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I am sooooo behind!! I've had freezing issues trying to post the past couple of days. Fingers crossed for this one.

Nic & Memiles, sounds like an amazing SS gift!

Jen, glad the birth centre tour was great!

Tjsmama, what a busy week! Chasing after a pair of four year olds is a pretty good calorie burn, I think.

RR- I had a bad run on Wednesday where a hip ache travelled to my knee, and have been resting/stretching ever since. I've been debating about seeing chiro/physio/massage for it, but am still in wait and see mode.

NRR- Took my kids to the optometrist yesterday and my oldest needs a stronger glasses prescription after only 6 months greensad.gif He used to be hopeful that she might grow out of it, but given the changes she's probably in glasses long-term. She doesn't care (and was excited to choose new frames) but I get a bit sad about it.
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Sigh. Major downer dropping the family at the airport this morning. I bawled half the way home from the airport. greensad.gif It was such a fun week. I had a hard time getting motivated to get out for my run when I got home, since I was so down in the dumps. I dragged myself out there and got it done, though. I wish I could say that I felt a ton better now, but I would only say it's moderately better. redface.gif

Must go shower, then it's time for hockey! Which I'm totally torn on...I want my team to win, of course, but if they do, there's no way that I can go to the Frozen Four this year, which would make me really, really sad...

p.s. Go Courtney!!
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Well, I decided to scrap the long run in favor of running with a friend I haven't run with in forever, and calling it a fall back week/recovery run.  It was a nice 4 miles, but the trail was really goopy. 

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I've been a lousy correspondent lately; I'm so sorry!  I made a to-do list, which is always a major mistake, since I'm so competitive and they bring out the worst in me.  On there were things like "wash windows" and "patch screens" and "fix sink."  It's a very time-consuming list, and includes things like washing the windows and doing small house repairs that I've never done before.  So I'm cranking through the list instead of posting here.  I'm sorry I've missed stuff!


Nic--it sounds like your race was great, and that your students are being lousy right now.  I'm sorry about that; I hope your summer vacation will be rejuvenating for you.


Gaye--wow, you've had a tiring week!


Jo--I can't believe how much you've accomplished on your relocation project!


Jen--I'm so happy for you, finding a peaceful place for your birth.


This morning I decided to do a long run, even though it was cold and I waited tables last night into the wee hours.  I knew I was going to a wedding shower and a kids' birthday party today and wanted to be able to eat crap.  orngtongue.gif  My iPod was dead when I left the house (why didn't the thing charge?  It was plugged in all night!), but my Garmin picked up satellite reception incredibly quickly, which is unusual.  I decided to just run without music.  It was surprisingly peaceful and nice; I might try running with silence more often.  I did eight miles, and it felt pretty good once I ran away from the chill in the air.


Wedding shower was crummy; it was for a high-school friend with whom I've stayed in communication.  The one other high-school friend I expected to see there bailed, so I ended up with another girl from high school I don't know as well.  She's in the wedding, so spent much of the time talking to the two other girls at the table (a friend of hers, plus the bride's sister) about tonight bachelorette party, to which I wasn't invited and wouldn't have attended anyway.  I spent some time wandering around the restaurant, which is a beautiful space located in an old mill building, and pretending contentment while nobody talked to me.  And guzzling water to stave off an overexertion headache.


The food, I must say, was excellent.  There was a buffet, really good coffee, and beautiful cupcakes.  Even all of these years after high school, it seems the social thing is still not my best subject.  I did manage to maintain a conversation with girl at my table I didn't know; she's a biker and sometimes runner so we talked a bit about races and training.


After leaving that party early, my body rebelled against my decision to run eight miles while having my period, and then eat restaurant food and drink coffee.  When you guys do a long run, does it result in gastrointestinal distress for the rest of the day?  What do you eat after a particularly taxing run?  Should I go for comfort food?  Straight carbs?  An apple?  I'm reluctant to plan another long run if it's going to result in an afternoon of stomach misery.


