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Just quickly replying, sorry for not really getting back to read much else right now (maybe this evening)


Originally Posted by Plady View Post

Hey Kris , that's a rough diagnosis.  I hope it doesn't bring you down too much and make it hard to heal, who knows what new treatments for arthritis are right on the horizon?  And don't worry about sticking with the dingos when you aren't running, I (ahem) know that you aren't the only one.  And sometimes we're good for a laugh.

Oh, I may read and catch up from time to time, but I don't think I'll post much for the time being. Esp since for the next month or so I'll be looking at pt again. but I'm not letting this hold me back. I'll share what i posted on my blog after i got home at the end of this post.




Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post


KJoslyn, Good luck with healing. I hope it goes better than you expect, and that you have much running ahead of you.


thank you! i hope so too!


Originally Posted by JayGee View Post

KJoslyn ~ how much degeneration was there in your joint?  Are you bone on bone?  Is it confined to one section of the knee (lateral, medial, patellar?)  I also have DJD in my medial knee and have for at least 5 years.  It has not impacted my running much at all and MRIs show little progression at this point.  All is not lost!  Best wished for a fast recovery from the menisectomy (which I also had in 1996...)


I don't know how much degeneration. The surgeon didn't even talk to me, as I was just waking, but to my husband. All i know is that my tear was the left lateral, and they did get that fixed. I'm definitely not giving up at all... and i really hope above all to prove the surgeon wrong. I go back to the office for my post op appt on tuesday, so i'm going to be asking for more information about this.


Here is what i posted on Tumblr (and as a note on facebook):


OMG, did i ever tell you how much in love i am with the post-op nurse who gave me ice chips? Poor J, I'll pin for Craig for awhile - LOL (kidding!)

yeah, expect my own hydration nudge photo here shortly

So, as you may have guess I am home from my knee surgery. And the tractor truck slamming into my forehead feeling from waking up out of general anesthesia is finally lifted.

The good news? They repaired my torn meniscus! YAY!

But there is bad news too...

My knee has significant arthritis and I am looking at maybe reaching 50 before I'll need a knee replacement. So about 15-17 years.



we're going to focus on the positive. My tear is fixed, so i should be able to use my left knee again

I'll start PT in a couple of weeks to re-strengthen my knee and thigh muscles from the last few months lack of use due to the tear that i had repaired.

And while it may take longer for me to reach my goals, I see no reason right now why i can not achieve them.

I may have to wait a few extra months to do that 5k, and the triathlon i wanted to do this year may need to wait till next summer. BUT, that doesn't mean i wont get to do them... i just need to make sure my knee is strong enough to allow me to get it done.

So for right now, I'm going to enjoy my husband pampering me, my leg up in the recliner, knowing that this rest right now will help ensure that i can count on my knee when i need it too soon enough.



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Kris--hope you have a quick recovery.

tjsmama--have you heard of the Denver Triathlon? It's new this year and includes a swim in Sloans Lake. It would be nice and close to me, but the website (http://www.denvertriathlon.com/) has so many typos that it makes me nervous. (As, possibly, does swimming in Sloans Lake. I think I'd need to peer at the water before I agreed to that!)
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After many days, I am finally caught up.

Penelope - Glad your birthday went well!

JayGee - awesome tri! bow.gif

Gaye - you are amazing, running 12 miles, with a stroller, and wind! bow.gif Sorry about you DH irked.gif

bec - I hope that you're able to find a solution for your daughter.

Jo - goodvibes.gif on the house. Every time I think about a future move, I get anxious, so I imagine you need all the good vibes you can muster. smile.gif

nick - best of luck on your gluten-free journey. I've done a lot of elimination diets and while I'm not sure if it's gluten per se, I feel SO much better after about a week. My favorite chicken noodle soup recipe is gluten-free and from the book Whole Life Nutrition.

RM - So, so sorry about your friend. I have a friend who's baby needs a liver transplant. It's hard to read about and hard to imagine. My heart goes out to really ill children and their families.

La4 - "I might just give up running and take up napping." lol.gif

NRR - I've been MIA for so long because DH went to the hospital on Monday for chest pains. Most of the tests came back OK, but his troponin levels suggested he was having a heart attack. They did a heart catheterization and didn't find any major blockages, but still hospitalized him through Wednesday. His cholesterol levels are high and they sent him home with both blood pressure and cholesterol meds. He's 34. It has truly been an exhausting week and I am going on 2 weeks with a nasty cold to top it off.

RR - Somehow, I still managed to continue my running regimen this week. I did 4 days of running. Each day I did a 5 minute warm-up followed by 4 repeats of run 10, walk 1, and a 5 minute cool-down. Each day, I ran at a 10:00 pace or better so I'm feeling pretty good about my progression. It's pretty crazy to think that I went from running 1 minute intervals with 90 second rests and a total of 20 minutes at the beginning of January to where I am now. It's pretty sweet smile.gif
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Oh, man, MM. That sounds quite scary! I'm so glad he's now being treated and that he has a long and healthy life to look forward to.

