  many gluten free baked goods are kosher, as they try to cover as many allergens they can in many of the foods.  And, in an attempt to document this fact, I just came across this site dedicated to kosher gf cooking.  

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Ok, ladies, I'd like opinions... as I said, I'm 3 weeks in, I've been going to the gym 3x a week and doing 2 miles or so walk/run on the treadmill. Yesterday I made progress and was able to go a bit faster and did 2.6 miles... I want/need to get out of the house today, but I'm torn on whether to go run or do something else out of the house? I'm worried about overtraining, though I eventually want to be running every day. I was feeling good yesterday and still feel good today with only minor muscle soreness (really hardly any). I just don't want to get injured, yk?
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RM, I'm so sorry. greensad.gif


Jo, I'd love to hear more about your mystical experience some time, if you're willing.


Welcome, Jenna!


RR: a quick 4m today between work and picking the kids up from school - I don't get that chance very often and it was great. Dh comes home tomorrow from a week of travel and I'm going to get some miles + a buncha work in this weekend. I'm pretty stressed about some committee work I've been doing, and contemplating some career moves - just dispiriting.


I managed to pick up flowers for my kids' teachers for teacher appreciation today in between dropoff for orchestra and regular dropoff. I got some extra in case any other kids forgot, and at least one of dd's classmates did, so that felt good. And I had a *lot* of fun teaching formal logic - my students really got into it and mostly did a pretty good job.


One more week until spring break, and I am looking forward to it.

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Oh my gosh, MM, thank you for all those links. And Jo and everyone, thank you for the support. It means a lot.


For dinner we had stuffed cabbage (pre-made, kosher-for-Passover which means no gluten anyway and I don't know why it was in the store but it was, frozen section) and rice. And spinach salad. Everyone ate and everyone was fine.


So, meal 1...ok. Phew.


Dh was surprised but to my surprise, did not denigrate or roll his eyes at this. I really thought he would as he tends to be suspicious of any medical diagnosis (odd for a surgeon but whatever). Hopefully he will be supportive.


The funny thing is, I don't eat a lot of bread at all. Tangent -- when we eat we make a blessing both before and after our food. What that blessing is changes based on what the food is. But bread is always considered a 'meal' so the blessing that comes after eating bread (even if it was only meant as a snack, but it's not considered that because it's...bread) is so long that it is rarely worth it to bother unless you're really eating a whole meal or a festive meal. But I do like pasta, and carbs in general.


I'm going to hopefully just focus on foods right now and worry (or not) about issues like cross-contamination etc. later. Maybe that's a bad idea but I already have two full sets of dishes/pans/etc. (kosher rules) and don't foresee a whole other bunch of kitchen stuff!

And how do you keep your pantry separate?


Ok next week is spring break so hopefully I'll have time to work into this.


Anyway, had a nice and therapeutic 3 mile run with my students. One of them stuck with me almost the entire 3 miles, so that was great! The others are making progress too.


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Happy March!  Will this be the month all of our snow melts?  Doubtful.  Hopeful, though.


KJoslyn--I was sorry to read on Facebook about the surgery findings.  I hope, as was JayGee's experience, that you will still be able to be active.


JayGee--I'm so sorry about your DD; I hope you were able to rest all day.  When my kids are up sick, I'm just trashed the next day.


JenLove--Don't just lurk!  Talk to us!


bec--I hope you also got some rest and manage to avoid your DH's stuff.  Strep is especially awful.


1jooj--I keep thinking of you and your move, and I'm hoping everything cascades in a manageable way.


memiles--I'm glad you're running again!  I also admire your battles with the weather.  Cold and I are not friends.


Juvysen--Thanks for joining up with us!  I'm the poster child for overtraining and getting injured, so I can't help you with your question.


Nic--I'm sorry your dad made you doubt yourself, but it sounds like you're moving in the right direction, and have a great resource here.  Wouldn't it be so great if you were able to change your diet and make a lifetime of stomach issues disappear?


Gaye--Did you have your pediatric oncology rotation today?  How did it go?  The two little ones I know who have fought and are fighting cancer are both incredibly energetic, active, and positive, despite their difficulties.  I don't know if that would make it easier or harder to work with them.