Anyway, the second party of the day, a birthday party for my first-grade DD's classmate, was awesome.  It was at a karate place and almost her entire class was there.  It's a nice group of kids, who were able to spend two hours running and playing competitive games without a single conflict, bad sport, or hurt feeling.  I was able to chat with a couple of the other moms, plus watch the kids interacting, and it was a lot of fun.  If it weren't so pricey and she wasn't already fixated on ballet, I'd consider enrolling DD in a class.


We'll see if tomorrow brings more running.  If the weather is nice, I might see if we can check out this maple syrup place after church.  I guess they give awesome tours and hold free tasting of maple stuff.  Yummy!  I wonder if I could buy a huge jug of maple syrup to last us awhile.

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Thank you so much to bec, my awesome Secret Sprinter!  Today's package included a yummy candle, a tri t-shirt, a really pretty keyring, and some placecard holders!  Thanks so much!!!  I'm mortified to admit that my package is still not mailed, but will go out Monday, Priority Mail.  So sorry to my SS.


Today was DD1's birthday party and she decided to pick one friend and go to the Science Museum for the afternoon, so that's what we did.  They had a great time and it was totally low stress.  It's snowing like crazy today with at least 4 inches already on the ground.  All the robins are hopping around out there looking at each other with their "what the heck?!" faces.


No swim today due to DD's party, a gnarly cold, and general feelings of malaise.  I'll try for 7 next week.  Starting tomorrow!

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<waving hello>


RR: 8.5 good miles with running neighbor, which clipped by quickly. I'm still not quite to the point where I'm confident I'll be ready for a half May 1st, but it felt good to make some progress on the long run.


NRR: another kind of stressful week, although some good points - I think I'll be contributing to a grant proposal that sounds interesting, and I'm finally feeling kind of caught up. Finished the three Hunger Games novels that dd has been wanting me to read - gripping and quick, although they've given me strange dreams. Or something has.


Hoping to run again tomorrow and finally get some cleaning done...

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Biked to work, walked, climbed, and lifted for 8 hours, then biked hom 3.5 miles.  I'm pretty tired.

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Hi Dingoes, happy Sunday.


Waiting for dh to get back from his bike ride so I can go out for 10 or so. There is something at once liberating and nerve wracking about not being on a specific training schedule. lol.gif That would be my anal nature. eyesroll.gif


My last race of the season (here) is April 9, the Shark's Tooth 10k. Some of my students who did really well in the 5K and who were in my running elective have decided to run it with me as a team again. I'm so excited for them that they've caught the 'bug' and gratified it turned out so well. It was nice to get that feedback after last week's awfulness.


So anyway right now I"m more or less on 'maintenance' plan which is basically 3 4.5-5 mile runs a week, maybe a 6 miler, and a 10 miler for a long run. Not sure if that's going to work and I definitely need a date and a plan for my next big race, but until I hear from NYC Marathon and/or start planning my fall halfs, I am kind of in limbo.


Still, a nice easy 10 miler (if it goes well...you never know) will be a good thing today.

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Jaygee - I'm so glad you liked your packages!  It was really fun putting it all together.  And the tri shirt came from my tri class.  The timing couldn't have been better!


Rest day here.  Tomorrow all the kids are off for the start of spring break.  So, we'll see how much running I actually get done next week!

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Go Nic!


Memiles ~ What a sweet and thoughtful gift!


SS ~ All of these reveals are making me jealous that I didn't just get my act together and workout (and be involved in SS).  LOL!  


Nemesis ~ You must come home whipped!  


RR:  Well, it's not running but it's yoga.  I got in 20 minutes yesterday - thank you BeachBody.  I am awaiting Yoga Booty Ballet in the mail too (and my start up kit to consult).  Woot!



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JenLove ~ what kind of "start up kit" and explain more about consulations...  Congrats on meeting such a wonderful midwife! 


