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Umm, I resolved to run with the Dingos in January, but I got so behind after going out of town I haven't posted since bag.gif  I have been lurking for inspiration to keep up with my running which has averaged about 3-4 times per week, although I haven't run since last wednesday.  I'm hoping to get some kind of exercise in when DH gets home tonight, but I'm not sure about running because I would like to get a run in early tomorrow and 13 hours between runs seems a little short.  I really need to give myself more time for longer runs if I am going to be anywhere near ready for a half in August or a 10K in May for that matter, but I haven't actually registered for anything yet so I don't feel quite so much pressure.  Maybe I should just sign up already so I feel like I really have to be ready. 

Have any of you Wisconsin Dingos done the Cheesehead Run in Hilbert?  That's the half that DH and I are planning to do, but I'm kind of scared to commit to both of us doing the half and leaving DS and DD with my SIL or MIL if SIL decides to run with us.  I could just do the 5k, but I feel like that would be wimping out.  I think that they would probably be fine for the whole morning and DD is getting a lot better with babysitters (all close family), but we don't see DH's family that often and I just never know how DD will be.  Or maybe I am using my concern for DD as an excuse.  I don't know.

NRR: I am trying to decide which pre-school to register DS for in the fall and I have just been in denial about making this decision.  I really feel like everytime I start to feel really comfortable and confident with one stage of motherhood/child-raising, the next stage starts and I am completely overwhelmed again.


Ok, this time I promise not to just disappear.  You really seem like a great group of women and I need all the inspiration I can get smile.gif


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jaygee~Happy anniversary, and happy bday to K!

Originally Posted by Naughty Dingo View Post

I wish I was one of those people that can get up insanely early and bust out a great workout before the rest of the world is awake. But hell no!!!!! Love my sleep lol.

I just can't do it, either. I would really like to take advantage of the fact that DS is out of town and go to spin class before class tomorrow and Wednesday, but let's be realistic...am I really going to get up that early and give up an extra hour and a half of sleep?! bag.gif

Cooking advice needed....I made the paella recipe from the latest Runners World last night, and it was really good. Great flavor, super easy. BUT my rice didn't cook, even though I let it go at least an extra 20 minutes to half an hour. There was still plenty of liquid. I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that it was brown rice (even though that's what the recipe called for). I remember going to a friend's house for paella last summer and she used brown rice with similar results. It's not inedible, just kinda crunchy, which is not exactly the texture desired, ya know? Thoughts/ideas on how to avoid crunchy rice if I make it again?

I really, really need to get my taxes done today. So I can fill out my FAFSA. So I can complete my financial aid application for the summer. Blech. I don't wanna. Not least of which is because I'm likely to owe at least a hundred or so to the state, and I may owe federal, too, since it's not my year to claim DS. All I really want to do, though, is take a nap this afternoon. I still may. Hmm. We'll see...

I took advantage of not having to take DS to school at 12:45 to hit up the noon spin class. I was all excited because it's taught by my favorite instructor, who I haven't been able to take her class in MONTHS. I get to the Y, and she's walking out. I was like, wait, where are you going?! Turns out it's her kids' spring break, so we had a sub. Who is my least favorite instructor. I gotta give him some major props, though, for serious improvement. He played decent music, had pretty good variety, and I wasn't bored like I always used to be!
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Originally Posted by Ann15 View Post
I think that they would probably be fine for the whole morning and DD is getting a lot better with babysitters (all close family), but we don't see DH's family that often and I just never know how DD will be. 

Any chance of a few visits between now and then to get your DD more used to your MIL? It sounds like it would be a fun race, and you might be kicking yourself if you do the 5k while your SIL and DH do the half! Unless it sells out early, you could always train as if you are going to the half.

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Gaye ~ Hmmmm.... brown rice tends to be a little crunchier than white.  I made the same recipe and it turned out fine, but there was no liquid left in the pot.  Did you have the lid on? 


Welcome back Ann!


I bought myself a pair of spinning shoes today since my cycling shoes have Speedplay cleats and the spin bikes are all SPD.  They're pretty snappy.


DD2 wants to go out and ride her bike, which requires me running alongside her.  She doesn't know how to stop or turn yet, but she's a master of the straightaway!  This will be my my running for today.