I haven't run since Monday.  Eek.  I started feeling kind of crummy, like I was coming down with a nasty cold, and so I decided to just ditch a couple of days.  On Tuesday I spent my running time at the used-clothes store trying things on and buying things.  Fun!  Yesterday and today I dropped DS off at school and then came home and took a nap.  A nap!  I can't ever recall, except for rare cases when I'm VERY sick, intentionally lying down and taking a nap.  For the past two days, though, that's what I've done.


Let me tell you--I feel GREAT.  I might give up running and just take up napping.  It's amazing what one extra hour of sleep, by myself, in an absolutely quiet house, will do.  I feel like it shouldn't make as much of a difference as it has.


Anyway, this isn't really a napping thread so I'll stop blathering on about it.


Off to do my taxes and plan what toys I'm going to buy myself with my portion of the refund money.  Hooray!

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Happy March.  Thanks Bec, and like there was anyone who doubted your dingoness. Pfff.


Just subbing.


Oh, actually I did do a short pilates class today and found that my upper thigh muscles seem to be trying to stage their own little coup.  They did not want to do what I was telling them to do.  Honestly it was more than a little alarming.  I'm hoping that all it is is super-tight hams that I can soothe if I stay focused but it felt really weird, like I was trying to lift someone else's leg with my mind.  Not very cool.  But I'm plotting how I can go to the full class, it's really an hour and a half but it starts before I can drop Alison at school.  Anyway.


Memiles, it's good to see you back and I'm glad you think this winter has been especially wet.  It's been hard to keep my chins up.


Welcome Jenna!




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la~It was yesterday. It was actually an unusually slow day in the clinic, but I got to see some cool stuff, and some super cute kids. Heartbreaking and heartwarming all at the same time, ya know?

I am so very, very, very tired. But, I survived my 44 hours of clinical this week. Only 8 hours of class left to go, and then I get to have some fun! joy.gif I have tickets to a hockey game tomorrow night that I'm taking a girlfriend to, and then skiing on Saturday with another girlfriend and her DH. Just need to survive 8 supremely boring hours of class...

Oh, thank you to my ss! Got two fun packages in the mail yesterday with lots of goodies. I absolutely LOVE the notepads with the magnet on the back...they're perfect for grocery lists, and I had just finished up the one that my ss last year sent me! love.gif
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Nick--another vote for "you can do this." Adjusting to a new diet is hard but once you find alternatives you like it gets much easier. Plus, there's so much more tasty GF stuff out there now than there was eight years ago when we suspected DH might have issues with it. I have a great GF all-purpose flour mix recipe that I use for baked goods that I can PM you. I've used in birthday cakes, zucchini bread, and cookies and even the non-GF people love them. The Pamela's mixes are great too. We use them a lot, not for the GF part but because they are also dairy-free. And super-yummy. eat.gif

Speaking of cakes, did I mention that J's birthday is a week from tomorrow? How did that happen? I keep telling people that she isn't allowed to turn 1 until sometime this summer. I'm not ready.

No FM today, but I did some decent speedwork yesterday pushing the double jogger. I hope to fit in the abs video tonight but we'll see. Grading calls.

In NRR: DH is making me crazy. R's teacher needs to schedule a 10-minute conference for anyone with an ALP, so we put down our time preferences on the form. Just before school started today she asked if I preferred a slightly later time (15 minutes before kindergarten starts vs 45 minutes before) and I said sure, but apparently DH has a tenure meeting then and could only do the earlier time. He's angry that I didn't remember his schedule (as if I don't have anything better to do than remember his ever-changing schedule of meetings) and throwing a hissy fit in the form of asking me about stuff I've told him (answer: everything is in the blue school folder) and "why won't you just tell me these things?" (because I told you where everything is stored at the beginning of the year so you wouldn't ask me about it all year long) and in response to my asking why he need to be there for a 10-minute meeting, "because I don't want the information filtered through you." Lovely. eyesroll.gif He is in a MOOD this week. irked.gif

ETA: sorry to be all about me. I'll be better about personals tomorrow.
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Lisa, I'll definitely take that recipe. Thanks!