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Race Results:  after a year off to heal from injury, I have some racing to report!  I was sooo anxious!  I needed to get under 48minutes for a 10k to seed for the half marathon.  This is the latest race to do so before time runs out.  I did it!!!    By the grace of God and running for my son Kyle, I did it.  My son faces daily bullying at school, has ADHD, such high anxiety that he pulls his hair out.  He came into this world at 29 weeks and has been fighting for his life ever since.  This race, was for him. 



overall place: 108 out of 1048
division place: 3 out of 83
gender place: 13 out of 531
time: 47:16
pace: 7:37
guntime: 47:56


Can I say I am stoked??  :) :)


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WOOOOHOOOOO, Lisa!!!!! Awesome race!

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Awesome race, Lisa!!!!!  That is one sweet 10K time.  Your son is honored to have you for a mother.  Best of luck in the Mini (and I wish I was going to be running it too...)


MM ~ scary!  Glad you caught it when you did.  Good for you for continuing to run through the stress.


Kris ~ hope you have a fast recovery from the menisectomy and can return to running soon.  Personally (as one who has had 2 menisectomies and has DJD), I suggest limiting running to 3 days a week and doing cross training on other days.  Have you considered tris?  They've been my saving grace!


We gave my parents the van to go into St. Louis again today and we've got tons of errands, a basketball game, cheerleading pictures, and DH and I are going out to dinner tonight too.  No running planned, but totally stoked for tomorrow's 5K!

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MM ~ So glad he's okay and it was caught early.  ((hugs))


JG ~ Sounds busy!!  Enjoy your date though.


Wow LISA!  You rock, lady!


We had a crazy morning here - full of anxiety and temper tantrums.  We seem to be on the mend now.  Sorry to be cryptic, but if you can send good vibes to my DH he surely needs them.  I feel like things are spiraling and it's going totally in the wrong direction.

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Kris- I've been given the same diagnosis on my knee as far as time needed till a replacement.  He even had the guts to say "you'll never be a runner, but we can get you walking such without pain".  Um, dude?  Bite me.  I sometimes think I'm pushing it a bit, but for now I'm doing what feels right.  I do agree with the 3 day a week thing.  I alternate with spinning and yoga and my legs are far stronger than they've ever been.  


Lisa- I'm bowing down to you, woman.  Wow!


Sitting here, 10 am, waiting for my Garmin to charge.  It charges on my computer and sometimes powers itself up when the laptop powers up.  Well, one of my lovely children then unplugged it, so it sat here overnight on.  I'm already 2 hours behind schedule for today.  BAH.

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Well, I didn't get the 9 miles that the schedule (sort of) calls for, but I did get 5 miles.  With the way the week has been, this will just have to be good enough. 


Taking the kids to see Rango this afternoon.

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Jen, good vibes heading your way. goodvibes.gif


RM, you are one smokin' fast mama! W00t!


RR: 7 pretty good miles, although I seem to have forgotten everything I ever knew about pacing. I get so enthusiastic for the first two miles that I kind of forget I need to save a little something for the next five. Still, it was a good pace and I did a very nice 7th mile. I'm feeling like a half at the beginning of May is a pretty reasonable goal.


Really, really frustrated with a work problem at the moment. Trying to do any long-term planning feels impossible and I'm really tired of chewing on this particular set of issues. I love teaching but my job makes me cry. greensad.gif I don't know how people do this year after year. <sigh> I did get a really sweet and grateful email from a student who was struggling with some personal issues and asked for a paper extension which I was happy to give - she's a good student and was really proactive and upfront about what she needed and I feel like that's how the system should work at a small school - we know our students well enough to be able to support them.

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Motivated! I'm glad he's OK. Oh, my. I hope you're handling the stress all right, too. Take care, mama.


JenLove, thinking positive thoughts toward your dh.


RM: WAY TO RACE, Mama! Beautiful. I'm sure your ds is a proud son.


As some of you know from fb, our well pump died yesterday during a well chlorination. We are now 24 hours without running water at home. I put some aside, and now I am making coffee. Our mosque is throwing us a little farewell party tonight, so my parents are coming to join us. I'm hoping my friends do a good job of entertaining them. I took the kids to the Y for workouts and showers (!), and dh is going to shower at a friend's before the party. On the bright side, there is now a pump in the well. It works. We have another 16 hours before we can use our water, between finishing the chlorination and flushing the system, and that's $1500+ I was hoping to spend on a new MacBook and software, but I guess Universe had other plans.


I found a home for the rest of my goats, just 5-10min from our house. One more thing figured out. They won't be gone for a while, but I don't have to lose sleep over finding them a home. And I guess I won't need to buy milk anytime soon.


I now have potential buyers for all three vehicles. Only thing is, I can't go totally carless here in March. If we lived in town, I could do it, but not out here. Hm. Dh also needs to finish fixing the stupid tractor. Several people vying to buy it, but it needs a little more work. And he's not working on it. I am trying not to just be mad at him.


RR: 32min on the arc trainer followed by 15min on the track and a nice shower at the Y. Kids also worked up a sweat before showering. Hope to do a longer workout tomorrow, too, a la Spa Day at the Y. Hoping.