Nic ~ have a lovely run smile.gif.  Instead of a training plan, set up a maintenance plan.  That's what I usually do with no races on the horizon.


Today is our wedding anniversary!!!  DH and I are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate 12 awesome years together luxlove.gif.  And tomorrow is DD1's 7th birthday.  Seven years???  How the heck did that happen?  She's getting a new bike ~ my girl will be riding Specialized now!


I still have a really nasty cold/sinus thing.  I can't breathe through my nose at all and I am coughing like crazy, so swimming doesn't really seem like a possibility today.  From previous experience, swimming and coughing are a bad combination!

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JayGee ~ It's a BeachBody start up kit, so I can be a consultant for them.  It's much like what I did with Mary Kay but I quit because I realized what horrible ingredients were in those products.  This is a health and fitness based business, and I will sell their products like P90X, Turbo Jam, and nutritional supplements like Shakeology.  I tried their shakes and they are actually tasty and filling and made with really good ingredients that I can stand behind.  I will also be "coaching" some people online through Team BeachBody.  There are ways to "buddy up" and share workouts on their site.

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That sounds awesome, Jen!


Happy Anniversary, JayGee!!!  I hope you have a wonderful day, and your DD has a great birthday tomorrow!


Can I have a moment of shameless mommy bragging?  I kinda figured that Abby was holding out on me with how much she was able to read.  She spends a lot of time with her nose in books (like the rest of us), but has not shown much interest in reading out loud to me.  We went through some BOB books a few months ago, and she caught on very quickly, but her interest really has been sporadic, and I haven't pushed (her just turning 5 at the end of November).  Today, she and I were trading reading pages in one of those horrid rainbow fairy books!  It was only a little bit of a push.  But, it was so exciting to see her decoding and understanding (her comprehension is miles beyond her decoding level) that I was able to tolerate even those books!  It's so exciting to see them move from not reading to literate! 

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ETA: Bec, I cross-posted with you, but just wanted to give your DD a big thumbs-up on her reading skills!! thumb.gif I am impressed.

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SS ~ All of these reveals are making me jealous that I didn't just get my act together and workout (and be involved in SS).  LOL!  


Yes to this.


I love the thoughtful gift to Nick with 13.1 and time on it!! Awesome idea.


JG, have a lovely anniversary, despite the coughing/sinus thing.


La4, your description of a get-together with people from high school gave me the eeriest feeling of being in your shoes. That would be me, exactly, feeling socially out-of-place. Sounds like you handled it all very gracefully!


MelW, how is your hip/knee thing? I was wondering what the sports doctor says about it.


Poppy - if you happen to check in, I'm thinking of you and your HM today!! I hope you are running and enjoying every minute of it.jog.gif


So, I did not run this morning. Slept in, had breakfast... now I need some Dingo advice. I have my longest run post-recovery planned for next Saturday, the bridge run 10k. I have been running regularly (although I have not been checking in with my Dingo pals redface.gif) and swimming 1 to 3 times per week. My longest run was 5 miles last week, and now I wonder what I should try to do today. 5.5? or 6? Or less.... maybe even just a 4 miler.  My knee was a tad sore after the 5-miler last week, so maybe 6 is not such a good idea. Any ideas?

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Mel - I wouldn't increase more than 10%.  This would put you at 5.5 miles, which would be a perfect setup for a 10k next weekend.  With that said, I would make sure you take it easy and slow.  Whatever your comfortable pace is, back off of that a bit.  Also, are you icing after your runs?  I would do that, too!


Good luck, Poppy!!! 

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Originally Posted by bec View Post

Mel - I wouldn't increase more than 10%.  This would put you at 5.5 miles, which would be a perfect setup for a 10k next weekend.  With that said, I would make sure you take it easy and slow.  Whatever your comfortable pace is, back off of that a bit.  Also, are you icing after your runs?  I would do that, too!


Good luck, Poppy!!! 