No FM for me this morning. 12 on the schedule this weekend, one week til the half marathon. Really hoping I get into NY or I may have to find another fall marathon or something...I will need a goal.


Gaye, way to go on finishing the clinicals! That's draining.

Lisa, hugs on the DH thing. Been there. Ugh. They don't want us to nag them, then they blame us when they have no idea what's flying. Uh huh.

Welcome, Jenna!

Lala, I'm with you on the naps!


Have a great friday everyone!

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subbing in..

dh who is back in town and I are going to the doc today if our fp doc can squeeze us in (he couldn't get me in when I had shingles last fall). After almost two weeks of this we need to know if it is flu/strep/or something else he can help us with. I was in tears last night and he was too manly to cry but did say his flight was hell and he thought his was sinus infection plus strep. Last time this happened he got better and I had strep from March to July depsite a ton of interventions. We almost went to the clinic last night but my records are at the regular doctor and I want my history with this mess taken into account.violin.gif

I thought when Feb ended we woud all magically feel better?!
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Hello Dingo Ladies!  Happy March 4th!  (In our house we celebrate March 4th as the day to march forth)


Sorry I have been MIA.  I have finished the exhausting process of orientation classes and will start picking up shifts with my preceptor this weekend, two twelves.


I haven't been running.  I need to.  Dh's 17 yo brother came to stay with us the last week of February (because of family issues), went home last Sat (I breathed a sigh of relief), and flew back in last night.  Messy, messy family situation.  I feel like I don't have the resources to parent a 17 almost 18 yo.  I feel like we don't have the space to indefinitely host a teenager.  I feel like a kid who has attended 6 schools in 3-4 years doesn't need another school in another town.  I want to support this kid to grow and change and figure out a way to help himself, but I recognize that we can't really even afford to feed him.  Dh and I tried to share these concerns with his parents (dh's dad and stepmother) and then received the call yesterday that he was on the plane headed for Maine.  My treadmill is in the downstairs area that we have put the blow up bed in.  Mama needs a run, badly.


I hope everyone who is battling illness gets better, and that March is a gentler month for many of us.  And yeah, any wisdom at all on the 17 yo kid on the doorstep would be much appreciated.


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RM ~ I'm so sorry. ((hugs))


Nic ~ We have experimented with gf here and prefer for V to eat that way.  I have come across some great baking mixes that have already been mentioned, rice noodles, and I find it all to be pretty yummy and sometimes can't even tell the difference. :)  I hope the transition goes well for you and your tummy thanks you.


L4 ~ Thanks for the push to talk. :P  Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't because I haven't ran in AGES!  


Throughout the exhaustion of this pregnancy, I have been craving a run.  I even wore some Dingo shirts this past week, and I think when DH gets back into town I am going to give it a whirl.  I don't care if I only make it around my neighborhood loop.  I just need to get out.


I'm fighting the winter blues bad here along with being pregnant and feeling icky and DH being away.  It's been really difficult.  I am trying to keep myself busy so I'm not wallowing in my thoughts... I had a Pure Romance party with my friends, I took V on a date last night out to dinner and visited my sister, and tonight I may show up to my mom's for her cooking.  It's too quiet around here at night for me to just sit around.  


Gotta run and get ready for Y playgroup.  Have a great weekend!

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Originally Posted by Plady View Post

Happy March.  Thanks Bec, and like there was anyone who doubted your dingoness. Pfff.



once a dingo....always a dingo. Especially when you've hung around a long time.


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Parenting a teen (and twenty somethings), listen, listen, listen.  Offer advice if it's wanted, but in a way that doesn't tell them what to do, but offers different view points.  Understand.  Share your low points and how you got out of them.  Praise them as much as possible.  Give them a place in the family, chair at the dinner table, time one on one, room to stay, something to call their own, chores, love.  Take them with you on family outings, family get togethers.  Give them a way to earn money (part time work or work around the house-although I hear you when you say you don't have the money to feed them).  Cut corners to make money for food, cancel cable or sunday paper, etc.  Share your religion, but keep it open.  Move your TM to the garage.  You need your runs. 