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Yep, I had the lid on. I didn't want to let it cook any longer than it already had since the peas were already starting to look not-so-green. I didn't want the shrimp to get all rubbery, either. It's probably an altitude thing...I have issues with rice and altitude. rolleyes.gif

So, after spending an hour and a half with TurboTax, I gave up and called the CPA. It's not looking good...my initial TT estimates were that I'm going to owe over $2500. yikes.gif Which really sucks. So, it will be worth it to pay the CPA $250 to see if he can get that down a bit. I think part of it is because I couldn't figure out how to take the Head of Household credit but not take DS as a dependent. Still probably going to owe a significant amount, though. greensad.gif Here's hoping Mr. CPA can save me some $$$...
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Ann, I was going to respond before, but wasn't logged in and had to run, so...where are you, exactly? I haven't run the Cheesehead, but Hilbert is really close to where I'm from. I can't imagine it's a terribly interesting half for support or scenery, just farm fields and...other farm fields, really. When is it? If I'm still around, maybe I could do the 5k. But I'd say do the half. Take the risk. Kids will be just fine.


I did half an hour on the arctrainer this am, then lifted, then walked the track with my sister for half an hour or so. Feels so good to be back.


Got more info on the neighborhood death. Apparently 2 people are in custody for beating a third man to death. Details forthcoming, but the news report said 3 children under 12 were at the scene. greensad.gif

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jo - greensad.gif how awful.

Ok here is my race report...I hope I can make it somewhat concise!

Oakland Half Marathon - 2nd annual.

I felt that I could have used maybe 3-4 more weeks of training time. I feel better now than I ever have running, but I worked so hard over the winter just building a good base (getting my 5k time down) that by the time I woke up and realized I had a race to train for, I did not have enough time left on the calendar. However, for those who know me, y'all know I run slow redface.gif I could not imagine NOT beating my time from last year, but still...I was not overconfident. For this training cycle I only ran up to 10 miles. I would have liked to get one 12-13 miler in there before tapering but it was what it was.

On to the race....this was FUN. It was fun last year, even though I was hurting with shin splints pretty good. The race grew this year, so I was hoping it would still be fun and not too crowded, and it was. There were 4500 or so half marathoners - we started at 9am, a good 1.5 hours behind the marathoners. I put myself in the back, where I belong - ha!- but I did spend a lot of that first mile feeling a little stunted by everyone's slow pace and walking etc.

About mile 3 my legs started to ache, and I thought "oh boy, this is going to be a long race!" I don't know why I felt fatigued so early, but I was confident I would find my groove eventually. I did, but it came and went.

The best part of this race is just the random diversity of people along the route. If anyone knows Oakland, you know that we get kind of a bad rap. There are good reasons for that, but this course fearlessly takes you through the whole diverse landscape of Oakland, no sugar coating here. I think that's what makes it have such a good vibe. The police dept were out to keep everything safe and they were really into it, cheering on the runners. The other highlight was the Oakland Fire Dept. One firehouse had their guys lined up, maybe 8 strong, for a high-five line (pretty much only the ladies participated - me included). Anytime I saw a OPD or OFD that had their hand up for a high-five, I weaved my way over there and high-fived them all.

When we went through Chinatown, it was surreal. I could smell the chinese incense burning and also saw a group of elders doing tai chi in a park, completely oblivious to the all the race hustle going on around them.

After that, we went through a lower income area and there were four women standing on a corner singing gospel a capella and clapping. It took everything I had not to just stop and clap for a few minutes! Next up was another lower income area but one that is being redeveloped, so more renovated homes/buildings. There were two great aid stations along this stretch both with music playing. My favorite was near a restaurant called Brown Sugar Kitchen. They coupled with a low rider bike frame company and put up a tent with a DJ spinning music while they handed out, I kid you not, the BEST blonde brownie I think I have ever had. In this pic, they are handing out granola bars, but that was before the slow people trotted through and by then it was brownies!