Thank you - that came just in time. I was starting to head out for 6 miles, feeling like I was under some kind of cosmic obligation to try for 6 before the 10k. After reading that, I ran 5.5 at the easiest pace imaginable, had a lovely run in a little bit of rain, and feel like I did enough but didn't overdo it. In fact, I think I need to run more slowly in general. That just felt so nice! It's an ego thing for me, I think, to try to run at or under 10 min/mile, but it's just silly, isn't it? So arbitrary.


Sad, though, on my way out, I found a tiny baby turtle at the side of a dirt road near here. I thought to myself, if he's still around on my way home, I will take him home to show the kids. I never thought a car would come along and run over him. greensad.gif I regret not moving him off the road completely, but... I don't know, I just wasn't thinking. Poor fella.




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Bec, good for you!! We've had a similar experience with ds this year and it's so powerful to have your baby reading. smile.gif


Jen, sounds cool!


JayGee, congrats!


Nic, I'm really impressed with your plans, and can totally relate to needing.a.goal to feel focused and right with the world.


We cleaned furiously for an hour in advance of a playdate that just got cancelled. Dh is at Target and I think I'll head out for a run after he gets back, then maybe think about cleaning my office this

afternoon. The house being a disaster really drags me down, as does the shouting at people to get them to clean (Dh: I'm looking at you. bigeyes.gif) But at least with the, ahem, motivation model the house is clean. Or 1/3 of it is, at least.

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Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post

There is something at once liberating and nerve wracking about not being on a specific training schedule. lol.gif That would be my anal nature. eyesroll.gif
Um, yes. I think this is (one reason) why I'm struggling so hard with motivation right now. It's really hard to motivate without a specific goal in mind. Sigh.

I saw poppy's picture of herself with her medal on FB, so clap.gif and joy.gif for poppy!

I headed out for one last group run with the triathlon group before I'm stuck in the hospital for the next 8 Sundays. It was a beautiful day. A little chilly at first, but sunny and gorgeous. We ran an area that I'm not familiar with at all, and while it's pretty hilly, it was really nice. There were four of us, and two of the guys turned back earlier, but the other guy and I ran to the top of this overlook that had a phenomenal view of the entire city. It's amazing how far good conversation can carry you, because the hills were seriously kicking my butt, but the weather, the conversation, and the view made it all worth it. And then we topped it off with brunch. No bottomless mimosas this week, unfortunately, but a quite tasty margarita and super yummy french toast weren't too shabby!

And now, I think I will take that nap that I never got to yesterday...mind you, I have tons of stuff (cleaning and the like) that I *should* be doing instead, but oh well... bag.gif
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Well my run didn't go quite as planned. Ended up doing 12.5 but it got super hot...I stopped twice at pub-type beach restaurants to get some water etc. and got some funny looks. On the other hand I was the most covered person there. lol.gif Although it's quite possible I smelled. bag.gif


And on the road leading out to the key (barrier island) where I run, someone had tossed a very large dead fish in the middle of the road. ICK. It positively STANK. Nasty.


Got home, took shower, lied on bed for a half hour recuperating. Ate some tuna on a rice cake and decided what I really needed was a rootbeer float. So I left dh with the kids again and took myself out to Goodwill (love hitting the store when I'm by myself) where I scored some nice new (to me) pajamas/nightgowns in my new (smaller) size and a very cute skirt and t-shirt. Then I went to the ice cream store where the very cute teenage boy behind the counter looked completely bewildered when I asked for a rootbeer float. In the end I had to buy the can of rootbeer and told him to put two large scoops of vanilla into a milkshake cup, and made the darn thing myself. It was GOOD.


Dh wants to take everyone out for pizza tonight, which I can't eat, but at least I won't have to cook.

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biglaugh.gifNic, what a great story about the rootbeer!


RR: 6m, nice run. Going to have a glass of wine in the tub, I think, just for the hell of it.

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