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Wow, Lisa, I think I know who the March Hare is for the rest of us Dingos to chase.


4 miles in the wind and rain solo.  I spent a lot of it thinking about Lisa's DS and how no child should know what bullying feels like. 


We had some friends over for a Significant Butterfat Infusion, and everyone left feeling more positive.  It's another family who frequently has the same realization as we do with my family:  Wow, we're just not normal.  We help each other feel more normal.


Edit:  Anyone else get hives if you take a shower too soon after a run?  I'm ok if I wait 30 minutes, but today I had to go from the road to in the shower in about 5 minutes.  My midsection is now covered in hives.  This has happened in the past, always when I showered before I was fully done sweating.

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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post


We had some friends over for a Significant Butterfat Infusion, and everyone left feeling more positive.  It's another family who frequently has the same realization as we do with my family:  Wow, we're just not normal.  We help each other feel more normal.


Edit:  Anyone else get hives if you take a shower too soon after a run?  I'm ok if I wait 30 minutes, but today I had to go from the road to in the shower in about 5 minutes.  My midsection is now covered in hives.  This has happened in the past, always when I showered before I was fully done sweating.

I have a very dear friend who is exactly as you describe. We are currently in the denial stage about the big move. We create a context for each other that just *feels* normal.


And yes. But only in cold temps. And so now that I've been indoor-only since fall (and luxuriously stretching post-run), it hasn't happened.


Also, LOVE your bike story. Sad to see it end, but what a great biking relationship you've had!


Well is flushing. I might about die of worry listening to the pump kick on and off all night, but tomorrow, water for everyone!


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lisa~Yes, there's been much talk of the Denver Tri in the tri community. Consensus seems to be....fabulous idea, but NOBODY wants to swim in Sloan's Lake! grossedout.gif Nasty!

rm~WOW! Speedy!!!! clap.gif

kris~hug.gif and goodvibes.gif

mm~hug.gif How scary...hope your DH recovers quickly!!

My brain is pretty nonfunctional at the moment, so apologies to anyone who I may have missed important personals. bag.gif

I survived the week of insanity, and I am exhausted. Two more weeks and then a week off! joy.gif And I had sooooo much fun last night at a hockey game with one of my girlfriends from school, and then today skiing. I got to ski today with a friend who I adore and don't see nearly often enough. She seriously rocks, and her DH is amazing, and her DD is the cutest thing ever. We had a great day skiing while the kids were in ski school, and then DS and I went back to their condo for dinner and cake and so the kids could play a bit. Entirely too much fun, seriously.

And then I dropped off DS at XH's and kind of had it out with him. I don't think I really changed his mind at all, but he seems willing to pretty much go with what I'm comfortable with, so that's something anyway. Sigh. Not really the way I wanted to end an awesome day, but at least we cleared the air a little bit. greensad.gif

I have not run a single step this week, unless you count running up and down the sixth floor of children's hospital. rolleyes.gif 10 miles on the docket for tomorrow. But first, sleep. Much, much sleep. I have a girlfriend who's going to run at least part of it with me, and I already warned her that I am sleeping until I wake up, that I may roll over and go BACK to sleep, and not to expect me to be ready to go anytime even remotely early in the day. redface.gif
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RM ~ sweet race!

not rr - I had a really rough day yesterday. The head tech at my work is driving me up a freakin' wall. She is constantly scrutinizing and she is always on us about cleaning. Seriously, I am a veterinary technician and she expects me to spend every. single. minute of my 12 hour shift cleaning. I didn't sign up for housekeeping. I'm getting really frustrated and almost ready to throw the towel in. On the bright side, you've never seen a cleaner clinic.

There was more I had to say, but my husband's music is distracting me and I can't remember. Sorry for the heavy cynicism.

Have a great day dingos!
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MM ~ sorry you had such a rough day at work yesterday.  No one likes to be micro-managed.


tjsmama ~ glad you got to talk with DH, even if it didn't seem fruitful.  At least he knows exactly what you are thinking with regard to his (stupid) plan.


Geo ~ sorry about the old commuter bike.  Check craigslist maybe.  I wish I had a friend like you describe.  It would be nice to feel not so "alone" in my ideas sometimes.


jooj ~ hope the water is running clear and clean this morning


DH and I had a great time at dinner last night, but perhaps Japanese food (and sake...) were not the best choices for pre-race fueling.  We shall see.  I've set a rather lofty and likely unattainable goal for myself in this race.  I usually sandbag saying, "Well, I hope I can finish in 30 minutes" and then surprise myself by going 24 or 25.  Today, my goal is 22:XX.  Not even sure if it's doable at my current level of fitness, but here's to trying!!!!

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Have a great race, JayGee!!!!


MM - I'm sorry you've been having sucha  rough time.  Between work and being worried for your husband.  hug2.gif  I hope things calm down soon.


Geo - I only get the hives thing if I run in the cold with tight spandex tights. 



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Well, not quite 22, but a post-injury PR at 23:45 orngbiggrin.gif!


Off to church.

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