RR: resting for the race in the morning.  Looking forward to it being over, I'm nervous that I can't perform.  *roll eyes*



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mommajb ~ I had no idea that you'd been sick so long!  I really hope you can get some answers and get yourself feeling better soon.


tortuga ~ that sounds incredibly stressful.  Hopefully you can get out for a run to burn some of tha off.


My parents dropped me at the chiro this morning and I ran home afterwards!  Without tape!!!  The total was probably around 5 miles or so and I took it pretty easy pace wise.  I am so excited for my 5K this weekend.  Honestly, unreasonably excited for a local 5K! It just feels so good to be racing again.  I "may" consider a 1/2 Ironman in September.... more to follow.

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RM ~ Thanks for the "parenting a teen" synopsis.  Filing that away...


I ran 6 days in a row, for a total of 26 miles.  Today it's pouring and it's a rest day.  Tomorrow is a long run for a TBD distance.


Trusty rusty - my c1980 Schwinn that I bought from the classifieds in 1992 lost a few major pieces yesterday off the derailer and my chain is now stuck between two sprockets.  DH found the main derailer pieces, but after adding up that I've put >100k miles on that bike myself, and the fact that replacement tubes are getting really hard to find, and there are no fenders compatible with my breaks, I'm wondering if it's time for a new commute bike.  I hate to turn my back on such a good $60 investment.  Anyone have good recommendations for a commute bike in the Land of Potholes?


Feel better, Jen.

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PSA - If you have eggs that are old or old and cracked, and yet still hate to waste food, DO NOT COOK THEM.  Even if you think the dog might eat them.  She won't.  She will actually scowl at you for creating such a disgusting smell in the house which even a stew of cloves, cinnamon sticks, ginger, citrus peel and star anise boiling on the stove will not overpower.




Geo - You may have actually gotten your money's worth out of that bike.


Mommajb - goodvibes.gif


Okay, off to do some ab work. 

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mommajb--hope everyone is feeling better there very soon.

tortuga--that sounds like an uncomfortable situation. Hope you get in a run and are able to destress some.

Nick--I meant to add something about keeping separate pantries. We're DF here even though DH can eat some. However, I don't make separate meals with cheese or whatever for him because that's too much of a pita. Lately, he's been requesting cheddar and for now I'm buying it (my previous policy was that he could keep it at the office, but I found it frustrating to look at something that I liked and couldn't eat). It might make sense to have different loaves of bread because GF bread can be pricy and/or if you're making your own, you probably don't want it eaten up as quickly, and ditto for crackers or other snack foods. But for meals: everyone gets to be GF (yay!). lol.gif Some of the GF pastas are pretty good these days, fwiw.


Trail-a-bike question: does anyone have one? Any thoughts on brands? There's a WeeRide Co-Pilot on Craigslist for $30 which sounds good, but I want to make sure it's not junk, yk? My plan is to put R on the trail-a-bike and hook J's Burley solo behind that and go.
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Originally Posted by Plady View Post

Geo - You may have actually gotten your money's worth out of that bike.

Yeah, my tongue was firmly planted in my cheek as I wrote that post.

Originally Posted by Realrellim View Post

Trail-a-bike question: does anyone have one? Any thoughts on brands? There's a WeeRide Co-Pilot on Craigslist for $30 which sounds good, but I want to make sure it's not junk, yk? My plan is to put R on the trail-a-bike and hook J's Burley solo behind that and go.

We have an Adams.  We like it, though we had some initial problems getting a replacement connector from the online vendor we bought it from.  We ended up getting the replacement for free directly from Adams.  We like the fast on and off.  Realize that the trail-a-bike is largely incompatible with a rear rack if you're normal height or shorter.  It won't work with my road bike with rack, though it does fit for me to ride DH's Trek hybrid with rack - but just barely.  I'm 5'7".  DH (5'8") has no problems.

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Hi Dingos--I kind of fell of the face of the earth mid Feb anyway


The Princess Half was amazingjoy.gif


It was my first half I finished in 2:16 that was with a potty stop and two short walking stops to gu.


It was very emotional and moving.  The family had a blast at the resort we stayed for 6 days.  I highly recommend it!


I actually checked out the Chicago Marathon but found it full--can't say I'm heart broken but definitely want to find another 1/2.


Happy March--will try to do less lurking and be more active.  As always you women are an inspiration.

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