So, as I approached the brownie plate the DJ was spinning some funky music so I danced a little bit while picking up my brownie. I mean, I NEEDed that brownie, but I was having so much fun, that I thought the extra burst of energy was worth it smile.gif

Moving on...I was running alongside a tall, athletic african-american man who was kind of giving random shout outs and encouraging words to people around him. Like, if a woman passed him and had on a pink shirt, he'd be like "Alright - pink shirt lady, IN the HOUSE" I thought he was kind of fun to hang with for a bit (approaching mile 8) and boy was I glad to hit the Oakland Raider Nation fans with that guy! They also had music playing and it was something funky like "Brick House" so as he and I lined up to give them high-fives, we kind of slowed down to boogie a little bit with them as we passed. One of the fans was in a big old gorilla suit, so we danced with him for a few seconds. LOL

As I turned the corner near the lake in the center of our city, I saw my husband and kids - it was like a burst of energy. I literally threw my hands up in the air and shouted "WOOO!" and then did an airplane weaving thing as I ran up to them. (That burst of energy also cost me later). I gave the kids the other half of my brownie that I didn't eat, because I thought I might hurl if I ate it all, and kissed/hugged them all and went on my way.

As we all went into the lake area, there is a band shell there where a 12 piece brass band was playing with a rather fabulous male baton twirler out in front! As I passed I saw the sign "San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Freedom Band" They were so great!

Alrighty then, heading for the home stretch, feeling some pain, I finally bring myself to look at my garmin at mile 11. Sh-t - I have to run the next two miles in 20 minutes, something I can't even do under normal circumstances, surely not after running 11 miles right prior! Ah well, the big burly motorcycle cop with Lady Gaga blaring from his bike and the woman holding the sign that said "WINNING" made me laugh and think - "just do it already!"

I did not make it in 2:30 like i had hoped, but rather 2:34:57. By my watch, though, I ran 13.34 miles in that amount of time! Ha - too much fun running around and dancing I suppose.

The massage tent, (conveniently run by my new chiro/ART person) was like HEAVEN. You could also get two free drinks: beer, wine or champagne. I had to pass because I needed to drive to my kids' track meet right after, but I really wanted a mimosa!

So, I ended up shaving 11 minutes off my last time at the Oakland Half. Happy with that!

Thanks for the inspiration, ladies! Dingos rock!
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Awesome, poppy! clap.gif That sounds like SO much fun!!!
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some of the race photos are up - i look like a dork in my compression sleeves, but i love those things!

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That was an AWESOME race report Poppy!!!  Fantastic!!


My hip pain originally started on the back of my iliac crest.  I now have pain in the smiley ligament in front, but more toward the left (where the old hip injury) is.  I am noticing some improvement in the smiley ligament - I think probably just a function of reduced miles compared to before the Goofy.  I was doing 40+ mile weeks, sometimes 50+, and now I'm in the 20's.


If I wanted to do something like Team in Training for a race, are there other groups that do a similar thing...help you fund raise and also train?  I want to figure out how to do it by participating with one of those groups and then ultimately figure out how to harness that for needy causes locally.

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bbm - there are many fundraising groups - looking at one of the websites for a bigger marathon you can usually find a charity list and then you could check out different ones.  In the Chicago area at least, there are both national and local organizations.  I really enjoyed training with a group when I did Team in Training, and they have a lot of coaching experience, but they are geared more towards beginners and folks who just want to finish - although there are usually some more serious runners as well.  With the fundraising, I chose to raise only the fundraising amount, and paid my own hotel/travel expenses, though, as I would have felt guilty fundraising that.


Received a lovely tech T-shirt, some lip balm, shot blox, and electrolyte tabs from my secret sprinter today!   I'm going to run in the new shirt in a few minutes!



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Great race report and photos Poppy!


Laborious 3 miles this morning...ah, well. Listening to some tunes on youtube before work. Hoping for a better day. Starting Othello with my Shakespeare group...should be interesting.

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Great RR Jen!! That race sounds like a blast! I had to laugh about the guy shouting out encouragement - I would love to have that very guy to run near, how fun. Some people are just naturals at being fun and cool and funny all at the same time. And your race pic is great. Those compression socks make you look like a pro!


Jo, what!? That is awful! What terrible news.


Gaye - Sorry to hear about your taxes )-: I hope that CPA can find something in there to bring that number down. And was it your grandma visiting you? She looks so young on your pics from FB.


Gotta get back to work - so much stuff to do before my dad arrives tomorrow. Oh, and guess what! I am going to see Prince tomorrow night! I heartbeat.gif Prince.

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Wonderful race report, Poppy!  That sounds like a really fun race with a great vibe.


DD2 was up all night coughing.  We spent at least 2 hours laying on the bathroom floor with the shower running hot, breathing steam.  Unfortunately, both DD1 and DS were sounding pretty congested this morning, so I fear this crud is making the rounds.  DD2 is staying home from preschool today, so obviously, no running, cycling or swimming planned.


Mamas, DD1 broke my heart last night.  I felt like I made her a fantastic birthday ~ Science Center on Saturday with a friend which included a trip to Build-a-Bear where she got to make a stuffed dog.  Special time with me yesterday morning just cuddling and talking about the day she was born.  Cupcakes brought to school for her classroom.  Presents last night set up all over the house like a giant scavenger hunt.  Her requested dinner and more cupcakes last night.  So at bedtime, I'm laying with her and talking about her birthday and she says, "I didn't get very many presents."  W.T.F.?????  She got a new bike, a bike helmet, a book, two shirts, a gift card, a photo collage I made for her, and a make your own bulletin board craft.  Plus a box from my Mom with HA clothes, and a card from my brother with a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble.  How ungrateful!  How bratty!  How rude!  How hurtful!  Have I really raised such a selfish, self-centered, entitled monster????  I went to bed crying last night, feeling like I've created a bottomless pit of "gimmeee" in this child.  DH was not at all supportive of me.  In fact, he just kept defending DD saying, "she's only 7" and telling me how badly I made HER feel.  Apparently, he never got what HE wanted for his birthdays when he was growing up.  For Pete's sake, she wanted a DOG!  I'm not getting a dog.  She wanted pierced ears.  I don't think she's old enough.  If she's like this at 7, I'm terrified of how she'll be at 14.  I'm just so sad that my child didn't see any of the love I poured into her day and is totally focusing on what she didn't get.

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Ahhh, JayGee, sorry on account of both the lost workouts and the less-than-stellar end to the b-day.  I got halfway through your description and was thinking that I bet "I didn't get very many presents" translates as "I didn't get what I hoped to get."  Indeed, I read her statement as an expression of not getting the dog or pierced ears, not as being ungrateful for the gifts she did get.  It is hard for a lot of people (not just kids!) to focus on what was there and not what didn't turn up. Can you put an age (one your willing to stick with) on when she will be old enough for pierced ears?  I allows you to say "not right now, but at a determined time in the future."  :hugs



Awesome half Jen!!


Dealing with the after effects of a second night with insomnia here...  Argh. 


Anyone seen Race to Nowhere?  It's coming to the middle school here -- tickets are $11.50.  Youzers.

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JayGee - first hugs to you....I think what your dh may have been saying was that she is only 7 (he muddied it by talking about never getting what he wanted at 7).  In that moment, in the quiet of the day after it's all over, when all the presents are opened, all the activities complete, there is a let down.  A sadness that there isn't more.  That can be confused with I didn't get very many presents, as opposed to, I won't be getting any more presents.  She may not be "gimee" but more struggling to cope with the post excitement let down. 


If you are really worried about her being materialistic I would start conversations about practicing being content.  When dd was 7 she desperately wanted a 2nd AG doll, to the point she was making her life and everyone elses life around her miserable.  I asked her how she felt when she focused on the doll she had. She got this dreamy look and started talking about what she did with the doll, what she liked about the doll, etc.  Then I asked her how she felt when she thought about the AG doll she wanted.  Her demeanor immediately changed and she became agitated and irritable. I asked her to compare the emotions and she quickly got that when she only thought about what she wanted, and not about what she already had, she was miserable.  So, I told her you can spend your life always focusing on what you want and what you don't have and be miserable, or you can think about what you *do* have and enjoy the blessings that are already yours.  So, now, when she gets caught up in the consumerism or materialism that some of her friends live we just go back to that example. She's 8 now and she's better able to manage that sense.  She still wants lots of things and at times is disatisfied with what she has, but then aren't we all sometimes?  She's not bratty or ungrateful, but she is 7 and maturing and here is an opportunity to learn.  If not getting the dog is what really bummed her out, what a perfect example of how the wanting of a dog led her to miss out on the joy of the gifts she received.  Dd here wants another dog too, but we talk a lot about why not.  I did get her ears pierced, but only after I felt she was mature enough, and honestly I should've waited another year - but again we talked about what it took to be ready.  And sometimes it is as simple as "I'll know when you're ready, I know that is frustrating for you, but I promise soon as I think you are ready we'll x,y,z."


I hope that helps.  Hugs to you and your daughter.

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kerc - I like the idea of having my oldest as an RP on the bike. Gotta get her out and practicing without those training wheels wink1.gif And yay for your SIL

geo - I love that picture of the mudroom. We have a closed in porch, but it is not insulated or level. I would love to re-build it, with hardwood to match our kitchen and insulate it. We actually had a sunroom guy come over once and quote us a price, but it was pricey. Still, it would be so nice... Currently, we use some cubbies that we bought from a daycare going out of business and a shoe rack and we use those to store all the kids clothes. I had to bring in the cubbies for the winter though because clothes were still piling in the kitchen/dining area.

Gaye - you reminded me that I need to fill out my FAFSA too. I also need to call my public health contact to find out if I can work this summer. Then I would finish the written and presentation part in the fall when I will be very pregnant. It's so funny that I applied for this masters program pregnant with DD1 and will finish pregnant with DC4!

jo - that is awful about the beating.

poppy - that race sounded like so much FUN

jaygee - sorry you feel that way about your DD1. Hopefully it is just her age. It sounds like you did a lot of nice things and hopefully she does appreciate it and just said the wrong thing.

Well, I have been MIA for a little while, but following along. Pregnancy is getting the best of me. I think there might be two in there. I had betas drawn yesterday and they were fairly high - 22,500 at 6w3d. I go for an ultrasound this Friday to make sure everything is a-ok. I haven't been doing a whole lot of running, partly due to the crummy feelings, but a large part is the fact that DH is never home. He thinks I should get up at 5 and go running. HA HA. Not only can I not drag myself out of bed, but it is freezing and dark at 5 still. He says the gym is warm. I don't wanna run 6 miles on the tm! waaaah! OK, whining done. I'll try to participate more here with you lovely ladies.
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Hugs, JayGee. I think BBM and Geo are right on. I get that feeling about my kids too sometimes. I think it might be time, in our pre-Passover cleaning, for a major de-clutter/donation of toys we don't use very much anymore. My kids are hoarders and find it immensely difficult but I think it is a necessary and positive thing to think about paying it forward with what we do have.


Maybe as part of her turning 7 (post birthday?) you can also do something like that --"wow, you received some beautiful new things. It's time to go through what we have and see if we can find some things to pass on to kids who don't have as much." You both might find it cathartic and helpful.

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JayGee, I am sure others have good ideas to add to this, but nothing has helped my daughter be more appreciative than serving meals at the mission.   We go twice a month on a schedule (I would like to go more, but it is what we can do) and she gets to do a lot of work there.  She's also in charge of spending our Pantry Money every pay period.   We get $200 for groceries every pay period and she gets $20 of that to spend on goods for the food pantry.  She has gotten really good at picking things out, from good deals to treats, and keeping it in her budget.   It has been a great experience for my 8 year old.  


No RR here.  Biking and lots of walking.  I've been doing really well eating.  Bec- how are you?  I didn't really do SB this time, but I am doing SB + BEANS!  I am feeling good and not craving junk, so I will call it a win for now.  Maybe someday I can have carbs and not turn into a monster.  

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Oh, so sorry for your sadness JG! You did a fan-dang-tastic job on that birthday!! She will remember it, and all the love that you put into her birthday, that is just a huge part of what makes you such a great mom. She knows no other way! It reminds me of DD1's friend whose parents both give her money for her birthday. She always has plenty of cash, but never has dinner or cake with her family, no presents to open, no trips or outings... kinda empty. I talked to my DD1 about that, since she is at the age where material things are becoming very important - the right shoes, bag, jeans, ipods, etc., and even she admitted that she prefers the fuss and fun over the cold hard cash solution for birthdays.


And what BBM said really sums up my thoughts on it, too: using it as a learning experience for the "gimmee" that we all have inside of us; learning to live with unmet desires; that she won't be way worse at 14, she'll be way better able to handle those feelings; the natural let-down after a party or gifts or any kind of special day, etc. You did a great job, and she looks like an incredible kid (FB pics!) and everything probably looks better today. hug2.gif


And I'm totally with you on the earring-thing. DD2 is still healing from our own little earring-related adventure. eyesroll.gif


Geo: That movie looks very interesting. I'd love to see it.

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